Federal Supply Schedule amcase by 0pyKL5


									                                                    Federal Supply Schedule - FSC Group 71, III
                                                    Special Use Furniture
                                                    Contract No: GS-27F-0022K
                                                    Contract Period: 02/01/06 - 9/11/10

amcase                                                 CONTRACTOR: Adams-Mulford, Inc.
                                                       c/o Larry Ingram & Associates
CUSTOMER ORDERING INFORMATION                          839-F Quince Orchard Blvd.
Special Use Furniture                                  Gaithersburg, Md. 20878-1916
Mail Sorting & Distribution Bins                       Voice: (301) 519.1480
Racks & Carts                                          Fax: (301) 519-1487 eFax: (240) 255-0730
Light Duty Small Parts                                 Email: gsa@lianet.us
Cabinets & Storage Bins GSA

1a. SIN’S:                                             11.
71-306 Furniture, Mail Sorting and Distribution        a) TIME OF DELIVERY:
71-310 Industrial & Institutional Furniture            4-6 weeks after receipt of customer signing off on
71-395 Installation (Negotiable per job)               acknowledgement.
71-399: INP (Introduction of new Products not          b) EXPRESS OPTIONS:
currently available under GSA contract.)               N/A
                                                       c) OVERNIGHT & 2ND DAY:
1b. LOWEST PRICED MODEL:                               Contact l|i|a at 301-519-1480 or gsa@lianet.us
71-306 AMMOX12 - $375.00 List                          d) URGENT REQUIREMENTS:
71-310 AMW04X12 - $269.00 List                         Contact l|i|a at 301-519-1480 or gsa@lianet.us
71-399 AMX13X36 - $91.00 List
                                                       12. FOB POINT:
2. MAXIMUM ORDER:                                      Origin. All shipments are FOB Amcase Dock. Freight
$75,000 Net                                            charges will be the responsibility of the agency.
                                                       (Agency should not accept damaged shipments.
3. MINIMUM ORDER:                                      Contractor will assist agency in settling freight
$100 Net                                               claims if documents sufficient to substantiate the
                                                       claim are received within thirty (30) days from the
4. GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE:                                date of shipment.)
48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia
                                                       13a. ORDERING ADDDRESS:
5. PRODUCTION POINT:                                   AMCASE (Adams-Mulford, Inc.)
Winston-Salem, NC                                      c/o LIA & Participating Dealer
                                                       839-F Quince Orchard Blvd.
6. DISCOUNT:                                           Gaithersburg, Md. 20878-1916
All prices shown are list prices.                      Phone: (301) 519-1480
Apply GSA discount of 51.9% from 9/1/05 price list.    Fax: (301) 519-1487 or eFax (240)255-0730
None                                                   13b. ORDERING PROCEDURES:
                                                       For supplies and services, information on BPA's are
8. PROMPT PAYMENT TERMS:                               found in FAR 8.405-3
                                                       14. PAYMENT ADDRESS:
9. CREDIT CARD:                                        Adams-Mulford, Inc.
Accepted for orders below micro-purchase               2882 Ridgewood Park Drive
threshold.                                             Winston-Salem, NC 27107
                                                       DUNS #: 05-043-8118
10. FOREIGN ITEMS:                                     TAX ID #: 56-1443271
None                                                   CAGE CODE: 1RDA6
15. WARRANTY:                                                  24a. ENVIRONMENTAL ATTRIBUTES:
Per Adams-Mulford Standard Warranty see Price                  N/A
List: Terms and Conditions.
                                                               24b. SECTION 508:
16. EXPORT PACKING:                                            Compliant
Write, call or fax for questions or quotes.
                                                               25. ENVIRONMENTAL ATTRIBUTES:
17. CREDIT CARD TERMS:                                         Amcase complies with all State, Federal and Local
None                                                           environmental regulations. Published environmental
                                                               policy available upon request.
N/A                                                            26. DUNS# / TIN / CAGE CODE:
                                                               DUNS #: 05-043-8118
19. INSTALLATION:                                              TAX ID #: 56-1443271
Contact Contractor                                             CAGE CODE: 1RDA6

20. REPAIR PART TERMS:                                         27. CCR NOTICE:
N/A                                                            Amcase is registered in the CCR.

20a. OTHER SERVICES TERMS:                                     28. CANCELLATION:
N/A                                                            No cancellation charge prior to production. After
                                                               production, only cost incurred that cannot be
21. SERVICE & DISTRIBUTION POINTS:                             recovered through resale of merchandise within a
N/A                                                            reasonable length of time (6 months).

22. PARTICIPATING DEALERS:                                     29. RETURN / RESTOCKING:
Contact l|i|a at 301-519-1480 or gsa@lianet.us                 Returns will be subject to a 30% restocking charge
                                                               and government shall pay and bear responsibility
23. PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE:                                  for returns and shall return product FOB
N/A                                                            destination. Returns will not be accepted without
                                                               written authorization and issuance of a return
                                                               authorization number by AMCASE.

              Email: gsa@lianet.us
              On-line access to Contract Ordering Information, Terms, and Conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the option to
              create an electronic delivery order are available through GSA ADVANTAGE! a menu-driven database system.

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