Your First Peoples� Gallery must include the following: by 1E6CH1


                              First Peoples Gallery                                                 h

   Your First Peoples Gallery should include the following:

    A title display with the name of the First Peoples and a description of their traditional
    A reproduction of an artifact that tells about daily life (e.g., tool, pot, lamp...)
    An illustration of an art or craft from the community
    A diagram or a model of a traditional shelter
    A description of a traditional practice or celebration
    Descriptions of traditional food and clothing
    One other interesting item about life in the First Peoples community
    A resource list with the details of three different sources used by your team

   Use this chart to plan your group tasks and your gallery display. Each group member should
   present his or her research to the team before planning the final gallery display.

   Team Member                    Topic/Task                   Gallery Display and Presentation

To be done by all

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