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CPT 2012 Update for Lab, Pathology Codes

Below are the new and revised codes for laboratory and pathology services. As of January 1, 2012,
Medicare will not allow a grace period to accommodate coding revisions. The rule requires use of the
medical code set that is valid at the time the service is provided. These codes were obtained from the
Current Procedural Terminology CPT 2012 book published by the American Medical Association.
Questions concerning your utilization of the CPT codes should be addressed with your local carrier/payer,
as coding may vary from one carrier to another.

New CPT Lab Codes for 2012 Medicare Lab Fee Schedule

Code             Test Name

Molecular Pathology Codes
81200-81408    New Molecular Pathology Codes. Medicare requests that Molecular procedures reflect
               both the existing CPT stacked test codes & new single CPT code.

86386            Nuclear Matrix Protein 22 (NMP22), qualitative
86703            HIV-1 and HIV-2, single result

87389            HIV-antigen, with HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies

Revised Surgical Pathology CPT Codes
88312           Special stains including interpretation and report: Group 1 for microorganisms(e.g. acid
                fast, methenamine silver)
88313           Group II, all other (eg. iron, trichrome), except stain for microorganisms, stains for
                enzyme constituents or immuncytochemistry and immunohistochemistry
88314           histochemical stain on frozen tissue block (List separately in addition to code for primary
88319           Group III for enzyme constituents

Deleted CPT Codes
88107         Cytopathology smears and simple filter preparation with interpretation
88318         Determinative histochemistry to identify chemical components (e.g. copper, zinc)

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