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					                           Job description questionnaire

Please read ‘Guidelines for managers on how to prepare jobs for evaluation’
before completing this questionnaire. If you have any questions your
nominated Senior HR & Change Advisor can help you.

 Job title:       Change            Control Service area:

 Reports to:      Programme      and Section:
                  System Development

 Job reference 2584                           Location:
                                              Job holder’s
 Date:            February 2011               name:

1. Purpose of job
   Please write no more than one or two sentences about why the job exists.
   Focus on the achievement of the key end results of the job.

    To lead a team of System Administrators, Systems Design and Implementation
    Officers, System Training and Support Officers and Data Management officers
    whose prime role is to ensure system related business as usual activity is
    supported for HASS and CYPS.
    To ensure change control processes, as they relate to systems, are developed
    and reviewed.
    To ensure there is a link between system development (project based) and
    system business as usual work; that changes are controlled and adopted on to
    the live systems in the most efficient and effective order.
    To be the champion of the systems and the data held on them.

2. Job context
Give a short overview of the job context and the key objectives of the part of the
organisation where the job is placed.

Placed within the Business Intelligence and Performance Directorate, the Business
System and Development Team will seek to improve the co-ordination, control and
successful delivery of large change programmes and projects with a specific focus
on the investment, use, exploitation and where applicable rationalisation of
technology. Support will be primarily provided to HASS and CYPS Directorates to
deliver a more efficient front line service.

To ensure at a strategic level the required technology development supports both
the strategic and operational delivery of robust and timely performance analysis and
insight with associated efficiencies. This is a corporate wide function.

    2584 Change Control Manager
The post holder is expected to build and manage stakeholder relationships, liaising
and operating with senior managers within Northamptonshire County Council and
external organisations. These are primarily at Head of Service level, but with also
representatives from the Business, Finance, IT, and Audit.
This work also includes the management of System Technical Groups.

3. Main accountabilities
List, in order of importance, the main accountabilities which describe key end result
areas of the job. Each should contain an action, what is to be achieved or purpose
of the action and what the end result will be. There should be at least 6 but no
more than 9.

       1. To lead, manage and develop the Team, ensuring continuous
          professional development in order to provide organisational learning,
          capability and resilience (including supervising appraisals and 1-1
          sessions as required ) to ensure that staff have or gain the knowledge,
          skills and experience to carry out their roles effectively.

       2. Lead and keep under review the allocation of resources to prioritised
          projects and business as usual requests, making adjustments as
          required to ensure key objectives are met whilst managing competing

       3. To monitor system design processes to deliver improvements
          particularly with reference to the Information Management framework.
          To embed in every system the ability to analyse data to ensure that
          equality duties and accessibility requirements are corporately met.

       4. To ensure Change Control processes are developed, documented and
          adhered to by all areas.

       5. To ensure standard / common processes are developed for Systems
          training, administration, data management areas and System design
          and implementation.

       6. To review the Training Teams processes and toolkits making
          recommendations where appropriate to ensure the maximisation of
          Training Officers time and effectiveness, for example investigate
          training development software, the possibility of introducing e-learning
          and/ or system play areas for staff to refresh neglected system skills,
          hyper linking system procedures with staff guidance manuals. This is
          particularly important as the Training team support schools (as agreed)
          as well as the HASS / CYPS Directorates.

       7. To review the effectiveness of the data management activities and
          processes to change the focus of the role from data cleansing to one
          of data quality. This is important as the business and system
          processes are developed so front line data accuracy should increase
          reducing the need to clean data and improve quality.

       8. To monitor the budget of the team to aid financial planning and
    2584 Change Control Manager
4.    Organisation structure
(a) Please provide an organisation chart on a separate document to this
questionnaire showing this job, its supervisor, colleagues who also report to the
same supervisor and the jobs managed by the postholder, giving full job titles and job
reference numbers. Please do not indicate grades.

See separate chart

(b) Please provide the job reference numbers and job titles of any posts which are
line managed by the postholder and briefly describe the major responsibilities for

Job Reference Number:
System Training and Support Officer (Lead):
The post holder leads a team of System Training and Support Officers to enable
and facilitate the discharge of NCC’s statutory responsibilities by the provision of
comprehensive, specialist training and support for all HASS / CYPS Systems
(CareFirst, Alchemy, Capita One, CAF, Word etc) to all staff required to use the
systems. This work includes training Schools staff inline with the agreement of
CYPS and Schools.

Job Reference Number:
System Administration Officer:
The prime function is to ensure the system is maintained and data is secure primarily
by applying the agreed access policies, including the roles and responsibilities of
users. To advise when the system(s) may need to be withdrawn from frontline users
in consultation with IT.

Job Reference Number:
Data Management Officer (Lead):
The post holders role is to ensure the data input in to the systems meets the required
data quality standards; including legislative / statutory requirements e.g. data
protection; FOI. To ensure the provision of timely, accurate and relevant
management information; to both strategic and operational customers.

Job Reference Number:
System Design and Implementation Officer:
The System Design and Implementation Officer maps the business process (created
by the Business Process Analyst) on to the systems; effectively remapping the
process based on the system specification.
The post holder advises the Business Process Analyst, System Administrator and
Change Control Manager on software developments from suppliers and reviews /
recommends how these developments could be exploited on this site ensuring the
system remains as easy to use as possible while capturing the required information.
To post holder manages and co-ordinates user acceptance testing (UAT), producing
test scripts that pro-actively test the system to identify issues prior to release to the

     2584 Change Control Manager
 (c) Please provide the job reference number and job title of the line manager’s post
 and briefly describe the key differences between this job and the line manager’s role.
 Do not simply list the responsibilities of the line manager.

   Job Reference Number:
   Programme and System Development Manager:
 The Change Control Manager leads on the business as usual work of the Business
 Systems Development Team, releasing resources to the development area of the
 team, ensuring a smooth change control process is in place and that projects and
 business as usual work is released to users in a planned manner.
 The Programme and Systems Development Manager manages both the programme
 of business improvements (development) and business as usual work on behalf of
 the Health and Adult Social Services, the Children and Young People’s Social
 Services and the Education Services. Focusing on the use and exploitation of
 technology to support and improve front line services. In addition there is a corporate
 dimension to the role; to ensure all systems are developed to ensure there are data
 sets which will help provide ‘One View’ of the Council through good quality
 management information which can be used for analysis and modelling to enable
 informed decision to be made with options / impacts assessments.

 5.     Knowledge, experience and training
What is the minimum knowledge/training/experience needed for the effective
performance of the job? (This is not about the postholder’s own experience/
qualifications but the minimum requirements for performance of the job). It may help if
you think about this as if you were recruiting to the post - what you would require from
applicants. Please do not indicate how many years of experience are required.

      Knowledge / Experience
            Proven experience of successfully managing a team; including the ability
            to mange the quality and productivity of the team.
            Experience of budget monitoring.
            Proven Project Management skills
            Proven experience of managing systems / training projects.
            A proven knowledge and experience of content management technology
            and system administration.
            Knowledge of data protection principles and experience of their
            Knowledge and understanding of local, regional, national initiatives
            especially regarding data and information management.
            Knowledge and understanding of the importance of continuous business
            improvement and the ability to assess current activities and make
            recommendations for improvements.
            Proven experience in liaising with key stakeholders, including senior
            managers and technical IT support providers.
            Knowledge and understanding of implementing systems, including
            legislation / policy guidelines / change control.
            Knowledge and experience of a social care / education environment.

      2584 Change Control Manager
6. Supervision and work planning
(a) How does work get allocated in this job, i.e. what is the pattern of the work cycle
(daily, weekly, monthly, annual, etc).

    Work will be allocated by the Programme and System Development Manager in
    conjunction the requirements of the programme and the Senior Project
    Managers and wider Business Intelligence and performance area requested
    work packages. Objectives will be set through the annual PADP process with a
    six monthly review

    It is the Change Control Manager’s responsibility to plan their own work and
    that of their Team.

(b) How regular is supervision and broadly what issues does it cover?

    The Change Control Manager will be required to work unsupervised for most of
    the time. The Programme and System Development Manager will hold regular
    1:1 meetings to review work and project progress against the business as usual
    work and any programme / project involvements and resolve any issues. The
    issues will be one of balancing competing priorities and unscheduled urgent
    work requests.

(c) Please give two examples of the sort of priorities which the postholder is able to
set themselves.

    The post holder can decide competing priorities between urgent business
    requests and projects; for example if an Inspection is to be held then resources
    would be moved to support the business requirements despite any detrimental
    impact on the projects. This would be agreed by the Change Control Manager
    and the Senior Business representative (Head of Service); if cross cutting
    projects were involved instead of just service are specific projects then this
    would be escalated to the Programme and Systems Development Manager.

    The post holders can the order of change within the systems to maximise
    efficiencies and reduce the impact / number of changes on front line users.

(d) Please describe the procedures or systems the job has to work within and how
this affects the level of discretion the postholder is given. Or you could give two
examples of procedures or systems they have to work within.

    There are the various health and safety, HR, procurement and legal
    procedures. The post holder has to understand the requirements of the Project
    Management SORP and Data Quality strategy; but specifically the following;
    1. System Business Continuity Plan (link with Disaster Recovery Plan)
    2. System Procedures
    2. System Security Policy
    3. Data Protection Act
    4. County Council’s Confidentiality Policy in respect of client and personnel

    And develop team procedures and Change Control procedures.
    2584 Change Control Manager
(e) Describe how the postholder controls the work of people they manage in their
team if applicable, i.e. weekly/monthly meetings, or setting tasks on a daily basis.

    The Change Control Manager will set objectives for the Team. It will be base
    on an annual plan of known work requests (projects) and anticipated business
    as usual changes, e.g. version upgrades, work packages requests. They will
    be reviewed as necessary (mainly through monthly team meetings and 1:1’s) to
    ensure the team plan can be delivered.

(f) Does the postholder co-ordinate sub-functions of the service or service areas or
set priorities for them? If so please give details and say why the co-ordination role
is needed.

    The post holder does co-ordinate a sub function of the service; the team
    consists of training, administration, and system design and data management.
    Co-ordination is required due to the close interdependencies of the functions.
    Additionally the team resources will be allocated to Projects and therefore the
    post holder will liaise closely with Senior Projects managers to ensure they are
    aware of pre-planned system changes which may impact on their projects.

7. Communication/contacts
   Please detail the nature of the interpersonal skills the postholder has to use.
   Give two examples of the nature of interpersonal skills used. (Do not just list the
   people the postholder has to come into contact with).

    1. The post holder will need to be flexible in interpreting and analysing issues
       that various stakeholders may put forward that could impact on the
       prioritisation of business as usual activities / projects. The post holder must
       be able to influence, persuade and negotiate and justify the actions they
       recommend in a confident manner. The post holder has to be able to
       demonstrate excellent interpersonal communication skills, advising,
       influencing, persuading and negotiating at senior management and other
       levels within and external to the Council as appropriate.

    2. The post holder has to be able to be proactive, diplomatic, and
       conscientious, possess strong influencing skills and self-awareness to
       ensure that decisions concerning priorities and the allocation / delivery of
       work are feasible.

8 Problems encountered
(a) Please give two examples of the problems encountered in this job and how
they might arise. For the examples given, detail the steps you would expect the
postholder to take to find the solution to the problem.

    There are two main problems; lack of engagement and competing demands for

    2584 Change Control Manager
    Lack of engagement is usually when areas of the business and this includes
    business project managers who do not investigate at the start of the project or
    business change what impact this may have on the system. For example; there
    is an increasing number of request to access systems with no lead time
    provided; some can be resolved but other require business process mapping,
    system design, administration access and training as they wish to input and
    retrieve data from the system. If this is the request then the Change Control
    Manager provides indicative times as to when the work could be completed. If
    the request is read only then access can be granted the total number of users
    on the systems has to be monitored as it has licensing and therefore financial
    implications, additionally servers are sized to the number of users and therefore
    there are limits to accessing information.

    Competing demands for resources; as the methodology of business process
    mapping and aligning this to the system and the support it then provides the
    business has started to grow and the benefits recognised so some areas of the
    business demand all their processes to be reviewed. This requires demand
    management and agreeing priorities; sometimes instead of forming a project
    the service will request many ad-hoc changes which have to be monitored as
    this may lead to an overall inefficient business process. The Change Control
    manager will monitor, review and speak with the service area as patterns

(b) How does the postholder decide at which point they need to refer a problem
    When the post holder has investigated all solutions and tried diplomatically to
    gain agreement but failed, or is left trying to resolve issues which seem to not
    be able to be concluded (going round in circles) then the post holder should
    escalate the issue to the Programme and Systems Development Manager.

    When there are any issues regarding the potential corruption of databases
    these issues should be escalated immediately to the Programme and Systems
    Development Manager with a recommendation, in the absence of the line
    Manager in this instance the decision devolves to the Change Control Manager.

    2584 Change Control Manager
9. Making decisions
   Please give two examples to show the ‘thinking challenge’ in the job, i.e. is
   there a set process to resolve the problem, does the postholder choose a
   solution based on their past experience or does the postholder have to seek
   more information to determine the extent of the problem, or use creative
   thinking to develop new concepts.

   1. The Change Control Manager will coordinate, lead and take accountability
      for the delivery of work streams. The post holder will plan and manage
      change activity,; lead and motivate the teams providing practical support as
      needed to facilitate delivery; monitor and adjust plans as required to ensure
      that work streams meet agreed timescales and that objectives are achieved
      Their skill in management of change and people management and
      negotiation is critical in pulling together resources and rescheduling tasks in
      order to make progress, remove obstacles or create remedies. The nature
      of the work involves ‘inter-dependencies’ so the post holder will need to be
      able to reschedule and agree primarily with the senior project managers
      work arounds.

   2. The Change Control Manager will apply their knowledge and experience to
      analyse problems, identifying creative solutions to keep work streams
      moving forward. Their problem-solving will be integral with forward thinking,
      keeping a check on risks, ensuring a good communication network is in
      place and proactively developing solutions and options.

10. Freedom to act
(a) Please give two examples to show areas that the postholder has discretion

   The post holder can move resources to undertake work requests and match
   individuals to tasks and project teams in order to maximise the opportunity of

   The post holder can recommend a change the priorities of the planned work
   when unexpected emergencies occur, for example, the need to bring down the
   system due to the potential for corrupting data.

   It is important there is a close working relationship with clear communication
   between the Programme and System Development Manager and the Change
   Control Manager which allows for these decisions to be taken easily – general
   principles gained from experience do lead to a common view point. The greater
   the trust and common view the greater the freedom to act; as the freedom
   moves from recommendation to one of decision making and then informing the
   Programme and System Development Manager and ratifying the decision.

   2584 Change Control Manager
(b) What kind of systems, procedures or ‘rules’ are set around the job which
prevent the postholder having total discretion as to how to undertake the job.

     The rules set around the job are;

     Various health and safety, HR, procurement and legal procedures. The post
     holder has to understand the requirements of the Project Management SORP
     and Data Quality strategy; but specifically the following;
     1. System Business Continuity Plan (link with Disaster Recovery Plan)
     2. System Procedures
     2. System Security Policy
     3. Data Protection Act
     4. County Council’s Confidentiality Policy in respect of client and personnel
     Plus any team procedures including Change Control.

11. Area and type of impact
There are two ways of looking at the type of impact the job has upon the council.

              The first is where the jobs impact can be expressed in financial
              terms (annual income or expenditure). If you think the job falls in
              this category complete section a.
              The second is where there is no relevant financial dimension to
              the job. If you think the job falls under this category, please
              complete the following section b.

            Please note that you must complete either a) or b). Please complete
            section (c) for all jobs.

(a) Which parts of the organisation are most clearly influenced by the job’s
objectives? Please indicate current year income, expenditure and capital budget,
if appropriate, and state the impact on each figure given, i.e. is there a controlling
impact; or partnership/ joint accountability for the area (if so with which other
jobs). Or is the impact indirect because the job is advisory and influences
decisions taken in the area of impact?

     The role is a support service role and is advisory; any efficiencies are allocated
     to the appropriate service budget holder.


(b) What kind of support services are delivered by the job - does it involve
processing information, interpretation/analysis of information, supervision of
others, or acting in an advisory/specialist capacity?

     The post holder leads a team of people to provide a system designed,
     administered and provide system trainers to train and support front line staff
     including the correction of data to enable management reports to be meaning
     full. To provide this service the post holder has to listen to requests and
     ensure they understand business requirements / priorities and advise the
     business how to resolve their issues and when this may be achieved,
     recommending an approach if appropriate.
     2584 Change Control Manager

(c) Is there any statistical information that can add to the understanding of the job,
i.e. it is useful to know whether a Payroll Officer deals with is 50 or 50,000 payslips
and whether they pay people weekly and/or monthly. Figures for their own sake are
no help, but those directly relevant to the purpose of job are useful. e.g. providing a
daily home care service to ten clients.

      There are approx. 3000 users of the systems, many access more than one
      system; there are approx. seven systems which will be supported by the team.
      The systems are used by HASS, CYPS (social services and education). In the
      future with the immediate priority that substantial Strategic Health duties will
      transfer to the Council therefore there will be increasing demand on the team.

12. Physical effort and/or strain
Describe whether the job requires physical effort and/or strain more than is normally
experienced in a routine office environment, i.e. lifting heavy objects, how heavy are
the objects, how are they carried, for how long and how often would this happen?

      No –office environment.

13. Working environment
Does the job require working outdoors, or being exposed to objectionable,
uncomfortable or unfavourable working conditions and is the postholder able to
predict or plan for the elements faced?


14. Change statement
Please briefly outline why the job is presented for job evaluation. For jobs that have
changed, describe the major differences between the old and new job descriptions.

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                       (line manager)

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                       (Corporate Director or Service Head)

      2584 Change Control Manager

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