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									Person Specification/Job Description
HR/SR/04 Issue 2 Rev 0

Regulated Activity:             Controlled Activity:

Closing date for receipt of applications: Wednesday 11 July 2012 at 12 noon

Job Title:                 Learning Area Manager –Innovation & Enterprise
                           Permanent position – 37 hours per week

Post No:                   RS11/12/DIR/136

Grade:                     HPS Fixed Point 38 (£35,235 per annum)

Responsible to:            Head of Faculty

Supervisory                Learning area as agreed

Responsible for:            The improvement of student performance within the curriculum, monitoring and
                             review of Key Performance Indicators (including recruitment, retention,
                             achievement and success) against National Benchmark) and taking corrective
                             action/actions for improvement as necessary
                            The day-to-day line management of a team of curriculum staff, including
                             observation and appraisal in line with College processes, as directed by the Head
                             of Faculty.
                            Leading the development of teaching and learning methodologies within the
                             Learning Area
                            The effectiveness and efficiency of the use of human and physical resources within
                             the curriculum area

Objective of the              To be accountable for leading the development of a Learning Area to become
Job:                          ‘Outstanding’


It is essential that the post holder is a highly motivated individual who is up-to-date with developments in
their occupational area and in current developments in teaching and learning. As a Learning Area Leader
you will be expected to act as a role model. All post holders are expected to consistently assess, review and
evaluate their own performance alongside colleagues and engage in positive and critical debate on
pedagogic issues. Learning Area Managers must ensure all staff are committed to inclusive learning and
that they undertake the very best practice to meet individual learner needs, including the promotion of
equality and diversity and safeguarding. This job description will be reviewed annually during the appraisal
process and could be varied in the light of the changing business needs of the College.

Learning Area Managers will be supported in their role by the Advanced Practitioners, Heads of Faculty and
the Senior Leadership and Management Team.

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Person Specification/Job Description
HR/SR/04 Issue 2 Rev 0

Candidates for the post of Learning Area Manager must possess the following qualities:

                           Essential                            Desirable               Where identified

Qualifications             Safeguarding Level 1 (to be          Team Leader/            Application form
                           achieved within 6 weeks)             Management              Certificates
                           Level 2 in Literacy (or willing to
                           work towards within 2 years)         Assessor/Verifier
                           Level 2 in Numeracy (or willing
                           to work towards within 2 years)      Level 4 or equivalent
                                                                in relevant subject
                           Level 3 or equivalent in             area or working
                           relevant subject area or             towards
                           working towards

                           A teaching qualification

Experience                 Significant teaching experience      Experience of          Application form
                                                                submitting courses for Interview
                           Experience of course co-             approval by awarding References
                           ordination                           bodies.

                           Experience of leading teams          Experience of
                           Experience of teaching on a          staff/undertaking
                           range of courses and at              performance review
                           different levels

                           Experience of working with
                           external organisations/
                           agencies, such as
                           awarding/examination bodies,
                           local schools, employers,
                           colleges, etc.

Knowledge and              Effective teacher, in a related      An awareness of the     Interview
Skills                     vocational discipline, with a        range of funding        References
                           record of grade 1 / grade 2          income streams
                           learning observations                associated with the
                                                                FE sector
                           Awareness and understanding
                           of current curriculum and FE

                           Must be methodical, accurate
                           and organised

                           Effective communicator and
                           team worker: motivates others
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Person Specification/Job Description
HR/SR/04 Issue 2 Rev 0

                           The ability to manage and
                           inspire staff

                           Conscientious: meets
                           deadlines and completes jobs
                           with minimum supervision

                           Computer literate with working
                           knowledge of Microsoft Office
                           and the Internet

                           Able to gather, analyse and
                           use complex information to
                           inform quality improvement

Personal Qualities A professional approach                                        Interview
                   Commitment to improving
                   quality of service.
                   Self motivated with the ability to
                   work under pressure.
                   Supporting and caring attitude
                   Customer service orientation:
                   putting learners’ first.

1        College Strategy

         All members of staff have an important role to play in achieving the mission, aims and objectives
         stated in the College Development Plan.

2        Quality Matters

         All members of staff are responsible for the quality of their own work and for the operation of the
         relevant parts of the College’s Quality System. This will involve operating the appropriate Quality
         procedures applicable to the job to ensure that students, customers and clients have their needs
         and expectations identified and fulfilled.

3        Staff Development

         It is expected that all members of staff will participate in the College’s Staff Development
         Programme, aimed at maximising staff potential for the individual’s benefit and in ensuring continual
         improvement in the quality of services provided by the College.

4        Client Focus

         All members of staff are expected to manage and develop their role and responsibilities so as to
         focus on improving the College services to students and other clients. The individual should
         represent and market the College at any appropriate opportunity.

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Person Specification/Job Description
HR/SR/04 Issue 2 Rev 0

5        Overall Responsiveness

         Working flexibly, efficiently and in full co-operation with other staff to maintain the highest
         professional standards and to promote and implement the strategy and policies of the Corporation.

         Ensure that established standards and targets are achieved as part of the efficient and effective
         service provision with in the College.

         Undertaking such other duties and responsibilities as are required to provide the service expected
         from the College.

6        Health and Safety

         All members of staff are responsible for ensuring safety within their working area, for ensuring that
         risk assessments are carried our and that appropriate actions are taken if problems are identified. All
         staff are required to assist the College Safety Officer in the implementation of measures to ensure
         that all health and safety requirements are achieved.

7        Risk Management

         All members of staff will adopt best practices in the identification, evaluation and cost effective
         control of risks to ensure, as far as possible, that they are eliminated or reduced to a level that is
         acceptable to the College.

8        Safeguarding

         All staff who teach, train or work regularly with children aged up to 18 and vulnerable adults are
         required to comply fully with legislation and College policies and practices to ensure learners are
         safeguarded and protected.

Section B • Cross Faculty Management Responsibilities

Initial allocation of functions of which the post holder will have direct responsibility:

1        General Responsibilities

                   Teach on a range of programmes to an agreed annual target hours which reflects the size of
                    the Learning Area
                   Attend relevant meetings as directed by Head of Faculty
                   Maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills relevant to role, through self-study and personal/
                    professional development and ensure knowledge and skills are disseminated with
                    colleagues and curriculum staff
                   Promote equal opportunities and implement the College’s Equality and Diversity policy
                   Provide a secure, safe and friendly learning environment including implementation of the
                    College’s Health and Safety Policy
                   Demonstrate active support for the College organisational values
                   Complete all documents necessary to comply with College HR policies in relation to
                    supervised staff, including sickness forms, appraisal forms, etc (for Head of Faculty
                   Assist in providing estimates of requirements for revenue and capital expenditure
                   Undertake such other duties as may reasonably be required commensurate with this grade

2        Learning Area Leadership

         Initial allocation of functions of which the post holder will have direct responsibility:

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Person Specification/Job Description
HR/SR/04 Issue 2 Rev 0

        2.1 Quality Improvement and Success

                  Develop a quality improvement plan which will ensure continuous improvements in success
                   rates and will take the Learning Area to ‘Outstanding’

                  Take responsibility for the quality of teaching and learning in the curriculum area and for
                   ensuring that quality improvement is continuously addressed by curriculum staff
                  Perform learning observations within Curriculum Standards Reviews
                  Contribute to the Curriculum Performance Review quality assurance process for the
                   Learning Area
                  Use available data sets to monitor performance against trends and national benchmarks,
                   and to take action as necessary to address poor performance
                  In liaison with the Head of Quality Improvement and Heads of Faculty set targets for
                   attendance, retention and success, and ensure that staff achieve these targets
                  Ensure appropriate assessment, IV/moderation is in place
                  Ensure curriculum documentation files are accurate and up-to-date
                  Ensure there is regular and systematic feedback and communication with students, parents,
                   employers and external agencies to inform quality improvement
                  Lead the process of course review within the curriculum area
                  Use course reviews to draft SARs for SSAs and Operational Plans
                  To deal with external customer/student complaints

        2.2 Planning and Resources

                  Work with Heads of Faculty to ensure maximum funding and efficiency in the planning of the
                   curriculum portfolio
                  Set up all courses through centralised Registry (course data forms)
                  Ensure all courses have been subject to the College Course Approval procedure, and that
                   external approval has been received
                  Work with Heads of Faculty to plan and implement course and staff timetables through
                   central College timetabling system, so as to provide learners with a well-organised, high
                   quality learning experience
                  Plan permanent and part-time staffing hours to meet targets and ensure staff utilisation is
                  Manage budgets related to the Learning Area efficiently, ensuring maximum value for
                   money from the deployment of College funds

        2.3 Recruitment and Progression

                  Liaise with internal College functions to ensure effective and efficient recruitment and
                   progression of students
                  Ensure staff attend promotional events, open evenings and activities and contribute to the
                   positive promotion of the College
                  Ensure course information leaflets are accurate and up-to-date and accurately represent the
                   curriculum portfolio
                  Liaise with Client Services re interview and selection process and ensure appropriate
                   curriculum staff are involved as appropriate
                  Undertake, contribute to and participate in marketing activities for the College
                  Liaise with external organisations to facilitate enrichment and workplace programmes for
                  Liaise with employers to build new contacts and create new commercial business

        2.4 Teaching and Learning Practice

                  Ensure Session Plans and Schemes of Learning are in place for all courses across the area
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Person Specification/Job Description
HR/SR/04 Issue 2 Rev 0

                   Assist in the induction of new staff
                   Undertake student focus groups and elicit user feedback on the quality of teaching and
                    learning (including students, employers, parents and stakeholders)
                   Ensure materials/resources provided for learners are of high quality
                   Develop the quality and range of E-learning

3        Staff Management

                   Provide effective and efficient day-to-day leadership of curriculum staff
                   Ensure College communication through appropriate briefings with staff
                   Monitor, support and develop staff through a range of development activities
                   Carry out appraisal/performance review of staff and formulate clear objectives and
                    development plans for individual members of curriculum staff
                   Promote equality and diversity through respect for individuals

Section C • General

This job description is current at the date shown below. However, in consultation with the post holder, it may
be liable to review and variation to reflect changes in the College environment.

Bishop Auckland College has an Equality and Diversity Policy and expects all members of staff to support
the policy by behaving in a non-discriminatory way in terms of employment, the curriculum and student

All members of staff are expected to maintain a high level of security and confidentiality of information in
their work at all times.

June 2012

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