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									May 1, 2008                                                                    Volume 1, Number 18
Meeting Agenda            Revamping Your Site? Classes To Help You Get Started
May 1, 2008
10 am
                          If you will be doing revisions to your site, before you jump right in and start
New Version of            creating new categories or re-using old categories, you might want some
WebEditPro (WEP)          advice on how best to make the transition from the old to the new seamless.
Debbie Christensen        eMichigan can help with that. There are a couple of classes that can assist you
                          in your quest for a new site layout.

WEP and
Groupwise 7               The first is the "Tools & Tips for Upkeep & Revision of Sites" class. The first
Upgrade                   part of the class covers Accverify and topics related to the upkeep of sites.
                          The second half of the class covers how to make new left navigation
Debbie Christensen
                          categories and move content around while keeping the existing site intact and
                          maintaining the old and new at the same time until the new goes live. There is
Distribution of           actual content and categories to play with and areas to do that on the Training
AccVerify software        Site so you can get a feel for how it works. We actually create new categories,
                          assign page layouts and move content around, create cat to cat associations
Rick Peterson
                          and add more content.

Mobile Michigan.gov
and Text Alert            The second class is the "CMA Site Administrator Workshop". You can bring any
Project Updates,          topic you want to this class and we can explore that and play with it in that
Recent Code Changes       class. We can play with templates you have not had a chance to work with -
                          such as the list with more templates and drop down boxes - on the Training
Rick Peterson
                          site. We can also look at your specific site and discuss ways to improve it or
                          enhance it. With the benefit of having several site administrators in the room
CMA Question and          at the same time who all have had experience with the CMA you will get a lot
Answer Session            of different ideas.

Next Vignette CMA         The classes are not offered very often because there has not been large
Users Meeting:            demand for these classes. However, if there was more interest, the classes
                          can be scheduled more frequently.
September 4, 2008
10 am
                                Tools & Tips (whole day) is offered in Jan, May, & September
Michigan Library &
                                Site Admin Workshop (half day) is offered in Feb, May, Aug, Nov
Historical Center Forum
                          Need a place to play and experiment? The Training site is there for you. Let
                          Debbie Christensen know and she will give you admin rights to the training
e-Michigan Web            site, if you don’t have them already, and you can create a left navigation
                          category for yourself (don’t forget to give yourself permissions). Then you can
                          do whatever you want in the category to experiment with different page
Phone: (517)241-5780      layouts, cat-to-cat associations, or whatever you want to experiment with,
                          without having to worry about test content going live or workflow becoming
                          involved. Make sure the priority of the new navigation item will put it at/near
                          the bottom of the navigation, please.
May 2008 EWD News                                                                             Page 1
                    WebEdit Pro - Use of New Version
                    Last fall eMichigan upgraded WebEdit Pro software to a new version which has
                    several added enhancements, such as Search & Replace (instead of just
                    search), the ability to increase a table’s size not just insert rows & columns to
                    the middle, and the ability to create form fields, to name a few of the more
                    salient features.

                    WebEditPro will provide the follow benefits.
                          Generates proper HTML code.
                          Gives you the fonts you select.
                          Gives you the proper paragraph spacing.
                          Is consistent between what you enter directly into WebEdit Pro and
                           what you paste from another source.
                          Does not change when you go to edit the content at a later point in

                    WebEdit Pro has also enhanced its customization features and allowed for a
                    multitude of “property settings”. There are optimum settings for WebEdit Pro
                    and Word which are defined in the Quick Guide, recommended for use with
                    the latest version of WebEditPro.

                        When you enter text into WebEdit Pro and press Enter, text will
                         automatically be double spaced. THIS IS NORMAL.

                          If you want text single spaced – hold the Shift key while pressing

                          Before you copy from another source, make sure all the fonts are
                           what you want them to be.

                          Get rid of Smart Quotes from Word. In WebEdit Pro, Search for
                           quotes and apostrophes & Replace with quotes and apostrophes.

                        Before you copy from Word, make all your paragraphs single
                         spaced – get rid of the extra Enter/Return between your paragraphs.
                         Don’t worry – they will become double spaced in WebEdit Pro

                          When you paste into WebEdit Pro and it asks if you want to clean up
                           the code, the proper answer is “NO”.

                          After you paste something into WebEdit Pro and save the changes, you
                           must immediately enter WebEdit Pro again and save the
                           changes again and repeat – do this twice. This will set the
                           paragraph spacing to its proper setting.

                    For more detailed information, see http://www.michigan.gov/e-michigan and
                    click on Reference Center and look for this article under the heading
                    WebEdit Pro.

May 2008 EWD News                                                                        Page 2
                    GroupWise 7 Upgrades and the CMA
                    For those who use GroupWise, if you haven’t already received the Groupwise
                    version 7 update, you may be scheduled to be upgraded to version 7 in the
                    future. If you also use WebEdit Pro, there is a recently discovered conflict
                    between some of the default settings in the new version of GroupWise that
                    prevents WebEdit Pro from running. If you are going to be upgraded to
                    GroupWise 7, please inform DIT’s Desktop Services staff prior to the upgrade
                    that you are also a WebEdit Pro user. Make sure you can still use WebEditPro
                    when the Groupwise upgrade is complete.

                    Critique The Meetings!

                    Let us know what you think. Give us advice for how to improve. Evaluate our
                    User Group meetings. When you get back to your office after the meeting, let
                    us know what you thought. Complete the on-line meeting evaluation form at
                    http://www.michigan.gov/ewdeval and we will use your responses to improve
                    future meetings.

May 2008 EWD News                                                                     Page 3

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