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									                                                                                        Judson C. Crane
                                                              Director of Purchasing & Contract
                                                             6544 Firehouse Road Administration
                                                                                 Milton, Florida
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                                                             Website: purchasing.santarosa.k12.fl.us

September 14, 2006

John W. Rogers
Superintendent of Schools
5086 Canal Street
Milton, Florida 32570-6707

Dear Mr. Rogers,

The selection committee for RFP 06-12, Debris Removal and Tree Trimming, and RFP 06-13,
Restoration for Buildings and Grounds, ranked the below submissions, as the top companies to be
awarded RFP-06-12 and 06-13.

RFP-06-12, Debris Removal and Tree Trimming
      1. D R C Emergency, Mobile Ala.
      2. Asplundh Environmental, Fairhope, Ala.
      3. Natco Inc., Bristol, TN

RFP-06-13, Restoration for Buildings and Grounds
      1. Air Intellect, Tallahassee, FL
      2. Belfor, Birmingham, MI
      3. Marcor, Downingtown, PA

In accordance with Florida Statute 1011.14, funding is subject to availability of appropriated funds.
Approval is recommended.

The selection committee consisted of the following:
Rufus Phillips, Maintenance
Jennifer Northrop, Administrative Services Accountant
Richard W. Laing, Energy Management Technician
Michael Wessinger, Maintenance


Judson C. Crane

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