Jan Pawel II PAC Minutes November 2010

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           Parent Advisory Council Meeting of Monday November 08, 2010

Parents:             Zofia Sulige, Henryka Lugowski, Alicja Topciewski, Piotr Pietrzah,
                     Bozena Pomorski, Andy Wlazly, Marcin Pyszniak, Tony Derus,
                     Jarek Jancik, Sylvia Jarzabek, Andrew Wojcik, Bart Hellwig,
                     Ludwika Kowal, Peter Nowak, Margaret Jaros, Monika Lukas,
                     Rafal Lesniak, Bozena Galus

Administration:      Susanna Makale (Principal) susanna.makale@ecsd.net

                     John Groten (Vice Principal) john.groten@ecsd.net

                     Rena Methuen (Vice Principal) rena.methuuen@ecsd.net

Chairperson          Andrew Wojcik

Vice-Chair           Marcin Pyszniak

Treasurer            Kamilla Sulikowski

Secretary            Jacquie Holko

1.0    The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM with a prayer followed by

2.0    Election of officers:         Chairperson Andrew Wojcik

3.0    Swiety Mikolaj

       Santa packages to be distributed on Monday December 6th. $3000.00 has been
       donated from the Bambi program for this special event.

       Packages will be assembled Thursday December 2 at 7:30 PM. All those
       parents who can help are asked to meet in the Art Room. Demonstration of
       Learning is also on this evening. Parent volunteered to be Swiety Mikolaj –

       Marcin will make arrangements with the Sisters to borrow the costume for that
       day. PAC may want to look at financially supporting the future purchase of a
       costume for next year.

4.0   School Plan for Continuous Growth Presentation

      Welcome to Jean Forest Leadership Academy who joined us for this presentation
      from Principal Makale.

      The presentation covered the results of an Accountability survey, District
      Satisfaction and Provincial Achievement scores for St. Basil School. These
      results were then used to develop the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable,
      realistic and timely) goals for the 2010/2011 School year at St. Basil.

      The complete results and Goals will be made available on the St. Basil website.
      Here are a few highlights:

      Goal 1. Code of Conduct

             Using the Safe and Caring School Program and Restorative Justice
             approach to discipline.

             Expectations of behavior have been developed for classroom and

             STAY – Student Team Advisory for Youth

             Rick Cole starts Nov. 15 as school liaison for our district (topics he will
             discuss include bullying, internet safety)

      Goal 2. Increase Proficiency in Reading Comprehension

             Guided reading program for Elementary lead by Vice Principal Groten

      Goal 3. All students will experience Technology

             Teacher training on new technology

             Virtual classroom for at home learning

      Goal 4. Using 21st Century Learning

             Creative thinking, collaboration, teamwork, & technology.

5.0   U of A Donation of 27 microscopes for St. Basil School.


      They will keep us in mind for future donations.

6.0    School Bus Safety

       Principal Makale asked that parent’s review bus safety rules with children. Rules
       are outlined in the November Newsletter on website. Buses are equipped with
       video surveillance some of which have been review recently due to behavior
       issues on buses.

7.0    Dialogue on Spanish and Options for Jr High

       Spanish is not sustainable for JPII. French and band will now be optional with
       Art now being offered as an option for the next school year 2011/2012.

8.0    Power school

       Password needed- these were sent home with students on Oct. 15/10. Please
       contact office if you did not receive one. This allows you to monitor your child’s
       attendance and marks. Teachers have 7 working days to have results posted.
       Parents are encouraged to check this regularly.

9.0    Data Center

       This will be built in St. Basil school where the current band room is. This will
       result in the band room moving to a new location which will be outfitted with
       sound proofing. Lockers from this area will also be relocated upstairs alleviating
       some of the locker space issues on the second floor.

10.0   Website

       A new website will reflect St. Basil as a school with 2 unique programs. JPII PAC
       continues to look at having consultants provide suggestions to improve the site.
       To be discussed further at the next meeting.

             Next PAC Meeting Monday December 4th, 2010 at 6:30 PM

           Jan Pawel II Bilingual Program at
              Parent Society Meeting of Monday November 8th, 2010

1.0 Treasure’s Report

      1.1 General Account: $
      1.2 Casino Account : $ 60,660
                    Casino available every 18 months; last one Oct. 2009.
                    Monies from casinos must be spent before the next casino.

2.0 New Business

      2.1 Technology Request
          Principal Makale presented a request for computers for each classroom:
          1 computer tower for teacher with 3 student stations for all 11 homeroom
          classes with a cost of $9451.00 plus a request for 13 new flat screen
          monitors for the Elementary Computer Labs at a cost of $1800.00.

          Principal Makale discussed the schools focus on inquiry base learning as well
          as student driven verses teacher driven learning. Parents and administration
          discussed the role of Technology in the classroom. Teachers will not be able
          to opt out of using this new technology.

           Future Technology request may include a Sympodium which are currently
          being used at Cardinal Leger School. St. Basil Administration along with a
          PAC member will visit the school to see how this new technology works and
          report back to the committee. Estimated cost at $2700 .00

             PAC voted:     Classroom Computer purchases:        16 in favor/ 3 against
                            Flat Screen Monitor purchases:       16 in favor/ 3 against

                            Request approved

      2.2 Smart Boards
          Purchased last year. Smart boards will now be mounted in each classroom
          to allow for more efficient use.

      2.3 Gym Sound System
          Mr. Derus presented quote for sound system from AXE music with total bill of
          4,489.04. PAC discussed the quote followed by vote:

                            Sound system purchase: 14 in favor / 0 against

                            Request approved.


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