Microscope Questions by 1E6CH1


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Match the microscope part with the correct letter from the diagrams below.

______ Arm                                     ______ Nosepiece                                ______ Diaphragm
______ Body tube                               ______ Eyepiece                                 ______ Mirror/lamp
______ Stage                                   ______ Objective lens                           ______ Base
______ Fine focus knob                         ______ Stage clip                               ______ Stage
______ Coarse focus knob                       ______ Stage opening

Match the microscope part with its function.
         A. Arm                                          F. Eyepiece                                    K. Stage
         B. Base                                         G. Fine focus knob                             L. Stage clip
         C. Body tube                                    H. Lamp/mirror                                 M. Stage opening
         D. Coarse focus knob                            I. Nosepiece
         E. Diaphragm                                    J. Objective lenses
______ Supports the body tube and the stage of the microscope
______ Platform where the slide is placed for viewing
______ Holds the slide firmly in place on the stage
______ Hole in the stage that allows light to pass from the lamp or mirror, through the specimen, and into the body tube
______ Lowermost part of the microscope; provides firm and steady support
______ Holds the eyepiece lens and the objective lens the correct distance apart for magnification
______ Provides the light needed to view the specimen
______ Disk located directly below the stage of the microscope; regulates the amount of light passing through the stage opening
______ Larger knob used to elevate or lower the body tube or stage a large distance with each turn
______ Smaller knob used to elevate or lower the body tube or stage a small distance with each turn; used to make fine adjustments
when focusing on a specimen
______ Located at the upper end of the body tube; focuses light on the retina in the eye; usually has a magnification of 10X; the part
you look through
______ Magnifies the specimen; includes the scanning lens (4X), lower power lens (10X), and the high power lens (40X)
______ Rotates to allow changing objective lens

Determine the total magnification for each microscope listed below.
                             Microscope         Eyepiece         Objective Lens            Total
                                             Magnification       Magnification          Magnification
                                  1               10 x               43 x
                                  2               15 x               100 x
                                  3               10 x                7x

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