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									                                                                 FRANS SIDHARTA
                                                                       September 20th, 1984
                             Perum. Pondok Hijau Permai, Jl. Anggrek I Blok i/6 No. 22,
                                                Bekasi, 17115, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
                                                    Tel: 62-021-96871011 (Home)
                                                            085271017693 (Mobile)

Resume Summary

Current Position         : Account Officer in PT Bank Mega Syariah (Jun 2011 - Aug 2011)
Current Specialization : Banking/Financial Services
Highest Education        : Bachelor's Degree in Social And Political Science
Major Education          : International Relation
Years of Experiences     : From 2008 Until 2011 ( 3 Years )
Expected Salary          : IDR 2.750.000

Employment History
1. PT Bank Mega Syariah                                                        Jun 2011 - Sept 2011
Position Title (Level)   : Account Officer
Specialization           : Banking/Financial Services
Role                     : Retail Banking/Branch Operation
Industry                 : Banking / Financial Services
Monthly Salary           : IDR 2.500.000
Work Description         : My duties and responsibilities is to find customers, analyze the
business and collateral, checking BI Checking recommend to the Financial Officer to be learned,
and complete customer data and prepare the prospective lender if the disbursement has been
approved by the District Manager.

2. PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance                                             Mar 2010 – Aug 2010
Position Title (Level)   : Credit Field Officer
Specialization           : Banking/Financial Services
Role                     : Risk Management
Industry                 : Banking / Financial Services
Monthly Salary           : IDR 1.500.000
Work Description         : My duty and responsibility is to make visits to prospective clients,
conduct interviews and verification of customer data and make a feasibility report to the
customer's credit analyst.

3. PT PLN (Persero) Tbk                                                        Aug 2009 - Nov 2009
Position Title (Level)   : Operation Technic
Specialization           : Engineering - Electronics/Communication
Role                     : Management
Industry                 : Electrical & Electronics
Monthly Salary           : IDR 2.000.000
Work Description         : My duty and responsibility is set up a maintenance schedule
substations and substation center divider, and report any activity and the disruption that
occurred in the field and to report daily, weekly and monthly to be reported to the center and
check materials inventory in the warehouse Network Services Unit.
4. PT Lancarjaya Mandiri Abadi                                                 Oct 2008 - Jan 2008
Position Title (Level)   : Administration Project
Specialization           : Engineering - Civil/Construction/Structural
Role                     : Project Management
Industry                 : Construction / Building / Engineering
Monthly Salary           : IDR 3.000.000
Work Description         : Control each project work, providing jobs report to Owner and Men
Contractor, make daily work reports, weekly and monthly to the central office as well as manage
road costs and cost eating employee.

5. PT Srikandi Diamond Motors                                                  Mar 2008 - Oct 2008
Position Title (Level)   : Marketing Executive
Specialization           : Marketing/Business Development
Role                     : Marketing Executive
Industry                 : Advertising / Marketing / Promotion / PR
Monthly Salary           : IDR 750.000
Work Description         : Finding prospective buyers, making presentations, offering price and
installment, complete the data and submit the data on the buyer to provide leasing and credit
contracts to be signed and sent a car that was ordered.

Educational Background

Bachelor's Degree of     : Social and Political Science
Major                    : Internasional Relation
Institute/University     : Prof. DR. Moestopo (B), Indonesia
Graduation Date          : March, 2010
CGPA                     : 3.07/4
1. Short Diplomatic Course at Budi Luhur University (2007)
2. Short Diplomatic Course at Jayabaya University (2006)
3. Achievement Motivation and Leadership Style Training (2005)
4. Microsoft Office Course (2004)
5. Oxford Course Indonesia for English Study (2002)

Skill                                   Years                    Proficiency
Communication Skills                    3                        Advanced
Negotiation Skills                      2                        Advanced
Literate Microsoft Office               4                        Advanced
Presentation Skills                     2                        Advanced
Interpersonal Skills                    4                        Advanced

Language                                  Spoken          Written
Indonesia                                   8                8
English                                        6             7

Personal Particulars & Preferences :
Date of Birth               : 20 Sep 1984
Nationality                 : Indonesia
Gender                      : Male
KTP No.                     : 3275052009840017
Possess Own Transport : Yes          SIM : A
Availability                : Immediately ( 01 July 2012 )
Attention to:

HRD Manager
Bekasi – West Java

Dear Sir/madam,
      I am interested to apply your company and I have this information about
your company from some media. My name is Frans Sidharta, male, 27 years old,
I’m graduated from International Relation Faculty of social and political science
from Prof. Dr. Moestopo (B) University. And on this opportunity I would like apply
to Credit Marketing Officer at your company.

      I am willing to work hard, responsible, dynamic, disciplinary skills, adaptable
nature and I have strong achievement motivation and Under pressure. With this
background, I certainly believe that I am competent to meet challenging tasks and
can make a good contribution to your company.

      The enclosed Curriculum Vitae will provide you with more details of my
background. I would be very great full to have the opportunity to join my self at
your company. Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from
you soon.

                                                                      Best Regards,

                                                            Frans Sidharta S. Sos

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