WATCH Professional Development Session by Fzd4JI


									                 Recognizing and Healing Trauma in Early Childhood
                    WATCH Videoconference Evaluation Results
                              Friday, April 18th, 2008

25 people participated in this session
21 evaluations were completed

A total of approximately $77.00 was saved in travel costs by holding this session via videoconference.

A total of 4 hours in collective travel time was saved by holding this session via videoconference.

1. Please rate and comment on the communication provided to you about this session (ie: knew what
session was about, where to go, how to register, etc.)

Very satisfied= 15 (71%)   Satisfied=6 (29%)                    Somewhat Satisfied          Dissatisfied

“Excellent presentation/very knowledgeable speaker.”
“I really appreciated getting a confirmation email.”
“I thought there would be more information from ‘adoptive child’ trauma standpoint versus trauma from
abuse in home because of attachment disorders”
“Juliellen does a great job in getting the participants prepared with materials.”

2. Please rate and comment on the organization/coordination of this session (how you received information
about the session, ease of set up, getting handouts, you knew what to expect, etc.)

Very satisfied=10 (48%)    Satisfied =9 (43%)          Somewhat Satisfied=1 (4%)            Dissatisfied

“Juliellen, as always, was helpful in allowing us to access forms by sending in another format.”
“Hard to download handouts”

3. I was comfortable attending a videoconference session.

Strongly Agree=10 (48%)              Agree=10 (48%) Disagree= 1 (4%)               Strongly Disagree

“A little awkward, but it worked.”
“Felt uncomfortable having to look at myself in the video format. Hard to ask questions. Just interrupting
was hard to do.”
“It would have been helpful to have Patti face the group at Project Enlightenment and have the camera
between Patti and the audience so we didn’t have to face two directions.”

4. This session provided me with new knowledge/skills.

Strongly Agree=12 (60%)              Agree=8 (40%)              Disagree           Strongly Disagree

Please provide an example of something new you learned or will incorporate into your work:
“A new framework for treatment (blueprint for attachment)”
“Using art as a projective tool.”
“Behaviors communicate what they are feeling and how to meet needs”
“The continuum of adaptive response to threat.” (2)
“Increasing awareness of behaviors to observe and understand some misdiagnosis for children with PTSD.”
“Better awareness of PTSD”
“It gave me a new perspective of ‘possible behaviors’ and other elements to consider in treatment”
“Getting a thorough psychological evaluation for my son to determine the degree he is suffering from
previous adoption trauma.”
“I will add more drawing and having the child draw pictures.”
“The idea that the underlying diagnosis of PTSC need to be considered for children that may have several
different diagnoses more typical but continues to struggle.”
5. Please rate and comment on your overall satisfaction with this session.

Very satisfied=8 (38%)      Satisfied=12 (57%)    Somewhat Satisfied=1 (4%)         Dissatisfied

“Although Patti made asking questions OK, the flow somehow did not seem to promote question asking until
the end.”
“Excellent, timely subject”

6. What were the advantages of participating in a video conference session (ie: reduced travel time,
reduced cost, enhanced collaboration/communication, etc.)

Reduced travel time=12
Reduced cost=10
Enhanced collaboration/communication=4
“I wouldn’t have taken the time or $$ to attend a course about this, but via videoconference it seemed very

7. Please list any technical difficulties you experienced by attending via video conference. (ie: poor or lost
connection, audio delay, couldn’t hear presenters, background noise, couldn’t see well, etc.)

No technical problems=9
Couldn’t hear participants at Project Enlightenment at times=3
Graphics on slides were hard to see at times=1
Our view was not good. It was mainly of Patti’s right side or her back.

8. Please list other professional topics or issues you would like to see provided through the
TelAbility/WATCH Project via video conference.

Adoption trauma (specifically for international adoptions (2)
More from Dr. Zordich on sand play, or theraplay or other attachment therapies (2)
This was a great topic!
Alternative strategies to therapy (pet therapy, music, massage, etc.)
Metabolic disorders related to autism
Gluten/casin free diets
Cranial-sacral therapy
Heavy metal toxicity

Participation at Host Sites
Project Enlightenment=10
Developmental Therapy Associates=5
Tammy Lynn Center=5
Learning Together=5

Agency Participation
Tammy Lynn Center =5
Learning Together=4
Developmental Therapy Associates=4
Wake County Preschool Services=3
Project Enlightenment =3
Community Partnerships=2
Easter Seals UCP=1
Kids R Us Therapy=1

Professions Represented
Occupational Therapists=4
Licensed Social Worker=3
Mental Health Specialists=3
Parent Educators/Counselors=2
Speech Language Pathologists=2
Infant-Toddler Specialists=1
Early Childhood Educator=1
Early Interventionist=1
Latino Outreach Coordinator=1

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