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									Opening and Saving a Excel 2007 document in Excel XP
    With the release of Office 2007 Suite Microsoft has converted the File Format to a
    new format. This Document will explain how to open and save a 2007 (*.xlsx)
    format document into a format that will work with Office 2003 (*.xls). The converter
    software has been pre-installed on your workstation by ITS.

    1. Open the 2007 document as you usually would by either
          a. double clicking on the icon from an explorer window or email attachment

           b. Open Excel and select File>Open and then browse to the location of the
              file and select Open.

    2. The Document will automatically be converted and opened you will see a
       “conversion in process” box that will disappear and the file will open.

    3. To Save the Document as a compatible 2003 format Select File>Save As then
       select “Microsoft Excel Workbook” from the Save As Type dialog box. Then Click

    4. Your Document has been saved in the old Excel XP compatible format.

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