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Reporter - David Dungay
DDI: 01892 559398                                                      Next Generation Networks have become Now Generation Networks so for 2012 this Guide has
david@commsbusiness.co.uk                                           become ‘Connectivity: The Guide to Enabling Business’. Today, faster, reliable and more cost effective
                                                                    access is doing just that – enabling business to get on with their business.
Advertising Sales Director –
Paul Johnson
DDI: 01892 559393                                                       It is also opening up a vast array of opportunities for new applications at the same time which in
Mobile: 07887 944433                                                turn is creating an exciting scenario for the channel.
                                                                        However this ever changing and fast moving market presents problems for many resellers – how
Group Sales Manager –                                               to keep abreast of all the developments and which solution and suppliers are best suited to their
Mat Swift
                                                                    customer applications/ Providing assistance in solving those issues is one of the main objectives of this
DDI: 01892 559392
Mobile: 07919 177099
                                                                        The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) and CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) have
Area Sales Manager–                                                 released their guidelines for the advertising of broadband speeds and ‘unlimited’ broadband packages,
Jamie Crawford                                                      which came into effect from 1st April 2012.
DDI: 01892 559396
Mobile: 07500 058261
                                                                        Whilst these guidelines sought to clarify claims and help end users in some quarters it has created
                                                                    even further disquiet. The guidelines provide little clarification on how these changes would affect a
Production Controller –                                             provider/reseller model. The simplest option would be to allow resellers to quote the same speeds
Gillian Jordan                                                      as their provider. However, we believe that practice may fall foul of the new guidelines and instead
DDI: 01892 559391                                                   the reseller will be required to calculate their own advertising speeds, based on their own customer
gillian@commsbusiness.co.uk                                         database and not the database of their provider.
Marketing Manager – Liz Rogers
DDI: 01892 559395                                                       This could be further complicated where the reseller uses multiple providers, as they would need
liz@commsbusiness.co.uk                                             to advertise separate headline speeds for each provider. See what I mean? Be assured however that
                                                                    Comms Business Magazine will follow and report events affecting the new guidelines as they occur.
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James Nicholls
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                                                                       Adding real value
                                                                    37 Delivering Choice - Enabling the Channel -
                                                                       The role of the Aggregator
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                                                               Leased lines
                                                               IP VPN
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                               a quality service and that’s

:: Enhance your performance    what I’m getting at Entanet.
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elsa Chen, general manager of entanet, our Connectivity guide sponsors, says
it’s time the channel focused on what ngns can ‘do’ for customers rather than
simply what they are.

Is faster better for all? Resellers are always being
 encouraged to take the latest products to market
and all too often the core message is ‘bigger-
better-faster’. It’s little wonder that customers
will ask about - and resellers will tend to sell -
‘speeds and volumes’.
    Another year has passed and this is the
third time that we’ve put together an overview
of the latest connectivity technologies and how
they’re changing the market and affecting your
business. We’ve seen the ‘Next Generation
Network’ became the ‘Now Generation
Network’ and, during the implementation and
introduction of this new platform, we’ve all
been constantly bombarded with technical
and marketing messages about the latest and
fastest connectivity services on offer. And when
330Mbps FTTP technology becomes a reality for
residential customers this year, no doubt much
interest will be generated albeit countered by
many disappointments. In a market where we’ve
talked endlessly about speeds and volumes
and led customers to believe ’faster is better’,
how we manage customers’ expectations and,
more importantly, educate them becomes a very
important task.
    First of all we need to recognise the change of
the market’s dynamics. End users nowadays are
more technically aware than before, due to the
vast amount of marketing information available
to them and this has significantly accelerated
their adoption of technology. Years ago, end
users valued their IT expertise at work and
would replicate that experience in their homes.
Today it seems everyone is an IT expert, with
their experience of iPads, streaming television,
Wi-Fi and 3G in their homes. Customers’ desire
to take those technologies into work is driving
businesses’ necessity to change. As a result,
we often face customers who ’appear’ to know
what they’re talking about with all their use of
current jargon. They come to resellers having
designed a solution for the issues that they want
to address and ask for a specific product, with the
best price seemingly being their most important
                                                       Elsa Chen, General Manager, Entanet
      7 insight

                                                                                                               diverse types of connectivity with straightforward
                                                                                                               explanations in the Product Matrix. As you read
                                                                                                               through them, consider the customers you
                                                                                                               serve today and want to serve tomorrow. Ask
                                                                                                               yourself whether you’re making the most of the
                                                                                                               opportunities to address their needs with these
                                                                                                               services. We talk through the range of options
                                                                                                               available with our partners every day and, indeed,
                                                                                                               provide specific sales advice and training where
                                                                                                               it’s required. We believe very strongly that it’s
                                                                                                               time for everyone in the communications market
                                                                                                               to focus on the business benefits that next
                                                                                                               generation networks can and are now delivering
                                                                                                               – on the improved efficiency and flexibility; on
                                                                                                               enabling organisations to adopt new hosted
                                                                                                               and cloud based services; and on the cost
                                                                                                               reduction and improved responsiveness that next
                                                                                                               generation networks empower them with.
                                                                                                                    Consider also the supplier relationships you
                                                                                                               have and how well they equip and support you
                                      Retailers may want to use digital signage and stream video and           with the technologies to serve your customers.
                                                       other content across the network nationwide.            If you’re looking for new suppliers or reviewing
                                                                                                               your existing ones, study the carefully prepared
                                                                                                               Supplier Matrix that’s based on each company’s
refresh memory                                         challenges that our channel faces today.                response to key criteria. Understand what
    Now think about how your business handles              When you start looking in more depth at the         infrastructure and connectivity platforms
this scenario. Maybe it’s time for us to refresh our   needs of different industry sectors, they become        they base their services on; their options for
memory about an old sales tip. A customer comes        even more precise and diverse. Retailers may            broadband, Ethernet and voice services; and their
into your shop and says he needs to buy a drill.       want to use digital signage and stream video and        approach to technical and commercial support.
Do you start raving about all the fancy technical      other content across the network nationwide.                 This guide will, we hope, help you to get a
functions of all the ten different drills you stock?       Financial services companies may want to            better understanding of how you can position
Or do you ask how big a hole he wants to make          provide their traders with the optimum speed to         today’s connectivity offerings so that you can
and in what? It’s worrying how many of us have         access systems alongside numerous video feeds           provide the right solution to every customer –
stopped asking what the customer really wants          and voice lines. In education, there may be a need      and help them understand the very real benefits
to achieve. I think this may come from the slight      for highly flexible bandwidth that can cope with        that the services will deliver for their particular
’fear’ of challenging the customer as we don’t         scores or even hundreds of students accessing           organisation.
want to lose the business. In reality though, we’d     the web during peak daytime hours, but that will             But to do that, as well as investing time in
do far more damage to the customer relationship        be pretty much unused outside of lesson times.          developing your own knowledge, you must take
by not providing the right solution, as no doubt       Architects and graphic designers may need the           time to ask and listen. The more you listen, the
the customer’s fingers will be pointing at us when     ability to share and backup very large files rapidly.   more you’ll hear – and the better placed you’ll be
things don’t turn out how they’d expected.             This then puts you in a position of needing to add      to make your business stand out from the crowd
    Hence the decision with Comms Business to          value beyond the pure connectivity requirement          and make a real difference to your customers.
call this publication ‘Connectivity: the channel       and needing to be able to use all the technologies           To be successful and avoid being a victim
guide to enabling business’. We think that now is      and support available to you to differentiate your      of commoditisation, it’s time to recognise that
the right time for us all to remind ourselves that     offering.                                               you don’t sell connectivity, you sell solutions!
we need to focus on how the technology enables             When you consider the variety of needs and          Challenge your customers by asking the right
the business transformation that our customers         dig a little deeper into them, you soon start to        questions and help them to make the right
desire, instead of just the technological specs and    see that you’ll need a whole range of different         decision. Technology is only the tool but you
the networks. Having said that, understanding          next generation services in order to find the right     are the craftsman that enables the business
what’s available at your disposal is important.        solution for each customer. A whole array of            transformation required by customers’ business
Hence this guide offers you all the updated            services exists that give you the ability to provide    objectives.
information of the products and technologies that      different levels of performance, availability,
are available and emerging.                            bandwidth, QoS and security. Having the right mix
                                                       of products at your disposal is important. It’s no
digging deep                                           good finding out that the customer actually needs
    As a responsible supplier, we have a duty          a hammer if you don’t have one to sell!
to ensure we validate a solution by using our
expertise and experiences. More importantly, this      Focused on benefits
is where we add value and how we can protect              It’s important then to understand the services
our margin in this competitive market place. And       and the options that are available and from
protecting margin is probably one of the greatest      whom. This year’s guide again sets out the

    Want to expand into Ethernet?                                                              Be empowered by Entanet,
    How about pre-sales & marketing support,                                                         call 0333 101 0808
    fibre & EFM, 2Mbps to 10Gbps?                                                                     www.enta.net

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                                                                                                                           new for 2012 8

What’s available with Next Generation Access?

What’s availaBle
With next generation
aCCess?                                                            Satellite broadband remains a relatively expensive solution due to its high installation
                                                                   and monthly costs for a relatively low inclusive monthly bandwidth allowances.

in last year’s supplement we provided a comprehensive product matrix to
show what was available on the market. feedback showed that our readers
found this very useful, so we decided to update the matrix to show the latest
developments in the market.

A    DSL2+, which provides speeds of up to
     24Mbps, remains the most widely available
access technology with between 80 and 90%
                                                      increasingly business critical to many
                                                      organisations, demand for guaranteed service
                                                      supported by SLAs and back up options continues
                                                                                                                 these options are simply not plausible and that’s
                                                                                                                 where satellite and mobile solutions come into
coverage (depending on the provider) but over         to rise. This, coupled with the increasing                     Satellite remains a relatively expensive
the last year we have seen a huge increase            availability of EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile), is       solution due to its high installation and monthly
in availability and demand for fibre based            providing resellers with valuable and growing              costs for a relatively low inclusive monthly
broadband services with more and more                 market opportunities. Whilst EFM is available at           bandwidth allowances. On the other hand,
providers offering FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and    speeds of up to 35Mbps (depending on distance              demand for mobile broadband is increasing
FTTP (Fibre to the Premises). FTTC was originally     from the serving exchange), Ethernet and leased            especially within the residential market where
launched with headline speeds of up to 40Mbps         lines are currently available with speeds of               customers are looking for low cost access
download and up to 10Mbps upload, but earlier         between 2Mbps and 10Gbps.                                  without the need for a land line. In the business
this year BT Wholesale launched an enhanced               In May, BT Wholesale launched a new                    market mobile broadband is more commonly
product which now provides speeds of up to            Ethernet service called GEA (Generic Ethernet              being used for back-ups to fixed line connections
80Mbps download and up to 20Mbps upload.              Access) FTTC with a further FTTP variant due to            and/or to connect more remote locations to larger
Similarly, FTTP services are now available on         be available later in 2012. This new service uses          IP VPN solutions. 3G is the dominant variant of
the market offering a variety of speed options        a fibre broadband connection (FTTC) connected              mobile broadband with 4G technologies starting
up to 110Mbps download with trials of an up to        to the existing national Ethernet network and              to appear within the market in the form of LTE
330Mbps product and an alternative 80/20Mbps          provides symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mbps.               and HSPA+ (also described as Advanced 3G).
product announced in May 2012. There are also         The customer can use 6 Classes of Service (CoS)            Although not strictly classed as 4G technologies
rumours of future trials of an up to 1Gbps service.   to prioritise critical traffic, providing resellers with   (which are defined as providing speeds of up to
    In 2013, we expect to see the launch of a new     an additional cost effective Ethernet solution.            100Mbps) these technologies are widely seen as
service called FTTP on Demand. FTTP on Demand                                                                    the forerunners in this area (along with WiMAX
provides a similar service to the standard FTTP       mobile and satellite broadband                             which is currently not available in the UK). LTE
offering but will be available from FTTC enabled          As the Government continues to work towards            based 4G has a theoretical maximum download
areas, running further fibre cable from the FTTC      its USC (Universal Services Commitment) of                 speed of 300Mbps although real world scenarios
enabled exchange to the premises and therefore        providing connectivity of at least 2Mbps to the            in the US show speeds of 6-12Mbps. HSPA+
increasing availability of the FTTP product.          UK, for the not-spots across the country mobile            can theoretically reach 21Mbps with real world
    Alternatively, for customers looking for          and satellite still remains the most viable solution.      speeds expected to be more like 2-4Mbps. LTE
guaranteed service levels and un-contended            Despite various BDUK projects throughout the UK            services are mainly still in trial in selected areas
connectivity, Ethernet and leased line services       seeing fibre and copper based broadband being              around the UK whilst HSPA+ is currently available
remain popular. As connectivity becomes               rolled out, there will remain some areas where             from mobile broadband provider 3.
    9        ProdUCt matrix

here is a snapshot of access methods complete with what they
deliver, coverage and availability and most importantly – the service
level agreements.
                                                                                                                          SLAs and
 Product/Feature          What it delivers*                             Coverage/availability                                                CPE Required
                                                                        BT currently at almost 80% UK coverage and
                                                                                                                          Standard care /
                                                                        aiming for 90% by Spring 2013. LLU coverage
                         Up to 24Mbps download/up to 1.5Mbps                                                              Enhanced care/
ADSL2+                                                                  typically between 78-85% depending on                                Compatible modem/router
                         upload                                                                                           Premium care
                                                                        provider with one stating just under 90%.
                                                                        Standard lead time of 5 working days

                                                                        Dependent on cable provider but one provider
                         Up to 100Mbps download/up to 5Mbps
DOCSIS 3.0                                                              boasts over 38,000 street cabinets across         Standard care      Cable modem/router
                                                                        the UK

                                                                    On WBC and LLU ADSL2+ connections through
                         Up to 2.5Mbps upload speed by trading some
Annex M                                                             enabled exchanges.                                    N/A                N/A
                         of the download speed
                                                                    Standard modify lead time 1 working day.

                         Guarantees a minimum throughput of up
                         to 12Mbps (for ADSL2+ depending on the
Elevated Best                                                           EBE is available on WBC based ADSL2+ and          See previous
                         provider) or 16Mbps (for fibre) over the BT                                                                         N/A
Efforts (EBE)            network for 90% of the time over the busiest
                                                                        fibre connections. Standard lead time 24 hours    comment
                         3 hour period, subject to line sync rate.

                                                                                                                   Standard care /
                         Up to 40Mbps download with up to 2Mbps or 40% UK coverage (over 10 million premises).
                                                                                                                   Enhanced care/            VDSL Modem, compatible
FTTC                     10Mbps upload or up to 80Mbps download    Standard lead time typically 5 working days but
                                                                                                                   Premium care              router/PC
                         with up to 20Mbps upload.                 depends on engineer appointment bookings.
                         Various speed options up to 110Mbps
                         download and up to 30Mbps upload.              BT are aiming for 66% coverage by 2014 and
                         Currently in trials for up to 330Mbps          90% by 2017. Standard lead time is typically      Standard care      All equipment usually supplied
                         download with potentially up to 30Mbps         11 working days but depends on engineer           available          by ISP (except EU router)
                         upload. One provider has announced a           appointment bookings.
                         350Mbps service.

                         Up to 110Mbps download and up to 30Mbps        Expected to be launched in Spring 2013 and        Standard care      All equipment usually supplied
FTTP on Demand
                         upload, same as standard FTTP.                 available in FTTC enabled areas.                  available          by ISP (except EU router)

                                                                                                                          Uses CoS (Class
                                                                        Initially available in Manchester and London
FTTC based          Up to 20Mbps symmetrical speeds                                                                       of Service) to
                                                                        with availability expanded throughout 2012.
Ethernet (GEA FTTC)                                                     Standard lead time 13-14 working days.
                                                                                                                          define critical
                                                                        BT have 720 exchanges currently enabled to
                         Up to 35Mbps symmetrical depending on                                                            SLA and back up    Compatible router often
EFM                                                                     support EFM. TalkTalk state 2,050. Standard
                         supplier                                                                                         options            provided as part of the solution
                                                                        lead time 30 working days.

                         Up to 10Gbps symmetrical depending on          National. Standard lead time 30-70 working        SLA and back up    Compatible router often
                         supplier                                       days.                                             options            provided as part of the solution

                         SIP trunking is a VoIP service that enables
                                                                        Standard lead time varies by supplier but
SIP trunking             customers with PBX equipment to make and                                                         Varies by supplier ATA, softphone or IP phone
                                                                        typically a few days.
                         receive calls worldwide via IP

                                                                        99% UK coverage for 3G (dependent on
                         3G - Download speeds up to 7.2Mbps
                                                                        provider) with trials in limited areas for LTE.
                         (dependent on the provider)
                                                                        HSPA+ coverage is also dependent on the
3G/4G Mobile             Advanced 3G - HSPA+ providing speeds of                                                          None               Mobile handset or dongle
                                                                        provider but one network provider boasts 80%
                         up to 21Mbps
                                                                        UK coverage . Standard lead time zero - From
                         4G LTE - providing speeds of up to 300Mbps
                                                                        date of purchase / activation.

                                                                  100% UK coverage.
                         Up to 10Mbps download/up to 4Mbps upload                                                                            Require specific satellite dish
Satellite                                                         Standard lead time supplier dependant but               None
                         (dependent on provider)                                                                                             and modem to be installed
                                                                  typically 2-3 weeks.

*All speeds stated are theoretical maximums.
                                                                                                                                   insight 10

darren farnden, head of marketing at entanet, explains why resellers need to make
connectivity an integral part of their cloud services strategy.

C    loud. Isn’t this subject simply the latest in
     a long line of over-hyped concepts that will
never really live up to the high expectations that
                                                      email or CRM or even a critical line-of-business
                                                      application in the cloud will always expect
                                                      consistent, fast, secure, dependable access. You
                                                                                                            in building our own advanced next generation
                                                                                                            network, Entanet is one of only a handful of
                                                                                                            specialist comms providers that enables resellers
everyone seems to be giving it? It seems any          can’t afford to take chances with that; if you do     to offer this breadth of capability. Our widely
cloud sceptic soon meets forthright resistance        you’re likely to end up in very hot water.            publicised infrastructure strategy means we’re
from industry intelligentsia, who are entirely            It will be vital that you recommend               in full control of our network; we can offer real
convinced that the cloud is not only here to stay     connectivity services that will offer consistent,     flexibility and scalability; and we can tailor
but that it’s going to totally revolutionise the      reliable performance wherever they are – and          services to meet the exact needs of resellers’
whole voice and data communications market.           that the connectivity provided is suited to the       customers.
     The arguments are indeed convincing.             degree of criticality of the application or service       The simple fact is that the power and
Forrester Research has predicted that the cloud       they are running in the cloud.                        influence of the cloud is going to strengthen,
market will be worth around $61 billion in 2012.          If, for example, they’re simply running non       not weaken. Get excited about the opportunity
Future projections are even more startling, with      time-critical backups to a colocated server every     it brings your business but position yourself
Gartner forecasting worldwide cloud services          day, they may not need the highest levels of          correctly to underpin it with the right connectivity,
revenues of $148.8 billion by 2014. Just about        guaranteed bandwidth at all times of the day, as      every time. You can’t afford not to.
every commercial organisation, large and small,       those backups are likely
seems to be evaluating cloud services. The public     to be running out of
sector is getting in on the act as well, with the     normal working hours.
government here in the UK launching its G-Cloud       A straightforward
initiative as a way of helping public services all    broadband connection
over the country cut the cost of IT.                  might be enough. If on
                                                      the other hand, they’re
excitement and enthusiasm                             running business-
     It’s hard not to get caught up in all this       critical services such
excitement and enthusiasm and certainly, the          as telephony, unified
cloud phenomenon can’t be ignored. Many               messaging or ERP
IT and comms vendors are already pressing             trading systems in the
forward with their cloud propositions and a lot of    cloud, they’ll probably
customers also want to explore the options. While     need the un-contended
it is almost certain that the move towards the        bandwidth, 100 percent
cloud will be a gradual one, with most customers      availability and uptime
adopting services for specific applications such      guarantees provided by
as backup and telephony, whilst keeping their         a high-grade dedicated
core software on-premises, resellers need to          Ethernet circuit.
ensure they don’t miss out – either by providing
direct cloud or associated services.                  Clear choices
     But one thing that’s easy to forget amidst           Whatever your
the euphoria is that the success of any cloud         customers’ requirement
service is always going to be dependent on the        for cloud computing,
communications infrastructure and connectivity        you’ll need to be able to
services that support it. Without suitable and        offer clear connectivity
reliable connections between the host and the         choices from a tried
customer, cloud services are utterly useless.         and tested supplier and
     If you offer any kind of cloud proposition you   preferably one that can
need to get the connectivity right. If you don’t      offer the same levels
you’ll fail because customers will soon expose        of service all over the       Darren Farnden, Head of Marketing at Entanet
any weaknesses. A business that’s running its         UK. As we’ve invested

    Be confident, be assured, be certain.
                                                                                                      call 0333 101 0808
    Be empowered by Entanet                                                                          www.enta.net

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   11 insight

Superfast broadband today,
for everyone
There is a limit to what ordinary broadband can do. And if speed and reliability are important to you, that limit can
cause real problems for your business. Of course, a Leased Line could do the job. But at what cost?
What you need is a third way. Something that gives you two, three or even four times the performance you’re
getting right now, with built-in resilience, at an affordable price.
What you need is Sharedband.

Multiply your performance                                     servers in a data centre, before being sent on to the
Sharedband combines two, three or four individual             Internet. During this process, a virtual IP address is
internet connections into a single, superfast connection.
In other words you get more than enough performance           from a single, consistent IP address and port number.
for extra-value applications like video conferencing,
internet telephony, off-site data backup, virtual private
networks and cloud computing. But that’s just the start.
                                                              Receiving data
                                                              Incoming packets return to the same IP address and
Sharedband can combine multiple types of connections
                                                              the available lines to use the full downstream capacity.
4G mobile. The service can even combine connections
from different service providers. Need more speed? No
                                                              router and the aggregation server, underlying networks
problem. Simply add more lines and routers whenever
                                                              can change without affecting your users.
you need them.

Maximise your resilience                                        Benefits at a glance
Because you can combine multiple connections from                Fast: up to four times faster than a single
different providers you can avoid the risk of having a            broadband connection
single point of failure. If one line fails then Sharedband
will continue to use the others, without any intervention        Scalable: combines the bandwidth of 2, 3 or
from you. When the line is restored Sharedband                    4 broadband connections
automatically includes it again.
                                                                 Resilient: if one broadband line fails
                                                                  Sharedband can still use the others
Sending data
Sharedband creates a Virtual Router Address (VRA),               Affordable: costs much less than a
which acts as the default gateway and DNS. The VRA                Leased Line
directs data packets over your internet connections,
                                                                 Easy: installed and configured in 15 – 45
using their combined upstream capacity.
One Sharedband router manages the VRA. If that router
fails, one of the others quickly takes over and the active       Versatile: can combine multiple types of
sessions continue as normal. Sharedband also includes a           connections even if they are from different
compatible host machines for network access.
How it works

routers can collaborate with each other over Ethernet to manage the flow of data.

                      2                     3                         4


                                                            Sharedband Network
 Your Network                                               or Service Provider

 1     Your Network
       Connect your computers, VoIP devices or other IP         Technology you can trust
       based hardware to any of the routers in your Local
       Area Network                                             Businesses around the world have been relying on
                                                                Sharedband for reliable, high speed connectivity for
 2     Routers with the Sharedband firmware connected
       to the ISPs
                                                                years. And it’s easy to understand why.
       Connect up to four broadband connections. Each           Sharedband works with almost any application,
       connection requires a dedicated router. Mix and          network protocol, ISP or connection.
       match connections, choosing between the ISPs             The performance of each line is monitored
       servicing your area.
                                                                and optimised accordingly. We use redundant
 3     Your ISP
       Cable, DSL, fibre, Leased Line or other broadband
                                                                aggregation servers to protect against a single
                                                                point of failure, and a combination of the BGP
       connection exchange                                      protocol and our own proprietary failover
                                                                mechanisms to provide site-level redundancy.
 4     Sharedband Network or Service Provider
       Aggregation servers in your region, combined with
       Sharedband Network Operations Centre Software
       work with the firmware on your routers to bond                    That’s Sharedband.
       connections and enhance connectivity.
                                                                        Superfast broadband
 5     The Internet                                                     for everyone, today.

   If you are interested in Reselling our
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     13 insight

in a market crowded with connectivity solutions that – to the buyer – look very much
the same, it’s more important for resellers to focus on the needs of the customer –
but listening isn’t always enough, says stephen Barclay, head of sales at entanet.

L  et’s be honest, in the ICT industry we’re all
   guilty of constantly bombarding customers
with technology terms and hyperbole. We blind
                                                        better long term return on investment. Most of all
                                                        it’ll serve the right purpose.
                                                              Business people are especially pretty
                                                                                                              of messages takes its toll and, after a while, they
                                                                                                              stop hearing the key messages. Once you know
                                                                                                              their objectives, take the time to talk through
customers with science and numbers as we                switched on when it comes to value for money.         the various technology and service options – for
compete voraciously for their business. We do           Yes, they do have to keep costs down, but they        broadband, FTTC, EFM, Ethernet and so on. In
this to such an extent that we often forget to ask      will also listen to any proposition that will give    the end, what businesses really want is someone
them what it is that they want to achieve and,          them a better solution for their business and help    who they feel is on their side and who will do
when we do ask them, we might listen but we             them achieve more over the long term.                 their best to support their business – not just try
don’t always hear.                                            So, take the time and trouble to first of all   to close off the sale and move on.
    There’s a big difference between paying ‘ear        listen to them, hear what they are saying and             In a market in which there is too much noise
service’ to the customer and actually taking on         respond in an intelligent way. When you think         for customers to make any sense of what’s being
board what they’re saying. Now, those of you who        about it, this is just common sense. You never        said, if you can learn to listen to them and hear
are on the front line of the battlefield every day      really understand someone until you get in their      what they say and then talk to them about the
might ask: ‘What’s the point? All they’re really        shoes and walk around in them for a bit.              real needs of their business, they will respond to
interested in is the price at the end of the day’. If         It’s also important to challenge customers a    you more favourably.
that’s what you think, you’re clearly not hearing       little and to keep asking
them.                                                   questions.
real needs                                              generally and connectivity
    It’s entirely understandable why you might          particularly are vitally
simply put the lowest-cost service that will just       important to today’s
about meet their current needs in front of them         businesses. If you start
because that’s the one that they’re most likely         to probe and look for
to plump for in the end. After all, they’re busy        the reasons why it’s
people; they want to get it right but they don’t        important to them
want to waste time. And you don’t want to extend        and identify what the
the negotiations and risk them being tempted into       consequences might be
signing up with someone else, right?                    if they fail to achieve the
    To a degree we’re guilty of doing this not          desired levels of service
only on a one-to-one basis but collectively as          and performance, you can
an industry. Look at how we’ve been trying to           soon get into a valuable
drive people into adopting ever faster broadband        dialogue about the
simply by focusing on the key features of speed         customer’s real needs –
and bandwidth. In the past this has been driven         now and going forward.
by the major consumer-focused comms providers
who have simply attempted to stir up the market         Building trust
into a frenzy of excitement through national                Critical to your
advertising, direct mail and online campaigns.          success, as that sort of
Even the Government gets in on the act from             conversation begins you
time to time, waxing lyrical about delivering           effectively become the
superfast broadband that will make Britain more         customer’s consultant
competitive (for which they will take the credit of     and trusted adviser.
course) without ever really explaining what we          Most customers will
need it for.                                            welcome this because
    As their solution provider you know your            they’re confused by
customers ought to be considering a service that        the massive array of
will give them more flexibility and scalability. It     choices available. The
                                                                                        Stephen Barclay, Head of Sales at Entanet
may cost a little more now but will give them           constant bombardment

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                                                                        intervieW   14

                                                  Imagine how
                                                  it would be
                                                  to have to play
                                                  a whole round
                                                  with just
                                                  one club?

If you only had one club, the chances are that
it wouldn’t be suitable for most of your shots.
And it’s the same with ISPs or VPN suppliers.
If you source from just one or two, you risk losing lucrative
orders if their networks don’t exactly match your customers’
individual requirements.
Channel Telecom’s partners enjoy access to a number
of aggregator connectivity portfolios, and expert assistance
from our data specialists, leading to higher win rates.
So call us today to find out how you can give your
customers more choice. And let us tell you more
about the Channel Telecom advantages:
z   genuinely channel-only
z   a comprehensive dealer and reseller support
z   a track record of winning high value UC networks
z   ultra-fast commission payments
z   easy to do business with
z   a wider choice of suppliers, giving a wider range of sweet spots.

               winning partnerships

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    15 intervieW

Carl Churchill, managing director of daisy
Wholesale says that mPls networks represent the
biggest area of growth in corporate networking
and that resellers are missing out on a massive
opportunity if they are not selling these solutions
to their customers.                                                                   Carl Churchill, Managing Director Daisy Wholesale

Comms Business Magazine (CBM): Firstly, where is the market for Virtual CBM: What would be your Top Tips for recognising a VPN/MPLS
Private Networks?                                                                sales opportunity?
Carl Churchill (CC): There’s still an old assumption being made in many          CC: Try and identify the following types of end users and requirements;
places that VPNs and the use of MPLS is strictly for the Enterprise and Blue 1. Multi-site users that need to easily and cost effectively share information
Chip organisation. Whilst that may have been the case in the past the fact is between HQ and branch offices.
today the cost of the infrastructure required to support a VPN – from a DSL 2. Companies that need access to cloud based services and applications.
router upwards - has reduced considerably to make the adoption of this           For example, EPOS.
form of connectivity highly affordable to the SME. As a result, these smaller 3. Organisations that would benefit from free on net calls between their
organisations are reaping the rewards of the operational benefits that a VPN offices and remote workers.
can deliver.                                                                         Consider for example, a restaurant group with 50 outlets where their
CBM: What are the key elements of an MPLS network?                               HQ would benefit from fast access to data on how they were performing
CC: The key constituent elements comprise reliable connectivity, hardware throughout the day. Connectivity has in the past constrained this access
–CPE, hosted resources either locally or cloud based, and network                however with an MPLS network they can operate at wire speed.
management – either wires only supplied or a fully managed solution. WhereCBM: What should a reseller look out for in selecting a supplier
voice communication is also to be deployed over the network, as well as any to work with?
other latency sensitive applications, then QoS needs to be added to the list CC: Here’s another list – this time of supplier ‘must haves’;
of requirements.                                                                 1. A full range of connectivity options to cope with different user
     It would be fair to say that not all channel resellers have the necessary requirements and applications. If you chose to work with a single carrier
skills with which to put all these elements together nor the ability to close then you will be locked in to their connectivity options which may be
out complex networking solutions which is why a provider such as Daisy           limiting. Aggregators such as Daisy Wholesale have more variety of services
Wholesale provide the channel with a fully supported white label                 available which is why the channel reseller has had so much success with
managed service.                                                                 larger deals.
                                                                                                             2. If a reseller wants to approach their existing
                                                                                                             customer base to explore VPN/MPLS opportunities
    vPns and mPls in a nUtshell:                                                                             then they should work with a trusted, experienced
         A virtual private network (VPN) is a private network that interconnects remote (and often           supplier with a solid story to tell who will not
    geographically separate) networks through primarily public communication infrastructures.                jeopardise their customer relationship.
    VPNs provide security through tunnelling protocols and security procedures such as                       3. A reseller support package that includes pre-
    encryption.                                                                                              sales, project management, service delivery and
         There are two main types of VPN: remote-access VPNs and Site-to-site VPNs. Remote-                  in-life product support.
    access VPNs allow individual users to connect to a remote network such as roaming                        4. Fast, accurate on line pricing tools that show
    salespeople connecting to their company’s intranet. Site-to-site VPNs allow inter-connection             different options for the user. For example, users
    of networks of multiple users for example, branch offices to the main company network. VPNs              working to a budget will want to know what the
    hence reduce costs as they eliminate the need for dedicated leased lines between networks,               next up/down grade options will cost to help
    but instead use existing infrastructures to connect networks while adding a layer of security.           them make decisions. Our on line pricing tool is
         Through VPNs, users are able to access functionalities across networks, such as remote              fast and flexible enough for the reseller to do this
    access to resources like files, printers, databases or internal websites in a secure manner.             whilst on the phone to their customer discussing
    Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a mechanism in high-performance networks that                    the project. On line save and retrieval of quotes
    directs data from one network node to the next based on short path labels rather than long               must be standard.
    network addresses, avoiding complex lookups in a routing table. The labels identify virtual              5. For more complex deals, RFIs and tenders then
    links (paths) between distant nodes rather than endpoints. MPLS can encapsulate packets of               resellers must be able to lean on their suppliers’
    various network protocols.                                                                               pre-sales and bid management team for accurate
                                                                                                             and timely support.

    Carve your niche in VoIP with                                                               Be empowered by Entanet,
    our business-class hosted                                                                         call 0333 101 0808

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                                          intervieW                  16

Ethernet – get

                                                                          Leased lines
into the fast lane
:: Free training & marketing help
:: Free pre-sales solution design

:: Fully resilient UK network

                                                                                IP VPN

                                    “With some suppliers you
                                    are just another number.
                                    We have never felt that with
                                    Entanet and it is really quite
                                    refreshing to work with a
                                    company that treats you in
                                    the same way as you would
                                    treat your own customers.”
                                    Tom Sykes,
                                    Entanet partner

Get more detail at

0333 101 0808
    17 ConneCtivity ansWers

Comms Business magazine put a number
of questions to key connectivity suppliers
about next generation networks and
putting together customer solutions for
resellers. here are their answers.

how important is it for resellers to be able to
provide a migration path to nga - a customer’s
initial requirement for, say voiP may not justify nga
investment initially so is this about paving the way to
sell more to that customer, for example cloud-based
                                                                                                     Clive Petty, Business Development Manager at Kcom
James Bushell, Head of Data Services at Gamma: Access is simply an
enabler and the real opportunities for profit and adding value to a channel;
business is in the services that SMEs are looking to move in to the cloud.           primary and secondary service providers, still at excellent rates, but with a
As an example, IP voice can be hard to justify for investment in NGA when            support wrapper for both the VAR and end-user customers.
sold in isolation. Gamma’s Converged Ethernet Services tackles this problem          Jayne Diffin at AlwaysOn: By partnering with a company such as alwaysON,
by allowing channel partners to consolidate an estate of ISDN or PSTN                who has wholesale arrangements with multiple providers, Reseller’s will
lines with legacy data connections (leased lines or even multiple DSLs)              benefit from the economies of scale and access to a wide portfolio of
on to a single QoS enabled EFM or connection. 20 channels of ISDN and a              connectivity services. Clearly, with a wholesale arrangement with a single
2MB leased line will cost a business around £750 a month. A like for like            provider, a Reseller is limited to the range of connectivity services available
Converged Ethernet Service (with SIP) will cost a channel partner around             and therefore restricting the perceived value of their service offerings to their
£350 month, giving excellent margins, the opportunity to provide the end-            customers. Through a partnership with alwaysON, Resellers yield the benefit
user with cost savings and a base on to which layer additional services.             of our network infrastructure, removing the headaches that may otherwise
                                                                                     be prevalent with a requirement for multiple interconnects etc. Unlike most
What factors should a var consider when debating                                     aggregators, alwaysON operates a policy of transparency and as such, we
whether to go the wholesale route or to buy from an                                  disclose the availability of connectivity services, by carrier for any given end-
aggregator – are single host links too risky and what                                user/Reseller location.
about the cost associated with traffic management
and engineering?                                                                     how do resellers differentiate from their competition
Dan Cunliffe at O2 Wholesale: The choice of whether to use a wholesaler or           – is this all about service provider selection?
an aggregator depends very much on the individual reseller and the shape             Dan Cunliffe at O2 Wholesale: Resellers can differentiate from their
and size of their business. The reseller should consider whether it is looking       competitors by focusing on reliability and service. Also, by offering a variety
for a direct relationship with a carrier, so it can get closer to the network,       of services rather than limiting yourself to just one, you can differentiate
product and source, or does it want greater coverage and multiple products           from others in your space and build deeper relationships with customers.
from one operator - in which case working with an aggregator would be the
best option.                                                                         Tim Nelson at Channel Telecom: Products, price and support are the key
                                                                                     differentiators. A diverse portfolio of NGA services is essential and price is
Tim Nelson, Marketing & Product Manager, Channel Telecom: It is                      always a factor in any sales negotiation. But beyond this support is the one
extremely difficult for a VAR to establish direct commercial relationships with      variable where the dedicated NGA reseller can distinguish themselves from
tier one telcos. They are unlikely to want to deal directly with any company         the pack. Most SMEs don’t have an internal IT resource and will stick with
billing less than £50,000 and will require upfront payments and minimum              an IT and comms services partner that provides them with hand-holding,
billing guarantees. A single tier one supplier is unlikely to provide a full range   consultation and fast committed service response. At Channel Telecom we
of services, so using an aggregator service provider makes more sense from           ensure that service delivery for our channel partners is everything they need
a financial point of view and also in terms of service provision. Better yet,        it to be to win and retain their customers.
partner with an ‘aggregator of aggregators’, such as Channel Telecom that
can provide a comprehensive range of NGA services from a wide variety of             Jayne Diffin at AlwaysOn: Service provider selection plays quite a big part -

                             The partner portal                                                  Be empowered by Entanet,
                             that puts your business                                                   call 0333 101 0808

                             at your finger tips                                       https://synergi.enta.net

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                                                                                               ConneCtivity ansWers 18

                                             Dan Cunliffe of O2 Wholesale                                 James Bushell, Head of Data Services at Gamma

a service provider that can deliver a complete solution will enable a Reseller     Clive Petty, Business Development Manager, Kcom: While the end
to deliver a higher level of perceived value, than one who can only deliver        customer may enjoy higher bandwidth speeds due to fibre-based services,
NGA e.g. alwaysON delivers both the network requirement as well as the             the question remains as to whether they are receiving equivalent network
cloud based applications for a complete solution                                   support. When more and more data is being pushed over a network, any
                                                                                   hiccup has all the more impact.
there’s a lot of advertising hype over superfast
broadband, but most links are still copper to the                                  how can carriers and suppliers differentiate their nga
premises isn’t it the case that only a point to point                              offerings apart from price?
fibre service can guarantee superfast speeds - could                               Tim Nelson at Channel Telecom: Listening and being responsive to
your advertising be misinterpreted and could this                                  partner needs differentiates Channel Telecom from our competitors. In all
leave resellers exposed to disappointed customers?                                 respects - portfolio, service wrap and overall commercial proposition - we
Dan Cunliffe at O2 Wholesale: Make sure your wholesale provider or                 strive to make it as easy as possible for our channel partners to meet their
aggregator is giving you the right information and that they are following         customers’ needs and therefore to be successful. This channel-only model is
proper industry and advertising guidelines. There are many ways in                 reflected in our name.
which information can be misinterpreted or misunderstood, particularly
around EFM, copper or contention ratios and resellers should not be shy            James Bushell at Gamma: Price is always important but it’s too easy to fall
to ask questions of wholesalers or aggregators, particularly around access         in to selling cheap access with a high mark up – this is a short term view
methods.                                                                           of profit generation and is not a tenable approach given the importance
                                                                                   of access in the delivery business applications. At Gamma we feel the
James Bushell at Gamma: The access market has become crowded with                  real opportunity to differentiate lies not in cheap NGA offerings, but in
new products (good) but it is also confusing (bad)! We address this at             the consolidation of legacy ISDN and data connections in to a converged,
Gamma by running regular training and accreditation sessions for our IP            QoS enabled access service. This can be achieved using our Gamma’s
telephony products which consume various forms of access types. A key              Converged EFM Services which can deliver a like-for-like service (voice
part of this training is about access, and getting it right. Broadband has         and internet access) up to 45% of the retail price. This longer strategy of
a very important part to play in IP telephony, as for small customers this         consolidating legacy services will deliver better profits margins across both
is the only to make it cost effective. But it should always be sold with a         voice and data (not just data) and will help secure more of a customer’s
warning attached – it can go down and if it does, it’s a 20 hour fix at best. If   communication spend for longer, helping increase the value of our channel
a business needs something more robust then they should look paying that           partners businesses.
little bit more for EFM which more reliable and comes with a much faster fix
time.                                                                              Clive Petty at Kcom: The key thought that needs to be at the back of
                                                                                   every network supplier’s mind is how they can best serve the needs of
Tim Nelson at Channel Telecom: The key factor here is to manage customer           the end customer. SLAs are becoming all the more critical as the value
expectations and commit to realistic service levels but then exceed them           of a network increases; in some instances they are not underpinning
where possible. Most customers accept that contention and traffic shaping          customer expectations through lack of clarity and/or demarcation. End users
will affect connection speeds and as long as this is within tolerable              expect customer service to scale up appropriately to the high utility type
parameters there is no problem. The essential point is to understand the           performance they receive from their network.
customer’s connectivity needs and to provide a solution that meets and to
some extent exceeds those needs.
   19 sUPPlier matrix


              Infrastructure                                                         Capacity                            Platforms       Interconnect options

BT            UK’s incumbent provider operating across its own national infra-                                           WBC (Full)
Wholesale     structure. BT’s 21CN core network is complete and the roll-out                                             WBMC
              of next generation services continues apace. Current coverage of
              ADSL2+ is 80%+ UK homes and businesses aiming for 90% by
              Spring 2013.

Daisy         Utilises its ‘own operated’ network and works closely with major       Redundant 10Gbit national           WBMC            NNI, L2, L3.
Wholesale     UK carriers including BT, O2, TalkTalk Business, Cable&Wireless and    connectivity                        IPSC
              Virgin Media.                                                                                              LLU

Entanet       Own hardware presence at all 38 key aggregation points on 21CN,        Up to 10Gbps                        WBC (Full)      38 locations across the UK,
              serving all 5500 BT exchanges. Multi carrier resilient interconnects                                       IPSC            in London. Used for Etherne
              between PoPs. Entirely Cisco hardware based. International                                                 LLU             solutions and wholesale
              connectivity. MPLS network.                                                                                                broadband interconnects.

Gamma         Uses a national soft-switch based network with its carrier class       250GB                               WBMC            27 UK PoPs - 11 PoPs conn
              core switching infrastructure located across 7 separate geographic                                         IPSC            directly in to key BT metro
              locations in the UK. This NGN carries around 13% of the UK’s
              business voice traffic where over 400 million minutes a month of
              this traffic is pure IP traffic.
Griffin        Operates via a national MPLS IP network which uses an Intelligent      5 Gbit/s BTW WBMC.                  WBMC            Interconnects available into
              WDM (iWDM™) solution from Transmode to create an optical               2 Gbit/s from TTB LLU.              IPSC            centres in Derby and also T
              backbone.                                                              2 Gbit/s from C&W.                  LLU             Hex 8/9 and City Lifeline. Al
                                                                                     30 Gbit/s Ethernet intercon-                        6 leased line interconnects.
                                                                                     DWDM owned metro ring
                                                                                     unlimited capacity with current
                                                                                     utilisation around 30 Gbit/s.
Kcom          Combines its own network footprint with BT’s to provide services       Recent investment expanding         WBMC            BT, Virgin, C&W
              throughout the UK. BT undertakes the management of Kcom’s              capability to deliver high order/   IPSC
              network.                                                               high speed services at 10G and      LLU

O2            Uses an uncontended, all-fibre backhaul network designed specifi-      Invests in expansion at around      LLU             Wholesaler model (PPP) - L
Wholesale     cally for bandwidth hungry applications, providing superfast con-      70 per cent capacity at peak                        Interconnect. Can offer a BG
              nectivity with 70% UK coverage.                                        times.                                              peering to resellers network
                                                                                                                                         certain criteria

TalkTalk      Uses 800GB and 1.6TB optical fibre cabling at its core supporting      1.6TB supercore fibre network       IPSC            Main interconnect points: Te
Business      in excess of 2,500 MPF and SMPF exchanges throughout the UK.           around London with multiple         LLU             ehouse North, Harbour Exch
              Of these, over 90% support EFM and Ethernet 10MB to 1GB access         800GB fibre rings around the                        and Manchester Telecity. 1G
              delivery. Commitment made to adding a further 200 exchanges over       majorly populated areas of the                      10GB interconnects availab
              the next 6 months.                                                     country and a number of 20GB                        50 bespoke interconnect po
                                                                                     rings around less populated                         also available in the UK.
                                                                                     regions, all of which has a high
                                                                                     capacity backhaul to the core
Virgin Media Owns a nationwide fibre-optic network able to reach 85% of busi-        Up to 10Gbps                        Other - Cable   BT, C&W, Colt, KCOM, other
Business     nesses. Delivers services from high speed broadband to private
             optical circuits in multiples of up to 10Gbps.

Zen           UK wide core network built on multiple 10Gb/s links between core       20Gbp/s                             WBC (Partial)   Core network POPs in Leed
Internet      network Points of Presence                                                                                 WBMC            Manchester, London and Ro
                                                                                                                         IPSC            Presence in Telehouse Nort
                                                                                                                         LLU             Telecity Manchester.
                                                                                                                       sUPPlier matrix 20

                                                        IPv6 compatible
           Peering partners                                                       QoS                          Data centres
                                                        Yes                       Yes

           Uses Tier 1 communications and network       Yes                       MPLS, DSCP                   3 data centres located in London, Manchester and
           partners to deliver global connectivity                                                             Southampton
           solutions to Europe, Asia and America.

, 14       900+ including LoNAP, Edge-IX, LINX,         Yes                       Yes                          6 data centres located in the UK
et         AMS-IX, DE-CIX and NL-ix

necting    Multiple private peering with transit pro-   No                        Yes                          No
 nodes     viders, multiple private peering with key
           ISPs and multiple public peering.

o 2 data   5 peering arrangements at LINX, LoNAP,       Yes.                      Yes, across the network as   9 located in Derby, Leicester, Manchester and London.
Telecity   Edge-IX, De-CIX and AMS-IX along with                                  a whole using network DPI
 lso has   private peering with Amazon and all                                    (Deep Packet Inspection)
 .         major VoIP and hosted PBX vendors. IP                                  and offers 8 QoS queues
           transit just with Level 3 and NTT. Total                               on MPLS networks
           peering capacity of 20 Gbit/s.

           3 - Edge-IX, LINX and LONAP.                 Yes                       Yes                          Kcom Datacentres Tier 3 Chalfont,
                                                                                                               Global Switch; Tier 2 Bristol & Hull.
                                                                                                               Multiple partner data centres served by Kcom fibre
                                                                                                               (i.e. Leeds, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Derby, North-

L2TP       Peering partners for resellers: LINX,        IPv6 compatible but not   In development               No
 GP        Akamai, Google, Global Crossing, TIWS.       deployed for resellers.
 k under   Not applicable for wholesalers               Not applicable for

Tel-      LINX, LoNAP, DE-CIX, AMS-IX, Edge-IX          Yes                       Yes                          Birmingham, London, Milton Keynes, Newbury, Slough
 hange                                                                                                         and Corsham
 GB and
ble. Over

rs         Peer with all major internet service         Yes                       Yes                          11 data centres in Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham,
           providers at Internet exchanges                                                                     Farnborough, Wapping, Manchester, Romford, Bristol,
           throughout UK and Europe. Also have                                                                 Sevenoaks, Uxbridge and London City North.
           significant European and Transatlantic
           transit arrangements.

ds,      LINX, LoNAP, ENLIX, Edge-IX. Transit with      No. Currently imple-      6 Class of Service options   £4 million investment in new Rochdale Data centre
ochdale. Inteliquent and NTT                            menting hardware and      with individual perfor-      to complement existing facilities in Rochdale, London
th and                                                  software updates for      mance SLA’s on Ethernet      and Manchester
                                                        IPv6.                     based IP VPN connectivity.
   21 sUPPlier matrix (continued)

SuPPLIERS                PRODuCTS
                         Packaged Broadband                                                        Wholesale broadband                                      Ethernet/Leased
BT                       Offers SDSL, fixed rate ADSL, upto 8Mbps rate adaptive ADSL, up to        BT Wholesale’s customers can adopt WBC (Whole-           Provides wholesa
Wholesale                20Mbps ADSL2+ and up to 80Mbps FTTC plus FTTP services. Ad-               sale Broadband Connect) or a managed version             10Gbps. Any-to-a
                         ditionally offers Annex M and EBE.                                        known as WBMC (Wholesale Broadband Managed               Ethernet access o
                                                                                                   Connect).                                                the First Mile, in-
                                                                                                                                                            The latter now in
                                                                                                                                                            to be introduced

Daisy Wholesale          Delivers ADSL, ADSL2+, ADSL2+ Annex M, FTTC, FTTP and SDSL                Wholesale options include a managed virtual pipe         Options include F
                                                                                                   or L2TP virtual pipe with speeds of 100Mbit/s,           options with SLA
                                                                                                   1Gbit/s and 10Gbit/s.                                    options; and back

                         50+ flexible business and residential packages across ADSL, ADSL2+        ADSL, ADSL2+ and FTTx available in 4 variants            Multi year contra
                         and Fibre with bandwidth options up to 360GB plus overuse options         to accommodate commercial and technical                  options; available
                         and unlimited LLU based ADSL2+ packages. Automatic 3G failover            requirements. 95th percentile billing, 2                 Wholesale Ethern
                         options. Annex M and EBE also available.                                  interconnects, 3 month bedding in period.

Gamma                    - Assured IP Services for IP Telephony                                    No                                                       EFM and Fibre-ba
                         - ADSL2+ Annex M                                                                                                                   - Internet Access
                         - ADSL2+ Annex A                                                                                                                   - Dedicated SIP c
                         - ADSL2 (max)                                                                                                                      - Converged SIP
                         - ADSL (fixed rate)
                         - Assured Rate Services for IP Telephony

Griffin                   Offers managed broadband in the form of ADSL (up to 8Mbps) and            L2TP and VSP. All tail products available. Griffin       2Mbps to multi-g
                         ADSL2+ services (up to 16Mbps) utilising IPStream Connect and             runs it’s own MPLS network across all products           with a failover op
                         WBMC from BTW and LLU from Cable & Wireless and TalkTalk Busi-            and speeds including Ethernet and PPC. This is           ‘wires only’ servi
                         ness. Also offers FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) and SDSL.                   white-labelled as a wholesale or fully managed
                                                                                                   product exclusively through Partners.

Kcom                     FTTC, ADSL2+ up to 20Mbps; 7 packages ranging from 10GB to                Wholesale FTTC, ADSL, ADSL2+ and SDSL. With              2Mbps to 100Gbp
                         unlimited bandwidth; 1 or 12 month contract options.                      fixed IP address options, monthly recurring rev-         fix time. VPLS ser
                                                                                                   enues and 1 or 12 month contracts.

O2                       Five ADSL2+ packages up to 24Mbps download and up to 2.5Mbps              Yes. Provides a full connectivity reseller option or a   Yes - in final deve
Wholesale                upload speeds + Annex M; unlimited usage. Two SDSL style pack-            wholesale one via L2TP. Unlimited usage and low
                         ages using ADSL2+ technology                                              contention, with abundant capacity and full partner
                                                                                                   • ADSL2+ up to 24Mb / 2.5Mb
                                                                                                   • SDSL up to 2.5Mb / 2.5Mb
                                                                                                   • Available to wholesalers and resellers

TalkTalk Business        Up to 24Mbps (mpf/smpf) broadband services with traffic prioritisa-       Wholesale options provide ADSL and ADSL2+                Up to 20Mbps bo
                         tion available                                                            packages. All variants available including Annex M       net services with
                                                                                                   with or without traffic prioritisation and guaranteed    Ethernet and EFM
                                                                                                   throughput products. ADSL products are available         MPLS IPVPN, or a
                                                                                                   as Layer 2 handover, as wires only MPLS IPVPN, or
                                                                                                   as a fully managed MPLS IPVPN

Virgin Media Business Provides Cable Broadband up to 30Mbps in cabled areas (and ADSL2+ up to      No wholesale broadband option but supply high capacity   2Mbps to 1Gbps op
                         20Mbps elsewhere) as standalone broadband service or bundled with calls   core network backhaul services to LLU providers.         backed up with ser
                         and internet services.

Zen                      ADSL up to 8Mbps, ADSL2+ up to 20Mbps, FTTC up to 80Mbps and 100Mbps                                                               1Mbps to 1Gbps ba
Internet                 FTTP in development.                                                                                                               credits, backup opt
                                                                                                      sUPPlier matrix (continued) 22

                                                                                                           TECHNICAL SuPPORT
d Lines                                                                  Voice                             Location        Availability White Label
ale Ethernet services to CPs in range of options from 2Mbps to           WLR, calls, IP Exchange,VoIP      UK and overseas 24/7/365    Yes - White label from order
 any Ethernet configuration provided via E-LAN - wide range of           and SIP trunking                                              placing and provisioning through
 options including fibre and fibre resilience, copper/Ethernet in        services, mobile services,                                    to customer service and end-user
-building handover, radio access and Etherway Superfast GEA.             conferencing and marketing                                    billing.
ncludes an FTTC 80/20 option and an FTTP variant is expected             numbers. BT also provides
  this summer.                                                           transit voice services across
                                                                         the UK and internationally.

Fibre based Ethernet and copper based EFM. 2Mbps to 10Gbps               WLR3, NTS, SIP trunking and       UK based        24/7/365    All services are white label.
A; Managed Cisco hardware as standard; Managed Firewall                  mobile services.                                              White label first line support also
 kup and auto fail-over options.                                                                                                       available.

act options; 2Mbps to 10Gbps capacity; 100% SLA with backup              Proprietary hosted VoIP and
                                                                                                           UK based        24/7/365    Standard and Premier support
e as copper (EFM) or fibre; fully managed Cisco hardware.                SIP trunking (4 products);
net options also available.                                              WLR3 and minutes.                                             available unbranded

 ased services used to deliver:                                          CPS & IDA, SIP Trunking,          Manchester      Phone       No end-user support offering at
s                                                                        Hosted Telephony, Inbound                         based       present
connections                                                              Services, Mobile Services,                        support
 and Internet                                                            Telephone systems, WLR3                           available

 gigabit Ethernet circuits; 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA)          No                                UK based        24/7        Yes
ption; managed service with router included or unmanaged
ice. Also offers 1Mbps to 10Mbps EFM services.

 ps services available with 99.85% service availability and 4 hour WLR, IP & TDM calls, Myriad             UK based        24/7/365    No
 rvices                                                            Managed Inbound Services,
                                                                   Cisco HCS, Avaya.

 elopment                                                                Lines and calls                   UK and Europe   24/7        No

onded copper EFM services; 10Mbps to 1Gbps fibre based Ether-            Phone systems and software, UK based              24/7        No
h high availability service levels.                                      lines and calls, call handling,
M products are available as Layer 2 handover, as wires only              mobile, SIP trunking and
as a fully managed MPLS IPVPN                                            Voice over Ethernet. TalkTalk
                                                                         Business is an Avaya
                                                                         Business Partner and Mitel
                                                                         Reseller. A full installation
                                                                         and maintenance service is
                                                                         available for both premises
                                                                         based and hosted products.

ptions across leased lines and Ethernet products, supported by SLA and   Telephone lines (ISDN), calls,    UK based        24/7/365    No, but can provide 2nd line support
rvice credits.                                                           Centrex and IP Centrex,                                       to the channel
                                                                         conferencing, IP multimedia and
                                                                         unified comms. SIP trunking

andwidths with managed Cisco hardware, 100% SLAs with service            WLR3 (Single Line/ISDN30) and     UK wide         24/7        No
tions and 4 hour onsite hardware support.                                calls. SIP trunking services.

                                                                                                                                      3RD - 4TH OCTOBER,
                                                                                                                                      SANDOWN PARK,
                                                                                                                                      ESHER, SURREY

                                                   THE CLOUD
                                                  DATA - MOBILE

 Stand packages not only include a presence at the show to over 2,100 key Channel professionals but
  also a wealth of marketing & editorial exposure in Comms Business Magazine, our regular e-casts,
   advertising, direct mail and much more. This equated to a staggering £600,000 based on the rate
               card value for the 2011 Convergence Summit South (£4,550 per exhibitor).
                        But you need to book early to gain the maximum benefit!
              Stand packages start from only £2,450. Call Jamie or Mat on 01892 538348
                      or e-mail sales@commsbusiness.co.uk to find out more!

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                                                                                                                                 insight 24

Comms Business takes a look at how suppliers are differentiating their products in
the market. the cheapest option is rarely the best so how can resellers determine
what is best for their customers?

O    ver the past twelve months we have seen
     yet more products enter the market; up
to 80Mbps FTTC, up to 110Mbps FTTP, FTTC
                                                     climate), it’s not the only factor you should base
                                                     your decision on. The cheapest option is not
                                                     always the best option. The answer is to evaluate
                                                                                                           or do they add value to these solutions in any
                                                                                                           way? Do you want to sell a full range of solutions
                                                                                                           or focus simply on Ethernet or broadband? Do
Ethernet and now we have trials of FTTP on           each supplier on a number of key criteria and         the supplier’s products match your customer’s
Demand and up to 330Mbps FTTP, the list              calculate which one best fits your business           requirements?
continues to grow. Getting your head around the      requirements.                                             Finally, you should consider support. The
various products on the market can be difficult           Firstly, consider the supplier’s network. What   matrix we have provided illustrates that technical
enough but as a reseller you also need to decide     infrastructure do they have and how future proof      support is generally, though not entirely, provided
who you are going to purchase these products         is it? What capacity do they currently have and       24/7/365 and UK based now across all providers.
from.                                                how will they cope with future demands? Which         However it’s also important to consider marketing
     The majority of providers now offer a           platforms do they utilise?                            support, sales support, white label options and
full range of connectivity options, so what               The way in which the network has been            training. Depending on your level of expertise
differentiates the wholesale suppliers within        developed and their choice of platforms will          and choice of products and target marketing this
the industry? We created a supplier matrix to        also impact on their ability to react quickly to      could be critical to your choice of supplier.
illustrate what’s available from each of the major   market changes and developments. For example,             Some suppliers will provide the bare
suppliers and how they compare on key criteria       is it their own infrastructure or are they reliant    essentials whilst others provide full marketing
such as network, products and support.               on a third party to implement changes and             and sales support in the form of white label
     From the matrix we have compiled its clear      enhancements?                                         resources and campaigns, pre-sales consultants,
to see that most wholesale providers now offer            Secondly, you need to assess the depth of        on-going training and development programmes.
a full range of connectivity options from various    products available from the supplier. Whilst we       If you do not require such help then your choice
carriers, so as a reseller how do you choose who     have established that most wholesale providers        of supplier may be a simpler one but if you are
to partner with to ensure you get the highest        have a breadth of services available, you need        planning to enter new markets or sell more
quality service? It would be easy to simply          to assess if the packages on offer meet your          complex solutions, such support could prove
choose based on price, but whilst this is a key      specific requirements. Are they simply an             invaluable.
consideration (especially in the current economic    aggregator, reselling multiple suppliers solutions

   In deciding upon a supplier for their access solutions
   there are a lot of questions a reseller needs to ask.
    25 insight

Zen internet takes a look at how business can deploy connectivity solutions to
enable their business to compete cost effectively in their markets. a key issue is for
resellers to understand which access solution is best for their customer.

G   rowing a business in today’s tough economic
    climate requires having minimal fixed
operational costs but still having the tools and
                                                     the most cost effective connectivity solutions
                                                     to meet customer needs today whilst ensuring
                                                     there is a seamless upgrade path to support
                                                                                                             of their operations, reliability in this context is
                                                                                                             about guaranteed bandwidth throughput and
                                                                                                             business focussed repair SLA’s. The first thing
information at your fingertips to be able to react   tomorrow’s demands?                                     that springs to mind for most people to meet
quickly to market dynamics. Overspending will             Selecting the right connectivity requires          those requirements is an Ethernet/EFM Leased
quickly result in an SME running out of cash flow    weighing up the customer intended usage and             Line, while Leased Lines undoubtedly tick those
if expected benefits do not materialise, under       how critical this is to the business against the        boxes they are often out of budget for the smaller
investing creates a risk of being left behind by     options available in the geographic location.           business.
competitors able to capitalise on productivity       As the roll out of Next Generation Access (NGA)             The continuing deployment of Fibre to the
gains enabled by new technology.                     technologies progresses through 2012 and 2013,          Cabinet broadband provides a very cost effective,
    Understanding how the attributes of available    a growing number of customers will be able to           high bandwidth Internet service which are now
connectivity technologies and services translate     choose from all of the options of Zen’s access          provide as standard as 76Mb/s down /19Mb/s up
into business benefits for individual customers      portfolio including ADSL2+, FttC, FttP, EFM leased      for business applications by Zen. Customers who
is where resellers can really demonstrate            line and Fibre Ethernet leased line connectivity at     have already taken this product are achieving
their worth. If resellers can provide reliable       a given location. In this scenario it is crucial that   download speeds of well over 50Mb/s, this
high bandwidth services, that offer throughput       the reseller understands the technical constraints      delivers incredible value for money compared
guarantees and short repair times, their             of each option and how that may impact the              with some existing legacy broadband products.
customers will feel confident in deploying new       performance of the customers applications,              Although there is still some copper loop for the
services that make a real difference to their        opting for the lowest cost product that is not          last few hundred metres, FttC access has proven
business.                                            fit for purpose will result in a poor end user          to be much more stable and reliable than ADSL.
    The rapid pace of technology development         experience.                                             There will still occasionally be some issues which
presents resellers in the ICT channel with a              Every company doing business today                 need resolving, partnering with a multi-award
formidable challenge; how to specify and supply      requires reliable Internet Access for some part         winning supplier such as Zen is the best way

                                                                                                                    Zen’s Channel Partner Ciaran Kenny
                                                                                                               of Macnamara ICT Ltd said, “Many of our
                                                                                                               clients have several offices but often can’t
                                                                                                               quite stretch the budget to fully managed
                                                                                                               wide area networks. Now with Zen’s fibre
                                                                                                               optic broadband at the branch offices and a
                                                                                                               Zen leased line at head office we are able to
                                                                                                               provide a reliable, cost-effective and, above
                                                                                                               all, fast inter-office VPN connections. While
                                                                                                               VPNs were always possible, before Zen’s
                                                                                                               fibre optic broadband we had to present our
                                                                                                               clients with a choice between less reliable
                                                                                                               ADSL or often prohibitively expensive leased
                                                                                                                    “Working in branch offices clients often
                                                                                                               don’t distinguish between the speed and
                                                                                                               reliability of their inter-office links and that
                                                                                                               of their overall IT systems. Having Zen’s fibre
                                                                                                               optic broadband in our armoury allows us
                                                                                                               to provide a hugely enhanced IT experience
                                                                                                               to branch office workers – making their life
                                                                                                               and ours much easier.”
                                         Fibre to the Cabinet – picture courtesy of Rutland Telecom
                                                                                                                                  insight 26

for resellers to ensure the best service for their      reason for this is the option to order these as
customers.                                              a leased line access product but with a much          lUCid netWorks
    Fibre to the Premises broadband is currently        simpler installation process than EFM.                    Lucid Networks provide a range of IT
set to offer speeds of 330Mb/s, as this is Fibre            Now that affordable access technology is          service to a range of businesses throughout
end to end there is no drop in bandwidth between        catching up to Zen’s IP VPN capability, the SME       the UK and as a Zen Partner were able
the providers network and the end user premises.        business sector can take greater advantage of         to provide Michelin Tyres with a tailored
There is no ‘up to’ ambiguity surrounding actual        Cloud based solutions, safe in the knowledge that     solution which has allowed them to roll out
achievable speeds. This will expose those               the application traffic performance is guaranteed     their Business Services Portal as a key part
Carriers that use traffic throttling and Deep           end to end. Resellers have all the products and       of their partner programme, to attract and
Packet Inspection to reduce consumer bandwidth          tools available from Zen to build Private Cloud       retain business from new tyre outlets.
demand at the expense of their business                 Solutions for customers by combining Zen                  Michelin needed to deliver a dealer
broadband customers during busy periods                 Managed Cloud Servers, SIP Trunking, IP VPN and       training portal, providing training and
(15:00h onwards). Zen’s Internet service is             our range of QoS enabled Access products.             business support, into their UK-wide
focussed on business users and we capacity plan             Given the increasing sophistication and           network of independent tyre dealers.
our network accordingly to ensure customers             complexity of customer expectations for ICT           Michelin needed to be certain that the
always get what they pay for, even during major         services, a strong Wholesale Supplier and             system would always be available during
events which drive higher demand such as the            Reseller relationship is more important than ever     business hours, and would reflect the
Olympics.                                               to ensuring the reseller is successful in providing   professional and high quality Michelin brand
    NGA and Leased Line technologies are well           customers with the right solution. Zen’s Partner      image. A key driver behind the project
suited to offering multiple services on a single        team provide crucial sales support and are able       was that the IT and telecommunications
access line, for example a customer can take            to advise on a range of products and services,        infrastructure at Michelin’s “fast-fit” tyre
a Zen SIP Trunking service and Internet Access          provide quotes and proposals, and manage              depots varied significantly in terms of
on one EFM access that has multiple logical             accounts. Partners also have access to a range        extent, quality and reliability.
channels with each having its own guaranteed            of support services including channel marketing,          “Zen’s provisioning and technical teams
performance SLA. This multi-service access              customised collateral and marketing tools, pre-       have really added value on the project,
option is also being tested on FttC to provide a        sales and technical support.                          allowing us to be confident that we can
low cost option for converged services with much            Zen has invested over £1M in the                  provide and support the infrastructure with
greater reliability and performance than ADSL.          development and rebuild of its Partner Portal.        the backup of a trusted partner,” said James
    The provision of Access circuits into an IP         The project which is one of Zen’s current top         Balderstone, Lucid networks.
VPN requires a greater understanding of the             business priorities is focusing on the provision of       “The addition of Zen Talk phone lines to
customers application performance requirements,         a tailored suite of self service and management       the portfolio has allowed us to overcome
Zen’s IP VPN has 6 Classes of Service available         tools e.g. connectivity diagnostics and centralised   issues caused by unpredictable telecom
to carry application network traffic in accordance      fault management. Zen regularly runs workshops        infrastructure on site by providing a “clean”
with end to end performance SLA’s. In order             and training events for Partners to                        business phone line and broadband
to ensure end to end performance of multiple            understand and learn more about                                 package, quickly and as a
applications in a VPN, it is crucial for the reseller   Zen’s products and services,                                      seamless part of the installation,”
to select an access product which has the               diagnostic processes and sales                                       added James.
appropriate QoS profile options. ADSL access            techniques so that they are
has been always been limited in this respect            better equipped to support
compared to Ethernet leased lines, not only was         their customers in this rapidly
the bandwidth limited but the implementation            evolving marketplace.
typically involves routing all traffic to a central
server and back across the network thereby
increasing latency. FttC and FttP promise to be far
better suited to IP VPN’s
than ADSL,
a key

Zen partner Lucid Networks provided Michelin
Tyres with a tailored solution which has allowed
them to roll out their Business Services Portal as a
key part of their partner programme, to attract and retain
business from new tyre outlets.
     27 Case stUdy

    sUits yoU sir!
neil Watson, entanet’s head of service operations explains why the company’s
ability to tailor connectivity solutions for customers makes all the difference
for its partners.

                                                         more for less
I f you want a suit that fits, visit a tailor. Off the
  peg solutions are fine, most of the time, but
if you really want something that meets your
                                                             The Trust’s existing circuit used BT’s N3
                                                         network, specifically set up a few years ago to
                                                                                                            networking and communications advice and
                                                                                                            support to help the Trust get the best from the
needs precisely then you need to see an expert           meet the needs of health services and is now           Working together, Entanet and its partner
and the same is true with connectivity services.         the secondary network. The Entanet solution        drew on their respective skills and resources to
For Entanet – and therefore for its partners –           acts independently as the primary network          deliver an ideal solution to the Trust. It illustrates
this is relatively easy as we have our own next          and provides higher levels of bandwidth while      how suppliers and resellers can together
generation network. Built utilising Wholesale            significantly reducing costs and increasing        meet customers’ specific needs. In a market
Broadband Connect to the full, we can design and         flexibility.                                       proliferated with ‘off-the-peg’ broadband and
deliver services to meet exact needs.                        Entanet monitors the network 24/7 to ensure    Ethernet connectivity options, being able to tailor
     This is a big advantage for our partners            that critical systems are always kept running to   a solution enables them to really stand out from
and we can cite many instances where they’ve             address any issues and avoid any escalation of     the crowd and approach every opportunity with
won major pieces of business due to our ability          a problem. The partner provides the higher level   confidence.
to provide bespoke connectivity. For example,
when one of our partners was approached by an
NHS Trust for a proposal that would meet a very
specific set of needs over a large regional area
for emergency services, they worked closely with
our team to tailor a connectivity solution that
fitted the bill.
     The Trust needed to ensure that the service
would never go down. They needed to link several
locations and already had one circuit, but wanted
to use another to ensure it had full redundancy.
The Trust runs a number of key applications
across this network of emergency response
centres, as well as providing Internet connectivity
for each centre. All locations needed to be
interconnected so that, when emergency calls
were received, information about the location of
all available resources was made available to all
operatives. This allowed decisions to be made
about which units to dispatch and instructions
issued to the relevant vehicle immediately.

Bespoke solution
     Entanet worked with the partner to design
a connectivity framework that met the Trust’s
needs, implementing high speed leased lines
with various data commits. The main connection
utilises 30Mbps on a 1Gbps bearer. A variety of
smaller capacity connections are used in other
locations, the smallest being 2Mbps on a 10Mbps
line. These connections are linked into one of
Entanet’s London data centres, where a cluster of
Cisco switches form a completely interconnected
Wide Area Network capable of carrying all the
data traffic between the locations. As the centres
are on alert 24 hours a day and several critical
applications are in use, it is absolutely vital
that the network runs without fault and always
provides the required level of responsiveness and
failover capability.
                                                          Neil Watson, Entanet’s Head of Service Operations
                                                                                                                              intervieW 28

Comms Business Magazine has talked to BT about their roll out plans for fibre and
how speeds are likely to be pushed further and further in the future.

A   ccording to BT the deployment of fibre
    broadband is going well. On 10 May 2012,
BT announced that it had passed a significant
                                                         funds. BDUK is responsible for implementing the
                                                         Government’s plans for broadband investment in
                                                         the UK. It has committed £830m public funding
                                                                                                              such as TV White Space, long reach fibre,
                                                                                                              copper rearrangement or LTE to achieve the
                                                                                                              government’s ambition to get at least 2Mbps to
milestone as it revealed its wholesale fibre             to bring fibre broadband to rural areas of the UK    virtually every premise in the UK.
broadband service was now available to ten               between now and 2017. BT is bidding for these
million premises across the UK. The company              funds in each region of the UK and the company       Pushing speeds further
was due to pass that milestone by the end of             has already been chosen as the preferred                 In April 2012, BT doubled its Fibre to the
2012 so it is several months ahead of schedule.          BDUK supplier in Rutland, has won the bid in         Cabinet (FTTC) speeds to deliver downstream
    BT is investing £2.5bn to make fibre                 Lancashire.                                          headline speeds of up to 80Mbps and upstream
broadband available to around two thirds of UK                                                                speeds of up to 20Mbps. There are other options
premises by the end of 2014 and has recruited            90% Uk reach                                         such as 40/2 and 40/10 giving CPs the ability
hundreds of extra engineers in the past year to          BT believes fibre broadband can be brought           to match services to meet their customers’
help with the roll-out.                                  within reach of more than 90 per cent of the UK      requirements.
                                                         if the BDUK funds are used appropriately with            On a wholesale basis BT’s FTTP currently
Well connected                                           premises outside that footprint having access to     delivers 110Mbps downstream and between
     BT says its fibre broadband programme will          speeds that are sufficient to use the internet for   15 and 30Mbps upstream depending on which
make the UK one of the best connected countries.         most purposes.                                       service is taken. A new option will deliver
“It’s a massive commitment and we are deploying               If BDUK funds help to get fibre broadband to    wholesale speeds of 330Mbps this summer, and
at scale and pace – our rate of deployment               more than 90 per cent of UK premises then the        there are plans for a 220Mbps product in time as
comfortably exceeds those of our peers around            vast majority of consumers will have access to       well.
the world; in fact in terms of ‘premises passed’,        speeds of up to 80Mbps (or possibly more in the          FTTP is not widely available in our fibre
we are rolling out fibre at the equivalent rate          coming years) whilst SMEs and consumers who          footprint at present as it is more expensive to
of ‘one whole Singapore’ - around a million              wish can have access to world-class speeds of        deploy than FTTC. Having said that, we do have
premises being added to the footprint every              up to 300Mbps (based on a wholesale 330Mbps          plans to deploy it in certain areas and have
quarter.” This is equates to:                            product). These compare with an average UK           been testing it in apartment blocks where its
• Upgrading around 2,400-3,000 cabinets a                broadband speed today of 7.6Mbps.                    deployment may make more commercial sense.
     quarter                                                  The number of ‘slow spots’ (where speeds            Critically, FTTP will be available ‘on demand’
• Connecting between 100,000 and 150,000                 are below 2Mbps) – currently estimated by BT         in FTTC enabled areas by Spring 2013. This will
     premises with fibre every week                      as being 12% – could fall to as little as 2% of      be a premium product offering very fast speeds
• Laying 3million km of fibre across the UK              premises with this funding. This could be reduced    and will be aimed at SMEs, though consumers
• Installing 50,000 new cabinets serving 3               further by the deployment of technologies            will be able to purchase it should they wish.
     million distribution points.

Customer take-up                                           BT Fibre access is available to 10 million premises across the uK
In terms of take up, there are more than half
a million customers currently using BT’s fibre
broadband (both on a wholesale and retail basis).
And the key facts are:
• More than 60 Communications Providers (CP)
    are trialling or offering BT wholesale services
• 131,000 new end user customers were added
    in the three months from January to March
    BT is pleased with this take up given the
service is relatively new and has only been
available for a short time in most locations.

rural broadband
    One of the issues facing the country is how
to roll-out fibre to the final third that is currently
commercially unviable. In Northern Ireland, BT
worked in partnership with Department of Trade,
Enterprise and Business to make fibre available
to 89 per cent of homes and businesses.
    BT believes it is possible to repeat the
success of Northern Ireland on the UK mainland
with the help of Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK)
                                                    CONNECTED WITH OUR CUSTOMERS

 With extensive networks established throughout the UK and Europe, M247 is a leading
Internet Infrastructure and ICT company delivering a persuasive mix of business focused
 solutions and we will be pleased to help you structure a powerful and unique Channel
                    proposition to set you apart from the competition.

    • High Bandwidth Connectivity             • Dedicated Servers and Colocation
    • Wholesale Broadband                     • Data and Network Security
    • Leased Lines                            • Scalable Cloud Solutions
    • EFM                                     • 24x365 UK Technical Support
    • IPVPN                                   • Friendly, versatile and
    • DSL                                       knowledgeable team

  When all of these are brought together in our green and efficient datacentres, they
  contribute to a viable digital ecosystem where internet technologies, bright creative
                  ideas and 21st century businesses can gel and thrive.


www.m247.com | partners@m247.com | 0161 615 1270
                                                                                                                    advertorial 30

                                                       a refreshingly different
                                                       kind of Channel Partner
W     hile there is an ever lengthening list of good
      providers offering ever-more competitive
Channel solutions, what makes M247 stand out
                                                       our founding directors went live in 2000 and
                                                       now own and operate two datacentres with a
                                                       track record of being amongst the most green
                                                                                                            technologies. David Buckle, Managing Director
                                                                                                            of M247 says, “We are a well-funded privately
                                                                                                            owned company and considered by most to be a
from the crowd is their ability to listen carefully    and efficient in Europe. Our green credentials are   safe set of hands with an innovate approach. We
to what customers tell them is needed and then         often taken on board by our resellers and other      have plans to be around for many years into the
they act quickly do their very best to come up         partners who can bathe in the same glory and         future and part of those plans include extensive
with a range of end-to-end solutions that are          claim that they too are greener by signing up to     growth in our business products and services”.
tailored to suit customer’s exact needs. In a mass     our products and services. Another important
market world this is a refreshing change.              spin-off of being a green and efficient company is
                                                                         that we can keep our electricity
                                                                         costs relatively low. Obviously
                                                                         these costs are significant to
                                                                         any power hungry datacentre
                                                                         but we can pass these savings
                                                                         on to our customers and remain

                                                                              Working 24 hours a day, 7
                                                                        days a week serving customers
                                                                        in every time zone on the planet
                                                                        all year round, we operate one
  M247 datacentres are among the                                        of the most modern privately
  most efficient in Europe                                               owned networks with massive
                                                                        capacity and extensive reach
    M247 staff have some of the most adept             into Europe and we also offer a growing range of
brains in our industry and can call on, not only       connectivity products”.
an impressive depth of technical knowledge but
they also possess real life business acumen and            “One of the ways we describe ourselves
a talent to come up with something different that      these days” says Paul, “is in providing a digital
will help their customers differentiate themselves     ecosystem where internet technologies, bright
against their competition                              creative ideas and 21st century businesses can
                                                       gel and thrive”.
    Paul Sillars, Managed Services Director of                                                                Paul Sillars Managed Services Director
M247, explains more about what makes M247                 As a growing and successful provider, M247
different. “We can offer many off-the-shelf            invests a significant proportion of their profits        M247 is actively growing a number of
packages for connectivity and collocation options.     back into the company to fund R&D programmes         Channel Partner programmes where resellers
We also have comprehensive data security               and growth strategies into emerging ICT              can virtually “pick and mix” from an impressive
offerings that can focus on an                                                                              range of products and services to form what can
entire enterprise network or a                                                                              be developed into unique business advantages.
single PC or mobile phone. Many                                                                             Carrier Class router technology has recently
of our security services even                                                                               been installed and M247 is supplying a range
have features unique to M247                                                                                of connectivity and network solutions such as
but, more importantly, we are                                                                               Wholesale Broadband, Leased Lines, EFM, IPVPN,
able to offer customers the level                                                                           DSL , Point-to-point MPLS and L2TP ADSL. All
of attention to detail which turns                                                                          very useful tools indeed in the Partner toolbox.
their needs into something that
has commercial viability.”                                                                                      Contact us now. We know we can make a
                                                                                                            refreshing difference.
    M247 has been offering
                                       M247 – 2 data centres based
a range of ICT products and                                                                                 www.m247.com
                                       in Manchester
services for many years, indeed                                                                             partners@m247.com
     31 intervieW

Comms Business magazine talks to
dave mullender, head of network
services at talktalk Business about
the key attributes resellers should
look for when considering their
choice of data centre partner.
                                                                          A TalkTalk Business Data Centre

Comms Business Magazine (CBM): Tell me about your own data centres                 centre needs great
set up                                                                             connectivity; effectively
Dave Mullender (DM): The TalkTalk Business data centre resource consists           a data centre without
of a range of locations and comprises a mixture of fully owned, bulk leased        great connectivity is
and rented space facilities. We consume services ourselves as well as              pretty much useless.
deliver co-location and wholesale services to partners. Whilst we continue         Number four on my
to grow that business we are also experiencing a significant interest in           list would be cost
connectivity services where co-location users and partners want to embed           effectiveness and a                          Dave Mullender, Head of Network
their services in the cloud for delivery to end users. This is where partners      great value proposition –                    Services at TalkTalk Business
can add value and add green credentials from our scalable data centre              the right price point. The
operation.                                                                         cost of power in a data centre is massive; energy will only ever get more
CBM: How would you describe the market for data centres today?                     expensive and come under pressure through legislation regarding carbon
DM: The days of the smaller data centre are over. Today a data centre needs        emissions etc. All the power we consume is sourced from carbon neutral
to be scalable over the next 5/10/15 years which is why TalkTalk Business          suppliers and our focus has been on maximising energy efficiency with the
has such a massive expansion capability. Scalability provides confidence for       result that our data centres are probably the most efficient in the UK. With
users and partners alike and our own campus data centre facility, spread           an average of 40-50% of the cost of providing as data centre rack being
over 14 hectares, uses modular build technology to enable us to provide that       the cost of power you can see that a saving of say 20% in power cost has a
growth and scalability needed for the future.                                      significant effect on cost.
CBM: What do you consider to be the Top 5 attributes a resellers partner                Lastly, the fifth point I would like resellers to look out for when selecting
should look out for when looking for a data centre and co-location                 a data centre partner is what I call the ‘givens’. Data centres must have the
partner?                                                                           right type and quantity of generators, UPS systems and resilience. Even in
DM: Firstly you need a proper B2B relationship and business grade services.        the UK there is a great deal of difference between data centre capabilities in
What I mean by this is that if you are a channel partner then you need a           these areas and it is important to understand these factors.
quality service with proper escalation procedures in place, you have the                Data centres are graded tiers 1 (basic) through 5 with most being tier 3.
name of the MD and can call them if you have a problem and you need                They should be matched to the applications and services being delivered.
assurances the services are of a known quality.                                    Whilst our data centres exceed the capabilities laid out for a tier 3 operation
    Secondly you need to know that the data centre has high density power          they do not meet tier 4 specifications where there are currently no public
for each of the racks. You may not need it from day one – for example,             data centres. We would therefore like to see a more granular approach to
if you take a PBX off the user site and locate it at the data centre on a          the scale.
standalone basis. However, over time you may want to move to a virtualised              With most data centres falling in the tier 3 category we would
environment with blades for multi-tenant services. Then you need the power.        recommend that reseller partners go and ‘kick the tyres’ to ‘feel’ the
Thirdly, connectivity is vital. To deliver services to a user you need scalable,   environment in which the data centre operates.
robust connectivity and QoS for a converged voice and data services                CBM: In a nutshell, what is you final advice to reseller partners?
application delivery that is in the connectivity hub. Such as the connectivity     DM: Excitement and interest surrounding the cloud is creating opportunity
footprint that TalkTalk business has. For example, where a reseller with a         and applications however the cloud may be a step too far for many end
hosted telephony service has the opportunity to deliver that service and           users. Hosted solutions may be a better option for these customers if they
applications over a private cloud to end users then there is the ability to        are delivered by a business grade operation. So, rather than grasp at a fluffy
differentiate that service from a services supplier based, say in the US.          cloud why not deal with someone and something you can see, touch and
    Likewise, removing a PBX from a cupboard under the stairs to a data            feel.
                                                                                        A brighter place for business

Meet increasing data and resiliency
needs with UK-wide connectivity
and choice
Coverage, assured bandwidth, and reliability are now even more integral to
how a business operates as they move towards hosted and cloud solutions.
Connectivity needs to adapt to be scalable enough to support increasing data
and resiliency needs, under often decreasing budgets.

The choice is out there...
Differentiate your portfolio
Today there’s more choice than ever before with affordable Business
Broadband, EFM, Ethernet and IPVPN connectivity. It’s not only your customers
who’ll benefit from increased speed and reliability. Our infrastructure portfolio
provides partners with fast to market offerings and margin opportunities that
help keep overheads down.
                                                                                   What’ your business grade?
                                                                                   Download the IDG Business Grade
Always reaching out                                                                Benchmark survey then see how you
                                                                                   compare to other partners, systems
Widest UK network coverage                                                         integrators and resellers with our Business
                                                                                   Benchmark app.
and partner support                                                                talktalkbusiness.co.uk/partners/
Infrastructure and connectivity are delivered across our all-IP Next Generation    businessbenchmark
Network with a UK-wide reach of over 90% that gives you and your customers
room to grow. We’ll support you through onboarding and provide technical
help with network integration, backed by SLAs.                                     Connectivity Light Read
                                                                                   Discover the market opportunities with
                                                                                   scalable technology choices to fit your
   Call us now:                                                                    customers’ needs. Get your free copy of our

   0800 804 6098                                                                   concise, informative e-book on
                                                                                   data connectivity.
   Visit us online at talktalkbusiness.co.uk/partners                              talktalkbusiness.co.uk/partners/connectivity
     33 insight

Steve Lalonde, Chief Technical Officer at Entanet, encourages resellers to consider
the importance of their supplier relationships if they’re going to be serious about
meeting customers’ needs with connectivity solutions that are fit-for-purpose.

I n other articles in this guide we’ve talked about
  the need for the channel to focus more on the
underlying needs of customers’ businesses in
                                                      realise there are some interesting differentiating
                                                      factors between the main ones. What the matrix
                                                      shows is there are some very good reasons to
                                                                                                               broadband; their network’s state of compatibility
                                                                                                               with IPv6 as the availability of IPv4 addresses
                                                                                                               diminishes; the scope of Ethernet services they
operational and commercial terms than on simply       talk to us all; and that’s exactly what you should       can provide; their attitude to supporting the
trying to ram the features and benefits of today’s    do. It especially shows that what people often           channel with marketing materials; and their
connectivity products down their throats. It’s        perceive to be the first choice in suppliers isn’t       approach to providing Quality of Service so that
certainly sound advice but it doesn’t complete the    necessarily the right one.                               critical voice and data packets can take priority.
picture. Yes you need to properly understand what         As a solutions provider there are several                Making good business out of connectivity then
your customers are trying to achieve but, just as     significant criteria you should consider if              can be straightforward, IF you ask customers
importantly, as their ‘solutions provider’ you need   you’re going to be in a position to deliver what         the right questions, equip yourself with the
to be confident in being able to actually deliver     your customers want and expect. The matrix               right products and work with the right supplier.
against their expectations.                           highlights the importance of working with a              If you’ve not already done so, make sure you
    It should be music to the channel’s ears          supplier that has a clear strategy around using          study the product and supplier matrices to get a
that connectivity is becoming more critical to        an infrastructure that affords it the ability to be      thorough understanding of the products available
all businesses now and that the people running        flexible to meet specific needs. From Entanet’s          and to raise important questions with potential
those businesses realise this. Rather than getting    perspective this meant a strategy that allowed           suppliers.
tied into something that limits their options for     us to provide true wholesale
two years or more, they are looking for services      services as well as ‘ready-made’
that can genuinely meet their needs. Every            connectivity packages and
customer, every set of requirements is unique. By     being able to respond rapidly to
their definition, CUSTOMers have CUSTOMised           partners’ need to serve solutions
requirements – if you can offer a service that is     to customers. The matrix also
tailored to those exact needs, you’ll likely win      illustrates the significance of
their business.                                       geographic coverage.
    In today’s market we’re finding that resellers    When we built out Entanet’s MPLS
are recognising ever-greater opportunity in           network to every one of the key
providing combined connectivity solutions that        aggregation points that form
solve sometimes complex problems, often               BT’s 21st Century Network, we
related to making information systems accessible      did so because it also meant
to employees across disparate locations,              our close proximity to partners’
guaranteeing business continuity, driving             customers meant they could
efficiency and many other reasons. To enable this     provide very competitive solutions.
to happen, virtually the same products are widely     Network capacity, scalability
available to resell from many suppliers – copper      and resilience are also critical
and fibre broadband, EFM, leased lines, VoIP,         factors as customers’ bandwidth
SIP trunks; the list is extensive. See the Product    requirements expand and foreseen
Matrix on page 8 for an explanation of each of        and unforeseen events potentially
them.                                                 put pressure on bandwidth
                                                      availability. Our own strategy
level Playing field                                   reflects this. There are additional
That doesn’t mean though it’s a level playing         attributes that differentiate
field when it comes to identifying, working with      suppliers to a greater or lesser
and relying on the right supplier. Just look at the   degree too, such as the platforms           Steve Lalonde, Chief Technical
Supplier Matrix on pages 18-20 and you’ll quickly     they’ve adopted to provide                  officer at Entanet

     Be confident, be assured, be certain.
                                                                                                      call 0333 101 0808
     Be empowered by Entanet                                                                        www.enta.net

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             Eclipse-ReadyForCloud.pdf 1 14/06/2012 11:45:35
                                                                                                       intervieW                    34

              Is your business ready
              to connect your customers to the                                 CLOUD?

 Y             Make sure you have the foundations in place, partner with Eclipse for your connectivity.
               Whether it be ADSL, FTTC or Bonded DSL we will provide the solution that performs.


                                                 With our unique monitoring tool Sentinel we put you back in

                                                 control and support you with dedicated award winning support.

               Partner with Eclipse today.
               Call 01392 333316 or visit www.eclipse.net.uk/reseller

            Register for                                                             Now that you’ve read ‘Connectivity:
                                                                                     The Channel Guide to Enabling

            Comms Business’                                                          Business’ and have learned why you
                                                                                     should be selling next generation

            free Connectivity
                                                                                     connectivity services, it’s time to find
                                                                                     out how you can take the next steps
                                                                                     for your business.


                                                                                                               in conjunction with...
             Register for our free webinar
             Register for our free webinar atat

      entanet connectivity advert.indd 1                                                                                   19/06/2012 11:12
    35 intervieW

the ConneCtivity &
aPPliCations BUndle
gamma not only sells big, fat, fast pipes for access but also business grade
applications and what this means, according to marketing director richard Bligh, is
the company has a different view when it comes to quality and scale.

R   ichard Bligh, Marketing Director at Gamma,
    says his company is not in the ‘mass pipes’
market for either Ethernet or high speed access
                                                        than any other supplier. Our focus is firmly fixed
                                                        on supplying a combination of connectivity and
                                                        applications for the business market that is not
                                                                                                              mid-market user phenomenon than an Enterprise
                                                                                                              issue as generally the smaller organisation has
                                                                                                              fewer IT usage policies in place.
offerings.                                              based upon having the lowest price connectivity.          The cloud is set to be a key investment area
    “Our products in both of these markets                  However, we believe that our combination of       for UK buyers in 2012 with 30.5% of IT buyers
have been designed to carry voice as well as            connection and applications will be very attractive   pledging to spend on the technology, according
other data applications so are backed by very           to users in terms of cost.                            to TechTarget’s 2012 IT Priorities Survey. The
competitive service level agreements to ensure          Comms Business Magazine: How would you                survey also reveals that whilst private clouds
quality and reliability.                                characterise the connectivity market at the           and infrastructure as a service get plenty of
    Unashamedly Gamma uses our voice heritage           moment?                                               the attention, when it comes to deployments,
to support these services at a pace and a speed         Richard Bligh: Network traffic is increasing          research shows most users are focused on
that is appropriate for mission critical applications   at 35% year on year for business so demand            software as a service.
– these are not just dumb pipes. If we sell an          for higher speed access will only continue to             So as we move to a world where more and
Ethernet circuit and there is a problem with it         increase. Organisations today appreciate that they    more services are downloaded from data centres
then we respond as though it is a voice circuit         need to plan and live with increased bandwidth        to enable business to do business, for example,
carrying real time applications rather than an          requirements as well as realise their consumption     HR apps, accountancy and data back-up etc.,
email outage like many of our competitors would.        of software services from the internet (cloud) will   then we believe that some of the core skills
    In terms of scale Gamma is not seeking to sell      grow at an equivalent rate.                           required to deliver these solution really play to
more Ethernet and DSL connections in the UK                 This does appear to be more of an SME and         Gamma’s strengths.
                                                                                                              Comms Business: What strengths exactly?
                                                                                                              Richard Bligh: Firstly the ability we have to create
                                                                                                              robust, easy to use portals where users can
                                                                                                              deliver services in real time. Secondly, the ability
                                                                                                              to accurately bill the user and the channel partner
                                                                                                              for use of those services by the minute, hour, day
                                                                                                              or month etc.
                                                                                                                  Our reasoning for building a successful
                                                                                                              proposition is that we can put our connectivity
                                                                                                              together with the world of business class
                                                                                                              applications through our core skills and
                                                                                                              experience. This is a very exciting time and
                                                                                                              opportunity for us and our partners. In terms of
                                                                                                              where we go in the next 12 months we feel like
                                                                                                              kids in a sweetshop.
                                                                                                                  Right now we can supply applications such
                                                                                                              as SIP trunks, hosted telephony and inbound call
                                                                                                              services such as call recording and call queuing
                                                                                                              in the cloud.
                                                                                                                  Looking forward we could have data back-up,
                                                                                                              security, web conferencing and shared desktops.
                                                                                                              Who knows where Gamma and other players
                                                                                                              will eventually end up – we could be providing
                                                                                                              accounting applications by the hour!
                                                                                                                  The key point I would like to make is that the
                                                                                                              barriers to enter any particular vertical market
                                                                                                              could disappear overnight with this supply model
                                                                                                              and that nothing should be ruled in or out. Any
                                                                                                              opportunity is becoming possible.
                                                        Richard Bligh, Marketing Director at Gamma
                                      intervieW             36

                                                                      Leased lines
                                                                      IP VPN


business is closer
than you think...

:: Ready-made packages
:: True wholesale flexibility
                                 “We know that we can
:: Online & XML ordering         trust Entanet entirely. We
                                 are completely confident
                                 that they will do a good job
:: Continuous UK based support   of safeguarding or even
                                 enhancing our reputation with
                                 the customer. That makes us
                                 feel very secure.”
                                 Omar Shafiq,
                                 Entanet partner

Get the detail at
0333 101 0808
     37 insight

virtual1, says it has been clear for some time that when it comes to delivering
complex WAN solutions, trying to adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach simply
doesn’t work. Working with an aggregator may provide the flexibility resellers
need for their customers.

B   usinesses are different so what works for
    one may not work for another; it may make
things a little simpler for the reseller, but trying to
                                                          can provide effective management tools for our
                                                          partners. For example, we have recently launched
                                                          1View, an online network monitoring tool which
sell the same solution to any two companies will          delivers realtime updates on network status,
leave one customer, if not both, dissatisfied.            and which we provide free of charge on every
    At Virtual1, we have found that aggregation           network. At its most advanced 1View, allows
is the best way to give flexibility and freedom to        partners to see not only the whole of their Virtual1
our Partners whilst keeping the management of             network, but the whole estate.
the network simple. Let me explain. Firstly, we               We’ve also ensured that we use multi access
are a network operator in our own right, so we            circuits, meaning that WAN, Internet, SIP, indeed
have complete control over, and ownership of,             any type of IP traffic can be combined over the
every network we build - unlike a network broker,         same connection; this not only cuts costs, it can
for example, which will simply resell one carrier         mean that installation timescales are dramatically
network. This means that our partners only ever           reduced.
deal with us, there is only one contract, one                 In fact, the debate around price versus
SLA, making management of the network very                delivery has been raging for years, and we have
straightforward.                                          found that, for our partners, it can be a difficult
    The value of our network is that we have              issue to balance. It is probably fair to say that the
interconnected it with every major carrier in the         majority of customers do buy on price, but that is
                                                                                                                  Tom O’Hagan of Virtual1
UK and the leading global carriers so we can              not universal, it’s unlikely to be the sole concern
deliver connectivity in the UK and worldwide. This        and ultimately partners need to remember that
gives us an intensity of coverage which cannot            the decision about which is the most important          their customers. Clearly each partner is going to
be beaten – in fact it means we can offer every           belongs to the customer, not the partner - that         have very different skillset, and will need different
access method, at every available speed, at any           is a decision only the customer can take, a             levels of support from us. We are happy to let
location, hence ‘Total network freedom’. But most         compromise that they must make. So partners             our partners dictate this. If they want a Managed
importantly, we can leverage the assets of as             need to be flexible, to work with carriers who          Service, that is what they get, but at the same
many of the carriers as we want when we are               can deliver both short lead times and competitive       time if they want to take a Wires Only solution –
building a network. It isn’t uncommon for us to           costs. Most importantly, partners need to make          and we are confident that they have the internal
use as many as 10 plus different carrier networks         the options clear. That’s why we include delivery       expertise to manage it effectively – then we are
even when building a solution just for the UK.            times on all quotes provided by our online pricing      more than happy to work on that basis as well.
Everyone knows different carriers have different          tool, 1Portal. By doing this, partners can provide          It comes back to the concept of choice. We
strengths and weaknesses; through aggregation             their customers with a clear choice and they can        aren’t trying to be all things to all partners, but
we can exploit the strengths without being                then decide which is more important.                    we aren’t dictating how our partners work with us
compromised.                                                  At Virtual1, we have also worked hard to give       either – we are simply giving them the freedom
    Now because we control the infrastructure             partners a choice about how they work with us.          they need to build the ideal network for their
through which all these networks are combined,            We work with a wide range of partners – from            customers.
we can add more value – such as adding QoS                voice resellers looking to expand their portfolio to
and firewalls to each network. It also means we           partners delivering complex global networks for

    Carve your niche in VoIP with                                                                 Be empowered by Entanet,
    our business-class hosted                                                                           call 0333 101 0808

    VoIP & SIP trunking                                                                                   www.enta.net

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                                                                                                                      advertorial 38

our award-winning company is the Uk’s leading provider of internet telephony and
broadband services to small businesses.

A    s a Gradwell Partner you can either white-
     label our services and create your own
margin, or work under the Gradwell banner and
                                                    • Networking opportunities: Frequent Gradwell
                                                        events where you can meet like-minded
                                                                                                                These features allow you the benefit of
                                                                                                            offering your customers our award-winning
                                                                                                            service. Here is what some of our existing
earn monthly commission while we take care of       With Multi User or Single User VoIP, customers          partners had to say about working with us:
the billing and first line support for you.         will receive all the practicality of an onsite             “They give fantastic support, better than
    Key benefits of becoming a Gradwell partner     PBX. However, Gradwell customers avoid being            any other company I know.” Declan Flanders,
include:                                            faced with the upfront infrastructure cost or the       Managing Director, E247
• Recurring revenue: Line rental and other          complexity to configure and update. The benefits
    monthly payments ensure you have a regular      to the customer include:                                   “We’ve modelled our business on Gradwell’s
    profit                                          • Voice menus: Funnel incoming calls to the             excellent best practice and market-leading
• 24/7 support: Our technical support team              right person rapidly                                technology, and have achieved considerable
    are available Monday to Friday 8am-8pm,         • Call groups: Create groups using direct dial          growth in a short space of time as a result.” Phil
    Saturday to Sunday 9am-5pm. We also                 numbers so they all ring together (e.g. all of      Donoghue, Managing Director, Cloud4Computers
    provide customer service and emergency              the Sales team)                                         “The main benefit of using Gradwell, in
    response 24 hours a day                         • Time of day routing: Send calls to your mobile        particular, is the reliability. The business
• 14 years of experience: Gradwell was                  from 5pm or to your voicemail while on              VoIP service is very reliable. It is like having
    founded in 1997, and in 2002 we developed           holiday etc.                                        a landline but I could be anywhere and the
    our own Business VoIP platform, which then      • Free calls: All Gradwell to Gradwell calls are        clients get the service, get the accessibility.”
    matured into the products you can offer your        free, including calls to colleagues, even if they   Nigel Jupp, Managing Director, Jupps Chartered
    customers today                                     are not in the same office                          Accountants
• Up to 40% discounts: Discounts on VoIP and        • Call recording: You have the ability to archive
    landline calls and wholesale priced broadband       all incoming and outgoing activity                     For further information on becoming a
    packages                                                                                                Gradwell partner, please call our partner sales
• Supported hardware: Supply of supported                                                                   team on 01225 800 900 (option 4) or email
    hardware making Gradwell your sole VoIP                                                                 partnersales@gradwell.com
    provider and reducing your billing overheads
• First-rate communication: Regular calls and
    meetings with your account manager, as well
    as monthly partner bulletins and quarterly
    webinars, ensuring you are assisted in every
                        You’ve got a network with fast and reliable connectivity to the cloud

        You realise that the ‘Bring your Own Device’ trend isn’t going away.

                         You need a solution to power the next
                        generation of local & remote connectivity

                                   You need the best

                          You need LANCOM
                Call now on 01403 221 700 for a free on-site evaluation pack

scan to visit Capstan                                                                           scan to visit LANCOM
Network Connectivity
LANCOM technology interconnects sites and integrates mobile users over fixed lines, WLAN
or UMTS (HSxPA) connections, all secured by VPN based on the high-security IPsec standard.
Routers, gateways and switches from LANCOM are a highly effective basis for operating multiple
simultaneous data and communications services that include real-time applications such as Internet
telephony (VoIP) – with reliability, security and cost-effectiveness.

Complete ‘Bring your Own Device’ support
LANCOM offers a comprehensive product range of access points, switches, routers, wireless LAN
controllers, monitoring tools, and Smartphone apps to securely access business resources. These
solutions work with strictly separated virtual sub-networks using VLAN (virtual local area networks),
with optional content filtering and rogue device monitoring tools. Our pre-sales support can help
you define your BYoD policies to ensure that confidential company data remains secure.

Secure WiFi for the public and guests
Changes in European and UK legislation mean that any public internet access (even services that
are offered for free) now needs to be ‘managed’ and a log of who is accessing the service and for
what purpose must be kept. LANCOM offers a comprehensive range of tools such as Public Hotspot
services, RADIUS authentication and network virtualisation to ensure your network is secure, legal
and reliable.

Reliable, managed WiFi networks
LANCOM offers an extensive range of wireless networking solutions, from conventional indoor
WLAN access points to the highly robust models for industrial and outdoor applications. High-
performance wireless LAN controllers provide efficiency in WLAN management and they enforce
the highest standards of security. Our solutions are based on the very latest standards to provide
maximum security (WPA2, 802.1x, RADIUS authentication), speed (802.11n with 300 Mbps),
reliability, and availability.

Network virtualisation for business critical applications
The LANCOM operating system, LCOS, supports real-time virtualisation of multiple LAN’s. This
makes them ideally suited for run-time critical real-time applications such as Voice over WLAN and
for establishing complex multi-service networks with complex LAN traffic remaining segmented and
secure. LANCOM routers are ideal for DSL, FTTC, MPLS and VPLS connections and can bond multiple
connections for load balencing. LANCOM can even connect to 3G (HSxPA) and 4G (LTE) cellular

Secure LAN, WAN and wireless LAN
Our router platform guarantees maximum security for VPN connections with real-time clock,
hardware random-number generator, and extensive support for digital certificates. Multiple
wireless SSID’s, RADIUS authentication and network virtualisation is why LANCOM is the choice for
millions of businesses around the world.

Long & Short distance secure WiFi bridges
LANCOM offers reliable wireless bridges to connect two remote sites using 2.4GHz or 5Ghz
technology with a line-of-sight connection that can span upto 15km. Completely secured and
flexible to meet various business challenges our wireless bridge kits can connect remote offices,
extend broadband coverage and more.
    41 intervieW

     gold rUsh
is ethernet the new gold? is 2012 the start of the
ethernet gold rush? only time will tell, but what
we do know is that demand for faster, more reliable
connectivity is on the increase. this is, according
to Lee Broxson of Griffin, creating a golden
opportunity for resellers to upgrade their dsl
circuits and is opening doors to more core sales and
protecting future revenues for resellers today.                                                        Lee Broxson of Griffin

Comms Business Magazine (CBM): What                   needs of their customers. Resellers are focussingallow total software integration for Ethernet in the
happens when SMEs become more reliant on              on excellent service wraps but their margins are way they do for broadband, Griffin has worked
online services to run their businesses and           being eroded and new recurring revenue streamswith all the major suppliers to automate the
they want faster, symmetrical and more reliable       are required to help meet the targets for the year.process of delivering Ethernet. As a result on-time
connectivity to the Internet?                         CBM: So if you have 1000 broadband customers        delivery has improved to 96% on average and
Lee Broxson of Griffin (LB): If users don’t want to    and you find that the rate of signing up new every partner is provided with weekly updates of
share the bandwidth with anyone else and they         broadband customers is declining and your           every Ethernet circuit in progress.
need the service fixed quickly when they have a       churn rate is increasing what can you do?               Step 2: Give your new list of prospects to
problem then Ethernet has become the obvious          LB: We see the solution as a three step process. your sales team, who can call or email out the
choice attracting more carriers into the market,          Step 1: We know that there is pent-up           information to customers. In most cases there
creating a wider choice of products, broader                                                              will
                                                      demand for faster, more reliable connectivity. Find be few barriers to your customer upgrading.
coverage and lower prices. This unlocks more          out what upgrades are available for those 1000 Supplier like ourselves offers zero set-up
pent-up demand and volumes surge again-and            customers before they have to ask you and more charge options on all products and very often
so on. This is creating a fantastic opportunity for   importantly before they are approached by your the customer will not even have to change their
resellers to up-sell their DSL customers into long    competition. If you trust your ISP not to use your username, password and IP address. Most of your
term, high value Ethernet contracts.                  data for their own prospecting ask them if they customers will be comfortable with committing
    If you own the motorway you are in prime          have automated tools to ‘wash’ databases for to three or five year contracts in return for a
position to provide the services that travel over     FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet). Griffin has washed better deal and this gives you security of revenue
your road (Ethernet). If these services are easy to   over 100,000 telephone numbers for partners in as well as giving them security of supply. If you
sell, you can focus on service and watch Average      this way since we launched FTTC and coverage are worried about your customer going bust in
Revenue Per Customer increase. If competitors         has climbed rapidly. Today the score for CLIs       a longer term contract - don’t be. Griffin runs a
want to get to your customers they are going to       in enabled exchanges regularly exceeds 40%. liquidation protection scheme that limits your
have to go through you and why would you help         For your larger business customers that could cancellation liability to 12 months whatever the
when you can retain the customer and the margin       justify moving up to Ethernet we provide resellerscontract term.
yourself?                                             with self-service automated quoting tools via           Step 3: Run your return on investment report.
    The business broadband market is saturated        our partner portal. This doesn’t only generate      How much did you spend on acquiring new
and resellers are under pressure to compete with      thousands of prices every day it is also a real- business from your existing base and how many
the larger players, who are on a mission to win       time database of the installation performance of new contracts did you win? If you use suppliers
bases from each other by combining services and       every carrier against their published lead-time. like Griffin to generate your leads for you and
promoting price-led campaigns. Resellers are          Furthermore each quote details the support SLAs use your existing sales teams often no additional
reacting by increasing their portfolio of broadband   offered by each carrier as well as any other        spend generates new business.
services to get the best wholesale pricing and by     potential benefits to using that carrier over other
creating bespoke packages designed to meet the        Ethernet suppliers. Although none of the carriers

    Want to expand into Ethernet?                                                            Be empowered by Entanet,
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    products at up to 80Mbps, as well as        business via LLU, supported by an
    fixed price Fibre.                          800Gbps core network.
    All products are uncontended, unlimited     Portfolio includes ADSL, SDSL, VDSL,
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    packet loss and latency –                   Access products. Available as internet,
    vital for supporting SIP and Cloud          MPLS, and interconnect options.
                                                All our services are managed and
    Our resellers can check availability, get   provided with 24/7 tech support.
    quotes and order online.
                                                A UK support team, based in Somerset,
    Industry leading support – 30 day lead      with an average support experience of
    times on EFM and no support call            8 years.
                                                Full support packages are available,
    Easynet was established in 1994,            including a dedicated account team,
    we have many years of experience            marketing packages, training, and pre-
    providing Internet Access and data          sales consultancy support.
    networking to UK businesses.

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it’s not JUst aBoUt
BandWidth… it’s the Way
yoU Use it that CoUnts!
a new study carried out by easynet and ipanema technologies found that 82% of
businesses suffer application performance problems. matthew Cantwell, Product &
marketing manager at easynet discusses the importance of understanding network
performance and how that relates to your customers’ needs.

T   he gradual shift towards cloud adoption means that reliable connectivity    saving benefits, VoIP has become a definite fixture among the UK’s SMEs.
    is currently more crucial than ever to the UK’s small and medium-sized      Whilst some providers (such as those now espousing the credentials of
businesses. Network is now so important that almost every business owner        their Fibre to the Cabinet offerings) may advertise impressive speeds at
is faced with two options: either become a network expert or find someone       knockdown prices, these do not take into account other factors that are
who is and it’s here that the reseller, has a vital role to play. As trusted    necessary for implementing a VoIP service that works. Packet loss, latency
advisors to their customers, resellers must recognise the importance of the     and contention must be considered, but are not the be-all and end-all.
network and ensure that it is not overlooked in the solutions they offer.       The ability to apply QoS to voice traffic has a considerable impact on your
    Over recent months there has been much hype surrounding Next                customer’s service.
Generation Access (NGA) and the ever-increasing bandwidth options                  In today’s marketplace it is no longer enough to offer off-the-shelf
available—however is offering the fastest speeds really the only focal point    services—if a reseller wishes to stand out from the crowd they must be
that resellers should be concentrating on?                                      able to position themselves as network experts. They must fully understand
    Our recent ‘Killer Apps 2012’ study, found that performance problems        the strategic objectives of their customers’ deployments and be able to
are highly prevalent across networks, with 74% citing business-critical         recommend a solution that will meet those needs.
applications as being most at risk. In addition, the results unearthed a           To find out more about becoming an Easynet Partner, call us today on
worrying trend on how such problems are discovered, with user complaints        0800 053 0600 or email us on ukecsales.frontdesk@easynet.com
the second most common source of monitoring issues across networks.

application performance issues are on the rise
    85% of respondents reported speed and responsiveness problems in
the past 12 months with the majority citing line of business, voice and
collaboration applications as being the most likely to suffer performance
problems. Furthermore, 43% of companies highlighted that these issues are
becoming more frequent.

there is a lack of visibility when it comes to
networked applications
    69% do not have visibility of the bandwidth requirements each network
application requires, while a third of respondents do not know the number
of apps running on their corporate network. 55% of respondents rely on the
‘final line of defence’, namely user complaints, as their primary performance

for many businesses the network is ‘over
provisioned’ suggesting inefficient application of
    72% of respondents said the network is only used to its full data
transmission capacity occasionally or very infrequently. The vast majority of
companies (86%) report increasing bandwidth requirements.                          Matt Cantwell

    What this study demonstrates is that more and more businesses are
suffering from application performance problems and that this issue is on
the increase. For resellers looking to truly differentiate themselves, they
need to prove that they understand network performance and not just
    In the design and build of corporate networks, application management
is certainly an important consideration but it also has a role to play in the   *The Killer Apps 2012 report was compiled based upon field research conducted this year with
provision of internet access. As a mature technology with significant cost      551 unique respondents consisting of CIOs, IT Directors, IT Managers or Network Managers. To
                                                                                find our more call us on 0800 0853 0600.
    45 4g road test

trefor davies, the Cto of timico
technology group and technology
mentor for newnet Wholesale,
has trialled the o2 4g service
in london and says, “4g is like
lightning; it’s an eye opener and
seriously enhances the mobile data
experience.” here is tref’s day in
the life of a 4g user.

M     obile data is already an important feature
      in the business communication landscape.
As an ISP we see demand for it in the area of
                                                     it is still many Mega-bits apart from its fixed line
                                                          The mobile companies are poised to change
                                                                                                                home ADSL2+ connection so I couldn’t grumble.
                                                                                                                I knew I could do better than this. Roaming
                                                                                                                around town on the top deck of a number 25 bus
machine to machine, rapid site deployment,           all this with LTE (Long Term Evolution) otherwise          I got 15.5Meg down and amazingly 25Megs up –
backup solutions for disaster recovery scenarios     known as 4G. Trials are being conducted in a               near Wardour Street. The ping times for all these
and of course straightforward internet browsing      small number of locations in the UK. Timico is             measurements were impressive.
and email access from mobile devices.                the first O2 Service Provider partner to be invited            In torrential rain I moved around on foot
     The strategic importance of mobile data         onto their London trials I am pleased to be able to        dipping into various places to check out the
has even led Timico to invest in an Ethernet         report on my experiences.                                  speeds and moving generally towards known
connection direct into the O2 network. We can             This service is like lightening. It’s fast, speedy;   good hotspots.
now offer mobile MPLS solutions that sit within      call it what you like it’s a life changer. It’s been
the same environment as existing fixed line MPLS     one of those projects that has been a pleasure to          had to find a PUB…
networks - ideal for businesses that need security   be involved in.                                                In the end I took shelter in a pub called the
in both fixed and mobile networks.                        With only 25 masts around central London              Devonshire Arms on Duke Street, just off Oxford
     Over the last year or two in the UK the focus   coverage is nowhere near what you would                    Street. Sat in the window and sipping a cup of
in fixed line broadband has been on Fibre To The     describe as ubiquitous but this is only a trial.           tea I hit the jackpot with 40Megs down and 23
Cabinet, or in marketing jargon Fibre Broadband.     When in a coverage area the speeds are great.              Megs up. I did various tests including varying
With downlink speeds of “up to”40Mbps (to            I started off in McDonalds at Kings Cross with             the browser - Chrome was much better than IE.
be upgraded to 80Mbps this coming April) the         a dongle fresh out of the box. After installation          I also did video calls with both Timico’s own VoIP
technology is revolutionising how people use         of the software, which was easy, the dongle                service and Skype.
their broadband connection. Add in the growth in     performed an automatic firmware upgrade, also                  The highest I have seen recorded is 97Megs
high quality streaming video and gaming services     easy, using its own 4G connection.                         in the O2 Arena itself. The 2,600MHz LTE itself
and it is easy to see how the additional available        At McDonalds I was getting over 13Mbps                will go to 150megs but the dongle tech doesn’t
bandwidth will be consumed.                          down and 540Kbps up which in my mind was a                 currently support this. We do have to remember
     Until very recently the mobile world, in the    bit disappointing though I’m not sure it should            this is very much a test rather than a production
UK at least, has remained firmly in the domain       have been. I have experimented with O2s 4G                 rollout so it isn’t going to be perfect but even
of 3G – a technology that now seems relatively       at their offices in Slough and seen much faster            considering this the experience has been great.
stone aged compared with Fibre Broadband.            speeds both up and down than this. In fact this                There were a few observations to be made
HSDPA makes the experience more bearable but         speed at McDonalds is faster than I get from my            out of this trial. The raw speed I saw with O2s 4G
                                                                                                                         4g road test 46

was terrific when in good coverage areas. The          paying for the bandwidth they use.                     bandwidth is better than no bandwidth. 4G
amount of data you can download in a very small            From an end user perspective the ability           becomes a viable solution for offices – even
amount of time is going to change the game.            to have genuinely fast internet access on your         company HQs.
In upgrading the dongle firmware for example I         laptop, tablet or mobile phone is going to change         Of course with many more people on a
used 50MB in around a minute. If you consider          their experience. Whilst WiFi is becoming more         production 4G network the average speeds
that until recently a typical fair use policy for an   common, at least in pubs, coffee shops and other       available may well come down but LTE really is a
unlimited data package was 500MB then you can          public places the need to authenticate is still a      game changer.
see that the model is going to have to change.         nuisance. Also not having to wait whilst a screen
The backhaul capacity that mobile operators            loads up on your mobile phone needs to become
are going to have to build in to their networks is     a human right!
going to have to see growth measured in orders             It is certainly going to drive more business         footnote
of magnitude.                                          into the mobile environment. Timico, for example,            It’s nice to be in a position of being
    Spectrum allocation for 4G rollout is going to     gives all its sales force an iPad so that they           able to play with these new toys but there
be very important. At 2,600MHz the bandwidth           can demonstrate Timico applications and our              is a very serious business side to this. As
you can get is much higher than at 800MHz, say.        customer portal on the fly at a customer’s               those of you who have met me recently
However the in-building penetration at the higher      premises. An iPad with 40Megs of bandwidth all           will probably know I’ve been testing the
speed is not as good so the overall network            of a sudden becomes a low cost endpoint for a            technology for a few weeks now - Timico is
design represents an interesting (though not           telepresence HD conferencing system.                     the first O2 service Provider partner to be
insurmountable I’m sure) challenge for engineers.          The gaming experience is going to be great.          given access to their 4G network. It forms
    This makes the forthcoming Ofcom spectrum          Who knows what mobility combined with high               part of the long term mobile data strategy
auction important – there is a mix of spectra that     speed internet will do for that industry, freed from     of our business and follows nicely on from
is going to be optimum for commercial success.         the shackles of the lounge or the bedroom. City          the direct connection into the O2 network I
    As a side note it is going to be interesting to    wide action games? Orienteering for the 21st             referred to at the start of the post.
see how much the operators are prepared to pay         century?                                                     I should finish off with a big thank you
for spectrum. They all think they overpaid for 3G          The use of mobile technology for backup              to O2 for including me in the trials. It’s good
but the demand has not been there for most of          purposes will also extend into many more                 to be able to work with such a progressive
the time that 3G has been around. It is different      areas of businesses. Typically 3G is used where          partner.
this time and people are starting to get used to       only low bandwidth is required or where any

  Trefor Davies enjoys some high speed 4G access and a very dodgy looking cup of tea!

                             The partner portal                                                Be empowered by Entanet,
                             that puts your business                                                 call 0333 101 0808

                             at your finger tips                                    https://synergi.enta.net

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    47 intervieW

Comms Business magazine talks to
James Palmer, Ceo of nine group
about some of the business drivers
for connectivity and fast access to
find out how resellers can upgrade
their customers to empower their

T   he ‘How to Sell More’ strategies that Nine Group has
    developed can be applied to any set of products and
applications in our market. Nine believes that through the
adoption of their Train > Guide > Win strategy they will enable
business growth and enhanced profitability for their reseller
    CEO James Palmer explains, “In developing the strategy,
Nine Group invested in extensive research to identify the
business drivers users consider before purchasing new products
and applications. As a result we have aligned our products and
services to the Nine Drivers we found to be most important.
    If we look at just three of the Nine Drivers we identified in
relation to selling communication services, then you can see
how the process works and how successful resellers can be.
    Here are some very basic examples to show how simple
it can be to cross-sell and up-sell using this driver focused
approach. For example, “You say you’re interested in Managing
Risk, perhaps you should consider moving to Premium Care
Levels for your WLR services? Or perhaps taking a backup ADSL
                                                                                                                    James Palmer, Ceo of nine group
service given you’ve advised that email is business critical for
you?” Not a bad start.
    When it comes to Managing Risk, many companies still hold their                common and EFM and Ethernet Fibre services provide the possibility of even
company data onsite, using antiquated backup methods such as tape or               higher speeds with even more bandwidth and resiliency.
portable hard drives. Upgrading their connectivity will make cloud based               Being able to effectively Manage Change is another driver for business
applications such as remote data back-up easier and far more reliable.             and a difficult process for many organisations. For resellers the task of
    Likewise, when it comes to another driver, Improving Customer Service,         helping their customer through these change cycles is a huge opportunity
time critical delivery of data and information could affect the service level so   to secure more revenues and provide their customers a growing portfolio of
a leased line service or higher capacity circuit with lower or no contention       integrated services.
would result in a faster service and improved service levels.                          Increasingly applications will become cloud based. For example at Nine,
    One Driver where network improvements can have a significant impact            our provisioning and service portals are now in the cloud so connectivity is
upon achieving business goals is in Mobilising your Workforce.                     key for our reseller partners. The billing software provider we purchased a
    It is very important in today’s 24/7/365 world for an organisation to          year or so ago, Dataflow Communications, only provides web hosted billing
have a well informed and mobile workforce that can demonstrate speed               software. Software is now regularly provided via the web, so connectivity
of response to customer demands as a key differentiator over their                 is key.
competitors. Fast, reliable and secure networks have a huge role to play.              Change is of course constant, so resellers retaining focus on a single
    Remote and home based workers, in fact any mobile worker from any              solution type are running the risk of that solution not necessarily being
location, needs fast and reliable connectivity just as though they were in         the right one for their customers. In addition Customers do not necessarily
their corporate HQ. The virtual private network (VPN) of today’s Enterprise        understand all the technology so can rarely provide their own complete
Customers will become the cloud based service of tomorrow’s SME’s as it            solutions but they do understand what drives their Business. When a
will offer greater scalability and flexibility as well as a lower cost per user.   reseller is asking questions about business drivers, they are talking their
    Four or five years ago it was difficult for many organisations to get          customers’ language – an immediate advantage. Sorting out and identifying
cost effective connectivity in the office at more than 4Mbps. Speeds were          the priorities and relevance of these drivers is the key to selecting the right
considerably slower for mobile workers. Today that has changed with                type of connectivity the user needs to achieve their goals.
ADSL2+ being an entry level service for the office and with 4G mobile                  And the profitability derived from keeping the customer happy achieves
services just around the corner. Speeds of 10/20 and 40 Mbps are now               the resellers’ goal.
Data Solutions • Voice • Mobile • Managed Billing                                                      TM

Hungry bandwidth
Automated Ethernet and EFM quotation
checker now available!

Ethernet Price Promise – Find the same
service and offer for less, we’ll match it
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  portfolio.                                            • We have a proven track record for delivering an
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No games, just great service
                                                                    For more information

                                                              Call: 0808 178 4555
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   49 intervieW

Comms Business magazine                                the carriers available
                                                       at any given location
talks to michael davies,                               as well as data on
Business development                                   lead times and pricing
director at mdnx about the                             – all the information
                                                       and support they need
role of the aggregator and                             to make informed
do resellers really need a                             decisions, at the
managed services offering                              touch of a button.
                                                       Conversely a reseller
to put together more                                   offering customised
sophisticated networks?                                solutions can take
                                                       advantage of full
                                                       Account Management             Michael Davies, Business Development Director at MDNX
                                                       and Technical support
Comms Business Magazine (CBM): How can a               centred around the
network integrator help channels?                      MDNX carrier integration model. They do this safe benefits they bring. Bigger, longer contracts with
Michael Davies, Business Development Director          in the knowledge that their provider has the track increased opportunities to upsell and cross-sell
of MDNX (MD): Resellers originate from a               record, accreditations and expertise built up over     are attractive to most, and consequently those
range of backgrounds but whatever their size           many years to deliver large, scalable managed          who fail to embrace the brave new networked
or specialism, there is a growing acceptance           network services. To a reseller whose business         world may find themselves fighting a rearguard
that adding network solutions into their product       plan is reliant on its ability to attract larger       action against competitors with a more relevant
portfolio is fast becoming a viable opportunity        businesses, achieve greater margins and secure         and differentiated offering.
for growth. For many channel businesses their          longer term contracts this is hugely important.            With MDNX, resellers have the opportunity to
goal is to widen their portfolio to add more value     CBM: What is more important – price or delivery select the type and depth of support they need
into the business. This growth can be driven by        times?                                                 to deliver managed network services. Those
leveraging the differentiation network integration     MD:The answer is wholly dependent upon                 with data skills in abundance and perhaps their
can bring to their service portfolio, along with the   end user requirements, criteria and priorities,        own network management centre can opt for
positive effects it has on customer retention and      which is why the choice offered by MDNX is             a wires only service. Here they enjoy all the
loyalty.                                               of significant benefit to channel partners. For        benefits and differentiation delivered by our
    Network integrators such as MDNX use a true        some of their customers access to a broad              carrier integration model whilst providing the
carrier integration model to provide partners with     range of technologies may be more important            hands on network management themselves.
greater product choice (compared with single or        than the headline price, for others resilience         On the other hand those who wish to make the
limited carrier solutions providers), supported by     requirements and SLAs may take priority over           move into data networking for the first time
more flexible pricing, access to network design        lead times. Whatever the criteria, the flexibility     require a different style of support, which may
expertise, and the potential to innovate as new        and transparency inherent in our approach              include a fully managed service. Here all carrier
technologies emerge. All these benefits can            ensure that channel partners can create the            management, interconnect agreements and
be offered by the channel to their customers,          differentiated offering to best suit customer needs the myriad of other activities and procedures
resulting in better margins over a longer term.        and in so doing create competitive advantage.          involved in professional network management are
There’s no down side from a reseller perspective       CBM: Do resellers really need a managed                handled by the MDNX team - supported by the
as MDNX manages the solution. So channel               services offering to put together more                 expertise, experience and processes that helped
partners can rest assured that the complexities of     sophisticated networks?                                us achieve accreditations like ISO 27001. This
managing the many available carriers lie with us.      MD: At MDNX, our broad range of network                depth of knowledge and track record in handling
    The processes that deliver flexibility and         services allows us to tailor the style of support      some of the UK’s most complex managed service
transparency, benefit channel partners involved in     we can offer partners, ensuring our input aligns       networks were instrumental in our appointment,
“run rate” business as well as larger customised       itself closely with their business objectives. In      along with only a handful of companies, to
solutions. So for example a reseller wishing to        general terms, the ability to put together more        the Government’s PSN Connectivity Services
install Ethernet services for a customer can, via      sophisticated networks is likely to be attractive      Framework Agreement.
the MDNX “Matrix” portal, gain instant access to       to most resellers, because of the upscale

    Wholesale or packaged ADSL,                                                              Be empowered by Entanet,
    ADSL2+ & Fibre broadband...                                                                    call 0333 101 0808

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                                                                                                                                      3RD - 4TH OCTOBER,
                                                                                                                                      SANDOWN PARK,
                                                                                                                                      ESHER, SURREY

                                                   THE CLOUD
                                                  DATA - MOBILE

 Stand packages not only include a presence at the show to over 2,100 key Channel professionals but
  also a wealth of marketing & editorial exposure in Comms Business Magazine, our regular e-casts,
   advertising, direct mail and much more. This equated to a staggering £600,000 based on the rate
               card value for the 2011 Convergence Summit South (£4,550 per exhibitor).
                        But you need to book early to gain the maximum benefit!
              Stand packages start from only £2,450. Call Jamie or Mat on 01892 538348
                      or e-mail sales@commsbusiness.co.uk to find out more!

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Complex Network
        Simple Life
 It’s fair to say that at Virtual1, we don’t sell simple solutions. There is
 nothing standard about us or our networks. We believe that you should
 be able to create the network you want, one which is totally bespoke
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 That’s why at Virtual1, we offer:

 • Multi-access pipe connectivity                                   • Free QoS
 • Every access method and every access speed                       • Free SiP Handoff
   available at every location                                      • Free realtime
 • A choice of MPLS or VPLS; of Fully Managed or Wires Only           monitoring

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