Lyon Gardiner Tyler Summer Research Grants by A5bS8u


									             Lyon Gardiner Tyler Summer Research Grants
                 For Undergraduate Majors in History
                     College of William and Mary

       The Lyon Gardiner Tyler endowment to the Department of History
provides funds for the support of undergraduate summer research. These
funds shall be awarded on a competitive basis to sophomore and junior
majors in history who wish to conduct summer research, either in the form
of independent study or in preparation to write an honors thesis, and who
need financial support for research expenses, such as travel abroad to
archives or libraries, the purchase of microfilm, and copying or other
expenses. The amount awarded will not exceed $1,000; the average grant
will be $500. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for additional
support from the Charles Center or Reves Center.

      The application deadline for summer research grants is April 1.
Applications must include:

         Application cover sheet (attached)
         Current CAPP report (unofficial transcript)
         Two-page, double-spaced description of the project
         Letter of recommendation from the Department of History
          instructor supervising the research project

     All applications should be submitted to Craig N. Canning, Director of
Undergraduate Studies (James Blair 338).

       Recipients are requested to submit a copy of the research paper,
thesis, or project that results from this award to the Department of History.

Name: __________________________          Banner ID: _______________

Campus address: ______________________________________________


Email: _____________________ Campus phone: _________________

Project title: __________________________________________________

Project dates: ________________________________________________

Name of Department of History instructor
    supervising research: _____________________________________

Amount requested: __________________

Purpose of award (be as specific as possible, including travel
     destinations, materials to be purchased, etc.):






Other sources of funding for which you have applied:



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