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SCHOOLS                                      Job Description
Number:              Title:        Parent Mentor
Nature of Position   The Parent Mentor is responsible for providing communication and access to
                     programs and services to promote optimal levels of proficiency for all students
                     with disabilities. This position will be responsible for serving as liaison between the
                     school and parents, developing training events and materials for families, and
                     assisting families with issues related to the care and/or education of their children
                     with disabilities.
Reports to           Title: Director of Special Programs
                     Preferred Skilled in the use of the Microsoft Office Suite software
Experience, Skill,   Required             Must be a parent of a student with a disability.
and Certification                         Must be able to attend overnight conferences (two a year)
                                           provided by the Georgia Department of Education.
                                          Provide information and assist in registration of students.
                                          Assist parents in accessing information about educational
                                          Serve on the Federal Advisory Council.
                                          Provide family support services with local agencies to help
                                           foster student attendance and achievement.
                                          Serve on community councils and committees promoting
                                           youth activities and initiatives.
                                          Serve as a contact person for parents to call about questions
                                           concerning school services and specific activities and events.
                                          Work with transportation and other district services to assist
                                           parents who request assistance to school programs and other
                                           school related activities.
                                          Link family and community engagement efforts to student
                                          Work to provide tutoring and instructional support for
                                           parents to assist their children.
                                          Make home visits, when necessary, to encourage parental
                                           involvement and to follow up on parental requests for
                                          Assess parent concerns and recommend effective course of
                                           action to alleviate concerns.
                                          Coordinate parent-training events at individual schools and in
                                           community settings.
                                          On a monthly basis, provide Director of Special Programs with
                                           a log of contacts and activities.
                                          Train family leaders on special education rules and
                                           regulations so they can partner with school principals to assist
                                           other families.
                                          Must be able to relate to people of all ethnic groups and
                                           different social economic levels.
                                         Must have strong organizational skills.
                                         Must be willing to work beyond the hours of a traditional
                                          school day.
                                         Must be dependable and trustworthy.
                                         Ability to plan and conduct training/information sessions.
                                         Must be able to meet the public and serve as a school system
                                          representative to provide information for and support school
                                         Considerable knowledge of a variety of community and
                                          human services agencies and resources.
                                         Considerable knowledge of parent education and outreach
                                          practices and programs.
Duties and         (Charter District Accountability Plan Goals 5)
Responsibilities          Works with interagency personnel to provide support and assistance for
                           students with disabilities and parents to promote student attendance and
                          Works with and initiate community awareness programs to promote
                           special programs and parent involvement in the schools.
                          Organizes and presents parent education and training to assist parents to
                           understand the instructional process.
                          Serves to promote a positive image of system programs and initiatives.
                          Works with all stakeholders concerning testing, Common Core Standards
                           and other mandates facing local schools and programs.

Terms of           The work calendar will be 180 days. Position will be for approximately 20
Employment         hours a week.
                   Special Education Director
Approvals          Human Resources
                                     JOB DESCRIPTION SUPPLEMENT
Number:              Title: Parent Mentor

                     A responsibility is considered to be “non-essential” (for the purposes of
                     compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act) if:
                         it is shared between multiple incumbents in the job; or
                         it could be performed by an employee in another job within
   Non-Essential            the workgroup.
  Responsibilities   Note the responsibility number from the list in the “Duties and
                     Responsibilities” section for those responsibilities that could be
                     considered “non-essential” based on this definition.

                     Most jobs in the District have physical and sensory demands that can be
                     described by one of the two categories noted below. For jobs that require
                     more physical or sensory effort, please list the requirements in this section.
                     Check the box that is applicable for this position and complete any
                     necessary information.
                     [ ] OFFICE
                     Employees in this category are normally exposed to a typical environment.
                     The employee has some control over the length of time sitting, standing, or
                     ambulating. There are occasions that require the lifting or pulling of
                     equipment or supplies, as well as bending, stooping, or stretching. There is
                     frequent use of computers, telephone, and other standard office equipment,
                     which includes reading, listening, writing, or speaking. There are few
                     exceptional physical or sensory demands.
                     [ ] CLASSROOM
                     Employees in this category spend at least most of the workday in a typical
                     classroom or related educational environment. There will be prolonged
                     periods of standing or walking, and there may be frequent bending, stooping,
                     or stretching. There are occasions that require the lifting or pulling of
    Physical and     equipment or supplies. Reading, listening, writing, and speaking are
  Sensory Demands    requirements. There are few exceptional physical or sensory demands,
                     but there may be occasions that require the lifting or restraint of a student.

                                  EXCEPTIONAL PHYSICAL OR SENSORY DEMANDS
                                    (Check any that apply to this job and complete the
                                                 required information.)

                     [ ] Heavy lifting of up to       pounds

                     [ ] Frequent climbing up to            feet, and/or working on building roofs.

                     [ ] Exposure to heavy dust, dirt, chemical or paint fumes, or other airborne

                     [ ] Exposure to extreme heat, electric current, hazardous chemicals or
                         other potential hazards.

                     [ ] Sitting or standing for extended periods with no control over rest periods.

                     [ ] Other:

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