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									Latest News from André (GM3VLB)
(16 March, 2004)

Hello everyone,

Please excuse the prolonged silence - this is purely due to the fact that I do not yet have firm dates for the
forthcoming 2004 season.

We are still waiting for clearance (Ministry of Defence now have to be involved) for St KILDA (IOTA EU-059).
You will know as soon as we do! Until this one is "GO", plans for other islands are "on hold".

Incidentally, the recently-reported activity on EU-059 by GM7V was a pirate operation (unless someone
knows otherwise, which I doubt!). (Thanks Elizabeth, VE7YL for alerting me).

I would thoroughly recommend you visit the new Scottish website being coordinated by fellow-expeditioner
Jurij (MM0DFV). The following is up-to-the-minute news I picked up a few minutes ago on this site. We wish
the expedition success. (One of these days I will land again on Bass Rock - WITH my equipment!!!).

Three operators:
Jurij MMODFV, John GMOWRR and Mike GM-SWL,
Plan to be on 4 islands (IOTA: EU-123) of the North Berwick Harbour:

Fidra Island
(IOSA: FF04 / SCOTIA: CS04 / WAB: NT58 / ARLHS: SCO-080 / WLH: LH-0313 / Coords: 56.07N and 02.78W)

Lamb Island
(IOSA: FF08 / WAB: NT58 / Coordinatess: 56.07N and 02.75W)

Craigleith Island
(IOSA: FF03 / SCOTIA: CS03 / WAB: NT58 / Co-ordinates: 56.07N and 02.71W)

Bass Rock
(IOSA: FF02 / SCOTIA: CS02 / WAB: NT68 / ARLHS: SCO-018 / WLH: LH-0764 / Coords: 56.08N and 02.64W)

The expedition will use special callsign MSODGR/p from March 20th till March
23rd, 2004. Administratively the islands are in East Lothian Council Area
Pertinent equipment available to our group is two Icom transceivers IC-706 and
IC-735, and a number of portable antennas. Contacts will be carried out on all
HF bands, CW, SSB and Digital Modes. It is also planned to take numerous
pictures of the islands including their fauna and flora.
All the pictures and further information will be presented as an addition to the
publications on the Scottish HAM Portal - http://www.scotham.net
QSL-cards for contacts with MSODGR/p should be sent via RSGB QSL-Bureau,
or direct to:-

MMODFV Jurij Phunkner, P.O. Box 7469, Glasgow, G42 OYD, Scotland, U.K.

Will contact all again soon....Vy 73 de Andre, GM3VLB

p.s. Alex GM0DHZ and myself did manage a few hours 10 days ago as ZB2/GM3VLB/m and
ZB2/GM0DHZ/m at Europa Point, Gibraltar (thanks to the efficient and rapid processing of our licences by
the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority).

That's about it for now folks.

vy 73 de André, (GM3VLB)

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