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                                     NEWSLETTER – May 2012

                                            Calendar of Events
                 May 2012                            June 2012                          July 2012
 12 ArtWalk, New Members Work*       09 ArtWalk, Annie Hendrix*          09 Board Meeting
    AcA Vault, Linda Katz*              AcA Vault, Linda Katz*
    Lafayette                              (closes 6/30)                 14 ArtWalk, Luis Perez*,
                                        Lafayette                           AcA Vault, Gary Rock*
 16 Arts in the Capital Day                                                 Lafayette
    Baton Rouge                      11 Board Meeting

                August 2012                       September 2012                    October 2012
 11 ArtWalk, Lori Felix*             08 ArtWalk, Emma Hughes*             8 Board Meeting, Lafayette
    AcA Vault, Gary Rock*               AcA Vault, Margaret Brinkhaus*
       (closes 8/25)                    Lafayette                        12-14 Festivals Acadiens et Creoles
    Lafayette                                                                Lafayette
                                     10 Board Meeting
 13 Board Meeting                                                        13 ArtWalk,
                                                                               Carrie Frizzel, Terri Kennnedy*
                                                                            AcA Vault, Margaret Brinkhaus*
                                                                               (closes 10/28)
              November 2012                      December 2012                         January 2013
 10 ArtWalk, Michael Hayman*         7 Annual LCG Show                      Annual LCG Show
    AcA Vault, Deborah Simeral*        Alexandria Museum of Art             Alexandria Museum of Art
                                     8 Art Walk, Group Show*             12 Annual Meeting
 12 Board Meeting                      AcA Vault, Deborah Simeral*          Board Meeting
                                           (closes 12/15)
                                       Lafayette                            ArtWalk
                                     10 Board Meeting

                                     15-16 New Orleans Arts Market

                                     31 LCG Dues Due
               February 2013                     March 2013                            April 2013
    Annual LCG Show (ends 2/23/13)    9 Art Walk                         8 Board Meeting
    Alexandria Museum of Art
                                     11 Board Meeting                    13 ArtWalk
  9 Art Walk                                                                Lafayette
 11 Board Meeting
                                                                         25-29 Festival International

*Feature Artist

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Louisiana Crafts Guild                                                                                 Telephone: 337-266-7999
219 East Vermilion Street                                                                              Facsimile:    337-266-7999
Lafayette, LA 70501                                                                               

Message from the President
Hello to all, it’s been two months since I’ve sat down to compose anything and once again I’m late for a deadline. Last month
I had an eventful encounter with some type of spider. After a very painful realization that I’d been bitten a nasty staph infection
set in. Hope all of you are aware of what may be lurking in those dark corners of your workspaces. Get rid of the spiders!

After several prolonged delays we are about to see some significant improvements at Sans Souci. New Gallery lighting has
been purchased (thanks to a grant from Lafayette Convention & Visitors Commission) and is ready to be installed.
Additionally, the Downtown Development Authority is about to redo the Gallery front door & several of the windows. Because
we occupy a historic building many of the much needed repairs must clear more than normal obstacles. Ms. Aswell with DDA
has been working hard to get permission to fix these problems and it looks like we are about ready to begin. That being said it
may be time for some volunteers to be available to assist Sally with moving some of the items that are on the walls. You can
contact Sally or me if you’d like to be put on a “helper” list & we’ll let ya’ know how & when we can use your help.

The LCG & Sans Souci Gallery has been invited to participate in Louisiana Public Television’s Annual Fall Art & Travel
Auction.. Carol Thibodeaux has agreed to serve as program coordinator for this event. We will want twelve Guild members to
agree to donate one item each to the auction. In order to be considered for this fantastic exposure opportunity, interested
members will be asked to submit: a resume’, an artist statement, a bio and good quality photos. The deadline for LCG to
submit our Gallery is June 29. That is a very short time & a lot of work will need to be accomplished. The artwork will need to
be valued at 100 (one hundred) dollars or more, and it will have to be delivered to LPB by mid-September if we are juried into
the event. Here again we are asking some of your to give a little, but in this case you get some pretty terrific perks. In addition
to being exposed to LPB’s art supporting audience (350,000), you may be asked to do an interview (about & your work) and
both you & LCG will be recognized in Louisiana Life Magazine and much more. Interested? Contact Carol @ or me @ for more information.

I’d like to give Suzanne Juneau a big hug & a thank you!! Suzanne (and daughter, Angel) worked very hard on the most
recent round of LCVC grants. Thanks to their efforts LGC has been awarded $6,000 to help us advertise our Gallery.
Hopefully this will generate a wider public knowledge of who & where LCG & Sans Souci is located.

 Finally, I’d like to ask anyone planning to come to Festivals Acadiens et Creoles to contact me. Deadline to register is in
August; however, the Festival group would like our artist list as soon as we can in order to design their pocket guide. Please
send me an e-mail in June if you are planning to attend. I’ll be out of town for most July so I need to have an idea before I
leave. Thank ya’ll.

Miles Peterson

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Louisiana Crafts Guild                                                                                 Telephone: 337-266-7999
219 East Vermilion Street                                                                              Facsimile:    337-266-7999
Lafayette, LA 70501                                                                               

News from Sans Souci

We have been very busy at the Sans Souci Gallery this past month. Sales for the month of April were almost doubled over
April of 2011 as were sales for the 3 days of Festival International. Thanks to wonderful weather and record crowds, Festival
International provided lots of shoppers for the gallery and our guild members who had booths. It was also great meeting many
of our guild members from out of the area for the first time. Many thanks to all the members who stopped into the gallery to
update their inventory and give us their feedback.

May’s Downtown 2nd Saturday Artwalk on May 12th featured several of our fiber artists in Sans Souci’s “Wearable Art” exhibit.
Artists featured were Deborah Simeral, shibori dyed silk scarves and clothing; Faye Abshire, purses, eyeglass cases and
framed art made with vintage neckties; Amy McJunkins, shibori dyed cotton clothing and scarves; and Rosanna Czarnecki,
shibori dyed silk scarves and framed painted silk art. It was a beautiful exhibit, just in time for Mother’s Day. Additional thanks
to Kai Drobish and Anna Meriwether for volunteering in the gallery during ArtWalk.

I urge all guild members who have work in the gallery to review their inventory. We have exerienced excellent sales this past
month and need new inventory.

Sally Hamana

LCG at the New Orleans Arts Market
If you are interested in selling your art at the New Orelans Arts Market and have not juried into it, you still can as a
member of the Louisiana Crafts Guild. Come join us in our shared booth the last Ssaturday of the month. For
more information and reservations, please contact Annie Odell at

Annie Odell
Vice President

Alexandria Museum of Art Competition

The Alexandria Museum of Art announces their 25th September Competition and Juried Exhibition to follow from September
21st to November 24th, 2012. The deadline for receipt of digital images is May 29th. For information, contact

Gallery 111 Competition

Gallery One Eleven in Leesville has sent out a call for entries to their Third Annual Arts Competition. The deadline is July 14th
For information, contact the gallery

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Louisiana Crafts Guild                                                                               Telephone: 337-266-7999
219 East Vermilion Street                                                                            Facsimile:    337-266-7999
Lafayette, LA 70501                                                                             

Crossroads Art in Motion – Artist Opportunity

Fifteen indoor spaces are available for artist sales and display in the Healing Center. CA-Motion Retail Space is also seeking
artists. For more information, please view this video:

For further information on Crossroads Art in Motion, three subsequent meetings will be held at the New Orleans Healing
Center, 2372 St. Claude Avenue. The dates are: Thursday, May 24th, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., Thursday, May 31st, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
and Thursday, June 7th, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. If you are interested in participating in Crossroads, you are encouraged to attend
one of these meetings. If evenings are a problem, and there is enough demand, a daytime meeting can be added. Please
contact Wendy Laker at to reserve a space for the listed meetings and/or request a daytime meeting.

The Front in New Orleans

The Front collective is currently seeking applications for new members. We are looking for contemporary visual artists who
want to help run an independent gallery space. The gallery is a venue for original work and events. The Front is a not-for-profit
enterprise, but each member is at liberty to sell his/her work with sales transactions conducted directly between the artist and
collector, and the artist receiving 100% of sales revenue. The Front was opened in Nov. 2008, and has had monthly shows
opening every 2nd Saturday ever since. Over the course of a lease cycle, members get a chance to curate a show in each of
the 4 rooms of the gallery. The rooms are booked according to each member’s needs, and each member can use one, two,
three, or all four rooms at once. Our next lease cycle will begin October 2012 and will last 15 months. This schedule allows for
12 months of member-curated shows plus 3 additional months for group organized shows.

Download application here:

For more information about The Front visit:

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Louisiana Crafts Guild                                                                            Telephone: 337-266-7999
219 East Vermilion Street                                                                         Facsimile:    337-266-7999
Lafayette, LA 70501                                                                          

                                 LOUISIANA CRAFTS GUILD GALLERIES

Sans Souci Fine Crafts Gallery, Lafayette
219 East Vermilion Street, Lafayette, LA 70501, 337-266-7999,

LCG Exhibit at the Vault, Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette
101 W. Vermilion St., Lafayette, LA 70501, For more information call Bobby Bender at 337-233-7060
Tuesday-Friday 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, Admission to the Vault free, fee is charged other exhibits.

LCG at “the store”, Shreveport
601 Clyde Fant Parkway, Shreveport, LA 71101 (318) 673-7703, (318) 673-7707 – Fax,

LCG Gallery at River Oaks Square Arts Center, Alexandria
1330 Main Street, Alexandria, LA 71301, Rachel Dauzat, Executive Director, Preston Gilchrist, Donna Autrey

                                                  ARTS MARKETS

Baton Rouge Arts Market
First Saturday of each month, downtown Baton Rouge. Contact: Katherine Scherer or

New Orleans Arts Market
Last Saturday of each month in Palmer Park
Mïa Vollkommer, Arts Market Manager, Arts Council of New Orleans
935 Gravier Street Suite 850, New Orleans, LA 70112, Main phone: 504-523-1465, Fax: 504-529-2430
Direct line: 504-373-6332,

Lafayette’s Hub City Farmers Market
Third Saturday of each month, Oil Center, Lafayette, Contact: Brian Gotreaux, Market Director 337.873.0383

Alexandria Museum of Art Market
Second Saturday of each month, Alexandria, Contact: 318-443-3458,

Breaux Bridge Arts Markett
La Boutiques De Pont Breaux, First Saturday of each month in Breaux Bridge, Contact: Anna Pifer, Assistant Manager
337-507-7267, Email :

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 Louisiana Crafts Guild                                                                    Telephone: 337-266-7999
 219 East Vermilion Street                                                                 Facsimile:    337-266-7999
 Lafayette, LA 70501                                                                  

                             2012 Louisiana Crafts Guild Officers & Board Members

             Title                           First              Phone                         E-Mail
President                        Miles Peterson            337-856-9112
Vice President                   Annie Odell               504-737-5671
Secretary                        Lynn Langhoff             337-235-8223
Treasurer                        Elaine Hurst              337-981-8620
Standards Chair                  Mary Morgan               337-643 -1492
Past President                   Doug Stannard             337-537-5887
Board Member                     Emma Hughes               337-527-5328
Board Member                     Suzanne Juneau            337-873-6295
Board Member                     Gene Meneray              504-218-8869
Board Member                     Terry Palmer              337-235-6382
Board Member                     Andrea Perez              337-332-2427

                                                     Newsletter Production
                                                     Editor: Lynn Langhoff

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