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									                                                                                                              The UNC Policy Manual
                                                                                                                   Adopted 05/06/09

                                                        Appendix I
                                              The University of North Carolina
                           Distance Education Degree Program Online or Site Discontinuation Form


Constituent Institution:

CIP Discipline Specialty Title:

CIP Discipline Specialty Number:                      Level: B              M      I            D

Title of Authorized Program:                                                Degree Abbreviation:

Date of Authorization:     month             year                Date of Initiation: month             year

Date of Proposed Discontinuation:           month             year

Is this program (or any course sections of the program) offered through individual access (e.g., online, videocassette)?
            Y        N

If "yes," primary mode of delivery:

List all site-based locations originally authorized. Add lines as needed:


   (city)                             (county)                                               (state)

   (city)                             (county)                                               (state)

   (city)                             (county)                                               (state)

Is the entire authorized distance education degree program to be discontinued at the date given above?
Yes                 No
If "no," indicate below those portions of the program that are to be discontinued:

Individual or online access portion of the program:         Yes                 Not Applicable
Site-based locations to be discontinued:                    Yes                 Not Applicable ________________

Sites to be discontinued:


   (city)                            (county)                                             (state)

   (city)                            (county)                                             (state)

   (city)                            (county)                                             (state)

Consequences of Discontinuation
How many faculty members will be reassigned?
How many staff will be reassigned?
How many EPA non-faculty will be reassigned?
How many faculty, staff, or EPA non-faculty will be discontinued?
Amount of funds reallocated for each discontinuation.
Amount of funds reduced for each discontinuation.
Name, title, telephone, and e-mail of contact person for this notification of discontinuation:

Chief Academic Officer
                                       TEACH-OUT PLAN

Title of Authorized Program:

Effective closure date (UNC General Administration approval / no new students admitted*):

Briefly explain why the program is being discontinued:

An explanation of how affected parties (students, faculty, staff) were / will be informed of the closure:

An explanation of how students were / will be counseled on completing their programs of study with
minimal disruption:

Describe any additional costs to students and how students were notified about them:

Describe how faculty and staff were / will be redeployed or helped to find new employment:

Include signed copies of teach-out agreements with other institutions, if applicable.

*The program cannot be discontinued until UNCG receives a letter from SACSCOC approving the Teach-Out
                                   EXTERNAL APPROVAL PROCESS

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro will follow all external notification or approval
requirements set forth in the UNC Policy Manual and the SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy before
implementing new programs or substantive changes.


The Office of Assessment and Accreditation will:
      Facilitate all external reporting requirements for UNC GA and SACSCOC.
      Maintain correspondence record and track all external reporting activities.
      Notifies International Programs for all approved off-campus sites.
      Distributes all relevant correspondence to and from UNC GA and SACSCOC as follows:

                                                            Academic Programs Committee
                                                                     Membership includes:
                               Chancellor                     Department of Continual Learning
                                 Provost                              Financial Aid Office
  Contact for
                        Dean of College or School            General Education Committee Staff
                      Dean of Undergraduate Studies         Office of Assessment and Accreditation
                                   or                           Office of Institutional Research
                      Dean of The Graduate School                    The Graduate School
                                                                    Undergraduate Studies
                                                             University Registrar’s Office

Department will:               University Registrar’s Office following all external approvals will:
  Submit related course        Add information to The Undergraduate Bulletin, if applicable.
   proposals and routine        Modify SCT Banner Curriculum for all programs.
   change requests through      Direct any necessary changes to current student and applicant
   curriculum approved           records.
   channels.                    Notify Academic Programs Committee (includes DCL, FAO, US,
  Contact Division of           GRS) of any new AOS codes.
   Continual Learning
   (DCL), for instructions     The Graduate School following all external approvals will:
   on scheduling DL             Add information to Graduate Bulletin, if applicable.
   courses, if applicable.      Update graduation audit.
  Follow Advertising           Request any new AOS codes from URO.
   Guidelines for New
   Programs.                   Financial Aid Office will:
                                 Submit Revised Program Participation Agreement for Title IV
                                  Eligibility following all external approvals.
                                 Follow up on requests from the U.S. Department of Education.

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