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  • pg 1
									                                             The Poop Scoop
                                         Tails and Tidbits for Team Sammie Volunteers and the Animal
                                                   Lovers of Nevada County and Beyond . . . .

                                   Volume III, Issue II                                                                       Fall 2009
 Facts About Us and
 the Work We’ve
                                                       A Big Year for Sammie’s Friends
 •    The NCAC Volunteer
      Program currently has
                                 H   ello to Sammie’s Many
                                                                     horses. Three of these horses
                                                                     were rescued by Fran Cole
                                                                     (volunteer extraordinaire) and
                                                                                                        5th year as a 501(c)(3) non
                                                                                                        profit. 2004 is the official date
                                                                                                        of the beginning of Sammie’s
      over 100 volunteers        This has been quite a year. So
      helping to socialize                                           Sammie’s Friends. They were        Friends. However, all the
                                 much has happened. With
      dogs and cats.
                                 foreclosures and people losing      about one month away from          activities began at the shelter
 •    As of June 2009, the                                           starving to death.                 in 2001 that changed every-
                                 jobs Sammie’s Friends has been
      NCAS had a euthanasia
                                 busier than ever.                   They are all shiny and pretty
      rate of just under 3%
      thanks in large part                                           and back to a normal weight
      to the work of the                                             now. Arial has been adopt-
      volunteers.                                                    ed. Kris Van Roos (volunteer
 •    In the 8 years since                                           exraordinaire) has been training
      Cheryl Wicks went to                                           the beautiful mustang, Mariah.
      the Shelter, over 2000                                         Queenie remains with Fran.
      animals have received
                                                                     Both of these horses need per-
      care from Sammie’s
      Friends.                                                       manent homes.                                  Queenie
                                                                     • In 2008 Sammie’s Friends         thing for the animals of Nevada
                                                                     provided 42,000 pounds of          County. In 2001 Cheryl Wicks
       In This Issue
                                 So far this year we have            food to the cats and dogs of       started the volunteer program
Chuckie’s Excellent       Pg 2   provided medical care for 375       North San Juan and Washing-        and the meager beginnings of
Adventure                        animals. When the going gets        ton. Sammie’s Friends has the      Sammie’s Friends. In 2002
“Bittersweet”             Pg 3   rough Sammie’s Friends just         largest pet food distribution      Dawn Allmandinger started
by Suesan Larsen                 works harder to make up the         program in Nevada County.          the Petfinder website allowing
                                 difference. It is beyond us to                                         animals to be seen all over the
Sammie’s Friends          Pg 4   say no to a suffering animal.                                          world. In 2002 Ruth joined
                                 Sammie’s Friends has the fol-                                          the shelter team and has been
Sammie’s Friends Yard     Pg 4   lowing programs:                                                       helping the animals ever since.
Sale                                                                                                    Thank you to the many many
                                 • Providing medical care for the
                                 shelter animals, so that they                                          many volunteers in this com-
Claudia Sanford           Pg 5
Special Volunteer                can recover from their injuries                                        munity who do so much for the
                                 and illnesses rather than be                                           animals and who help Sammie’s
                                                                               Curly and Moe
Kathleen O’Sullivan       Pg 5   euthanized.                                                            Friends keep on keepin’ on.
Orig. Sammie’s Friend                                                • As of January 2009 the           We couldn’t do it without the
                                 • Providing veterinary care for     county stopped spaying/neuter-     hard work, good spirit and love
Sammie’s Friends          Pg 5   animals in the community that       ing the feral cats and Sammie’s    for the animals that so many
Receives Grant                   have no one else to care for        Friends picked up this program.    bring to the animals. Many
                                 them. This year there have          Thanks to a generous grant
“Winter Health Tips       Pg 6                                                                          thanks to those who donate
                                 been more animals with no one       from PetSmart Charities and
for your Pet”                                                                                           money to the cause to help the
                                 to care for them.                   help from Animal Spay/Neuter       animals.
Sammie’s Friends          Pg 7   • Our horse program provides        Clinic in Auburn, we are able to
Submits Proposal                                                                                        Hugs to all creatures two and
                                 veterinary care and farrier         do this for the cats.
                                                                                                        four legged.
“Ridin’ High”             Pg 8   services for horses. This year      Sammie’s Friend celebrated its
                                 Sammie’s Friends has helped 14                                         Cheryl

                                                      Visit us at www.sammiesfriends.org
Volume III, Issue II                                                                The Poop Scoop Page 2
                                      Chuckie’s Excellent Adventure
               Chuckie is a sweet pit bull mix     take him to Salem, Oregon
               who came to the Nevada Coun-        if Jose will meet me there”.
               ty Animal Shelter a while back      Now that’s a 520 mile trip
               along with his associate Kong.      one way. Jose agreed to
               Kong was not so friendly to oth-    meet Curt there on Au-
               er dogs and was sent to LA for      gust 2nd. So, off Curt and
               some rehabilitation. Chuckie, on    Chuckie went at 4 am on
               the other hand was a great big      thier adventure. As luck
               sweet heart but was difficult to    would have it, the tem-
               place because of his breed. He      peratures moderated that
               has the biggest head you could      morning and the trip was
               imagine. Well, we just had to       made in good time. They
               find him a home, so Cheryl put      arrived in Salem at 12:30
   Chuckie     on her thinking cap and located     pm and met Jose right on
               a person just over the border in    schedule.
               British Columbia who was look-      Chuckie being the sweetie-
               ing for a dog companion for his     pie that he is, warmed up
               Mastiff mix. He saw Chuckie on                                            Chuck, the Backseat Driver
                                                   to Jose immediately and off
               PetFinder and called us about                                            Curt turned around and made it
                                                   they went to Vancouver, BC.
               him.                                                                     back home to Grass Valley by 9
                                                                                                       Jose sent us some
  Chuckie,                                                                                             pictures of his
 being the                                                                                             trip back home
                                                                                                       with     Chuckie,
sweetie-pie                                                                                            and later sent
                                                                                                       some pictures of
 that he is,                                                                                           Chuckie’s     new
warmed up                                                                                              home and pal
to Jose im-                                                                                            In all, it was an
 mediately                                                                                             excellent adven-
                                                                                                       ture for all in-
                                                                                                       volved, and now
                                                                                                       Chuckie is lead-
                                                                                                       ing the good life
                                                                                                       with a good fam-
                                                                                                       ily and new pal.

                                        Chuckie meets and greets Jose in Salem

               Jose, the potential adopter
               in Canada asked all the right
               questions and we were sati-
               fied that this would be a good
               home for Chuckie. The problem
               was, how to get him to British
               Columbia. This was just at the
               time that they were having a re-
               cord heat wave in Seattle, the
               closest airport and the airlines
               would not transport a dog with
               these temperatures. It was just
               not a good idea. That’s when
               Curt, Cheryl’s partner said “I’ll                        Chuckie and his pal Alexia

                                   Visit us at www.sammiesfriends.org
Volume III, Issue II                                                                                The Poop Scoop Page 3

                                                                                Suesan Larsen

                                             I  f you have
                                             tered a dog
                                                                opsy results were “bad”.   So,
                                                                2 nights turned into 4. With
                                                                each passing day I became
                                                                                                    putting on weight. His energy
                                                                                                    level was increasing . He was
                                                                                                    becoming a juvenile delinquent.
                                             you know the       more and more attached to           I was so happy! He is so mis-
                                             mix of joy and     Bandit. Instead of sleeping         chievous and funny. We were
                                             sadness when       with my husband I was sleep-        getting a glimpse of a healthy
                                             you        have    ing with the dog! Probably not      Bandit. After almost 3 weeks
                                             found        the   a recommendation that a mar-        at my home it was time to take
                                             perfect home.      riage counselor would make!         him to his new forever home.
                                             Usually I fos-                                         It was a bittersweet day for
                                                                Finally good news arrived in the
                                             ter a dog and                                          me. I had grown quite fond
                                                                form of a benign biopsy report.
                                             fail.   By fail                                        of this funny faced Boxer. On
            Bandit before surgery                               It appeared that the tumor was
                                            I mean that                                             the day we left, Bandit was up
                                                                the result of a foreign body.
                            it no longer is a foster, it has                                        to 30lbs and was eating solid
                                                                The surgery was curative! This
                            become a member of my fam-                                              food. He had come a long way.
                                                                meant that Bandit could be
                            ily. But not this time, I did       placed. Not so fast though , he     We made it to our Northern CA
                            it, I actually placed a dog.        still needed some recovery time     destination. The family was just
                           His name is Bandit he is a           under his belt and more meat        as wonderful as we had hoped.
                           sweet not a mean bone in his         on his bones. Well, since he had    They welcomed not only Bandit,
                           body, Boxer. He was brought                                              but Cheryl and myself into their
                           to the Nevada County Animal                                              home. It was clear that Ban-
                           Shelter in mid August. He was                                            dit was in the right place. Af-
                           skin and bones, and weighed                                              ter spending a couple of hours
                           in at a mighty 26 pounds,                                                visiting, Cheryl and I said our
                           “Dead Dog Walking“. With the                                             goodbyes. I felt terribly sad
                           help of Sammie’s Friends, Ban-                                           that I was leaving my friend be-
                           dit received the medical care                                            hind but I remembered the les-
                           he needed. After several diag-                                           sons he taught me in his short
                           nostic tests it was determined                                           time with me. “Forgiveness“,
                           that Bandit needed exploratory                                           Bandit loved everyone and ev-
                           surgery. The ultrasound had            Bandit travels to his new home    erything. He clearly had been
                           revealed that he had a mass
                           in his stomach.     Dr. Tim at       been with me for several days
  Bandit and his foster
     mom, Suesan
                           Mother Lode Veterinary Hos-          now it just wouldn’t be right to
                           pital successfully removed the       move him, hmm. I was fall-
                           mass and discovered he had an        ing into the foster failure trap.
                           ulcer as a result of the mass.       In the mean time, Cheryl Wicks
    Every day              It was no wonder Bandit was          was fielding several inquiries
                           so skinny. He was surely in a
   Bandit got              lot of pain and was unable to
                                                                regarding Bandit.       Numer-
                                                                ous people sent in donations
    a little bit           keep food down prior to sur-         to Sammie’s to help pay off
                           gery. The mass was biopsied          his large medical bill. There
  stronger and             to determine the cause. It                                                Bandit and his new pal Cameo
                                                                were also several individuals
                           would be a couple of days be-
  was putting              fore we received the results.
                                                                that were interested in adopt-
                                                                                                    neglected but yet he held no
                                                                ing him. Bandit had become
   on weight.              After surgery I offered to take      a local celebrity.    As Cheryl     grudges. A zest for life despite
                                                                                                    his adverse circumstances. He
                           Bandit home. I felt comfort-         considered each party that
                                                                                                    wanted to live, there was no
                           able caring for a dog that was       wanted Bandit , there was one
                                                                                                    doubt about that. Each day he
                           recovering from surgery.        I    family that seemed to stand
                                                                                                    greeted with enthusiasm.        I
                           would surely only have him           out. They had been interested
                                                                                                    can’t help but smile when I think
                           a night maybe two. (ha) Al-          in Bandit ever since they had
                                                                                                    about him. His family updates
                           though there were several            seen him on Sammie’s Friends
                                                                                                    me on his life frequently and
                           people that offered to take          Website.      It would mean a
                                                                                                    last I heard he was 42 pounds,
                           Bandit after he had a couple of      road trip for Cheryl and myself.
                                                                                                    and having the time of his life!
                           nights at my home, there was         Every day Bandit got a little
                           no point in moving him if his bi-                                        Cheers Bandit!
                                                                bit stronger and was gradually

                                                    Visit us at www.sammiesfriends.org
Volume III, Issue II                                                                                  The Poop Scoop Page 4

                                                    Sammie’s Friends Frustrations:
                                               Pups with Parvo and Run-Over Chihuahuas
                             Please, people, take care of        apart before it is considered im-   have very little or no money.
                             your pets.    This summer I         munized. You should not have        I also receive calls about larger
                             have been called endlessly          your puppy out in public until      dogs being run over. I’ve re-
                             about puppies with parvo and        it has been fully immunized. I      ceived too many calls of dogs
                             chihuahuas that have been           cringe when I see all the pup-      falling over the side of the back
                             run over.  This is inexcusable      pies walking around town on         of a pick-up and the owner not
                             and shouldn’t be happening.         the hot cement and too young        realizing it and dragging the
                                                                 to have been fully immunized.
                             It costs anywhere from $10 to                                           dog.     Yes dragging the dog.
                             $30 for a vaccination to prevent    Now, for dogs that have been        It’s pretty darn awful. I cringe
                             parvo and anywhere from $600        run over. Please, if you have       every time I see a dog in the
                             to $1,000 to care for a puppy,      a dog of any type, have it on       back of a pick up. The dog be-
                             sick with parvo, that needs to be   a leash if it is anywhere near      longs in the cab where it is safe.
                             hospitalized. Parvo is a deadly     a road, even if you are stand-      Please people, take care of your
                             virus that attacks the intestinal   ing right by it. I have endless     pets so they don’t need these
                             lining of a puppy and causes        calls about run over dogs, chi-     expensive interventions. Save
                             bloody diarrhea and vomiting        huahuas in particular. If there     money for your pet’s medical
                             and severe dehydration. With-       were no Sammie’s Friends,           care.    Even healthy animals
                             out veterinary intervention, the    these dogs would be euthanized      need some veterinary care.
                             puppy will die. A puppy needs       as they nearly always have
                             three vaccinations three weeks      broken bones and the owners         - Cheryl Wicks

                                                           Sammie’s Friends Yard Sale
                                            Sammie’s Friends     Among the items were a very         please let us have some of
                                            held a yard sale     useable air compressor, an          those items you have been
                                            in Grass Valley      antique (ca. 1920) bed frame,       wanting to clear out of your
                                            on the Labor Day     may books, both hard-back           garages and storage areas.
                                            Weekend hosted       and paperback, and lots of          Events like these are very impor-
                                            by Lori Perry and    clothes and kitchen items.          tant to support non-profits. Yard
                                            her family. There    Over $1,500 was raised              sales, at this time of economic
                                            were many great      at this event,   for which                                   popular
                                                                                                     uncertainty are very popular.
                                            items up for sale    we    are   very    grateful.
                                            and almost all                                           We thank Lori and her fam-
                                            of them were         Sammie’s Friends will be            ily for supporting Sammie’s
    Sharon admires a T-shirt she found at
              the yard sale.                snatched up by       holding yard sales in the fu-       Friends and making her place
                                            happy shoppers.      ture, so if you are interested,     available for this fund raiser.

  If you would like us to email you a pdf version of the Poop Scoop in the future, send an email to info@sammiesfriends.org

  YES, I want to help make a difference in the lives of the unwanted animals of Nevada County! Sammie’s Friends is a volun-
  teer organization created to raise veterinary funds for the animals at the Nevada County Animal Shelter and other disad-
  vantaged animals in the community. Our work with the animals is made possible by the donations of generous individuals
  in our community. All donations are greatly appreciated, and all monies raised are for the benefit of the animals. Checks
  may be submitted to the address below, or visit our website at www.sammiesfriends.org and click on the Paypal link for
  credit or debit cards donations.

  Name:                         _________________________________________________

  Address:                      _________________________________________________

  City, ST, Zip:                _________________________________________________

  Phone Number:                 __________________________ Donation Amount:_______________________

  As a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit, all donations made to Sammie’s Friends are fully tax-deductible and can be mailed to
  Sammie’s Friends, 128 High Street, Grass Valley, CA 95945.
                                                                                          THANK YOU!

                                                Visit us at www.sammiesfriends.org
Volume III, Issue II                                                                                  The Poop Scoop Page 5

     Claudia Sanford: Sammie’s Friends Volunteer Extraordinaire
Claudia Sanford started as a         torcycle ride for three years and    Ready Volunteer Fire Depart-
morning dog walker at the Ne-        spearheaded food sales at the        ment. Claudia has worked at
vada County Animal Shelter five      Nevada County Food and Toy           Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospi-
years ago. She was encour-           Run. Her daughters, son Chris        tal for 13 years as a cardiology
aged to volunteer at the shel-       and husband, Ralph, helped           technician. In addition
ter by her daughter, Stepha-         organize these events and sup-       to working full time
nie, who was a dog walker and        ported her efforts. She start-       and doing fund rais-
then teamed up with another          ed writing grants for Sammie’s       ing and grant writing
daughter, Sarah, to carry on the     Friends three years ago. She         for Sammie’s Friends,
dog-walking tradition. She has       states she thoroughly enjoys         Claudia has recently
fostered kittens and cats and        writing grants. The grant writ-      completed the require-
adopted all but one of her dogs      ing process involves extensive       ments for her Bache-
from the shelter. Though she no      research and writing and can         lor’s Degree in Busi-
longer walks dogs, she contin-       sometimes take several months.       ness     Administration
ues to be an avid supporter of                                            and continues to take
                                     Claudia lives in Grass Valley
the animals at the shelter and                                            classes in accounting.
                                     with her husband, Ralph Ellis,
homeless pets everywhere.            who also spends a great deal of      She hopes her hard
                                                                          work will encourage Clauda Sanford and husband Ralph
Claudia has supported Sammie’s       his time volunteering. He is a
                                                                          others to reach for Ellis and their dogs Tina and Annie
Friends through her planning,        member of the Nevada County
                                                                          their dreams as well.
organizing, and carrying out the     Sheriff’s Search and Rescue and
“Ride for Sammie’s Friends” mo-      a firefighter with the Rough and

              Kathleen O’Sullivan: An Original Sammie’s Friend
Kathleen began volunteering          tinues to bring joy and love         well-socialized until old enough
at the Nevada County Animal          to Kathleen and her hus-             to be placed in “forever” homes.
Shelter in 2001. At the time         band. Charlie is lovingly called     A year ago Kathleen
she and Cheryl were the only         the “border collie on stilts”        and her husband Russ
two volunteers walking dogs.         when anyone asks his breed.          moved      permanently
Her first week of volunteer-         Kathleen began taking entire lit-    to Nevada City. Russ
ing at the shelter was heart-        ters of puppies surrendered to       sometimes        wishes
breaking. Puppies were being         the shelter and founded Pound        Kathleen had a differ-
euthanized due to overcrowd-         Puppy Rescue, a non-profit orga-     ent passion when foster
ing. She watched in horror as        nization. To date she has saved      puppies are taking over
the third in a litter of beautiful   and placed over 1200 puppies.        their home but for the
border collie mix puppies was        Pound Puppy Rescue takes pup-        most part he is a good
being taken to the euthana-          pies out of overcrowded shelters     sport. Although Russ
sia room. What to do? Rescue         where they are at risk for dis-      does not share her sen-
the last two puppies of course!
                                     ease and euthanasia. Puppies         timent Kathleen thinks       Kathleen and her dogs Apache,
One of those puppies is now          are fostered in private homes        there is nothing bet-               Jada and Charlie
8-year-old Charlie and he con-       where they are kept healthy and      ter than puppy breath!

      Sammie’s Friends Receives Grant for Feral Cat Spay/Neuter
In January 2009 Nevada County        awarded $7,500 to spay/neuter        shots. A wonderful volunteer,
made a decision not to spay/         these cats and to provide rabies     Lauren Drutz, takes these cats
neuter the feral cats that                                                      to the Auburn Spay/Neu-
come to the shelter. This                                                       ter Clinic to have them
was not good news. The                                                          altered. Many thanks to
cats would not be re-                                                           Lauren and the Auburn
leased unaltered so that                                                        Spay/Neuter Clinic.
most assuredly meant                                                              Money from other grants
death for 200 to 250                                                              is used for testing for
cats a year.     Sammie’s                                                         FIV/FELV testing and for
Friends then offered to                                                           (fvcrp) distemper shots.
spay/neuter those cats                                                            Thank you so much for
so they could live.                                                               all of the many people
Sammie’s Friends wrote                                                            and organizations that        Thank You, PetSmart
for a grant to PetSmart                                                           care about the feral cats.
Charities and were                    Feral Cat Colony at Feeding Time

                                                     Visit us at www.sammiesfriends.org
Volume III, Issue II                                                                         The Poop Scoop Page 6

                                          Winter Health Tips for your Pet
                                                        by Dr. Tom Strolle, DVM

                   W     inter is a beautiful sea-
                         son here in the foothills
                   bringing the holidays and out-
                                                        tails.   The favorite sleeping
                                                        place in the summer may have
                                                        become unexpectedly and dan-
                                                                                            ure after eating a large amount
                                                                                            of grapes or raisins. Alcoholic
                                                                                            beverages can cause alcohol
                   door fun in the snow. With           gerously hot. If the heat source    poisoning. Yes, even pets may
                   this season, however, are some       gets knocked over, the entire       overdo it in this area if given
                   potential hazards for your pets      household may be at risk.           the opportunity.
                   that can be avoided with a little    There are several foods and         Holiday plants that can cause
                   foresight and planning.              beverages that can be toxic         problems include lilies (Tiger,
     Dr. Strolle   Senior pets and any pet with         to pets and are often found         Asian and Easter among others)
                   a chronic disease such as                                                    that can cause kidney fail-
                   kidney disease, diabetes,                                                    ure in cats, mistletoe that
                   heart disease, hormonal                                                      can cause gastrointestinal
                   imbalances and arthritis                                                     problems and sometimes
                   can be much more suscep-                                                     cardiovascular problems,
                   tible to the cold. Ideally, all                                              holly which can cause gas-
                   pets should be kept indoors                                                  trointestinal problems, and
                   as much as possible in win-                                                  although generally over-
                   ter weather. If for some                                                     rated in toxicity, poinsettias
                   reason this is not possible,                                                 can cause mild nausea and
                   they should have access to                                                   vomiting.
                   a shelter that is warm, dry                                                   Hazards around the Christ-
                   and protects them from the                                                    mas tree include the Christ-
                   elements. Many cats are                                                       mas tree water which may
                   able to find warm hiding                                                      contain fertilizers, ribbons
                   places like under the hood                                                    and tinsel if ingested, elec-
                   of a car near the engine.                                                     tric cords when chewed on,
                   Before starting the vehicle,                                                  batteries when swallowed
                   make some noise by banging           in greater abundance around         and glass ornaments used for
                   on the hood or honking the           the holidays. Uncooked yeast        batting (think cats) practice.
                   horn.                                dough, if ingested (most cases
                                                        are with dogs) can rise in the      Some miscellaneous toxins to
                   Make sure the outdoor water
                                                        stomach and cause severe pain.      pets often found this time of
                   supply does not freeze. If their
                                                        Some cases like this require        year are antifreeze of which
                   water supply is frozen, they
                                                        surgical removal of the dough.      even a small amount can be
                   may be tempted to drink from
                                                        Semi-sweet and baker’s choco-       lethal, liquid potpourri which
                   unclean sources. It is best to
                                                        late and some dark chocolates       can cause mouth, skin and
                   use plastic or ceramic bowls as
                                                        when ingested can cause intes-      eye damage, rat and mouse
                   their tongues could stick to cold
                                                        tinal upset, hyperactivity and      bait taste as good to your pets
                                                        even seizures. This can hap-        as they do to rodents and are
                   Pay attention to your pet’s feet.    pen with as little as 1⁄2 ounce     equally as deadly, and ice melt-
                   When pets go outside, their          of baker’s chocolate eaten by a     ing products which can irritate
                   paw pads may become mag-             20-pound dog. In dogs, maca-        the paws and mouth.
                   nets for salt, ice, and chemi-       damia nuts can cause muscular       With some simple precautions
                   cal ice melts. Any snow or salt      weakness, depression, vomit-        and awareness, you and your
                   should be removed from your          ing, disorientation, tremors, ab-   pets can enjoy a safe and fun
                   pet’s paws as soon as they           dominal pain and muscle stiff-      winter season. Romp in the
                   come indoors.                        ness in dogs. The effects can       snow and then curl up togeth-
                   Wood stoves, fireplaces and          last days. There have been sev-     er in front of a warm, glowing
                   space heaters can be a hazard        eral cases of dogs and of one       fire.
                   to curious paws and wagging          cat that developed kidney fail-

                   Some additional sources of information about winter care for your pets can be found at these web
                   sites: http://www.doityourself.com/stry/winterdogtips
                   or Google “Winter Health Tips for your Pet. - editor

                                       Visit us at www.sammiesfriends.org
Volume III, Issue II                                                                                         The Poop Scoop Page 7

                  Sammie’s Friends Submits Proposal
At long last, Sammie’s Friends       they operate as collaborators         ing weeks were devoted to get-
has submitted its proposal to        with the County, using a strong       ting detailed cost estimates to
operate the Nevada County            volunteer program to cover the        operate the shelter from vend-
Animal Shelter as a private non-     care and adoption program for         ers like PG&E, telephone, water
profit organization. The pro-        the animals in their shelter.         delivery, accounting and others
posal was delivered to the Ne-                                             to make a financially sound pro-
                                     Cheryl and Curt then met indi-
vada County Buyer’s Office on                                              posal. With this information,
July 14th, two days before the
                                     vidually with each of the Nevada
                                                                           the process of writing the pro-
                                                                                                                         The proposal
                                     County Supervisors to get their
July 16th deadline.                  opinions and concerns about           posal and assembling it took                  effort culmi-
                                                                           two more weeks.
                                                   privatization    of                                                  nates two and
                                                   the Animal Shel-        Included in the proposal were
                                                   ter. They offered       over 45 letters of support from              a half years of
                                                   some encourage-         members of the community. It
                                                   ment and some           was very gratifying to have this              discussions,
                                                   advice about what       much support and made the fi-                      research,
                                                   a successful priva-     nal proposal very impressive.
                                                   tization program        The proposal review process                      plannng and
                                                   would look like.
                                                   We gained a lot
                                                                           was begun after the August 6                        writing.
                                                                           sumittal deadline. It turns out
                                                   from this experi-       that Sammie’s Friends was the
                                                   ence.                   only organization that submitted
                                                    Sammie’s Friends       a proposal. It is under review
                                                    then set up a
                                                    committee         to
            Cheryl signs the prpoposal              discuss how we
                                                    could      privatize
                                       the Shelter and what pros and
The proposal effort culminates cons such an effort might entail.
two and a half years of discus- This committee of 5 to 7 mem-
sions, research, planning and bers provided valuable insight
writing. We began the effort in on specific issues ranging from
March 2007 by discussing with medical care, staffing, working
Rick Haffey, County Executive hours, expanded programs and
Officer, the possibility of priva- other shelter related issues.
tizing the Shelter. We were en-
couraged that the idea was well In March, 2008, Curt submitted
received. Apparently, the idea a white paper that lay out the
had come up a few years earlier benefits to the County of priva-
but was dropped.                       tizing the shelter. This paper
                                       was well received, but the Sher-
Cheryl Wicks and Curt Romander iff still had reservations, primar-                          Cheryl delivers the prpoposal
then began to research other ily about liability issues. Finally,
shelters that had been priva- in October, 2008, after several              and a decision will be made in
tized and found a wide range of discussions with the Undersher-            mid to late October.
experience. In some instances, iff, the Sheriff said he would en-          We are keeping our fingers
privatization led to much more tertain the idea of privatization.          crossed.
efficient operations.
                                       In January, Curt and Cheryl
We visited the Nevada Humane presented a Business Plan that
Society in Reno to get first hand layed out in detail, including a
information about their priva- detailed budget, how Sammie’s
tization of their County Animal Friends would operate the Shel-
Shelter and were given much
good advice and encourage-
ment. We investigated the Ani- The County then began the pro-
mal Shelter operation in Santa cess of preparing a Request for
Barbara County and found that Proposal (RFP) that was finally                      I wuv my momma
                                       issued on June 9th. The follow-

                                                       Visit us at www.sammiesfriends.org
Volume III, Issue II                                                                                  The Poop Scoop Page 8

                                                                       Ridin’ High
                                  On a recent trip to visit a     sic”. While visiting with the    out in the arena, and along
                                  feral cat colony to observe     owner and trainer it was         comes “Tigger” to ride too.
                                  feeding time, we were intro-    mentioned that one of the        We were astonished until we
                                  duced to several mules that     cats on the property liked to    saw a picture of this trio do-
                                  were being trained for vari-    “ride” one of the mules. It      ing their thing. We thought
                                  ous events, including taking    turns out that a grandchild      you would like to see this
                                  part in Nevada County’s re-     of the trainer often rides one   wonderful sight.
                                  nowned “Draft Horse Clas-       of the mules during a work-      - Editor

        Tigger and his
          pal Korey

                                                         Emmalee riding “Sweetie” with “Tigger” on behind

     Tigger on his throne        Sammie’s Friends
                                 128 High Street
                                 Grass Valley, CA 95945

       128 High Street
    Grass Valley, CA 95945

      Phone: 530 272 8833                 Veterinary Care for Disadvantaged Nevada County Animals
Email: info@sammiesfriends.org
                                 Sammie’s Friends is a 501c Non-Profit organization founded in 2004 by Cheryl
                                 Wicks and Curt Romander to provide veterinary aid to the animals at the Nevada
                                 County Animal Shelter. Today, Sammie’s Friends provides medical assistance to
                                 shelter animals and other disadvantaged animals in the community, and works
                                 closely with the NCAS Volunteers who help to socialize and find forever homes for
                                 the unwanted dogs and cats of Nevada County.

                                                Visit us at www.sammiesfriends.org

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