Hall Government Application 2012 by A5bS8u


									2012-2013 Hall Government
                                   Personal Information
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                                    Position Information
                                   Personal Information
Which position are you applying for? (Select one). Positions are available in every
hall unless otherwise noted. You must reside in the hall of the position you choose.
   President                                           Social Chair
   Vice President/Eco Rep                              Eco Rep
   Vice President/Treasurer (1835 Hinman               Philanthropy Chair (Allison Hall only)
only)                                                  Community Service Director (Elder
   Secretary                                                       Residential Community only)
   Treasurer                                           Historian (Rogers House only)
List any time commitments you may have during the academic year. (Sports,
clubs/organizations, employment): Click here to enter text.

Describe your experiences leading a community, club, or organization (150 words or less).
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                                    Position Information

If you are not elected for this position, would you be interested in consideration for
another leadership role in hall government?       Yes       No
Please answer the following questions (150 words or less for each question):
Tell us about yourself and why you are interested in running for this position.
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What is your vision for the hall government?
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What would you like to accomplish with the hall government this year?

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        By signing my name below I agree to the following: 1) I have read and
        understand the responsibilities for which I am running; 2) I will attend all training
        sessions listed on the Residential Services website; 3) I will fulfill the duties of the
        position for which I am elected; 4) I will be a positive role model for my peers;
        and abide by all University policies and procedures (failure to do so may result in
        termination from position); and 5) I authorize Residential Services to include my
        name and the information provided above(except for my email address, room
        number and phone number) on an election ballot. I also give Residential
        Services permission to check my student conduct record to ensure that I am in
        good standing with Northwestern.

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You may electronically sign this document by typing your name in the name field
and emailing the application from your Northwestern University email account.
Email applications to hallgovernment@u.northwestern.edu

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