MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE
                           Cultural Competency Scholarship

In an effort to increase cultural competency of the membership of the NSGC, the
Membership Committee is providing two $500 scholarships (one scholarship program, two
awards) to genetic counseling students planning to attend the 2012 NSGC AEC meeting
Boston. All applicants must be enrolled in the fall of 2012, in good standing at an
accredited genetic counseling training program, and be members of the NSGC or
planning to join in 2012. Any second year genetic counseling student interested in cultural
competency issues may apply for this scholarship.

Applications are due on Friday, September 14, 2012, 12 midnight EDT. No
applications submitted after this date will be accepted.

Decisions will be made by the last week of September, and, after verifying enrollment, the
students will be notified. Official presentation of the awards will be made at the NSGC
Annual Education Conference in Boston.

The preferred method of submission for applications is via e-mail attachment of a
Microsoft Word document to the NSGC Executive Office at
Applications may also be faxed or mailed to:

                           NSGC Executive Office
                           Attn: Kathryn Schafer
                           401 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 2200
                           Chicago IL 60611
                           Phone: 312-673-5839
                           Fax: 312-673-6972

If you have any questions, please contact Kathryn Schafer at the NSGC Executive Office
(contact information listed above). You may also contact the leader of the scholarship
working group of the Membership Committee: Matt Tschirgi, MS, CGC at 214.345.2318,
or e-mail
                             MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE
                            Cultural Competency Scholarship

                                    Consent to Publish

The Membership Committee may want to publish the ideas contained in the submitted
essays for the benefit of the NSGC. We are asking for your permission to use your essay.
In some cases your ideas may be abstracted and combined with ideas from others.
Contributors will be acknowledged by name in the article. You may be contacted as a
potential author if your essay is used extensively.

Scholarship winners are asked to write an essay in Perspectives in Genetic Counseling in
the summer or spring of 2013, depending on the winners’ schedule. Winners will be
contacted at the appropriate time to facilitate this.

Please mark one of the following statements and sign below:

__ I give permission for the ideas in my essay to be used anonymously.

__ I give permission for the ideas in my essay to be used with attribution.

__ I am willing to be contacted as a potential author of the article.

__ I do not want my essay included in the article.

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Signature                                                Date

** If you are submitting by e-mail, please still indicate your choice and type your
name/date. **
                             MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE

Name:          __________________________                 Phone: __________________

Address:      __________________________                  E-mail: __________________

Current NSGC member? ____ (y/n)                           Plan to join in 2013? ___ (y/n)

Please indicate the genetic counseling program you are enrolled in:


Program Director: Please sign below to verify that, to the best of your knowledge, you
expect this student to be enrolled in the GC program indicated above in the fall of 2012. If
the student is submitting their application through e-mail, please send your verification
directly to the NSGC Executive Office at or via fax: 312-673-6972.

Signature: ____________________________________                  Date: ____________

Cultural Competency Scholarship
Cultural competency is the ability to effectively work across culture and is not limited to
age, race, class, gender, or sexual orientation. It is an evolving process in which an
organization incorporates practices, policies, and training opportunities into the daily life of
the organization. These mechanisms foster the continual learning of its members and
help the organization become more respectful, effective and appropriate to a diverse
membership. To the individual member within the organization, cultural competency
refers to actively learning about and effectively communicating and working respectfully
with people who are different from them.

Please answer the following question in 1000 words or less:

1) Why do you think cultural competency is an important issue for the field of
genetic counseling?

2) What strategies do you recommend to improve the level of cultural competency
among current genetic counselors?

3) Also what strategies would you recommend to attract and retain students,
especially those from underrepresented populations, into the field of genetic

4) How do you envision contributing to these strategies?

Review Process
Please consider the following when writing your essay:
    All four questions are weighed equally to determine score.

      Scores may be penalized for improper punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

      Any essay greater than 1000 words will NOT be considered.

      Essay content must be original work by the scholarship applicant.

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