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mini pizza


									                  Mini Pizzas
               Where to start
1. Make the bread dough.

2. Make the passata (tomato sauce topping).

3. Choose and prepare the toppings.

4. Grate the cheese.

5. Roll out the mini pizza bases.

6. Put everything together.
225g strong plain flour, or a
mixture of 125g strong
white plain flour and 100g
1/2 x 5ml spoon salt
1 (6g) sachet easy-blend
150ml warm water
2 x 15ml spoons olive oil
Extra flour for dredging and
                                   Check the ingredients
•Mixing bowl
•Wooden spoon
•Measuring jug
•Measuring spoons
•Flour dredger
•2 baking trays
•Sharp knife
•Round bladed knife
•Palette knife
                                  Check equipment
      Make the bread dough
1. Put the flour, salt and
   dried yeast into a
   mixing bowl.

2. Add all the warm
   water and oil. Mix to a
   soft dough with a
   wooden spoon.
(Extra water will be needed if
    the mixture is too dry.)
           Knead and shape
3. Knead on a lightly
   floured surface for
   approximately 5
   minutes until the
   dough is smooth and
• The dough can be
   used straight away to
   make mini pizzas or
   covered and left to
   rise in a warm place.
            Make the passata
I can chopped tomatoes
2 x15ml spoons tomato puree
1 bunch of fresh basil
Pinch of black pepper

Hand blender and beaker
or jug.                                 Take care
                                   blender - adults only
              Quick passata
1. Place all the
   ingredients into the
   beaker or a jug.

2. Blitz them until the
   mixture is smooth.

3. Cover and leave in a
   cool place until the
   toppings are ready.
       Preparing the toppings
Choose from:

spring onion,
red onion,
green pepper,
cherry tomato,
sliced Italian sausage,
mozzarella cheese.
        Preparing the toppings
1. Use scissors to snip
    the spring onions.

2. Dice the red onion.
3. Slice the sausage,
or use sliced pepperoni.

4. Dice the Mozzarella
      Prepare the vegetables

5. Slice the courgettes.

6. Slice the mushrooms.
      Prepare the vegetables
7. Cut the cherry
tomatoes in half,
through the ‘equator’.

8. Halve, de-seed
and slice and dice
the peppers.
    Prepare the dough for the
          pizza bases
1. Roll the dough into a
   sausage shape.
2. Use a knife to divide
   the dough into 9
   equal pieces.
3. Roll out each one
   into circle about
   12cm in diameter.
         Assemble the pizzas
4. Put 6 circles onto a
    baking tray. Leave
    spaces between each
    one as they will

5. Spread 1 x 15ml spoon
    of passata onto each

6. Choose and add
   different toppings.
              Bake the pizzas
Each mini pizza should have

1 x 15ml spoon passata (or
green pesto)
25g Mozzarella or Cheddar
1 x 15ml spoons of 2 additional

Bake at 200°C or Gas 6 for 15      Other toppings could
minutes until the bread is         include: red pepper, basil
browned and the cheese is          leaves, ham, flaked tuna,
golden.                            grated Cheddar cheese,
                                   olives, mint leaves or your   choice.
 Can you identify the toppings on
          each pizza?

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