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					4261: Air-Breathing Engines                         Name: _______________________
Concept Quiz #1

Circle all the answer choices that apply:

   1. In a gas turbine engine, the most likely path that air travels through the device is:
          a. Inlet, Turbine, Combustor, Compressor
          b. Combustor, Compressor, Turbine
          c. Inlet, Compressor, Combustor, Turbine, Nozzle
          d. Inlet, Combustor, Turbine, Compressor, Nozzle
   2. In a gas turbine engine, the fuel does not travel through which components?
          a. Combustor                               d. Compressor
          b. Turbine                                 e. Nozzle
          c. Inlet                                   f. Fan
   3. I am ___________ interested in air-breathing propulsion.
          a. Not at all
          b. Somewhat
          c. Highly
          d. I just want to finish my senior year and graduate
   4. The largest diameter turbofan engine is most likely found on a
          a. High performance military fighter aircraft
          b. 4 engine, 747 commercial aircraft
          c. Twin engine, 777 long range commercial aircraft
   5. A compressor ____________________
          a. Does work on the incoming air flow
          b. Does work on the mixture of air and fuel
          c. Extracts work from the air flow
          d. Is neither a work imparting nor a work extraction device
   6. My feelings on reviewing the integral form of mass and momentum equations are:
          a. I already know this stuff, move on to something more interesting
          b. I have a pretty good idea, but a review would be helpful
          c. The more review, the better
   7. The aircraft engine shown below is most likely to be found on a:

          a.   Long range transport aircraft
          b.   Used as a turbo-shaft to power a helicopter rotor
          c.   A high performance military fighter
          d.   This is not an engine
          e.   There should be no concept quizzes on the first day of class

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