Microsoft Office Word 2007 Practice Test 1

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					1.- Go to and download (Encontrando un Propósito), save it
in my document and open it.

      Change user name to: Juan Carballo and Initial to: JC.
      Type “Propósito” in properties subject box, “Hiatec” in Company properties box
       and your name in Author properties box.

2.- Set the autocorrect option like this image.

3.- Find this format (Font: Algerian, Font Size: 24) and Replace with (Font: Verdana,
Font Size: 14, Font Color: Blue).

4.- Clear format to the paragraph that start with “De igual manera”.

5.- Insert a continuous section break at the beginning of the second page.

6.- Go to last page of the document. Set this page as a 3 column with line and 0.55”
spacing between columns.

7.- Go to second page and insert comment at the beginning of the first paragraph with the
following text: “Este ejemplo es mucha verdad”.

8.- Inspect this document and remove metadata and personal information.

9.- Prepare this document to distribution as Final.

10.- Save this document in a new folder “TEST1” in my document with compatibility
word 97-2003 and file name FINAL T1.

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