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					                          The Eagles’ Cry
                                                     Hobbs High School
                                                  800 North Jefferson Street
                                                  Hobbs, New Mexico 88240
                                                        March, 2012

Should the district do away with Certificate of Completion?
By Mariah Rivas
         Should the district do away with the certificate of completion for student that don’t pass the NMSBA Test to graduate
from a New Mexico high school? I interviewed 10 HHS students, and most of them said they should get rid of it.
         Maci Methola said, “I believe they should do away with it because I do not believe it’s fair that they drop this respon-
sibility on us in the middle of the year. Not all of us can show the ability we need to through the computer questions.” “Yes,
because you should be able to graduate either way depending on if you pass the test or not,” says Tanairi Gonzalez. They
believe wether or not you pass it you should graduate.
         Freddy Avila said, “They should do away with the certificate of completion because you can’t do anything with it and
you wasted 12 years of your life.” Aaron Gonzales thinks, “It would be best if they didn’t use this for graduation because
most students will not pass. Therefore our graduation percentage will be low which grades the school badly, because I don’t
think having to take the NMSBA Test should determine wether we graduate or not. It should only be worked only on the bot-
tom 25% of the class because they’re the ones that need the help the rest of the class shouldn’t have to base their graduation
on a test.”
         “I don’t think they should because people who slack off in class and do not do work or do not even show up, but
come and fail the NMSBA should just get a certificate of completion. A free education taken granted of is like abusing the
freedom to get anything else free. Yeah we might have to pay for supplies and lunch, but seriously how hard is it to show up
at a decent time in the morning, listen, pay attention, write notes so you can pass NMSBA and get a diploma to get a higher
paying salary job,” says Steven Olivas. Katie says, “No, because if they don’t pass the NSMBA, but they fulfill all the re-
quired classes, they still deserve a certificate of completion. My opinion is to do away with it because you came all this way
and if you do not pass one test that determines wether you graduate or not isn’t right.”

American Legion Essay Winners Announced
Story Courtesy of
        Of the 195 essays submitted for judging, 20 winners were selected in the American Legion Auxiliary's Americanism
Essay Contest.
        Writing on the subject of "How Can I Show My Patriotism in My Community," winners from individual classes were
selected along with overall winners in three categories.
        Shelly Driskill, a Stone third grader, was the overall winner in Level I competition; College Lane sixth-grader Chloe
Cecil was the Level II winner and Morgan Lynskey, a Highland eighth-grader, was the overall winner in Level III.
        Class winners, who read their essays during a Thursday night awards ceremony at the American Legion, were recog-
nized with a prize and certificate. In addition, Driskill and Cecil won $25 each while Lynskey won $50. The students’
essays will be submitted to the state Americanism Essay Contest where they have the opportunity to advance to regional and
national competition.
Identity Theft
By Sarena Morales
	        Identity	theft	is	defined	as	using	another	persons	personal	or	financial	information	in	order	to	commit	a	variety	of	frauds	like	credit	or	debit	fraud,	identity	
theft	has	been	a	major	problem	for	decades.	One	in	every	ten	U.S.	consumers	has	already	been	victimized	by	identity	theft.	1.6		million	households	experienced	
fraud	not	related	to	credit	cards.	38%-48%	discovered	that	someone	has	stolen	their	identity	within	three	months,	while	9%-18%	of	victims	don’t	learn	that	their	
identity	has	been	stolen	for	four	or	more	years.	
	        Identity	theft	prosecution	is	very	rare,	most	criminals	are	never	identified.	After	months	of	not	realizing	you	have	been	a	victim,	reporting	the	crime	is	
sparingly	pointless,	it’s	always	best	to	pinpoint	precisely	when	identities	are	being	compromised,	then	the	thief	is	more	likely	to	face	criminal	prosecution.	Many	
thieves	will	not	use	the	information	themselves,	they	sell	it	so	the	crime	cannot	be	traced	back	to	them	easily,	and	this	makes	identity	theft	criminal	prosecution	
even	harder.	
	        The	amount	of	money	lost	in	the	year	of	2006	was	almost	$57	billion,	and	money	lost	per	person	was	about	$6,400.	Here	are	some	ways	to	prevent	iden-
tity	theft,	before	revealing	any	personal	identifying	information	find	out	how	it	will	be	used	and	if	it	will	be	shared.	Always	pay	attention	to	your	billing	cycles,	
guard	your	mail,	use	passwords	on	your	credit	card,	bank,	and	phone	accounts.	Do	not	give	out	personal	information	on	the	phone,	and	buy	a	shredder	and	use	
it	for	any	personal	information	you	are	throwing	away.	
If	you	are	ever	a	victim	of	identity	theft	follow	these	steps:	
1.)	Place	a	fraud	alert	on	your	credit	reports	and	review	reports.	
2.)	Close	the	accounts	that	you	know	or	believe,	have	been	tampered	with	or	opened	fraudulently.	
3.)	File	a	report	with	your	local	police	or	the	police	in	the	community	where	the	identity	theft	took	place.	
4.)	File	a	complaint	with	the	Federal	Trade	Commission.	
	        Finally,	take	control,	stay	alert,	and	get	your	credit	report.	To	secure	your	identity,	you	must	have	a	comprehensive	plan	and	a	paranoid	mindset	when	it	
comes	to	your	personal	information.	When	people	start	reporting	more	frequently	these	criminals	will	stand	a	better	chance	of	being	brought	to	justice.	
Debilitating	Senioritis	Sweeps	Campus
By	Nicholle	Carter
	       With	the	approach	of	the	spring	season,	you	may	start	to	see	the	seniors	on	campus	exhibit	strange	new	behaviors	and	attitudes:	The	urge	to	lounge	about	
for	hours	at	the	slightest	hint	of	sunlight,	a	newfound	and	intense	fear	of	anything	requiring	work,	an	affinity	for	Asher	Roth	songs,	and	finally,	an	obsession	
with	college	life.	Senioritis,	according	to	the	Urban	dictionary,	is	a	crippling	disease	that	strikes	high	school	seniors.		It’s	a	phenomenon	that	happens	when	
seniors	look	at	the	finish	line	of	their	high	school	life	and	say	to	themselves,	“I’m	done”	actually	before	they	complete	all	the	work	required	to	graduate.		This	
will	cripple	a	student	who	has	a	college	acceptance	to	lose	or	who	engages	in	risk-talking	behavior	that	they	normally	would	not	do.

Some Signs and Symptoms of Senioritis are:
	-	Poor	grades.
-	Incomplete	assignments.
-	Cuts	Classes.
-	Increased	absences	in	school.
-	Using	alcohol.
-	Does	not	make	it	home	for	curfew.
-	Laziness.
-	Poor	Hygiene.
-	Apathy	forward	their	future.
-	Overly	social,	wants	to	spend	all	their	time	with	peers.

	        Use	these	signs	and	symptoms	to	help	protect	your	friends	and	peers	from	catching	a	debilitating	form	of	senioritis.		While	you	may	think	that	senioritis	
is	just	a	stage	your	teen	is	going	through	much	like	the	ones	you	went	through	or	that	everyone	goes	through,	be	warned	that	the	consequences	of	senioritis	can	
last	a	long	time	and	be	devastating	for	a	teen	and	their	family.

Soaring	Above	The	Clouds
We	have	decided	to	foucus	on	students	who	surpass	the	norm	in	being	Eagles.

Brian	Olivas
	        Brian	is	a	sophomore	in	Mr.	Carter’s	English	II	class:	Brian	is	an	outstanding	student	who	has	maintained	a	3.8	GPA	in	
	        Some	of	Brian’s	Hobbies	are	dancing,	Working-out	and	playing	with	his	Xbox.		One	of	his	favorite	pass	times	is	cruis-
ing.		Some	of	Brian’s	achievements	are	being	part	of	the	Upward	bound	program,	maintaining	an	"A"	average	in	both	English	
and	Math.		Also	being	a	part	of	the	NM	youth	Alliance.		After	graduating	from	high	school	Brian	wants	to	attend	the	Air	Force	
Academy	and	receive	a	commission	as	a	Second	Lieutenant	upon	graduation.		The	dream	that	Brian	has	is	to	become	a	fighter	                        For	more	students	who	
                                                                                                                                                  fly	high	see	page	4.
pilot	in	the	U.S.	Air	Force.		Brian	is	an	honest,	trustworthy	and	very	dependable;	these	are	just	a	few	qualities	that	set	him	apart	
from	most	students.                                                                                                                                              Pg. 2
With so many new staff members here at HHS, we thought it would be nice to get to know a little
more about some of them.
Mr. Felicett                                                                       6.How long do you plan to continue your teaching career? Or how many years
                                                                                   have you taught?
1.Where did you come from? (previous district or new to the proffession)           I have taught for 15 years.
Aztec High school.
                                                                                   7.What is your favorite book and why?
2.Why did you choose hobbs high school? (HMS)                                      “The story of America” the first big book I have read as a kid and a gift from
Move closer to family and have wanted to work here.                                my grand parents.

3.Why did you become a teacher/coach?                                              8.What do you like to do in your spare time?
Opportunity to work with young people.                                             Spend time with my family.

4.Where did you attend college?                                                    9.Who inspires you the most to become a teacher?
W.N.M.V                                                                            Joe bryant and Phil Schmitt.

5.What subjects do you teach?                                                      10.If you could be any candy what would it be and why?
I have taught world history, U.S history, P.E., & strength and conditioning.       “peanut M&m's, They Just cool.”

School A-F Grading System Flawed
Superintendent Weighs in on A-F Grading System

Note:The 2010-11 New Mexico Public Education Department rates Hobbs Schools in the following manner:
Broadmoor, B; Stone, Highland and Edison, C; HHS, Houston, Hobbs Freshman High, Will Rogers, College Lane, Coronado and Sanger, D; BTW, Mills,
Taylor and Jefferson, F.
         The Public Education Department recently made available a report card that grade the state’s 89 school districts and individual schools on an A through
F scale. Included are low grades for most of the 16 Hobbs campuses. While I want to congratulate Broadmoor for a B rating, overall, I am disappointed with
the results. I firmly believe that the grades in no way depict the learning that takes place on a day-to-day basis in our local classrooms. I will never be convinced
that a school can be rated based on snapshot results of a onetime test that many curriculum experts claim is invalid. The current grading system is a piece of the
pie, but not the whole pie. I don’t believe a standardized test should drive our curriculum or our teaching techniques.
         And neither does President Barack Obama. "Teachers matter. So instead of bashing them, or defending the status quo, let’s offer schools a deal," Presi-
dent Obama said in his recent State of the Union address. "Give them the resources to keep good teachers on the job, and reward the best ones. In return, grant
schools flexibility: To teach with creativity and passion; to stop teaching to the test."
         Closer to home, N.M. House Education Committee Rick Miera also opposes the emphasis on tests to evaluate schools. I do not believe in high-stakes
testing at any grade, Miera said during the current Legislature session in reference to the No-Social promotion bill.
         The A-F school rating system provides a baseline a starting point of data from which we need to show improvement in coming years. It is imperative that
student learning increases. Although Hobbs Municipal Schools has no control over the abilities with which a student enters school, our mission is to advance
that child academically.
         HMS is currently taking major steps to ensure that student advancement occurs. Another new mandatory system for doing so - Common Core State
Standards(CCSS) - will replace the existing curriculum in our school district and across the nation within the next few years. CCSS has been adopted by 48
states, including New Mexico, as the benchmark for academic success.
         Through a joint effort with the J.F Maddox Foundation and the Dana Center from Austin, HMS will undergo a five-year phase in of CCSS in all of our
schools. During that time, our current curriculum will be aligned with CCSS and staff will be trained in how to adjust lesson plans and instruction. CCSS em-
phasizes fewer concepts than our current content, but requires deeper student understanding.
         In the meantime, HMS will continue short-term testing in order to target students who are not proficient in core academic areas. By analyzing test results,
we can adjust instruction to specific student needs. It is the intent of Hobbs Municipal Schools to provide a well-rounded education for every child.
         In addition to classroom instruction, we consider athletics, theater, band, choir, FFA, Skills USA, consumer sciences and dozens of other classes to
be just as vital to student achievement. I believe that every child who wants a great education at Hobbs Municipal Schools gets one. In some cases, however,
our task is to convince every child to want that great education. This is a job that cannot fall on the shoulders of teachers alone. Community and parents are
required to make the necessary commitments we all expect. Together we will make a positive academic difference in every child’s life. We are Hobbs Eagles
and we will improve.

                                                                                                                                                              Pg. 3
continued from page 4

 Adrian Trevino
        Adrian Trevino is a 3.0 average student who dedicates himself to playing varsity basketball.
He plays video games like any other guy and he loves to hang out with his friends. Adrian is an A-B honor role student and tries
his hardest to keep his grades up so he can be athletically eligible to play basketball. He is one of few sophomores that made the
Varsity Basketball team and he enjoys every minute of playing the sport. Extracurricular activities include soccer, basketball,
and track. In the future Adrian hopes to go college and graduate to make something of himself and push his self to be all that he
can be and do extraordinary things in life. His dream is to become a professional basketball player and make big money. Adrian
is a funny guy that likes to have fin and make people smile when they don't look to happy or excited.

Katie Creager
        Katie Creager is a 4.0 average student who, besides focusing on school full time, enjoys being with animals. She also
likes to do “Rodeo Queen things” and barrel race, she judges in FFA which, for her, this is a hobby. She has completed People
to People World Leaderships Forum. She has being president of 4-H club for 2 years, parliamentarian in FFA, and has being
Miss Rodeo NM princess, on the Lea County Fair. And not only all this, she has also being awarded the FFA Green hand award.
Katie plans to graduate with honors and go to NMSU on a scholarship for agricultural business, and after this, she plans to be a
graduate from a Law school. This sounds like a piece of cake for her, since she also wants to run for president one day. Perhaps
this can be possible, since she has always being a 4.0 student and have enormous dreams for the future. Katie is a student who
definitely soars above the clouds, and she is being recognized in the Hobbs High School newspaper, as a great achiever and
outstanding student with definite goals for herself.

The Decline and Fall of American Education.
AP Wire Service
Do we Care?
         In the past 50 years, college graduation rates in the U.S. have declined by nearly 20%, according to Education at a Glance. Math and science test scores
also have dropped in the past 10 years. We are losing our edge and our global dominance of the world leaders in education.
         Perhaps this is just math and science; something Americans schools have never been very good at; yet on performance limited to those less challenging
subjects American students are barely reaching the international literacy average set by the advance democracies, according to a report issued by the Educational
Testing Service after looking at the International Adult Literacy Survey. Unlike the math and science surveys the ALS was given to a cross section of people
between the ages of 16 –to –Sixty-five. Despite the high expenditures on education in the United States and the large numbers of students enrolled in college
and universities the United States ranked 12th on the test against the world. (test over reading and writing)
         The U.S. is living in the past. Among the oldest group in this study 56 to 65, the U.S. reading skill rose to 2nd place and this is for individuals that com-
pleted school during the late 1950’s.
         As years go by the U.S. slips down another notch on the list. Americans educated in the sixties captured a Bronze Medal in literacy, those schooled in
the seventies received 5th place in the total literacy race. But those in the eighties ranked only 16th . What is happening to our educational system? Have we
sacrificed quality for equity? The Europeans and Asians alike have rapidly expanded their educational systems over the last fifty years. In the U.S. decline and
stagnation is very apparent at least since the seventies. Even the high school graduation rates are lower today than they were a decade ago. At some point we
better wake-up before it’s too late. Everyone wants to blame the school system for this problem but it’s roots are deep in the decline of the family unit. The
family has failed to establish the bonds needed to reinforce the positive examples required for the children to do well in school as in life. If the parents are not
instilling the virtues of a well-rounded education and the belief that an education will help them be successful; then we have a problem that is spiraling out of
control. Education at a glance hopes that we get things under control very soon.

                                                                                                                                                              Pg. 4
Playoff Bound                                                                    LADY EAGLES ADVANCE
By Nicholle Carter and Brandon Anderson                                          TO PLAYOFFS
        Hobbs High Basketball has had a great season. With only 7 losses
they made it to the state playoffs. The team is made up of thirteen amazing      By Alicia Sledge and Katelynn Cummings
players. Although there have been some changes this year the boys have                    The Hobbs Lady Eagles basketball team has advanced to the district play-
adjusted very well. With five games left Hobbs are almost state champions        offs. Despite playing from behind in most games this season. The Lady Eagles play
again. Coach Smith said “the best game is always the last game we have           an outstanding game to beat Clovis at home 44-40 on February 3. Again the Lady
won.”                                                                            Eagles started slow but picked up momentum in the second quarter, Mackenzie
        He also said that the worst this season was Hobbs v. Faith Academy       Latimer sparked the Lady Eagles with several key three pointers to help the Lady
in Las Cruces. We were blasted losing by almost 30 points. If Coach Smith        Eagles take control of the contest. The Lady Eagles ended the game strong with a
could play one game over he would choose this one. Despite this one loss         40-20 victory over Carlsbad. Thursday night February 23 the Lady Eagles handed
we are all still very proud of the guys. He has faith that we can take the       Carlsbad it’s second defeat behind the strong play of Halle Woods; Halle was the
championship once again. Coach smith knows that he will be able to con-          leading scorer and rebounder in that contest.
tinue the Hobbs High traditions with the upcoming classes.                                This win over Carlsbad 44-26 advanced the team to the District playoff
        Even if the team doesn’t take state we will still be proud of them for   game at Clovis on Saturday February 25. The staff of The Eagle’s Cry and the stu-
even making it to the playoffs. They have played wonderfully. State play         dent body would like to wish the Lady Eagles the best of luck and we hope to see a
starts March 3, right here in Hobbs.                                             state title this season.

         We decided to interview some of the swim team members and heres what they had to say!

Haley N. Ankerholz.                                                              Hakim Johnson
Q: Why did you join the swimming team?                                   Q: Why did you join the swimming team?
A: I enjoy swimming and have been doing it since I was eleven years old. A: Because I enjoy being apart of something bigger then just me, I loved the chal-
                                                                         lenge that swimming demands everyday to improve and i’ve always been good at
Q: What have you accomplished?                                           swimming, so for my senior year I decided to go hard or go home.
A: Four state cuts - 1 Individual and 3 Relays
                                                                         Q: What have you accomplished?
Q: Has the swim team made you a better person?                           A: Proving to myself and every negative thought that I can do it, by it I mean any-
A: Yes, it has. I’ve learned a lot of life lessons from it:              thing.
   Working as a team, being a leader, and time management.
                                                                         Q: Has the swim team made you a better person?
Q: What does a routine consist of?                                       A: Yes, it showed me how to strive for one goal, with my team.
A: Eat, sleep, swim.
                                                                         Q: Does swimming right after you eat really give you cramps?
Q: What is competition like?                                             A: Ha, yes it does especially after pizza.
A: Intense adrenaline rush.
                                                                         Q: What does a routine consists of?
Q: What gives you energy before competition?                             A: Discipline.
A: Energy drinks: Monavie, Crystal Light Powder, Gatorade, 5 Hour
   energy drinks.                                                        Q: What is competition like?
                                                                         A: Amazing because after all that practice you can finally you can finally see what
Q: What motivates you before competition?                                you can do.
A: Knowing who your competitors are and what their time is.
   Listening to music before a race.                                     Q: What gives you energy before competition?
                                                                         A: Excitement, and nervousness.
Q: Are you planning to do this after school?
A: Maybe. It depends on whether or not I get a good scholarship.         Q: What motivates you before competition?
                                                                         A: Lets see what I can do this time.

                                                                                 Q: Are you planning to do this after getting out of school?
                                                                                 A: Yes, I do hopefully.

                                                                                                                                                            Pg. 5
By Alicia Sledge
	       Zac	Rachal	place	first	in	his	weight	classification	at	state;		he	has	become	a	better	wrestler	
by	maintaining	conditioning	and	getting	really	good	at	the	basic	moves	and	using	them	when	they	
are	applicable.		Coach	Thomas	says;	“the	high	point	of	this	season	was	keeping	guys	in	the	program	
and	showing	them	that	they	were	getting	better,	even	though	they	did	not	win	a	lot	of	matches	this	
	       Zac	Rachal	and	Lorenzo	Leos	were	excellent	senior	leaders;	these	guys	lead	the	team	by	ex-
ample,	“they	not	only	talked	the	talk	they	walked	the	walk.”	The	future	of	wrestling	at	Hobbs	High	
will	depend	on	the	ability	of	the	younger	wrestling	and	if	they	continue	to	come	out,	work	hard	and	
work	at	getting	better	at	technique	and	match	tactics.		The	program	is	still	young,	many	schools	have	
had	wrestling	for	over	forty	years	and	it	has	been	here	at	HHS	for	only	ten	years.		We	are	currently	
working	on	building	a	tradition	at	HHS;	we	have	had	14	wrestlers	place	at	state	in	the	last	10	years	
with	Zac	taking	1st	this	year	and	2nd	and	4th	in	previous	years.		Lorenzo	Leos	took	3rd	last	year	
and	4th	this	season.		The	season	was	very	tough	with	a	total	of	138	weight	classes.		“Coach	Rotunno	
believe	that	keeping	the	current	group	that	came	out	this	season	will	pay	big	dividends	in	2	years	and	
beyond	in	helping	build	a	strong	program.”
                                                                                                                       	       Playing	 in	 their	 last	 games	
                                                                                                                       as	seniors	over	the	weekend,	Austin	
                                                                                                                       Montoya	and	Lizzy	Ramirez	helped	
                                                                                                                       propel	their	teams	to	victory	and	the	
                                                                                                                       next	 round	 of	 the	 state	 basketball	
                                                                                                                       	       The	Lady	Eagles	beat	Onate	
                                                                                                                       and	the	Eagles	eeked	out	a	victory	
                                                                                                                       over	 LaCueva	 during	 the	 regional	
                                                                                                                       tournament	played	at	Tasker	Arena.	
                                                                                                                       As	a	result,	both	the	boys	and	girls	
                                                                                                                       teams	advance	to	state	competition	
                                                                                                                       in	Albuquerque	and	Rio	Rancho.

                                                                                                                        Courtesy	of

                                                                                                          We	here	at	the	Eagle’s	Cry	would	like	
                                                                                                          to	 congratulate	 the	 Hobbs	 Freshman	
                                                                                                          Black	for	winning	the	9th	grade	boys	
                                                                                                          border	 confrence	 championship.	 Pic-
                                                                                                          tured	 here	 are	 Coach	 Fields,	 Patrick	
                                                                                                          Sanders,	 Sam	 Spencer,	 Robert	 Oros-
                                                                                                          co,	 Josh	 Ruiz,	 Zachary	 Munoz,	 Dal-
                                                                                                          ton	 Piweuitzky,	 Alec	 Smith,	 Jeffery	
                                                                                                          Poe,	 Trey	 Nelson,	 Andre	 Foster	 and	
                                                                                                          Jordan	Dossey.

                                                                                                                                                       Pg. 6
Movie Reviews
“The Devil Inside”
        In 1989, emergency responders received a 9-1-1 call from Maria Rossi confessing that she had brutally killed three people. 20 years later, her daughter
Isabella seeks to understand the truth about what happened that night. She travels to the Centrino Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Italy where her mother
has been locked away to determine if her mother is mentally ill or demonically possessed. When she recruits two young exorcists to cure her mom using un-
conventional methods combining both science and religion, they come face-to-face with pure evil in the form of four powerful demons possessing Maria. Many
have been possessed by one; only one has been possessed by many.

Eagle Eye Rating: 8 Stars on a scale of 10. (Must See!!!)

Directed By: William Brent Bell

Stars: Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman, Suzan Crowley and Evan Helmuth

MPAA Rating: R

In Theaters: Now

Run Time: 1 hr. 23 mins.

Audience Rating: 4 Stars out of 10.
“Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked”
Playing around while aboard a cruise ship, the Chipmunks and Chipettes accidentally go overboard and end up marooned in a tropical paradise. They discover
their new turf is not as deserted as it seems.

Eagle Eye Rating: 10 Stars out of 10. (MUST SEE!!!!)

Directed: Mike Mitchell

Cast: Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jesse McCartney

MPAA Rating: G

In Theaters: Now!!

Run Time: 1 hr and 27 mins.

Audience Rating: 4 Stars of 10!

CHEERS:                                                                                     JEERS:

-having no school on Valentine's Day                                                        -no juniors signed up to dance at the pep assembly

-"Dancing with the Stars" pep assembly                                                      -the Thursday schedule

-revamping the school parking lot                                                           -no food or drinks at all in class

-prom is on it's way!                                                                       -not having the schedule changes we want for our own personal
-fixing the daily NMSBA questions
                                                                                            -not being able to go off campus for lunch
-the janitors keeping the school tidy
                                                                                            -students still not having their act together in class
                                                                                                                                                        Pg. 7
                       Wacky Page                                                           The Eagle’s Cry is a student publication of the
                                                         FINISH                             Journalism Class at Hobbs High School. The
                                                                                            paper is published eight times per year. This
                                                                                            publication in no way reflects the views of the
                                                                                            administration at Hobbs High School. Letters
                                                                                            and articles can be submitted to eaglescry@
                                                                                           Make a new choice...
                                                                                            Want to increase your writing skills, learn the
                                                                                            basics of photography, and about professional
                                                                                            journalism? Journalism I is open to 10, 11, 12
                                                                                            graders who have a B average or better in
                                                                                            regular English or a C average or better in Pre-
                                                                                            AP or AP English. See your counselor.

                                                                                                 Hobbs High School Home of The Eagles
    In honor of February and Black History Month, her are                                Whether or not you reach goals in life
    some interesting facts of African American firsts in politics.
                                                                                         depends entirely on how well you prepare for
• John Mercer Langston was elected town clerk of Brownhelm Township, Ohio
in 1855, making him the first local elected official.
                                                                                         them and how badly you want them. You’re
• Hiram Revels was elected Senator for Mississippi in 1870 during Reconstruction.        eagles! Stretch your wings and fly to the sky.
• William Henry Hastie became the first federal judge in 1946, followed by Constance
• Ralph J. Bunche received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950 after mediating the Arab-
                                                                                                                     -Ronald McNair
Israeli truce. Martin Luther King, Jr. followed in his footsteps becoming the second
recipient of the prize in 1964.                                                          Chief Editor- Robert Hooper
• Baker Motley, the first African American female judge in 1966.                         News Editor- Gabby Cadena
• Thurgood Marshall is elected U.S. Supreme Court Justice in in 1967.
• Andrew Young is elected U.S. Representative to the UN in 1977.
                                                                                         Sports Editor- Nick Flemens
• L. Douglas Wilder was elected governor of Virginia in 1990.                            Feature Editor- Rochelle Mercer
• Clarence Thomas became the second African American to serve on the Court in            Lead Reporter- Briana Lewis
• Sgt. William H. Carney was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1900 for
                                                                                         Reporters- Brandon Anderson, Keithan Billington,
bravery during the Civil War.                                                            Autum Bustamante, Nicholle Carter, Karla Cer-
• Gen. Colin Powell was elected U.S. Secretary of State in 2001                          vantes, Nikki Collier, Katelynn Cummings, Timmy
• Condoleezza Rice, first African American female Secretary of State, was elected in
                                                                                         Greenough, Cheryl Kendrick, Briana Lewis, Crys-
• Sen. Barack Obama defeated Sen. John McCain in the general election on November        tian Massengill, Kyle Muncy, Jolie Rice, Mariah
4, 2008, and was inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States on January 20,   Rivas, Alicia Sledge
2009, making him the first African American president.
                                                                                         Advisor- Frederic Carter
                                                                                                                                        Pg. 8

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