of tender by wuzhenguang


									                                                      No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                  (40M Tower)

                           (A Govt. of India Enterprise)
 O/O The General Manager (Mobile P &D), CMTS Wing, Telephone
                 Exchange Campus, Opp. GPO,
                  M I Road, Jaipur – 302010

    Tender Document For Erection of 40M NB LW Towers for CMTS wing
                      in Rajasthan Telecom Circle.

     1. Name of Work             :    Erection of 40M NB LW towers for CMTS wing in
                                      Rajasthan Telecom Circle.
     2. Estimated Cost           :    Rs. 1572000/- (Rupees Fifteen lakh seventy two
                                      thousand only)
    3. Earnest Money             :    Rs. 31440/ ( Rs. Thirty one thousand four hundred
                                      forty only)
     4. Security Deposit         :    10% of the Total Value of APO/Contract.
     5. Last Date of bid
       submission                :      27-10-2006 at 14.30 Hrs
     6 Date of opening of tender :      27-10-2006 at 15.00 Hrs

     7. Date of Issue            :    ……………………………………………………...
     8. Name of the Bidder to
       Whom issued               :    ............................................................................

                                                                                      DE (Radio Planning)
                                                                                      CMTS Wing, Jaipur

Form No.: _______

                                                                               Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                          No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                      (40M Tower)

                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

SECTION             PARTICULARS                                     PAGE NO.


  I.     NIT                                                             3
  II.    BID FORM                                                        5
  III    BID SECURITY BOND FORM                                          6
  IV.    TENDERER’S PROFILE                                              7
  V.     INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS                                         8
  VII.   SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF THE CONTRACT                              26
  VIII   SPECIFICATION OF WORK                                           37
  IX     SCHEDULE OF REQUIRMENT                                          42
  X      PERFORMANCE SECURITY BOND FORM                                  43
  XI     AGREEMENT                                                       44


  XIV    SCHEDULE OF RATES                                               48

                                                       Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                             No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                         (40M Tower)

                                            SECTION - I

                           Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
                                    (A Govt. of India Enterprise)
                 O/o The General Manager (Mobile P&D), CMTS Wing,
           Telephone Exchange Campus, Opp GPO, M I Road, Jaipur - 302010

Tender No.:- CMTS/MM53/Tender/40MTowers/06-07/5                                     Dated:-04.10.2006
                                    Notice Inviting Tender
       BSNL, Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Jaipur invites sealed tenders in two parts (Technical Bid
and financial Bid) from the experienced and eligible bidders for the work of Erection of 40 M
Narrow Base light weight Towers and its associated works at various stations in Rajasthan.

                                                                                   Date of Bid             Date of
                                         Estimated         Earnest    Last date     selling                Opening
S.No       Work Name                       Cost            Money      Of bid                                 of
                                          (in Rs.)         (in Rs.)   submission From           To         Tender


                                                                                                            27-10-06 at
                                                                                                             15.00 Hrs



        & other associated
                                                                          up to

 1     works of 40M NB LW      20 Nos    15,72,000/-       31,440/-

1.     The towers have to be erected at different stations of Rajasthan Telecom Circle.
2.     The prescribed tender form can be obtained from the SDE (MM), O/o GM (Mobile P&D),
       CMTS Wing, Telephone Exchange Campus, Opp GPO, M I Road, Jaipur between 11Hrs to
       16Hrs of any working day up to 26.10.2006 by depositing Rs. 550/- (non-refundable) in cash
       or in the form of DD in favour of AO (Cash), CMTS, BSNL, Jaipur.
3.     The tender document can also be downloaded from our website www.rajasthan.bsnl.co.in.
       In this case a separate demand draft of Rs. 550/- (tender document fees) in favour of AO
       (Cash), CMTS, BSNL, Jaipur issued by nationalized/scheduled bank has to be submitted
       along with the bid, otherwise the bid will be cancelled.
4.     The Bidder will have to deposit the EMD in form of Bank Guarantee or Account Payee
       Demand Draft in favour of AO (Cash), CMTS, BSNL, Jaipur from a Scheduled/Nationalized
5.     The tender will be put in the tender box kept in the Conference Hall of CMTS Wing,
       Telephone Exchange Campus, Opp GPO, M I Road, Jaipur up to 14.30 hrs, on date-27-10-
       2006 and Technical/financial bids will be opened on the same day at 15:00 hrs in the

                                                                            Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                       No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                   (40M Tower)
      presence of Bidders or their representatives, who may wish to be present, at their own
      expenses. But Price bid will be opened for those bidders only, who qualify the Technical bid.
6.    The successful Bidder will have to deposit performance security 10% of the APO value in the
      form of DD/BG from a Scheduled/Nationalized Bank including adjustment of earnest money
      deposited before signing the agreement.
7.    No tender will be accepted/dispatched by post/courier.
8.    Bidder should have an experience certificate of BSNL/MTNL/DOT or other PSUs of
      Govt. of India/State Govt., for the successful execution of work of Erection /
      Installation of at least 10 (Ten) Towers of 40 Meters or greater height. The experience
      certificate must be signed by an officer of Group ’A’ level/equivalent or above.
9.    Erection of tower and other allied works shall be completed within a period of three weeks
      after award of work order for each tower.
10.   Minimum five nos of towers may be required to be erected simultaneously.
11.   Conditional bids will not be accepted.
12.   The BSNL, Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Jaipur reserve the rights to reject or accept any tender
      or all tenders without assigning any reason.
13.   If holiday is declared in above dates, the work of that day will be done on next working day.
14.   Other terms and conditions are in the tender document.

                                                                               DE (Radio Planning)
                                                                                CMTS Wing,Jaipur
                                                                                Mob:- 9414001196

                                                                       Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                                                 No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                                             (40M Tower)

                                                             SECTION – II
                                                                  BID FORM

Tender No. .............................                                                              Date :

           DE(Radio Planning),
           O/oGM(Mobile Planning & Development)
           Rajasthan Telecom Circle,
           CMTS Wing, Telephone Exchange Campus
           Opp GPO, M I Road, Jaipur-302010

Dear Sir,

1.        Having examined the conditions of contract and specifications including addenda
          Nos......................the receipt of which is hereby duly acknowledged, we, undersigned, offer to supply
          and deliver .............................................. in conformity with the said drawings, conditions of contract
          and specifications for the sum shown in the schedule of prices attached herewith and made part of
          this Bid.
2.        We undertake, if our Bid is accepted, to complete delivery of all the items/services specified in the
          contract within specified period from the date of issue of respective work order.
3.        If our Bid is accepted, we will obtain the performance guarantees of a Scheduled Bank for a sum @
          10% of the contract value for the due performance of the contract.
4.        We agree to abide by this Bid for a period of 180 days from the date fixed for Bid opening and it
          shall remain binding upon us and may be accepted at any time before the expiration of that period.
5.        Until a formal Agreement prepared and executed, this Bid together with your written acceptance
          thereof in your notification of award shall constitute a binding contract between us.
6.       Bid submitted by us is properly sealed and prepared so as to prevent any subsequent alteration and
7.        We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any bid, you may receive.

Dated this .............................. day of ........................ 2006

Name and Signature ------------------------

In the capacity of ----------------------

Duly authorised to sign the bid for and on behalf of ..............................................

witness .........................................

Address ......................................


                                                                                               Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                         No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                     (40M Tower)

                                        SECTION – III
                                 BID SECURITY FORM
                           (To be typed on Rs 100/- non-judicial stamp paper)

Whereas .................................. (Hereinafter called “the Bidder”) has submitted its bid
dated............for the supply of ........................ vide Tender No……………………
dated............ KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that WE ....................... OF ....................
having our registered office at .................(hereinafter called “the Bank”) are bound unto
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (hereinafter called “the Purchaser”) in the sum of
Rs.................... for which payment will and truly to be made of the said Purchaser, the
Bank binds itself, its successors and assigns by these present.

                            THE CONDITIONS of the obligation are:

1.     If the Bidder withdraws his bid during the period of bid validity specified by the
       Bidder on the Bid form or

2.     If the Bidder, having been notified of the acceptance of his bid by the Purchaser
       during the period of bid validity

       (a)     Fails or refuses to execute the Contract, if required; or

       (b)     Fails or refuses to furnish the Performance Security, in accordance
               with the instructions to Bidders.

We undertake to pay to the Purchaser up to the above amount upon receipt of its first
written demand, without the purchaser having to substantiate its demand, provided that in
its demand, the purchaser will note that the amount claimed by it is due to it owing to the
occurrence of one or both of the two conditions, specifying the occurred condition or
This guarantee will remain in force up to and including THIRTY (30) days after the Period
of bid validity and any demand in respect thereof should reach the Bank not later than the
specified date/dates.

                                                                Signature of the Bank Authority.

                                                                     Signed in Capacity of

Name & Signature of witness                                          Full address of Branch

Address of witness                                                    Tel No. of Branch

                                                                      Fax No. of Branch

                                                                          Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                            No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                        (40M Tower)

                                              SECTION – IV

                                             Tenderer’s Profile
                                                                                                     Passport size
General :                                                                                           photograph of
1. Name of the Tenderer/ Firm ______________________________                                         the tenderer/
                                                                                                   autho. Signatory
                                                                                                    holding Power
2. Name of the person submitting the tender whose photograph is affixed                               of Attorney
    Shri / Smt._____________________________________________
(In case of Proprietary/ Partnership firms, the tender has to be signed by
Proprietor/ Partner only, as the case may be)

3. Address of the firm__________________________________________________________________

4. Telegraphic Address ________________________________________________________________

5. Tel no. (with STD code) (O)___________________(Fax)_________________(R)_______________
                            ( M)__________________

6. Registration & incorporation particulars of the firm :
    (i)      Proprietorship
    (ii)     Partnership
    (iii)    Private Limited
    (iv)     Public Limited
(Please attach attested copy of document of registration / incorporation of your firm with the competent
authority in case of Partnership Firm/ Limited company respectively)

7. Name of Proprietor / Partners / Directors ________________________________________________

8. Any other information/ documents, which may help in assessing tenderer’s abilities

9. Tenderer’s bank, its address and his current account number ________________________________

10. Permanent Account Number of Income Tax Circle _______________________________________

11. Capability to take up work simultaneously on ________number of sites.

12. Details of Technical and Supervisory Staff :

I/We hereby declare that the information furnished above is true and correct.

Place :
Date :
                                                                                Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                       No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                   (40M Tower)
                                      SECTION – V
                            INSTRUCTION TO BIDDERS

     a) CMD : CMD means the Chairman and Managing Director and his successors
     b) BSNL : BSNL means Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, a Govt. of India Enterprises, in its
         present constitution and any revised constitution in future.
     c) Company/ Corporation : The Company/ Corporation means of BSNL, which invites the
         tenders on behalf of the CMD. All references of:
             Company / Corporation
             Chief General Manager
             General Manager
             Divisional Engineer / Asstt. General Manager
             Sub Divisional Engineer
             Junior Telecom Officer
             Accounts Officer
     including other officers in the BSNL, whatever designations assigned to them from time to time,
     who may be in-charge of direction, supervision, testing, acceptance and maintenance including
     their successor(s) in the office appearing in various clauses shall be taken to mean the Bharat
     Sanchar Nigam Limited, a Govt. of India Enterprise

     d) The GM(MP&D) Rajasthan Telecom Circle means the General Manager (Mobile
        Planning & Development), Rajasthan as defined and its successors. DGM in charge of
        works means Deputy General Manager (Network Planning) of mobile services of Rajasthan
        Telecom Circle.
     e) ENGINEER-IN-CHARGE : The Engineer-in-charge means, the Divisional Engineer who
        shall supervise and shall be incharge of the works at any time or who shall sign the
        CONTRACT on behalf of the BSNL
     f) SITE ENGINEER : The Site Engineer shall mean a Sub Divisional Engineer / Junior
        Telecom Officer of the BSNL who may be placed by the Divisional Engineer as in-charge of
        the work at site at any particular period of time.
     g) A/T Unit:       A/T Unit shall be mean Acceptance and Testing unit of the BSNL.
     h) A/T Officer: An officer authorised by GM(MP&D)/T&D Circle to conduct A/T.
     i) CONTRACT : The term contract means the documents forming the tender and acceptance
        thereof and the formal agreement executed between B.S.N.L. and the Contractor together
        with the documents referred to therein including the conditions of Contract, the
        specifications, designs, drawings and instructions issued from time to time by the Engineer-
        in-charge and all these documents taken together shall be deemed to form one contract and
        shall be complimentary to one another.
     j) CONTRACTOR : The Contractor shall mean the individual, firm or company, undertaking
        the works and shall include the legal personal representative of such individual or the
        persons composing such firm or company and the permitted assignees of such individual,
        firm or company.

                                                                      Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                        No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                    (40M Tower)
    k) WORK : The expression work/ works shall unless be something either in the subject or
       context repugnant to such construction be construed and taken to mean the works by or by
       virtue of the Contract contracted to be executed whether temporary or permanent and
       whether original, altered, substituted or additional.
    l) Schedule(s): Schedule(s) referred to in these conditions shall mean the relevant
       schedule(s) or the standard schedule of rates mentioned in the document.
    m) SITE : The site shall mean the land and/or other places on, into or through which work is to
       be executed under the Contract or any adjacent land, path or street which may be allotted or
       used for the purpose of carrying out the Contract.
    n) Normal time or Stipulated time: Normal time or Stipulated time means time specified in
       the work order to complete the work.
    o) Extension of Time: Extension of Time means the time granted by the BSNL to complete
       the work beyond the normal time or stipulated time.
    p) Date of Commencement of Work: Date of Commencement of Work means the date of
       actual commencement of work or 7th day from the date of issue of work order, whichever is
    q) Due Date of completion : Due date of completion shall be the date by which the work shall
       be completed at site.
    r) Duration of completion of work: The duration of completion of work or completion time
       shall be time specified in the work order plus extension of time granted, if any.
    s) Excepted risk : Excepted risk are risks due to war (whether declared or not), invasion, act
       of foreign enemies, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or
       usurped power, any acts of Government damages from aircraft, acts of God, such as
       earthquake, lightening and unprecedented floods and other causes over which, the contractor
       has no control and the same having been accepted as such, by the Accepting Authority or
       causes solely due to use or occupation by the government of the part of the work, in respect
       of which a certificate of completion has been issued.
       The invitation of bids is open to all eligible contractors as per their eligibility mentioned in
       NIT and Tenderer’s Profile of this tender document.
3.1     The construction work to be carried out, goods required, bidding procedures and contract
        terms and prescribed in the Bid Documents. The Bid Documents include:
i.      NIT
ii.     Bid Form
iii.    Bid Security Bond Form
iv.     Tenderer’s Profile
v.      Instructions To Bidders
vi.     General (Commercial) Conditions of the Contract
vii.    Special Conditions of the Contract
viii.   Specification of Work
ix      Schedule of requirement
x       Performance Security Bond Form
xi      Agreement
xii     Letter Of Authorization for Attending Bid Opening
xiii    List of the documents to be submitted alongwith Bid

                                                                        Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                       No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                   (40M Tower)

xiv   Schedule of Rates
3.2   The Bidder is expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms and specifications in the bid
      documents. Failure to furnish all information required as per the Bid Documents or
      submission of bids not substantially responsive to the Bid Documents in every respect will be
      at the bidder’s risk and shall result in rejection of the bid.
      A prospective bidder, requiring any clarification of the Bid Documents shall notify BSNL in
      writing at the address indicated in the invitation for Bids. BSNL shall respond in writing to
      any request for clarification of the Bid Documents, which it receives not later than 7 days
      prior to the date for the opening of the bids. Copies of the query(without identifying the
      source) and the clarifications by BSNL shall be sent to all the prospective bidders who have
      purchased the bid documents and all such clarifications issued by BSNL will form part of the
      bid document.
5.1   At any time, prior to the date for submission of bids, the BSNL may, for any reason whether
      suo motto or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective Bidder, modify the bid
      documents by amendments.
5.2   The amendments shall be notified in writing or by telex or FAX to all prospective bidders on
      the address intimated at the time of purchase of bid document from the BSNL and these
      amendments will be binding on them.
5.3   In order to afford prospective bidders reasonable time to take the amendments into account
      in preparing their bids, the BSNL may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the
      submission/opening of bids suitably.
6.    Cost of Bidding:
      The bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the bid.
      BSNL, will in no case be responsible or liable for these costs, regardless of the conduct or
      outcome of the bidding process.
7.    Documents establishing Bidder’s eligibility and qualifications:
      The bidder shall furnish, as part of his bid documents establishing the bidder’s eligibility,
      the following documents:
      (i) DD of Rs.550/- (Rs. Five hundred fifty only) from scheduled/Nationalized Bank, in case
      tender document is downloaded from web site.
      (ii) Bid Security (EMD) in accordance to clause no. 8
      (iii) Qualifying Bid document in original, duly filled in and signed by tenderer or his
      authorised representative along with seal on each page. All corrections and overwriting must
      be initialled with date by the tenderer or his authorised representative.
      (iv).Bidder should furnish partnership deed and registration of firm in case of partnership
      firm or Memorandum of Articles & Association in case of Private/Public Limited Company.
      (v) Bid Form, duly filled in, as per section II.
      (vi) Tenderer’s profile, duly filled in as per section IV of the tender document.
      (vii) Original “Power of Attorney/Authority letter” in case person other than the tenderer has
      signed the tender documents.
      (viii) Certificate of experience as per NIT, from officer not below the rank of a Divisional
                                                                          Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                        No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                    (40M Tower)
8.     Bid security :
8.1    The bidder shall furnish, as part of his bid, security (EMD) for an amount as indicated in the
       NIT. No interest shall be paid by the BSNL on the bid security for any period, what so ever.
8.2    The bid security is required to protect the BSNL against the risk of bidders conduct, which
       would warrant the security’s forfeiture, pursuant to para 8.7.
8.3    Bid Security shall be paid in the form of Crossed Demand Draft/Bank Guaranty issued by a
       scheduled bank, drawn in favour of AO (Cash), CMTS, BSNL, Jaipur.
8.4    A bid not secured in accordance with para 8.1 & 8.3 shall be rejected by the BSNL as non
8.5    The bid security of the unsuccessful bidder will be refunded as promptly as possible but not
       later than 30 days after the expiry of the period of bid validity prescribed by the BSNL.
8.6    The successful bidder’s bid security will be refunded after submission of Performance
       security and signing the agreement.
8.7    The Bid security shall be forfeited:
       a. If a bidder withdraws his bid during the period of bid validity specified in the bid
       document or
       b. If the bidder makes any modifications in the terms and conditions of the tender before
       acceptance of the tender, which are not acceptable to the BSNL or
       c. In case of a successful bidder, if the bidder fails:
       i.      To sign the agreement
       ii.     To furnish Performance Security.
9.     Bid Prices:
9.1    The bidder shall give the item wise price inclusive of all levies and taxes, packing,
       forwarding, freight and insurance in case of materials to be supplied and inclusive of all
       taxes and levies in case of works to be executed.
9.2    The price quoted by the bidder shall remain fixed during the entire period of contract and
       shall not be subject to variation on any account. A bid submitted with an adjustable price
       quotation will be treated as non-responsive and rejected.
9.3    Discount, if any, offered by the bidders shall not be considered unless they are specifically
       indicated in the schedule of rates (Financial Bid). Bidders desiring to offer discount shall
       therefore modify their offers suitably while quoting and shall quote clearly net price taking
       all such factors like Discount, free supply, etc. into account.

10.    Period of validity of bids:
10.1   Bid shall remain valid for 180 days from date of opening of the bid (Qualifying Bid). A Bid
       valid for a shorter period shall be rejected by the BSNL as non-responsive.
10.2   The BSNL reserves the right to request the lowest 3 bidders as per read out list on the
       opening day to extend the bid validity for a period of further 120 days and the bidder has to
       necessarily extend the bid validity. Refusal to extend the bid validity will result in forfeiture
       of the bid security. A bidder accepting the request and extending the bid validity will not be
       permitted to modify his bid.
11.    Signing of Bid:
11.1   The bidder shall submit, as a part of his bid, the bid documents (in original) duly signed on
       each and every page, establishing the conformity of his bid to the bid documents of all the
       works to be executed by the bidder under the contract.
       (Note: The tenderer is advised to keep a photocopy (at his own cost) of the bid documents
       for his own reference)

                                                                         Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                       No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                   (40M Tower)
11.2   The bid shall contain no inter-lineation, erasures or overwriting except as necessary to
       correct errors made by the bidder in which case such corrections shall be signed with date by
       the person or persons signing the bid.
12.    Method of preparation of Bid:
12.1   Bid for each tender should be submitted in two envelopes placed inside a main cover. These
       envelopes should contain the following:
Envelope            Marked on the Cover Contents of Envelope
First               Qualifying Bid             Containing Bid security and all requisite documents
                                               as Clause 7 & 8
Second              Financial Bid              Rates quoted by the tenderer in the Financial Bid
       On all these envelops the name of the firm and whether ‘Qualifying Bid’ or ‘Financial Bid’
       must be clearly mentioned and should be properly sealed. These envelopes are to be placed
       inside an outer envelope and properly sealed. The tenders which are not submitted in above
       mentioned manner shall be summarily rejected.
12.2 All envelops must bear the following:
       Tender for Erection and Other Associated Works of 40 M NB LW Tower in Rajasthan
       Tender No.: CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
12.3 The tenderer will be bound by all terms, conditions & specifications as detailed in the tender
12.4 Any tender with conditions other than those specified in the tender document is liable to be
       summarily rejected. No modification by the contractor in any of the conditions will be
       permitted after the tender is opened.
13     Submission of Bids:
13.1 Tenders should be dropped in person in the tender box placed at the address specified in the
       NIT before the closing date & time of tender, as mentioned in NIT. The tenderer is to ensure
       the delivery of the bids at the correct address. The BSNL shall not be held responsible for
       delivery of bid to the wrong address. The slit of the tender box will be sealed immediately
       after the specified time for receipt of tender. Any tender presented after the sealing of box
       will not be received by (the tendering authority) or by any of the subordinates or will not be
       allowed to be deposited in the tender box.
13.2 Postponement of Tender opening : Whenever it is considered necessary to postpone the
       opening date of tenders, quick decision must be taken and communicated to the tenderers
       who have purchased the tender documents and shall be at least one day before the original
       date of opening. The reasons for postponing the tender shall be recorded in writing. Such
       notice of extension of date of opening shall also be put up on the notice board and also
       published in the newspapers in which original NITs have been published. If the date of
       opening of bids is declared as holiday, the bids will be opened on the next working date at
       the same time and venue.
13.3 The Government of India, if subsequently, declares date fixed for opening of bids as
       holiday, the revised schedule will be notified. However, in absence of such notification the
       bids will be opened on next working day, time and venue remaining unaltered.

14     Late Bids:
14.1   Tenders will not be received after the specified time of closing of the tender and the same
       shall be rejected and returned unopened to the bidder. It is the sole responsibility of the
       tenderer that he should ensure timely submission of tender.

                                                                       Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                           No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                       (40M Tower)

15        Modification and Withdrawl of Bids:
15.1      The bidder may modify or withdraw his bid after submission and before opening, provided
          that the intimation is deposited by the bidder in a properly sealed envelope in the tender box,
          before the scheduled time & date for closing of tender.
15.2      No bid shall be modified subsequent to the deadline for submission of bids.
16        Opening of Bids by the BSNL:
16.1      The BSNL shall open the bids in the presence of bidders or their authorised representatives
16.2       at 1500 Hrs on due date. The bidder’s representative who are present, shall sign an
          attendance register. The bidder shall submit authority letter to this effect before they are
          allowed to participate in the bid opening.
16.2      A maximum of two(2) representatives for any bidder shall be authorised and permitted to
          attend the bid opening.
16.3      The Bids shall be opened in the following manner:
    a)    The bid opening committee shall count the number of bids and assign serial numbers to the
          bids. For example, if 10 tenders have been received the bids shall be numbered as 1 of 10, 2
          of10 etc. All the members shall initial on the outer envelopes of all the bids with date.
     b)   First the outer envelope containing the two envelopes be opened. The bid opening
          committee shall initial on the two envelopes with date.
     c)   Among these two envelopes, the envelope marked “Qualifying Bid” shall be opened first
          and examined.
     d)   After opening the qualifying bid, all the documents contained therein shall be serially
          numbered and signed by the bid opening committee members.
     e)   The TOC will examine the responsiveness of the Qualifying Bid and decide to open the
          Financial Bid of all the bidders whose Qualifying Bid is found responsive.
     f)   The Financial Bid shall be opened for all the qualified bidders
     g)   After opening the “Financial Bid” the bidder’s name, bid prices, modifications, bid
          withdrawals and such other details as the BSNL, at its discretion, may consider appropriate;
          will be announced at the opening.
     h)   In case there is discrepancy in figures and words in the quote, the same shall be announced
          in the bid opening, but the quote in words shall prevail.
17        Clarification of Bids by the BSNL:
          To assist in examination, evaluation and comparison of bids, the BSNL may, at its discretion
          ask the bidder for clarification of its bid. The request for its clarification and its response
          shall be in writing. However, no post bid clarification at the initiative of the bidder shall be
18        Preliminary Evaluation:
18.1      BSNL shall evaluate the bids to determine whether they are complete, whether any
          computational errors have been made, whether required sureties have been furnished,
          whether the documents have been properly signed and whether the bids are generally in
18.2      If there is discrepancy between words figures, the amount in words shall prevail. If the
          Contractor does not accept the correction of the errors, his bid shall be rejected.
18.3      Prior to the detailed evaluation, pursuant to clause 21, the BSNL will determine the
          substantial responsiveness of each bid to the bid document. For purpose of these clauses a
          substantially response bid is one which conforms to all the terms and conditions of the bid

                                                                           Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                        No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                    (40M Tower)
       documents without deviations. The BSNL’s determination of bid’s responsiveness is to be
       based on the contents of the bid itself without recourse to extrinsic evidence.
18.4   A bid, determined as substantially non response will be rejected by the BSNL and shall not
       subsequent to the bid opening be made responsive by the bidder by correction of the non-
18.5   The BSNL may waive any minor infirmity or non-conformity or irregularity in a bid which
       does not constitute a material deviation, provided such waiver does not prejudice or affect
       the relative ranking of the bidder.
19     Evaluation and Comparison of substantially responsive bids:
19.1   The BSNL shall evaluate in detail and compare the bids previously determined to be
       substantially responsive pursuant to clause 18.
19.2   The evaluation and comparison of responsive bids shall be on the basis of total estimated
       cost as per estimated quantities as rates offered and indicated in schedule of rates of the bid
20     Contacting the BSNL:
20.1   Subject to clause 17 no bidder shall try to influence the BSNL on any matter relating to its
       bid, from the time of bid opening till the time the contract is awarded.
20.2   Any effort by the bidder to modify his bid or influence the BSNL in the BSNL’s bid
       evaluation, bid comparison or the contract award decisions shall result in the rejection of the
21     Award of Contract:
21.1   The BSNL shall consider award of contract only to those eligible bidders whose offers have
       been found technically, commercially and financially acceptable.
22     BSNLs right to vary quantum of works:
22.1   The BSNL, at the time of award of work under the contract, reserves the right to decrease or
       increase the work by the up to 25% of the total quantum of work specified in the schedule of
       requirements without any change in the rates or other terms and conditions.
22.2   In exceptional situation where the requirement is of an emergent nature and it is necessary to
       ensure continued work from the existing contractor, the BSNL reserves the right to place
       repeat work order up to 50% of the quantities of contract and services contained in the
       running tender /contract within a period of twelve months from the earliest date of
       agreement at the same rate.
23     BSNLs right to accept any bid and to reject any or all bids:
       The BSNL reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and to annul the bidding process and
       reject all bids, at any time prior to award of contract without assigning any reason what-so-
       sever and without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders on the
       grounds for the BSNLs action.
24     Issue of Letter of intent:
24.1   The issue of letter of intent shall constitute the intention of the BSNL to enter in to the
       contract, with the bidder. Letter of intent will be the issued as offer to the successful bidder.
24.2   The bidder shall with in 14 days of issue of letter of intent, give his acceptance along with
       Performance security.

                                                                         Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                       No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                   (40M Tower)
25     Signing of Agreement:
25.1   The signing of agreement shall constitute the award of contract on the bidder. The
       agreement with the successful bidder shall be signed by the BSNL with in a week of
       submission of performance security as per clause 24.2 above.
25.2   As soon as the tender is approved by the competent authority, the Bid Security deposited by
       the successful bidder may be converted/adjusted into the Performance security to be
       deposited by successful bidder, which will be held by the BSNL till the completion of
       warranty period.
26     Annulment of Award:
       Failure of the successful bidder to comply with the requirement shall constitute sufficient
       ground for the annulment of the award and forfeiture of the bid security, in which event, the
       BSNL may make the award to any other bidder at the discretion of the BSNL or call for new
27.    Declaration Given by bidder:
       The bidder should give a certificate that none of his/her near relative is working in the units
       as defined below where he is going to apply for the tender. In case of proprietorship, firm
       certificate will be given by the proprietor. For partnership firm certificate will be given by
       all the partners and in case of limited company by all the Directors of the company
       excluding Government of India/Financial institution nominees and independent non-Official
       part time Directors appointed by Govt. of India or the Governor of the state. Due to any
       breach of these conditions by the company or firm or any other person the tender will be
       cancelled and Bid Security will be forfeited at any stage whenever it is noticed and BSNL
       will not pay any damage to the company or firm or the concerned person.

       The company or firm or the person will also be debarred for further participation in the
       concerned unit.
       The near relatives for this purpose are defined as:-

       (a) Members of a Hindu undivided family.

       (b) They are husband and wife.

       (c) The one is related to the other in the manner as father, mother, son(s) & Son’s wife (daughter
       in law), Daughter(s) and daughter’s husband (son in law), brother(s) and brother’s wife, sister(s)
       and sister’s husband (brother in law).

       The format of the certificate to be given is
        “I…………..s/o…….……r/o…………….. hereby certify that none of my relative(s) as
       defined in the tender document is/are employed in BSNL unit as per details given in tender
       document. In case at any stage, it is found that the information given by me is
       false/incorrect, BSNL shall have the absolute right to take any action as deemed fit/without
       any prior intimation to me.”

28.    In case form is downloaded from website and it is found, at any stage, that the bid
       document has been manipulated or altered than the bid will be cancelled and the EM D
       will be forfeited without any further correspondence

                                                                       Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                       No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                   (40M Tower)
                                       SECTION VI
    The General conditions shall apply in contracts made by the Corporation for the execution of
    Erection & Associated works of 40M NB LW Tower.
    The works to be executed under the contract shall conform to the standards prescribed in the
    Erection & Associated works of 40M NB LW Tower construction practices.
3.1 Prices charged by the Contractor for the works performed under the Contract shall not be higher
    from the prices quoted by the Contractor in his Bid.
3.2 Price once fixed will remain valid for the period of contract. Increase and decrease of taxes /
    duties will not affect the price during this period.
    The contractor shall not assign, sub contract or subject the whole or any part of the works
    covered by the contract, under any circumstances.
    a) The contractor shall furnish performance security in the form of DD/BG from a
        Scheduled/Nationalized Bank to the purchaser for an amount equal to 10% of the value of
        contract / advance purchase order including adjustment of earnest money deposited before
        signing the agreement within 14 days from the date of issue of letter of intent by the
    b) The proceeds of the performance security shall be payable to the Corporation as
        compensation for any loss resulting from the contractor’s failure to complete its obligations
        under the contract.
    c) The Performance security deposit shall be refunded after expiry of warranty period of last
        work executed provided there are no recoveries to be made arising out of poor quality of
        work, incomplete work and / or violation of any terms and conditions of the contracts as
        stipulated in the bid document.
    d) No interest will be paid to the contractor on the security deposit.

6.1 The work order shall be issued for each site, as and when required.
6.2 The work orders shall be issued by the Divisional Engineer (RP)/work in charge of Erection &
    Associated works of 40M NB LW Tower after examining the technical and planning details of
    the works to be executed.
6.3 The Divisional Engineer shall mention the time limit to execute the work order after seeing the
    quantum of work and store availability position. Generally, this would be three weeks for
    completion of tower erection work and additional three weeks for completion of A/T for
    40M NB LW towers.
6.4 The Corporation reserves the right to cancel or modify the scope of work stipulated to be carried
    out against the work order in the event of change of plan necessitated on account of technical
    reasons or in the opinion of work order issuing authority or the DGM/GM(CMTS) is not
    executing the work at the required place.

                                                                       Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                         No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                     (40M Tower)
7.1 General
7.1.1 In each work order, the work order issuing authority shall specify the time allowed for
    completion of work consistent with the magnitude and urgency of work. The work time
    allowed for carrying out the work is to be strictly observed by the contractor and shall be
    reckoned from seventh day from the date of issue of work order.
7.1.2 In as much ‘the time being deemed to be the essence of contract’, throughout the stipulated
    period of contract, the work is to be proceeded with all due diligence on the part of contractor.
7.2 Application for Extension of the Time and Sanction of Extension of Time (EOT) :
7.2.1 There may be some hindrances, other than covered under force Majeure, while execution of
    work and in such cases the contractor shall apply in writing in the prescribed Form (Part –A) to
    the engineer – in-charge for extension of time (EOT), on account of which he desires such
    extension within three days of occurrence of hindrance. The Engineer-in-charge shall forward
    the request to the JAG level officer in charge of works, with his detailed report and photocopy
    of the hindrance register, in the prescribed for, (Part-B) within three days of receipt of request
    from the contractor. The competent authority is empowered to grant extension of time for
    completion of work on certain conditions. He shall exercise such powers, if the following
    conditions are satisfied.
     The application contains the ground(s), which hindered the contractor in execution of work.
     The Engineer-in-charge is of the opinion that the grounds shown for extension of time are
7.2.2 The competent authority shall consider the request keeping all the facts and circumstances in
    view and shall grant extension of time, if in his opinion, there are reasonable and sufficient
    grounds for granting such extension and the reasons for delay are not ascribable to the
7.2.3 The competent authority may also grant extension of time for completion of work in cases
    where reasons for delay are ascribable to the contractor, but such extension of time shall be with
    LD charges as per clause dealing with penalty for delays in execution of works. The extension
    of time with LD charges shall be issued under the signature of the JAG level Officer, competent
    to grant the extension of time.
7.2.4 The competent authority shall grant EOT with time period for completion of work expressly
    mentioned. The sanction of the competent authority of EOT shall be issued under the signature
    of the Engineer incharge.
7.2.5 If the competent authority is of opinion that the grounds shown by the contractors are not
    reasonable and sufficient and declines to grant the extension of time, the contractor can not
    challenge the soundness of the opinion by reference to arbitration. The decision of the
    competent authority on period of extension of time or refusal for extension of time shall be final
    and binding on the contractor.
7.3 Grant of Extension of Time without Application :
7.3.1 There are, at times, practical difficulties like non-availability of materials, delay in providing
    permission/ right of way etc. reasons of which are ascribable to the Corporation. In such cases,
    the Engineer-incharge with the approval of the competent authority to sanction EOT, may issue
    extension of time, suo motto without waiting for contractor to make an application for EOT.
    Entry of hindrances shall be made in the Hindrance Register. BSNL, however, shall not be
    liable to the contractor for any losses or damages, cost, charges, or expenses that the contractor
    may in any way sustain / suffer due to delay in making the above available.

                                                                         Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                          No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                      (40M Tower)
 8.1 Measurement:
 8.1.1 The measurement books are to be maintained by the officer in-charge of the work or his
     immediate engineering subordinate not below the rank of Junior Telecom Officer. The entry
     shall be made in ink. No entry shall be erased. If a mistake is made, it should be corrected by
     crossing out the incorrect words or figures and inserting the corrections, the corrections thus
     made shall be initialed & dated by the officer concerned.
 8.1.2 Responsibility of taking and recording measurement: The measurement of various items of
     work shall be taken and recorded in the measurement book issued with each work order. The
     measurement shall be taken and recorded by an officer not below the rank of Junior Telecom
     Officer, supervising the work. The Junior Telecom Officer / Sub Divisional Engineer, directly
     responsible for supervision of work, shall be responsible for accuracy of 100% of
     measurements. The Sub Divisional Engineer where Junior Telecom Officer is supervising
     officer shall be responsible for conducting test check of 50% of measurements. The Divisional
     Engineer shall be responsible for conducting the test check of 10% of measurements.
 8.1.3 Method of recording of nomenclature of items : Complete nomenclature of items, as given in
     the agreement need not be reproduced in the measurement book for recording the measurements
     but corresponding Item Code as provided, shall be used.
 8.1.4 Method of Measurements : The measurements of the work shall be done for activity-wise as
     and when the item of work is ready for measurement.
 8.1.5 The contractor shall sign all the measurements recorded in the measurement book. This will
     be considered as an acceptance by the contractor, of measurements recorded in the MB. In case
     contractor fails to attend at the measurements or fails to countersign or to record the difference
     with in a week, than in any such events the measurement taken by Engineer- incharge or by the
     subordinate as the case may be shall be final and binding on the contractor and the contractor
     shall have no right to dispute the same.
 8.1.6 The Divisional Engineer will carry out test check and record on measurement book only when
     he is personally satisfied of the correctness of entries and of all aspects of the work as per terms
     of the contract.
8.2 Inspection and Quality Control :
 8.2.1 It is imperative that the contractor(s) is / are fully conversant with the construction practices
         and shall be fully equipped to carry out the work accordance with the specifications. The
         contractors are expected and bound to ensure quality in construction works in accordance
         with specifications laid down. The contractor shall engage adequate and experienced
         supervisors to ensure that works are carried out as per specifications and with due diligence
         and in a professional manner. The contractors shall satisfy himself/ themselves that the
         work conforms to the quality specifications before offering the same to A.T.wing for
         Acceptance and Testing.
 8.2.2 In addition to Acceptance Testing being carried out by A.T. wing and supervision by
         Construction Officer, all works at all times shall be open to inspection of the Corporation.
         The contractors shall be bound, if called upon to do so, to offer the works for Inspection
         without any extra payment.
 8.3 Testing and Acceptance Testing :
 8.3.1 The work shall be deemed to have been completed only after the same has been accepted by
         the A.T Officer. The contractor shall be responsible to provide test / measurement tools and
         testers for conducting various tests.

                                                                          Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                        No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                    (40M Tower)
8.3.2 Scope of Acceptance and Testing : The purpose of acceptance and testing is to verify
      integrity of measurement and quality of work done. The A.T. Officer shall not be
      responsible for recording of measurements for the purpose of billing and contractual
      obligations. However, if the measurements taken by A.T. Officer are found to be lesser than
      the measurement recorded by the officer responsible for recording the measurements, the
      measurement taken by A.T. officer shall prevail without prejudice to any punitive action
      against the contractor as per provision of the contract and the officer recording the
      measurements. The contractor shall be obligated to remove defects/ deficiencies pointed out
      by the A.T. Officer without any additional cost to the Corporation.
8.3.3 Offering the work for acceptance and testing: The Sub Divisional Engineer responsible
      for construction, after having satisfied himself of completion of work ready for A.T, shall
      offer the work to A.T. Officer for conducting Acceptance and Testing. The work shall be
      offered for A.T. as soon as work is completed in all respects.
8.3.4 The contractor shall provide labour, if demanded by the A/T officer for carrying out the A/T
      work. No extra payment will be made for this.
9.    WARRANTY :
9.1   The contractor shall warranty that the material supplied for the work shall be new and free
      from all defects and faults in material, workmanship and manufacture and shall be of the
      highest grade and consistent with the established and generally accepted standards for
      materials of the type ordered and shall perform in full conformity with the specifications and
      drawings. The contractor shall be responsible for any defects that may develop under the
      conditions provided by the contract and under proper use, arising from faulty materials,
      design or workmanship such as corrosion of the equipment, inadequate quantity of materials
      etc. and shall remedy such defects at his own cost when called upon to do so by the
      Corporation who shall state in writing in what respect the stores are faulty. This warranty
      shall survive inspection or payment for, and acceptance of goods, but shall expire except in
      respect of complaints notified prior to such date, twelve months after the acceptance
9.2   If it becomes necessary for the contractor to replace or renew any defective portion/ portions
      of the material under this clause, the provision of the clause shall apply to the portion/
      portions material so replaced or renewed or until the end of the above mentioned prior
      period of twelve months, whichever may be later. If any defect is not remedied within a
      responsible time, as prescribed by the Corporation, the Corporation may proceed to do the
      work at the contractor’s risk and costs, but without prejudice to any other rights which the
      Corporation may have against the contractor in respect of such defects.

 10.1 BSNL shall have the right to cause an audit and technical examination of the work and the
      final bills of the contractor including all supporting vouchers, abstract etc. to be made after
      payment of the final bill and if as a result of such audit and technical examination any sum is
      found to have been overpaid in respect of any work done by the contractor under the contract
      or any work claimed by him to have been done by him under the contract and found not to
      have been executed, the contractor shall be liable to refund the amount of over payment and it
      shall be lawful for BSNL to recover the same from him in the manner prescribed in clause
      with the heading payment of bills (same chapter), or in any other manner legally permissible
      and if it is found that the contractor was paid less than what was due to him under the
      contract in respect of any work executed by him under it, the amount of such under payment
      shall be duly paid by BSNL to the contractor.
                                                                         Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                       No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                   (40M Tower)
10.2 Provided that BSNL shall be entitled to recover any sum overpaid, nor the contractor shall be
      entitled to payment of any sum paid short where such payments have been agreed upon
      between the Divisional Engineer or his subordinate officer on one hand the contractor on the
      other under any term of the contract permitting payment for work after assessment by the
      GM(MP&D) Rajasthan or his subordinate officer.
10.3 Any sum of money due and payable to the contractor (including security deposit returnable to
      him) under his contract may be appropriate by BSNL for the payment of a sum of money
      arising out or under any other contract made by the contractor with BSNL.
11.1 Procedure for preparation and settlement of bills :
 11.1.1 All items of work involved in the work order shall be completed in all respects before
        preparing the bills for the work. The procedure for preparation of running and final bills
        is enumerated as under :
11.2 Procedure for preparation, processing and payment of bills :

11.2.1 The contractor may submit one running bill after completion of tower height and tower
         earthing for 40% payment of the estimated cost of tower, at approved rates of tender. The
         running bill should be duly checked and verified by concerning JTO/SDE and DE in-
         charge of the work.
11.2.2 The contractor shall prepare the final bill containing the following details :
      The bill for all the balance items as per Measurements in MB, at the approved rates
      Certificate from SDE/DE in charge of work regarding surplus store returned to the
          designated store godowns and there is no store pending against contractor.
      Letters of grant EOT (s) if work could not be completed within stipulated time.
     The contractor shall prepare the bills in triplicate ensuring execution of works in its
 completeness as envisaged above, correctness of rates and quantum of work and submit the bills
 to JTO/SDE in-charge of work. The bills shall be prepared accurately and as per measurements
 recorded in the measurement book. The JTO/SDE in charge of work shall scrutinize the final bill
 against the works entrusted and accord necessary certificates stating that the work has been
 executed satisfactorily in accordance with specifications and terms and conditions of the contract.
 The JTO/SDE shall verify the quantities of items of work with reference to measurements
 recorded in the measurement book. The SDE Incharge of work shall submit the final bills, along
 with following documents to the Divisional Engineer, in charge of work.
 * Bill prepared by the contractor
 * Material reconciliation statement
 *Measurement Book.
 * The Hindrance Register

11.2.3 The Divisional Engineer shall exercise the prescribed checks on bills and accord necessary
       certificates on the bills and will send the bill and MB to MM section for processing of
       bills and release of payments.
11.2.4 The Planning cell will process the bills in the file to release the payment to the contractor
       The bill shall be passed, after approval of competent authority to pass the bill. The 70%
       payment of the actual cost of the work shall be made on the basis of measurements
       verified in the measurement book, submission of satisfactory work completion certificate
       and no dues certificate of the stores from JTO, SDE and DE in charge of work . Payment
       will be released by deducting LD charges (as per clause 13) and all Statutory taxes (as
                                                                        Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                       No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                   (40M Tower)
11.2.5 30% (THIRTY PERCENT ONLY) of the bills offered shall be paid only after clearance of
       acceptance testing by the A/T officer and on submission of A/T certificate along with
       request/bill for remaining 30% payment. The A/T certificate will be released by T&D wing
       of BSNL.

11.3 Procedure for Payment for sub standard works :
 11.3.1 Authority and Procedure to accept sub standard work and payment thereof: There may be
        certain items of work pointed out as substandard which may be difficult to rectify and in
        the opinion of the GM(MP&D), the items in question will not materially deteriorate the
        quality of service provided by the construction, GM (MP&D) shall appoint committee to
        work out the reduced rates payable to the contractor for such sub standard work. The
        committee shall constitute one Divisional Engineer other than the one who is directly in –
        charge of the tower erection involving substandard items of work, as Chairman and one
        SDE and an Accounts Officer as members. The committee shall take into account the
        approximate cost of material/work pointed out as sub standard and recommend the rates
        payable for sub standard work which shall not exceed 60% of the approved rates of the
        item in question.
 11.3.2 Record of sub standard work : The items adjusted as sub standard shall be entered into the
        measurement book with red ink.
 12.1 The contractor shall be responsible for depositing any balance material to BSNL Stores
       under proper receipt. This receipt shall be submitted with the bills to the SDE Incharge.
 13.1 Delays in the contractor’s performance :
  13.1.1 The time allowed for completion of the work as entered in the tender shall be deemed to
          the most important aspect of the contract on the part of the contractor and shall be
          reckoned from the seventh day after issue of work order to the contractor. The work shall;
          throughout the stipulated period of work-order be proceeded with all due diligence to
          achieve the desired progress uniformly, and the BSNL shall be entitled to recover as
          penalty an amount equal to 0.5 (half) percent of the amount of the work delayed for each
          week of delay or part thereof for a period up to 10 (TEN) weeks and thereafter at the rate
          of 0.7% of the value of the delayed work for each week of delay or part thereof for
          another 10 weeks of delay. In case the delayed part of work awarded materially
          hampers installation/utilization of complete tower, LD charges shall be levied as
          above on the total invoice value of work order of that particular tower. Quantum
          of liquidated damages assessed and levied by the purchaser shall be final and not
          challengeable by the supplier.
  13.1.2 On any date the penalty payable as above, reaches 10 (ten) percent of the estimated cost
          of the work, the contractor should proceed with the work further only on getting a written
          instructions from the DGM, in charge of the works, that he is allowed to proceed further
          with the work. It will be in the discretion of the DGM to allow the contractor to continue
          with the work on the basis of any written agreement reached between the contractor and
          the BSNL one of the conditions of such agreement may be a stipulation for the contractor
          to agree for realization of penalty for delay at a higher rate as may be agreed between the
          BSNL and contractor.
  13.1.3 Penalty for delay in completion of the work shall be recoverable from the bills of the
          contractor and/ or by adjustment from the security deposit or from the bills of any other

                                                                       Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                      No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                  (40M Tower)
       contract. However, adjustment from security deposit will be made only when the contract
       has been terminated or at the time of final settlement of bills on completion of work.
13.1.4 The GM(MP&D) reserves the right of cancel the contract and forfeit the security deposit
       if the contractor fails to commence the work with in 7 days after issue of work order.

13.2 Penalty to damage stores/ materials supplied by the Corporation while execution of
work :
13.2.1 The contractor while taking delivery of materials supplied by the Corporation at the
designated place shall thoroughly inspect all items before taking them over. In course of
execution of the work, if any material is found damaged / working unsatisfactorily, then a penalty
equivalent to the cost of material +10% as penalty shall be recovered from the contractor’s
payments/ securities.
13.2.2       However, the contractor will not be penalized for any defect in workmanship of the
materials, which shall be taken up separately with the supplier of the stores.
14. Rescission/ Termination of Contract
14.1 Circumstances for rescission of contract: Under the following conditions the competent
authority may rescind the contract :
a) If the contractor commits breach of any item of terms and conditions of the contract
b) If the contractor suspends or abandons the execution of work and the engineer incharge of the
    work comes to conclusion that work could not be completed by due date for completion .
c) If the contractor had been given by the officer incharge of work a notice in writing to rectify/
    replace any defective work and he / she fails to comply with the requirement within the
    specified period.
14.2 Upon rescission of the contract, the security deposit of the contractor shall be liable to be
     forfeited and shall be absolutely at the disposal of BSNL as under :
  14.2.1 Measurement of Works executed since the date of last measurement and upto the date
          of rescission of contract shall be taken in the presence of the contractor or his
          authorized representative who shall sign the same in the MB. If the contractor or his
          authorized representative do not turn up for joint measurement, the measurement shall
          be taken by the officer authorized for this purpose after expiry of due date given for
          joint measurement. The measurement taken by the officer so authorized shall be final
          and no further request for joint measurement shall be entertained.
  14.2.2 The unused material (supplied by the Corporation) available at site, shall be transported
          back by the Corporation to the Telecom Store at the risk and cost of the contractor. If
          any such material is found damaged / lost then the penalty shall also be recovered from
          the contractor as per conditions in tender documents, ibid.
  14.2.3 The certificate of the Divisional Engineer incharge of work as to the value of work
          done shall be final and conclusive against the contractor provided always that action
          shall only be taken after giving notice in writing to the contractor.
   14.3      Termination for Insolvency :
  14.3.1 The Corporation may at any time terminate the contract by giving written notice to the
          contractor without compensation to the contractor, if the contractor becomes bankrupt
          or otherwise insolvent as declared by the competent court provided that such
          termination will not prejudice or affect any right or action or remedy which has accrued
          or will accrue thereafter to the Corporation.
  14.4       Optional Termination by BSNL (Other than due default of the Contractor)
  14.4.1 BSNL may, at any time, at its option cancel and terminate this contract by written
             notice to the contractor, in which event the contractor shall be entitled to payment for
                                                                       Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                     No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                 (40M Tower)
            the work done up to the time of such cancellation and a reasonable compensation
            with accordance with the contract prices for any additional expenses already incurred
            for balance work exclusive of purchases and / or whole of material, machinery and
            other equipment for use in or in respect of the work.
14.4.2      In the event of the termination of the contract, the contractor shall forthwith clear the
            site of all the contractor’s materials, machinery and the equipments and hand over
            possession of the work/ operations concerned to BSNL or as BSNL may direct.
14.4.3      BSNL may , at its option, cancel or omit the execution of one or more items of work
            under this contract and may part of such items without any compensation whatsoever
            to the contractor.
 14.5    Issuance of Notice
14.5.1      The Divisional Engineer in-charge of work shall issue show cause notice giving
            details of lapses, violation of terms and conditions of the contract, wrongful delays or
            suspension of work or slow progress to the contractor directing the contractor to take
            corrective action. A definite time schedule for corrective action shall be mentioned
            in the show cause notice. If the contractor fails to take corrective action within the
            stipulated time frame, the Divisional Engineer incharge shall submit a draft of final
            notice along with a detailed report to the competent authority who has accepted the
14.5.2      The final notice for rescission of contract to the contractor shall expressly state the
            precise date and time from which the rescission would become effective. The
            following safe guards shall be taken while issuing the final notice :

       a) During the period of service of notice and its effectiveness, the contractor should not
          be allowed to remove from the site any material / equipment belonging to the
       b) The contractor shall give in writing the tools and plants he would like to take away/
          remove from the site. Such of the materials as belong to him and which may not be
          required for future execution of balance work may be allowed by the Divisional
          Engineer in charge of work to be removed with proper records.
       c) No new construction beneficial to the contractor shall be allowed.
       d) Adequate Corporational security arrangements in replacement of the contractor
          watch and ward shall be made forthwith. Expenses on this account are recoverable
          from the security deposit or any amount due to contractor.

15.        INDEMNITITES :
15.1           The contractor shall at all times held BSNL harmless and indemnify from
               against all action, suits, proceedings, works, cost, damages, charges claims and
               demands of every nature and description, brought or procured against BSNL,
               its officers and employees and forthwith upon demand and cost (inclusive
               between attorney and client) and all costs incurred in endorsing this or any
               other indemnity or security which BSNL may now or at any time have relative
               to do the work or the contractors obligation or in protecting or endorsing its
               right in any suit on other legal proceeding, charges and expense and liabilities
               resulting from or incidental or in connection with injury, damages of the
               contractor or damage to property resulting from or arising out of or in any way
               connected with or incidental to the operation caused by the contract
               documents. In addition the contractor shall reimburse BSNL or pay to BSNL
                                                                    Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                            (40M Tower)
             forthwith on demand without protect or demur all cost, charges and expenses
             and losses and damages otherwise incurred by it in consequences of any claim,
             damages and actions which may be brought against BSNL arising out of or
             incidental to or in connection with the operation covered by the contractor.
15.2         The contractor shall at his own cost at BSNL’s request defend any suit or any
             other proceeding asserting a claim covered by this indemnity but shall not
             settle, compound or compromise any suit or other finding without first
             consulting BSNL.
16.1   If any time, during the continuance of this contract, the performance in whole or in
       part by either party or any obligation under this contract shall be prevented or
       delayed by reason of any war, or hostility, acts of the public enemy, civil commotion
       sabotage, fires, floods, explosion, epidermis, quarantine restrictions, strikes,
       lockouts, or act of god (herein after referred to as events) provided notice of
       happenings, of any such eventuality is given by either party to the other within 21
       days from the date of occurrence thereof, neither party shall by reason of such event
       be entitled to terminate this contract nor shall either party have any such claim for
       damages against the other in respect of such non –performance and work under the
       contract shall be resumed as soon as practicable after such event may come up to an
       end or cease to exist and the decision of the Corporation as to whether the work
       have been so resumed or not shall be final and conclusive, provided further that if the
       performance, in whole or part of any obligation under this contract is prevented or
       delayed by reason of any such event for a period exceedingly 60 days either party
       may, at his option terminate the contract.
16.2   Provided also that if the contract is terminated under this clause, the Corporation
       shall be at liberty to take over from the contractor at a price to be fixed by the
       Corporation, which shall be final, all unused, undamaged and acceptable materials,
       bought out components and stores in the course of execution of the contract, in
       possession of the contractor at the time of such termination of such portions thereof
       at the Corporation may deem fit excepting such material bought out components and
       stores as the contracts may with the concurrence of the Corporation elect to retain.
17.1   In the event of any question, dispute or difference arising under this agreement or in
       connection therewith except as to matter the decision of which is specifically
       provided under this agreement the same shall be referred to sole arbitration of the
       CGMT Rajasthan. The agreement is to appoint an arbitrator will be in accordance
       with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. There will be no objection to any
       such appointment that the arbitrator is BSNL Servant or that he has to deal with the
       matter to which the agreement relates or that in the course of his duties as BSNL
       Servant he has expressed views on all or any of the matter under dispute. The award
       of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties. In the event of such
       arbitrator to whom the matter is originally referred, being transferred or vacating his
       office or being unable to act for any reason whatsoever such CGMT or the said
       officer shall appoint another person to act as arbitrator in accordance with the terms
       of the agreement and the person so appointed shall entitled to proceed from the stage
       at which it was left out by his predecessors.
17.2   The arbitrator may from time to time with the consent of parties enlarge the time for
       making and publishing the award, subject to aforesaid Indian Arbitration anc
                                                                 Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                  No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                              (40M Tower)
         Conciliation act 1996 and the Rules made there under, any modification thereof for
         the time being in force shall be deemed to apply to the arbitration proceeding under
         this clause.
17.3     The venue of the arbitration proceeding shall be the O/o CGMT Rajasthan or such
         other places as the arbitrator may decide, the following procedure shall be followed :
     17.3.1 In case parties are unable to reach a settlement by themselves, the dispute
               should be submitted or arbitration in accordance with contract agreement.
     17.3.2 There should not be joint submission with the contractor to the sole Arbitrator.
     17.3.3 Each party should submit its own claim severally and may oppose the claim put
               forward by the other party.
     17.3.4 The onus of establishing his claims will be left to the contractor.
     17.3.5 Once a claim has been included in the submission by the contractor, a
               reiteration or modification thereof will be opposed.
     17.3.6 The ‘points of defence’ will be based on actual conditions of the contract.
     17.3.7 Claims in the nature of ex-gratia payments shall not be entertained by the
               Arbitrator as these are not contractual.
     17.3.8 The question whether these conditions are equitable shall not receive any
               consideration in the preparation of the ‘points of defence’
     17.3.9 If the contractor includes such claims in his submission, the fact that they are
               not contractual will be prominently placed before the Arbitrator.

 The award of the sole Arbitrator shall be final and binding on all the parties to the dispute.

 18.     SET OFF.
 18.1    Any sum of money due and payable to the contractor (including security deposit
         refundable to him) under his contract may be appropriated by the Corporation or the
         Govt. or any other person or persons contracting through the Govt. of India and set
         off the same against any claim of the Corporation or Govt. or such other person or
         persons for payment of a sum of money arising out of this contract made by the
         contractor with Corporation or Govt. or such other person or persons contracting
         through Govt. of India.

                                                                   Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                        No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                    (40M Tower)
                                        SECTION VII

1 (a). GENERAL

1.1    The work shall be accepted only after Acceptance Testing carried out by BSNL team,
       designated by the Corporation, as per prescribed schedule and work/material passing the test
1.2    The Corporation reserves the right to disqualify such bidders who have a record or not
       meeting contractual obligations against earlier contracts entered into with the Corporation.
1.3    The Corporation reserves the right to black list a bidder for suitable period in case he fails to
       honour his bid without sufficient grounds.
1.4    The Corporation reserves the right to counter offer price(s) against quoted by any bidder.
1.5    Any clarification issued by Corporation, in response to query raised by prospective bidders
       shall form an integral part of bid documents and it may amount to amendment to relevant
       clauses of the bid documents.
1.6    Tender will be evaluated as a single package of all the items given in the price schedule.
1.7    All work to be executed under the contract shall be executed under the direction and subject
       to the approval in all respects of by the Divisional Engineer or Site Engineer in-charge of
       work site who shall be entitled to direct at what point or points and what manner they are to
       be commenced, and from the time to time carried on.
1.8    If at any time after the commencement of the work, the Corporation may feel that execution
       of whole or part of work, as specified in the tender is not required to be carried out, then the
       Corporation shall give notice in writing of the fact to the contractor who shall have no claim
       to any payment of compensation whatsoever on account of any profit or advantage which he
       might have derived in consequence of the full amount of the work not having been carried
       out neither shall he have any claim for compensation by reason of any alterations having
       been made in the original specifications, drawings, designs and instructions which shall
       involve any curtailment of the work as originally contemplated.
1.9    Whenever any claims against the contractor for the payment of a sum of money arises out of
       or under the contract, the Corporation shall be entitled to recover such sum by appropriating
       in part or whole the security deposit of the contractor, and to sell any Government
       promissory notes etc., forming the whole or part of such security or running/Final bill
       pending against any contract with the Corporation. In the event of the security being
       insufficient or if no security has been taken from the contractor, then the balance or the total
       sum recoverable as the case may be, shall be deducted from any sum then due or which at
       any time there after may become due to the contractor under this or any other contract with
       Government. Should this sum be not sufficient to cover the full amount recoverable the
       contract or shall pay to Corporation on demand the balance remaining due.
1.10   No official of Gazetted rank or other Gazetted officer employed in Engineering or
       administrative duties in an Engineering Corporation or any other Corporation of the
       Government of India is allowed to work as a contractor for a period of two years after his
       retirement from Government service without the previous permission of Government of
       India. This contract is liable to be cancelled if either the contractor or any of his employee is
       found at any time to be such person who hadn’t obtained the permission of Government of

                                                                         Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                         No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                     (40M Tower)
        India as aforesaid before submission of the engagement in the contractor’s service as the
        case may be.
1.11 In the event of the contactor being, adjusted insolvent or going voluntarily into liquidation of
        having received order or other order under insolvency act made against him or in the case of
        company, of the passing of any resolution, or making of any order for winding up whether
        voluntarily or otherwise, or in the event of the contractor falling to comply with any of the
        conditions herein specified. The GM(MP&D) shall have the power to terminate the contract
        without any notice.
1.12 Without prejudice to any of the rights or remedies under this contract, if the contractor dies,
        the GM(MP&D) on behalf of the CMD BSNL can terminate the contract without
        compensation to the contractor. However GM(MP&D), at his discretion may permit
        contractor’s heirs to perform the duties or engagements of the contractor under the contract,
        in case of his death. In this regard the decision of GM(MP&D) shall be the final.
1.13 In the event of the contractor, winding up his company on account of transfer or merged of
        his company with any other, the contractor shall make it one of the terms and stipulations of
        the contract for the transfer of his properties and business, that such other person or
        company, shall continue to perform the duties or engagement of the contractor under this
        contract and be subject to his liabilities there under.
1.14 Interpretation of the contract document:
        The representative of GM(MP&D) and the contractor shall in so far as possible by mutual
    consultation, try to decide upon the meaning and intent of the contract document. In-case of
    disagreement the matter shall be referred to GM(MP&D) whose decision shall be final. Any
    change in the contract documents shall be set forth in writing by the representative of the parties
    hereto. It shall be the contractor’s responsibility to thoroughly familiarize all of his supervisory
    personnel with the contents of a all the contract documents.

1.2   Notification
1.2.1 The contractor shall give in writing to the proper person or authority with a copy to the
      Divisional Engineer such notification as may be mandatory or necessary in connection with
      the commencement, suspension, resumption, performance and/ or completion of the
      contracted work. All notice shall be given sufficiently in advance of the proposed operation
      to permit proper co-relation of activities and the contractor shall keep all proper persons or
      authorities involved and advised of the progress of operations through out the performance
      of the work and/or with such other information and/or supporting figure and data as may
      from time to time as directed or required.

1.3   Shut down on account of weather conditions:
1.3.1 The contactor shall not be entitled to any compensation whatsoever by reason of suspension
      of the whole or any part of the work made necessary by BSNL or deemed advisable on
      account of bad weather conditions or other Force majeure conditions.

2.1    All materials supplied to the contractor by the Corporation shall remain the absolute
       properly of Corporation and shall not be removed from site of the work except for use in the
       work and shall be at all times open to inspection by the Representative of GM(MP&D). In
       case the materials and accessories are taken delivery of by the contractor and stored at the
       site office/store of the contractor such site office/store will also be treated “as site” for this
       purpose. Any such materials remaining unused at the time of the abandonment, completion
                                                                          Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                       No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                   (40M Tower)
      or determination of the contract shall be returned to the Corporation at a place informed to
      him by the Corporation, falling which the cost of the unused materials shall be deducted
      from the contractor’s material security or any of his pending bills or from any other security.
2.2   The contractor shall be responsible for the transportation of store, storage and safe custody
      of all material supplied to him by the Corporation, which in the contractor’s custody
      whether, or not installed in the work. The contractor shall satisfy himself regularly the
      quantity and quality of the materials supplied to him and he will be responsible for any
      subsequent deterioration and discrepancy (inclusive of theft) in the quantity/quality of the
2.3   The contractor shall submit a proper account every month of all the materials supplied to
      him by the Corporation and those consumed for items of work. Any discrepancy of
      difference between the materials issued to the contractor and those consumed in the work as
      per the “Corporation calculation”(which shall be final) will be charged to the contractor or
      deducted from his bills at 1.5 times of prevailing standard price including freight, handling
      charges, storage charges etc.
2.5   The contractor shall ensure that only the required materials are issued to him. Upon
      completion of work, the contractor shall return to BSNL at the later designated store in good
      condition, free of charge, any unused materials that were supplied by the Corporation.

3.1   The contractor shall obtain/provide at his own cost all easements, permits and licence
      necessary to do its work except for the following which shall be provided by the
      Representative of the GM(MP&D));
              “Right of User” easements and permits.
3.2   The contractor shall be fully responsible for angling and obtaining all necessary easements,
      permits and licenses, for moving all construction equipment, tools, supplied materials and
      men across Railways and Highways, across public or private road as well as premises of any
      public utility within the right of user and for bearing all costs that may be incurred in respect
      of the same.
3.3   The contractor is to confine his operation to the provided construction “Right of User”
      unless it has made other arrangement with the particular property owners and/or tenants such
      other arrangements shall be entirely at the responsibility of the contractor as to cost and
      arrangement as also breach and claim and shall be entitled with a copy to the Divisional

4.1   The Corporation shall be the final judge of the quality of the work and the satisfaction of the
      Corporation in respect thereof set forth in the contract documents. Laxity or failure to
      enforce compliance with the contract documents by the Corporation and / or its
      representative shall not manifest a change or intent of waiver, the intention being that, not
      withstanding the same, the contractor shall be and remain responsible for complete and
      proper compliance with the contract documents and the specification there in. The
      representative of GM(MP&D) has the right to prohibit the use of men and any tools,
      materials and equipment which in his opinion do not produce work or performance meet the
      requirement of the contract documents.

                                                                        Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                        No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                    (40M Tower)
5.1    Contractor shall pay all rates, levies, fees royalties, taxes and duties payable or arising from
       out of, by virtue of or in connection with and/or incidental to the contract or any of the
       obligations of the parties in terms of the contractor documents and/or in respect of the works
       or operations or any part thereof to be performed by the contractor and the contractor shall
       indemnify and keep indemnified the Corporation from and against the same or any default
       by the contractor in the payment thereof.

6.1    The contractor is fully responsible for taking all possible safety precaution during
       preparation for and actual performance of the works and for keeping the construction site in
       a reasonable safe condition. The contractor shall protect all life and property from damage or
       losses resulting from his construction operations and shall minimize the disturbance and
       inconvenience to the public.
6.2    The contractor shall be solely liable for all expense for and in respect of repairs and /or
       damage occasioned by injury of or damage to such underground and above structures or
       other properties and under take to indemnify the Corporation from and against all actions,
       cause of actions, damages, claims and demands what-so-ever, either in law or in equity and
       all losses and damages and costs (inclusive between attorney and client), charges and
       expenses in connection therewith and/ or incidental thereto.
6.3    The current market value of any commodities lost as a result of any damage to the aforesaid
       existing facilities shall be paid by the contractor together with such additional sums
       necessary to liquidate the personal of property damages, resulting there from.


       Obtaining Licence before commencement of work:
7.1    The contractor shall obtain a valid labour licence under the Contract Labour (R&A) Act
       1970 and the Contract Labour (Regulations and Abolition) Central Rules 1971, before
       commencement of the work, and continue to have a valid licence until the completion of

7.2     Contractors Labour Regulations:
7.2.1 Working Hours Normally working hours of an employee should not exceed 9 hours a day. The working day
        shall be so arranged that inclusive of interval for rest, if any, it shall not spread over more
        than 12 hours on any day. When a worker is made to work for more than 9 hours on any day or for more than 48 hours
        in any week he shall be paid over time for the extra hours put in by him. Every worker shall be given a weekly holiday normally on a Sunday, in accordance with the
        provisions of Minimum Wages (Central) Rules 1960, as amended from time to time,
        irrespective of whether such worker is governed by the Minimum Wages Act or not. Where the minimum wages prescribed by the Government, under the Minimum Wages Act,
        are not inclusive of the wages for the weekly day of rest, the worker shall be entitled to rest
        day wages, at the rate applicable to the next preceding day, provided he has worked under
        the same contractor for a continuous period of not less than 6 days. Where a contractor is permitted by the Engineer-in-Charge to allow a worker to work on a
        normal weekly holiday, he shall grant a substituted holiday to him for the whole day, on one
                                                                          Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                        No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                    (40M Tower)
       of the five days, immediately before or after the normal weekly holiday, and pay wages to
       such worker for the work performed on the normal weekly holiday at the overtime rate.

7.2.2 Display Of Notice Regarding Wages etc.
      The contractor shall, before he commences his work on contract, display and correctly
      maintain and continue to display and correctly maintain, in a clear and legible condition in
      conspicuous pieces on the work, notices in English and in local Indian languages spoken by
      the majority of the workers, giving the minimum rates of the wages fixed under Minimum
      Wages Act, the actual wages being paid, the hours of work for which such wage are earned,
      wages periods, dates of payments of wages and other relevant information.

7.2.3 Payment of Wages. The contractor shall fix wage periods in respect of which wages shall be payable. No wage period shall exceed one month. The wages of every person employed as contract labour in an establishment or by a
        contractor, where less than one thousand such persons are employed shall be paid before the
        expiry of seventh day and in other cases before the expiry of tenth day after the last day of
        the wage period in respect of which the wages are payable. Where the employment of any worker is terminated by or on behalf of the contractor, the
        wages earned by him shall be paid before the expiry of the second working day from the
        date on which his employment is terminated. All payment of wages shall be made on a working day at the work premises and during the
        working time and on a date notified in advance and in case the work is completed before the
        expiry of the wage period, final payment shall be made within 48 hours of the last working
        day. Wages due to every worker shall be paid to him direct or to other person authorised by him
        in this behalf. All wages shall be paid in current coin or currency or in both. Wages shall be paid without any deductions of any kind except those specified by the
        Central Government by general or special order in this behalf or permissible under the
        payment under the payment of Wages Act 1956. A notice showing the wages period and the place and time of disbursement of wages shall be
        displayed at the place of work and a copy sent by the contractor to the Engineer-in-Charge
        under acknowledge. shall be the duty of the contractor to ensure the disbursement of wages in presence of the
        site Engineer or any other authorised representative of the Engineer-in-Charge who will be
        required to be present at the place and time of the disbursement of wages by the contractor
        to workmen. contractor shall obtain from the site Engineer or any other authorised representative of
        the Engineer-in-Charge, as the case may be, a certificate under his signature at the end of the
        entries in the “Register of Wages” or the “Wage-cum-Muster Roll”, as the case may be, in
        the following form:
        “Certified that the amount shown in the column No…… has been paid to the workman
        concerned in my presence on ……… at ………..”.

7.2.4 Fines and deductions which may be made from wages. The wages of a worker shall be paid to him without any deduction of any kind except the
                                                                   Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                        No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                    (40M Tower)
   a) Fines
   b) Deductions for absence from duty i.e. from the place or the places where by the terms of his
      employment he is required to work. The amount of deduction shall be in proportion to the
      period for which he was absent.
   c) Deductions for damage to or loss of goods expressly entrusted to the employed person for
      custody, or for loss of money or any other deductions which he is required to account, where
      such damage or loss is directly attributable to his neglect or default.
   d) Deduction for recovery of advances or for adjustment of overpayment of wages, advances
      granted shall be entered in a register.
   e) Any other deduction, which the Central Government may from time to time, allow.     No fines should be imposed on any worker save in respect of such acts and
    omissions on his part as have been approved of by the Labour Commissioner. No fine shall be imposed on a worker and no deduction for damage or loss shall be made
        from his wages until the worker has been given an opportunity of showing cause against
        such fines or deductions. Every fine shall be deemed to have been imposed on the day of the act or omission in
        respect of which it was imposed.

7.2.5 Labour Records. The contractor shall maintain a Register of Persons employed on work on contract in form
        XIII of the Contract Labour (R&A) Central Rules 1971. The contractor shall maintain a Muster Roll register in respect of all workmen employed by
        him on the work under Contract in Form XVI of the CL (R&A) Rules 1971 The contractor shall maintain a Wage Register in respect of all workmen employed by him
        on the work under contract in Form XVII of the CL (R&A) Rules 1971 Register of accidents – The contractor shall maintain a register of accidents in such form as
        may be convenient at the work place but the same shall include the following particulars:
        (a)     Full Particulars of the labourers who met with accident.
        (b)     Rate of wages.
        (c)     Sex.
        (d)     Age.
        (e)     Nature of accident and cause of accident.
        (f)     Time and date of accident.
        (g)     Date and time when admitted in hospital.
        (h)     Date of discharge from the hospital.
        (i)     Period of treatment and result of treatment.
        (j)     Percentage of loss of earning capacity and disability as assessed by Medical officer.
        (k)     Claim required to be paid under Workmen’s compensation Act.
        (l)     Date of payment of compensation.
        (m)     Amount paid with details of the person to whom the same was paid.
        (n)     Authority by whom the compensation was assessed.
        (o)     Remarks. The contractor shall maintain a Register of Fines in the Form XVII of the CL (R&A) Rules
        1971. The contractor shall display in a good condition and in a conspicuous place of work
        the approved list of acts and omission for which fines can be imposed. The contractor shall maintain a Register of Deductions for damage or loss. In Form XX of
        the CL (R&A) Rules 1971.
                                                                         Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                       No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                   (40M Tower) The contractor shall maintain a Register of Advances In Form XXIII of the CL (R&A) Rules
        1971. The contractor shall maintain a Register of Overtime.

7.2.6 Attendance card-cum wage slip The contract shall issue an Attendance card cum wage slip to each workman employed by
        him. The card shall be valid for each wage period. The contractor shall mark the attendance of each workman on the card twice each day, once
        at the commencement of the day and again after the rest interval, before he actually starts
        work. The card shall remain in possession of the worker during the was period under reference. The contractor shall complete the wage slip portion on the reverse of the card at least a day
        prior to the disbursement of wages in respect of the wage period under reference. The contractor shall obtain the signature or thumb impression of the worker on the wage slip
        at the time of disbursement of wages and retain the card with him.
7.2.7 Employment card
        The contractor shall issue an Employment Card in the Form XIV of CL (R&A) Central Rues
        1971 to each worker within three days of the employment of the worker.
7.2.8 Service Certificate
        On termination of employment for any reason whatsoever the contractor shall issue to the
        workman whose service have been terminated, a Service Certificate in the Form XV of the
        CL (R&A) Central Rules 1971.
7.2.9 Preservation of labour records
        The labour records and records of Fines and deductions shall be preserved in original for a
        period of three years from the date of last entries made in them and shall be made available
        for inspection by the Engineer-in-Charge or Labour officer or any other officers authorised
        by the Ministry of Communication in this behalf.
7.3     Power of labour officer to make investigations or enquiry
        The labour officer or any person authorised by the Central Government on their behalf shall
        have power to make enquiries with a view to ascertaining and enforcing due and proper
        observance of fair Wage Clauses and provisions of these Regulations. He shall investigate
        into any complaint regarding the default made by the contractor in regard to such provision.

7.4    Report of Investigating officer and action thereon
       The Labour Officer or other persons authorised as aforesaid shall submit a report of result of
       his investigation or enquiry to the Engineer in-charge indicating the extent, if any, to which
       the default has been committed with a note that necessary deductions from the contractor’s
       bill be made and the wages and other dues be paid to the labourers concerned. The Engineer-
       in-charge shall arrange payments to the labour concerned within 45 days from the receipt of
       the report from the Labour Officer or the authorised officer as the case may be.

7.5    Inspection of Books And Slips
       The contractor shall allow inspection of all the prescribed labour records to any of his
       workers or to his agent at a convenient time and place after due notice is received or to the
       Labour Officer or any other person, authorised by the Central Government on his behalf.

                                                                       Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                      No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                  (40M Tower)
7.6   Submission of Returns
      The contractor shall submit periodical returns as may specified from time to time.

7.7   Amendments
      The Central Government may from time to time add to or amend the regulations and on any
      question as to the application/interpretation or effect of those regulations.

8.1   Without limiting any of his other obligations or liabilities, the contractor shall, at his was
      expense, take and keep comprehensive insurance including third party risk for the plant,
      machinery, men, materials etc. brought to the site and for all the work during the execution.
      The contractor shall also take out workmen’s compensations insurance as required by law
      and under take to indemnify and keep indemnified the Government from and against all
      manner of claims and demands and losses and damages and cost (including between
      attorney and client) charges and expenses that may arise in regard the same or that the
      Government may suffer or incur with respect to end/or incidental to the same. The
      contractor shall have to furnish originals and/or attested copies as required by the
      Corporation of the policies of insurance taken within 15 (fifteen) days of being called upon
      to do so together with all premium receipts and other papers related thereto which the
      Corporation may require.

      During the performance of the works the contractor shall at his own cost and initiative fully
      comply with all applicable laws of the land and with any and all applicable by-laws rules,
      regulations and orders and any other provisions having the force of law made or
      promulgated or deemed to be made or promulgated by the Government, Governmental
      agency or Corporation, municipal board, Government of other regulatory or Authorised
      body or persons and shall provide all certificates of compliance therewith as may be
      required by such applicable law. By-laws, Rules, Regulations, orders and / or provisions.
      The contractor shall assume full responsibility for the payment of all contributions and pay
      roll taxes, as to its employees, servants or agents engaged in the performance of the work
      specified in the contractor documents. If the contractor shall require any assignee or sub-
      contractor to sham any portion of the work to be performed hereunder may be assigned, sub-
      leased or sub-contracted to comply with the provisions of the clause and in this connection
      the contractor agrees as to undertake to save and hold the Government harmless and
      indemnified from and against any/ all penalties, actions, suits, losses and damages, claims
      and demands and costs (inclusive between attorney and client) charges and expenses
      whatsoever arising out or occasioned, indirectly or directly, by failure of the contractor or
      any assignee or sub-contractor to make full and proper compliance with the said by-laws,
      Rules, Regulations, Laws and Order and provisions as aforesaid.

      The contractor shall provide at his own cost all tools, plants appliances, implements,
      measuring instruments etc. required for proper execution of works. The contractor, shall also
      supply without charge the requisite number of persons with the means and materials
      necessary for the purpose o setting out works, counting, weighing and assisting the
      measurements for examination at any time and from time to time. The contractor shall be
      responsible to make all arrangements, at his own cost for dewatering of trenches/ducts and
                                                                    Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                      No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                  (40M Tower)
       de-gasification of the ducts before carrying out the work. The contractor shall also be
       responsible to make arrangements, at his own cost, for water required for carrying of works
       at sites including curing of CC/RCC works. Falling his so doing the same may be provided
       by the Engineer-in-charge at the expense of the contractor and the expenses shall be
       deducted from any money due to the contractor under this contract or otherwise.

11.1 Suitable scaffolding should be provided for workmen for all works that can not safely be done
      from the ground, or from solid construction except such short period works as can be done
      safely from ladders. When ladder is used an extra mazdoor shall be engaged for holding the
      ladder and if the ladder is used for carrying materials as well. Suitable footholds and hands
      shall be provided on the ladder and shall be given an inclination not steeper beyond “1/4
      horizontal and 1 vertical”.
11.2 Scaffolding or staging more than 12 ft. above the ground or floor swan or suspended from an
      overhead support shall have a guard wall properly attached, bolted, brassed and otherwise
      secured at least 3ft. high above the floor or platform or such scaffolding or staging an
      extending along with entire length or the out side and ends thereof with only such opening
      as may be necessary for the delivery of material. Such scaffolding or staging shall be so
      fastened as to prevent it from swaying wavy from the building or structure.
11.3 Working platform Gangways and stairways should be so constructed that they should not
      sag unduly or unequally and if the height of the platform or the gangway or the stairway is
      more than 12ft, above the ground level or floor level, they should be closely boarded, should
      have adequate width and should be suitable fanned as described in (2) above.
11.4 Every opening in the floor of a building or in a working platform be provided with suitable
      means to prevent the fall of persons or materials by providing suitable fencing.
11.5. Safe means of access shall be provided to working platform and other working places. Every
      ladder shall be securely fixed. No portable single ladder shall be over 30ft., in the length
      while the width between side rails in run ladder shall in no case be less than 11.1/2 for
      ladder up and including 10ft, in length. For longer ladder this width should be increased at
      least ¼ for each additional feet of length. Uniform step spacing shall not exceed 12".
      Adequate precautions shall be taken to prevent danger from electrical equipment. No
      materials on any of the sites of work shall be so stacked or placed so as to cause danger or
      inconvenience to any person or the public. The contractor shall provide all necessary fencing
      and lights to protect the public from accidents and shall be bound to bear the expenses of
      defense of every suit, action or other proceedings at law that may be brought by any person
      for injury sustained owing to neglect of the above precaution and to pay any damage and
      cost which may be awarded in any such suit action or proceedings to any such persons or
      which may with the consent of the contractor to be paid compromised on any claim by any
      such person.

                                                                     Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                        No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                    (40M Tower)
11.6      Workers employed for work over the tower should be provided with suitable canvas shoes
         for the safety of their legs. All necessary personal safety equipment as considered adequate
         by the D.E. (in charge of the site) or his nominee should be kept available for the use of the
         person employed on the site and maintained in condition suitable for immediate use and the
         contractor should take adequate steps of ensuring proper use of equipment by those
  (a) Workers employed on mixing materials, cement and item mortars, shall be provided with
         protective foot wear and protective goggles.
  (b) Those engaged in white washing and mixer or stacking of cement bags or any material,
         which is injurious to eyes, shall be provided with goggles.
   (c) Those engaged in welding works shall be provided with welders protecting eyesight lids.
   (d) Stone breakers shall be provided with goggles and protective clothing.
11.7. The contractor shall not employ men below age of 18 Years and women on the work of
         painting with product containing lead in any form, wherever man above the age of 18 Years
         are employed on the work of lead painting the following precautions should be taken:
    (i) No paint containing lead or lead products shall be used except in the form of paste or ready
         made paints.
    (ii) Suitable face masks should be supplied for use by the workers when paint is applied in the
         form of spray or a surface having lead paint dried up in being rubbed and scrapped.
   (iii) Over-alls shall be supplied by the contractor to the workman and adequate facilities shall be
         provided to enable the working painters to wash during and after cessation of work.
11.8. When the work is done near any place where there is risk of injury all necessary equipment
         should be provided and kept ready for use and all necessary steps taken for prompt rescue
         of any person in danger and adequate provision should be made for prompt first aid
         treatment of all injuries, likely to be sustained during the work.
11.9. Use of hoisting machines and tackles including their attachment encourages and supports
         shall conform to the following standards and conditions:
   (a) These shall be of good mechanical construction, sound material and adequate strength and
         free from patent defects and shall be kept in good condition and in good working order.
   (b) Every rope used in hoisting or lowering materials or as a means of suspension shall be of
         durable and adequate strength and free from patent defect.
11.10. Every crane driver or hoisting appliance operators shall be properly qualified and no person
         under the age of 21 years shall be in charge of any hoisting machine including any
 11.11 In case of every hoisting machine and of every charge ring book shackle survival and pulley
         block and in hoisting or as means of suspension the safe working look shall be ascertained
         by adequate means. Every hoisting and gear referred to above shall be plainly marked with
         the safe working load.
                  In case of hoisting machine having a variable safe working load each safe working
         load of the condition under which it is applicable shall be clearly indicated. The part of any

                                                                        Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                        No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                    (40M Tower)
      machine or any gear referred to above in this paragraph shall be loaded beyond safe
      working load except for the purpose of testing.
11.12 In case of corporation’s machines, the safe working load shall be notified by the DE incharge
     or his nominee. As regards contractors machines the contractor shall notify the safe working
     load of machines to the D.E. whenever he brings any machine to site of work and that is
     verified by the D.E. or his subordinate concerned.
11.13. Motors, gyring transmission, electric wiring and dangerous parts of hosting appliance should
      be provided with efficient safe bear, hosting appliance should be provided with such means
      as will reduced to the minimum the risk of accidental descent of the load, adequate
      precautions should be taken to reduce to the minimum the risk of any part of a suspended
      load become accidentally displaced. The workers employed on electrical installation which
      are already energized, insulation mats, wearing a poarel such as gloves, sleeves and both
      as man be necessary should be provided.
     The workers should not bear any rings, watches and carry bags or other materials, which are
      good conductors of electricity.
11.14 All scaffolding, ladders and other safety devices mentioned or described there in shall be
      maintained in safe conditions and no scaffolding ladder or equipment shall be altered or
      removed while it is in use. Adequate washing facilities should be provided at or near place or
11.15 These safety provisions should be brought to the notice of all concerned by the displaying on
      a notice board at a prominent place at work's spot. The person responsible for compliance of
      safety code shall be named there in by the contractor.
11.16. Not withstanding the above clauses from 1 to 15, there is nothing in these to prevent the
      contractor from the operations of any other act, or rule enforced in the Republic of India.

                                                                       Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                           No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                       (40M Tower)
                                                SECTION VIII

                                    Construction Specifications

(A)     TOWER ERECTION (Including Wave-guide Rack, Ladder, Platform, Antenna Fixture &
        Lightening Spikes)

1.0     The method of tower erection will mainly depend on the tower height. In case of towers more
        than 40 meters in height steel pole shall be used as derrick for the lower position of the
        tower, for towers less than 40M in height two steel poles shall be used as derricks for
        hoisting material, strong wooden material may also be used when the material to be hoisted
        does not exceed two quintals.
2.0     Hand driven winch shall be used for hoisting material for towers more than 40 meters in
        height, maximum weight of material to be lifted upwards shall be taken as one tonne. Small
        tower may be erected without using a winch, maximum weight of material to be lifted in such
        case will be restricted to two quintals.
3.0     Steel Towers: - Steel or wooden poles, winch set of pulley, hooks, steel ropes and other
        tools be inspected and approved by the officer-in-charge of the work before these are used
        on work.
4.0     A list of tools to be arranged by the contractor for tower erection is given at Annexure-1.

        The work of tower erection shall be carried out as follows: -
1.0     Before tower erection, re-confirmation shall be made of foundation dimensions and relative
        levels for tower foundation legs.
2.0     Tower members shall be arranged member by member and quantity checked according to
        drawings supplied, Ladder, Platform, Wave-guide rack & Lightening spike supplied are also
        tower members.
3.0     Winch shall be firmly fixed on the ground in suitable position. The pulleys and winch shall
        also be oiled properly before use.
4.0     In case any members are bent or twisted, they shall be straightened up. Any minor ironwork
        i.e. filling, cutting. Drilling, bending etc. will be carried out by the contractor at his own cost.
5.0     The tower erection work shall be carried out by observing correct erecting order and
        orientation of tower members. In assembling members shall be successively fitted on the
        position shown in the tower drawings, precautions shall be taken so that the lifted weight
        may not exceed the weight limit already specified.
6.0     The members being hoisted shall be properly guided by swing guy ropes. Care shall be
      taken to see that member do not strike against and foul with members already lifted.

                                                                            Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                          No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                      (40M Tower)
7.0      Bolts and nuts shall be fitted in position as shown in the drawing as assembly progresses.
      Bolts in horizontal level shall be inserted from inside of towers and nuts applied on out side of
      the tower.
        Bolts in vertical line shall be inserted from beneath with nuts applied on upper side.
8.0     A set of two magneto telephones should be used as erection progresses beyond a height of
        40 mtrs. for communication between workers on the ground and those on the top.
9.0     The bolts & nuts shall be tightened in the following order: -
        In the first place, first and second section of the tower shall be assembled with bolts and
        nuts tightened tentatively. The first section and the second section have been assembled
        accurately.       In the second place, the third section shall be assembled and bolts and nuts
        tentatively tightened. The second section shall be completely tightened after it has been
        confirmed that both the first and second section have been assembled accurately. The
        remaining part of the tower shall be assembled in the above manner.
10.0 The confirmation of accurate assembly of tower shall be carried out by checking verticality of
        tower by using theodolite. A transit shall be set along each of the two lines crossing
        perpendicularly at the tower center at suitable distance from that tower so that the full height
        of the tower can transited. The theodolite shall be focused on the line connecting the centers
        of all the bolts at the cross section of cross members on each face and it shall be confirmed
        that this line is perpendicular against the ground. In case this is not so the portion shall be
        redressed before assembling upper part. The tower faces should be free from any tilt or
11.0 After completion of erection work verticality of tower shall be checked again and all the bolts
        and nuts shall also be rechecked for tightness.
12.0 During installation, arrangement work will have to be made by the contractor(s) for providing
        temporary obstruction lights as required under aviation regulations when tower reaches 150
        ft. and beyond.
13.0 The erection of tower should be carried out during normal working hours of 09.00 to 17.00
14.0 Lightening spike should be provided at the top of the tower.

1.0     The twin mast aviation obstruction light fitted with electric bulbs will be fixed at specified
        corners of the tower with suitable clamps.
2.0     The armored cable shall be properly clamped to the tower members by means of suitable
        clamps (to be arranged by contractor) and suitable cementing compound should be used for

                                                                          Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                             No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                         (40M Tower)
3.0     The wires should be drawn through the pipes so that the insulation of wires are not
        damaged, suitable insulation adhesive tapes may be used around the wires. The opening of
        pipes where wires will be coming should be properly sealed by the adhesive tapes.
4.0     Suitable connector covered with tapes should be used for jointing of wires if required.
5.0     All the tower lights will be controlled by the single photo switch/ twilight switch supplied by
        the contractor on wall of Radio Building by the side of wave-guide rack. The wiring of all the
        tower light will have to be done from the photo switches/ twilight switches onward as per
        instruction of officer-in-charge at the site.
6.0     The entire wiring should be carried out as per present ISI standard of electrical wiring.
7.0     The fitting of tower light should be as per specification regulated by Civil Aviation BSNL.

        Procedure for doing the work will be as follows:-
1.      The Platform should be provided as per corporation’s standards and specifications its design
        should be got approved from BSNL, Rajasthan Circle, Jaipur
2.      The platform should allow access to all three/ four corners and sites of the tower.
3.      The material used for platform should be of hot dipped galvanised iron with plate thickness
        of 8mm minimum and hard rails with the materials of section 45 x 45 x5 mm minimum.

        Procedure for doing the work will be as follow:-
1.      The standard design should be followed for the fabrication of wave-guide rack and wave-
        guide protection cover. The design should be got approved from the BSNL, Rajasthan
        Circle, Jaipur.
2.      The material used for the wave-guide rack should have sufficient strength to bear the load of
        the 3 to 4 quintals. The rack should be supported on angle iron fixture of G.I. pipe fixture
        erected vertically on ground and cemented 1.5 ft. distance.

        The ring earth is to be laid around the building & tower as per design, which will be given
 (i.)   A trench of 1' wide, 3’ to 5’ deep is dug but not less then 1' to 1.5' in any case & G.I. Strip of
        50 x 3mm laid in the trench. The trench should be 3' to 5' away from the building. If the soil is
        of black cotton nature, the trench should be sufficiently dept to avoid cracking of soil in
        summer. If depth is kept up to 1-3' in case of rocky, hard murram & black cotton soil, the

                                                                           Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                             No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                         (40M Tower)
          trench should not be filled with the excavated material, but foreign good earth, i.e. yellow
          earth or ash, while filling the trench, the earth may be rammed in layers so as to give
          cohesiveness & compactness to the soil.
           The G.I. strip to be connected with each other as per corporation standard. The joints are to
          be properly wrapped & sealed by waterproof tape to avoid any ingress of moisture at the
          joint. While laying the G.I. strips for earth, it should bot per sharply at right angles but should
          be laid in smooth curves.
          For measuring earth resistance small interconnecting strip should be provided in the ring
          earth in a small manhole chamber, so that ring earth can be broken from loop.
          The earth resistance should be less than 0.5 ohms.
(a)       G.I. strip 50 x 3mm x 5 meters. Galvanized in ring trench & connected tower legs, earth bar
          in battery room/engine room.
(b) Tower connection: Each leg to ring earth by G.I.strip. All connections by G.I.nut & bolts. For
        G.I. to
          G.I. with a lead strip of 1 to 3 mm thick in between for ensuring proper surface contact.
(c)       G.I.strip to G.I.strip: By G.I. nuts & bolt with lead strip 1 to 3 mm in between.
(d)       G.I.strip to copper strip or lug: Connected by brass nut bolts covered.
(e)       Copper to copper strip or lugs: With insulation tape & should be water tight outside building.
(f)       Inside building: ¾" x 1/16" Cu strip is used.
          Cost of all labour & material for earthing including G.I.strip, trenching, material,
          transportation for earthing, yellow earth or ash in rocky are & associated material shall be
          borne by the Bidder. He shall be responsible for obtaining the specified earth resistance
          value. The exact modalities of earthing will be provided by the DE (RP) while issuing work
          order & the Bidder must adhere to them. No material & no labour shall be provided by the

          Procedure for doing the work will be as below:
           1. Cleaning the mast member.
           2. Applications of wash primer and zinchoromate primer.
           3. Applying two or more coats of paint.
                                                                              Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                         No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                     (40M Tower)
1.     CLEANING:
        Mast member supplied are hot dipped galvanized. All dust, dirt, dirt grease, soil and rust
       etc. must be removed. All the parts must be chipped, wire brushed and dusted.

       After cleaning all the members, first coat of primer should be evenly applied. The first coat
       should be allowed to dry up completely before applying the second coat of primer. Each coat
       must be well brushed with the surface of members.

3.     PAINTING:
       When the mast is clean and dry, the first coat of paint may be applied and must be well
       brushed into the clean surface. Care should be taken to see that paint is uniformly and
       evenly applied. 48 hours must be allowed to elapse before following on with the second coat
       of the same paint. Care should be taken to see that the painting is not carried out at the
       hottest time of the day.
       To conform to the Civil Aviation Regulations, the mast shall be painted in alternate bands of
       international orange and white, terminating with orange at the top and the bottom as shown
       in the drawing to be supplied The correct shade for international orange correspond to "536
       poppy" as given in Indian Standards. Instructions Publication, Indian Standard colours for
       ready mixed paint I-S: 5-1955.The paint should be of ISI mark only.
       The painting shall be done carefully so that all the corners and crevices of the mast receive
       the paint and not bare surface is left exposed any where & the galvanized coating has been
       got removed. No driers such as litharge or turpentine are to be used. The practice of mixing
       kerosene oil with paints is strictly forbidden.
       Paints used should be synthetic enamels of the best quality and anticorrosive, Asian or
       Burger make and will be supplied by the contractors.

                                                                      Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                    No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                (40M Tower)
                            SCHEDULE OF REQUIREMENTS

 S.No.            Description of work               QUANTITY                Area

            Erection, Installation and other
                                                                     Rajasthan Telecom
   1       associated works of 40M NB LW               20


1. Towers are to be erected at different stations in Rajasthan Telecom Circle.

2. Erection of tower and other allied work shall be completed within a period of three weeks
   for 40 M NB LW tower after commencement of work and work will be commenced by
   seventh day or earlier day from date of issue of work order for each tower. A/T should be
   completed with in additional three weeks after completion of tower erection.

3. Minimum five sites may be required to be erected simultaneously.

                                                                  Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                             No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                         (40M Tower)
                             PERFORMANCE SECURITY GUARANTEE BOND
                             (To be typed on Rs 100/- non judicial stamp paper)

In consideration of the GM (Mobile Services), Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Jaipur (hereinafter called ‘BSNL’)
having agreed to exempt ___________________ (hereinafter called ‘the said contractor(s)’) from the
demand under the terms and conditions of an agreement/Advance Purchase Order No ________________
dated ____________ made between _____________________ and __________________ for the supply of
_______________________ (hereinafter called “the said agreement ”), of security deposit for the due
fulfillment by the said contractor (s) of the terms and conditions contained in the said Agreement, on
production of the bank guarantee for _____________________________________we, (name of the bank)
_________________________ ( hereinafter refer to as “the bank”) at the request of
___________________________________ (contractor(s)) do hereby undertake to pay to the BSNL an
amount not exceeding ___________________ against any loss or damage caused to or suffered or would
be caused to or suffered by BSNL by reason of any breach by the said Contractor(s) of any of the terms or
conditions contained in the said Agreement.
2.         We (name of the bank) ____________________ do hereby undertake to pay the amounts due and
payable under this guarantee without any demure, merely on a demand from the BSNL by reason of breach
by the said contractor(s)’ of any of the terms or conditions contained in the said Agreement or by reason of
the contractors(s)’ failure to perform the said Agreement. Any such demand made on the bank shall be
conclusive as regards the amount due and payable by the Bank under this guarantee where the decision of
BSNL in these counts shall be final and binding on the bank. However, our liability under this guarantee shall
be restricted to an amount not exceeding ___________________________________.
3.           We under take to pay to the BSNL any money so demanded notwithstanding any dispute or
disputes raised by the contractor(s)/supplier(s) in any suit or proceeding pending before any court or tribunal
relating thereto our liability under this present being absolute and unequivocal. The payment so made by us
under this bond shall be valid discharge of our liability for payment there under and the
contractor(s)/supplier(s) shall have no claim against us for making such payment.
4.           We( name of the bank)_________________________ further agree that the guarantee herein
contained shall remain in full force and effect during the period that would be taken for the performance of
the said agreement and that it shall continue to be enforceable till all the dues of the BSNL under or by virtue
of the said Agreement             have been fully paid and its claims satisfied or discharged or till
________________________(office/BSNL) BSNL certifies that the terms and conditions of the said
Agreement have been fully or properly carried out by the said contractor(s) and accordingly discharges this
guarantee. Unless a demand or claim under this guarantee is made on us in writing on or before the expiry of
TWO/TWO AND HALF/THREE YEARS (as specified in P.O) from the date hereof, we shall be discharged
from all liabilities under this guarantee thereafter.
5.         We (name of the bank)_________________________ further agree with the BSNL that the BSNL
shall have the fullest liberty without our consent and without affecting in any manner our obligations
hereunder to vary any of the terms and conditions of the said Agreement or to extend time of performance by
the said contractor(s) from time to time or to postpone for any time or from time to time any of the powers
exercisable by the BSNL against the said Contractor(s) and to forbear or enforce any of the terms and
conditions relating to the said agreement and we shall not be relieved from our liability by reason of any such
variation, or extension being granted to the said Contractor(s) or for any forbearance, act or omission on the
part of the BSNL or any indulgence by the BSNL to the said Contractor(s) or by any such matter or thing
whatsoever which under the law relating to sureties would, but for this provision, have effect of so relieving
6.           This guarantee will not be discharged due to the change in the constitution of the Bank or the
7.       We (name of the bank) ____________________ lastly undertake not to revoke this guarantee during
its currency except with the previous consent of the BSNL in writing.

                                              Dated the ________________ day of _______
                                                 for __________________________________
                                                               (indicate the name of bank)

                                                                               Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                      No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                  (40M Tower)

                                          SECTION – XI

The successful tenderer shall have to execute the following agreements;

The agreement made on this …………………day of (month) …………………………………......
(year) ………………………… Between M/s ………………………………………………………
………………………………………………………………………………… herein after called
“The Contractor” (Which expression shall unless excluded by or repugnant to the context, include its
successors, he     executors, administrative representative and assignee) of the one part & Bharat
Sanchar Nigam Limited (A Govt. of India Enterprise), at 148-B, Statesman House, Barakhamba
Road, New Delhi-110001 here in after referred to as BSNL, on other part.

        Where as the contractor has offered to enter into contract with BSNL for the execution of
work of Erection & Associated works of 40m TTH Tower in the jurisdiction of GM(MP&D)
Rajasthan Telecom Circle on the terms and conditions herein contained and the rates approved by the
Government (copy of Rates annexed) have been duly accepted and where as the necessary security
deposits have been furnished in accordance with the provisions of the tender document and whereas
no interest will be claimed on the security deposits.

        Now these presents witness and it is hereby agreed and declared by and between the parties
to these presents as follows;

1)     The contractor, shall, during the period of this contact that is to say from
       …………………….. to ………………………… or completion of work, whichever is earlier
       or until this contract shall be determined by such notice as is hereinafter mentioned, safely
       carryout by means of labours employed at his own expenses and by means of tools,
       implements and equipment etc. to be supplied by him to his labour at his own expenses and
       all works as described in tender documents (annexed to the agreement), when the
       government or GM(MP&D) or any other persons authorised by GM(MP&D) in that behalf
       require. It is understood by the contractor that the quantity of work mentioned on the
       schedule is likely to change as per actual requirements as demanded by exigencies of service.
2)     The NIT (notice inviting tender), Bid document (Qualifying and Financial), letter of intent,
       approved rates, annexed hereto and such other additional particulars, instructions, drawings,
       work orders as may be found requisite to be given during execution of the work shall be
       deemed and taken to be an integral part of the contract and shall also be deemed to included
       in the expression “The Agreement” or “The Contract” wherever herein used.
3)     The contactor shall also supply the requisite number of workmen with means & materials as
       well as tools, appliance, machines, implements, vehicles for transportation, cartage etc.
       required for the proper execution of work within the time prescribed in the work orders.

                                                                     Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                       No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                   (40M Tower)

4)     The contractor hereby declares that nobody connected with or in the employment of BSNL is
       not/shall not ever be admitted as partner in the contract.

5)     The contractor shall abide by the terms and conditions, rules, guidelines, construction
       practices, safety precautions etc. stipulated in the tender document including any
       correspondence between the contractor and the BSNL having bearing on execution of work
       and payments of work to be done under the contract.

       In witness whereof the parties presents have here into set their respective hands and seals the
       day and year in …………………………….

Above written :

                                                                   Signed sealed & delivered by
                                                                   the above named Contractor in
                                                                          the presence of.
Witness :



                                                                   Signed & delivered on behalf
                                                                   of the President of India by the

Witness :



                                                                       Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                            No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                        (40M Tower)
                                              SECTION – XII

        The Divisional Engineer (RP),
        CMTS wing,

Subject : Authorisation for attending bid opening on ________________________________(date) in the
          Tender of _________________________________________________________.

       Following persons are hereby authorised to attend the bid opening for the tender mentioned above
on behalf of ______________________________________________ (Bidder) in order of preference given

Order of Preference             Name                                  Specimen Signatures




Signatures of bidder
Officer authorized to sign the bid
Documents on behalf of the bidder.

Note : 1. Maximum of two representatives will be permitted to attend bid opening. In cases where it is
          restricted to one, first preference will be allowed. Alternate representative will be permitted when
          regular representatives are not able to attend.

       2. Permission for entry to the hall where bids are opened, may be refused in case authorization as
           prescribed above is not recovered.

                                                                             Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                       No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                   (40M Tower)
                                      SECTION – XIII

The tenderer will have to submit the following documents along with the Qualifying Bid. Any bid not
accompanying the below mentioned documents/deposits will be liable to be rejected:

1.     DD of Rs.550/- (Rs. Five hundred fifty only) from scheduled/Nationalized Bank, in case
       tender document is downloaded from web site.

2.     Bid Security in accordance with the tender document, in the form of crossed Demand Draft/BG
       issued by a scheduled bank drawn in favour of AO (Cash), CMTS, BSNL, Jaipur.
3.     Qualifying Bid document , in original, duly filled in and signed by tenderer or his authorised
       representative along with seal on each page. All corrections and overwriting must be initialled
       with date by the tenderer or his authorised representative.
4.     Bid Form, duly filled in, as per section II.
5.     Tenderer’s profile duly filled in as per section IV of the tender document.
6.     Original “Power of Attorney/Authority letter” in case person other than the tenderer has signed
       the tender documents.
7      Partnership deed and attested copy of Registration of the Firm with Registrar of Firms in case of
       partnership firm and Memorandum of Articles & Association in case of Private/Public limited
8.     Experience Certificate of having satisfactorily completed at least 10 works of tower erection, in
       which minimum four works must be in similar nature during last three years, by an officer of
       minimum Divisional Engineer rank.

                                                                       Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                                          No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                                      (40M Tower)

                                                                                                         Form No.: _______

                                              BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LTD.
                                    (Govt. of India Enterprise)
         O/O The General Manager(MP&D), CMTS Wing, Telephone Exchange Campus, Opp. GPO,
                                    M I Road, Jaipur – 3020010

                                                            PRICE BID
       Tender Rate schedule for Erection & Installation of 40 Mtr. NB LW Towers in Rajasthan Telecom Circle :

       Tender No.: CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Towers/06-07/5                                           Dated: 04 .10 .2006

       1.0 Name of the Bidder      :

       Total No. of 40M NB LW Towers:-20 Nos
       Weight of one 40M NB LW Tower:-9.8MT


                                                                                    Unit Rate (In Rs.)
S. No.                                                                    Qty.                               Amount (In Rs.)
                                Particulars of works
                                                                                  In Figures      In Words   In Figures   In Words

  1.      Erection of 40 M NB LW tower as per specification              1 No.

          including fixing of waive-guide rack, ladder, platform,
          lightning spike

  2.      Painting of complete tower with orange and white               1 No.

          colour. (Paint of standard make and other allied material

          will be supplied by contractor)

3(A)      Transportation of tower material for first 50 Kms              1 No.

3(B)      Transportation of tower material beyond 50 Kms.                150Km

          (Rate per tower per Km)

  4.      Loading and Unloading of tower material for the purpose        1 No.
          of transportation, up to site

5(A)      Providing of ring earth of towers as per specification

          including cost of material and cost of digging of trench of
          1 Mtr. Depth. (material for earthing will be supplied by       50Mtr.


                                                                                               Signature of Bidder with Seal
                                                                       No.- CMTS/MM-53/Tender/40M Tower/06-07/5
                                                                                                   (40M Tower)

       Supply and fixing of GI strip for extending earth to tower     20Mtr

5(B)   leg or any other point as per specification but it does not

       include trenching/ salt, coal etc.

6.     Providing, fixing and painting wave-guide rack from            300 Kg
       tower/ antenna to exchange building along with vertical

       support including cost of material, angle, nut & bolts,

       paints (Material required for wave guide rack will be
       supplied by contractor)

7.     Supply, laying and clamping of earth cable from                1 Nos

       lightning arrestor at top of tower to earthing at bottom of


8      Supply & fixing of Twin aviation light and its wiring as       1Nos

       per specification including cost of material (Photo

       switch/twilight switch, armoured cable and other material
       required will be supplied by the contractor)

       Construction of earth measuring pit size 2ft x 2ft x 3ft by

       bricks & cement with proper plaster of cement and
9.                                                                    1Nos
       providing C.I. chamber size 1.5ft x 1.5ft including cost of
       material as per specification

       Construction of 1.5ftx1.5ftx2ft base foundation for

       vertical support of runway by cement, concrete & bricks
10                                                                    3 Nos
       with cement plaster as per specification including cost of


                         Cost of one 40 M NB LW Tower (A) =

                                                        In Words=

     Total Cost of 20 Nos. 40M NB LW Towers (AX20) :_ Rs.
                                                    In words:

     Note: The evaluation will be on the basis of the total amount of the Tender.

                                                                                    Signature of Bidder with Seal

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