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									                                                                                                                   ORIGINATING OFFICE (Service or Staff Office)

                                                   (Instructions on Page 2)

PREPARED BY (Name of Program Official)       DATE             REVIEWED BY (Signature of Vital Records   DATE       APPROVED BY (Signature of approving            DATE
                                                               Liaison Officer)                                     official)

                                                                   MEDIA            OFFICE LOCATION AND NAME                                                          STORED
                       ITEM DESCRIPTION                                                                             FREQUENCY         DEPOSITORY MAINTENANCE
   ITEM                                                         (Paper, auto-       OR TITLE OF PERSON SENDING                                                       AT OTHER
                 (Name, description, subject, form no.,                                                                 OF                      AND
    NO.                                                         mated, micro-        RECORDS TO DEPOSITORY                                                             SITES
                     reports control symbol, etc.)                                                                   DISPATCH         DISPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS
                                                                  film, etc.)                    (3)                                                                     (6)
    (1)                           (2)                                (2a)       AID/W|USAID| NAME & CORRES. SYM.          (4)                       (5)             YES | NO

AID 5-86 (02/99)--Report Control Symbol W-157
                                                                     INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARING FORM AID 5-86

    ORIGINATING OFFICE. Show the office symbol of the concerned,                      COLUMN 4. For each item, show as precisely as possible when records will be prepared
    e.g., M/AS/IRD                                                                    and forwarded, such as:

    PREPARED BY. Enter name of responsible program official, his/her office                      Annually _______ days after close of CY (FY)
    symbol, and the date prepared.                                                               Semi-annually, Jan. _______ and July _______
                                                                                                 Quarterly, Jan. _______ April _______ July _______ Oct. _______
    REVIEWED BY. Each inventory shall be reviewed, signed, and dated by the                      Monthly, by _______
    appropriate Vital Records Liaison Officer prior to approval by the approving                 Weekly, _______ workday
    official.                                                                                    As received or issued (routine distribution)
                                                                                                 As completed (or as amended)
    APPROVED BY. Each inventory shall be reviewed, signed and dated by the                       (Other, as may be appropriate)
    appropriate approving official.
                                                                                      Write out instructions for each item. Do not use ditto marks or other de-vices.
    COLUMN 1. Number each new item consecutively, preceded by the symbol
    for the office concerned as provided in the caption "Originating Office." The     COLUMN 5. Provide specific instructions for the maintenance, updating, retention, and
    item number is used at the site for identification and filing purposes. Item      disposal of each item at the site, such as:
    numbers will be assigned USAID Schedules. (Note: The disposition from the
    schedule does not apply to vital records.)                                                  Replacement.              Withdraw and destroy replaced item.
                                                                                                Rotation.                 Withdraw and return replaced item.
    COLUMN 2. Self-explanatory.                                                                 Updating.                  Insert new material. Withdraw and
                                                                                                                          destroy changed or obsolete material.
    COLUMN 2a. Self-explanatory.                                                                Add to.                    Retain previous item Destroy (return)
                                                                                                                          after _______ years.
    COLUMN 3. Indicate (X) site location for each item. A record pre-                           (Other, as appropriate)
    positioned at more than one site will be identified once as a single item, but
    may require a separate line entry in column 3 for each site. Designate specific   Write out instructions for each item. Do not use ditto marks or other devices.
    regional site locations by showing 1, 2, etc. or each, as appropriate.
                                                                                      COLUMN 6. Self-explanatory.

AID 5-86 (02/99) Page 2

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