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									                                  LODGING APPROVAL FORM for MASON DEPARTMENT USE

Obtain a Mason preferred rate code from the Mason Inn at 703-865-4582. Check availability and reserve room(s) online at . For assistance, please call, 703-865-4582. For additional information please
refer to

Confirmation #:

Guest Name:
                                   (Last)                              (First)

Arrival Date:                      Departure Date:                     Total number of Nights:

Room Type:                King               Double/Double              Jr Suite        Presidential Suite

Room rate per night:                         $

Tax per night:                               $

Per night room & tax charges:                $

        x total number of nights (above)

Total room & tax charge                      $

Primary Reason for Stay:
        Consultant                 Candidate                  Guest Speaker             Relocation                  Research
        Conference Attendee
        Other (Please explain)

This approval form authorizes payment for the cost of the room and tax only. Additional services and incidentals must be paid by the
individual guest. After the guest’s departure, the Mason Inn will submit this signed form and an invoice to Mason Accounts Payable,
MSN 3C1.

This form may NOT be used for lodging for Mason faculty or staff except when remote workers visit campus for a business
function. Mason employees must follow the Mason travel regulations.

Billing Information:


Contact Name:

Contact Phone/Fax/E-mail:

Fund/Organization Code(s):

Approving Official:
                                             Signature                 Print Name                            Date

                                            Please fax to Mason Inn 703-865-4375
                                                                                                                      March 2012

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