MVLA Soccer Club Monthly Report by x2P21r


									                              MVLA Soccer Club Monthly Report
                              For the month ended March 2011

Message from Chairman:

Managers and Coaches,

We have hired our Director of Coaching - Albertin Montoya. This is a key change and a
pivotal role in how we plan to shape MVLA going forward. Albertin will lead monthly
coaches meetings and is putting together programs like 5X5 on weekends to help all
players build confidence and skills.

As mentioned last month, the monthly Club meetings have a changed format. Below are
the monthly reports, which are now going to be published for easier consumption. The
new meeting format will separate the Board and Committee meetings from the Coaches
forum that is now being conducted by the Director of Coaching – Albertin Montoya.

NOTE: all Board Meeting dates will be listed on the website. They are the 1st
Wednesday of every month.

Board and Committee meetings can be attended by members seeking to participate or
observe. This change will enable the participants to gain and contribute more value for
themselves and others. We encourage your parents to actively participate in the
development and future of the Club.

Please remind parents to demonstrate good sportsmanship. Recently we have had two
complaints in the past two weeks about parents making comments to players on other
teams. This is not appropriate and it reflects very poorly on our club. If you see
inappropriate behavior, please take the time to privately request it to stop. Let’s keep
the game focused on the players versus making it about the parents.

Make it a great soccer day.

Pete Pazmany
Chairman MVLA Soccer Club
Updates from the Secretary:
March minutes were presented and approved by the Board

Updates from the Vice President:
Worked with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to understand their program and

Discussed potential PCA partnership with Albertin to understand whether it fits his
coaching philosophy

I have a proposal put together for BOD approval and will present to BOD by tomorrow
via email

Worked in back up role with Ryan and Kim to work on a partnership proposal with the
San Jose Earthquakes

Updates from the Registrar:
MVLA Player count currently stands at 608 -- 356 girls and 252 boys. We are still
waiting for registration paperwork and club fees from our younger teams -- U8 and U9
girls, U8 - U10 boys -- so our numbers are low.

Rosters have been imported to CCSL database from LeagueOne. The plan is to import
from LeagueOne periodically so team managers do not need to manage rosters in

Roster changes for CCSL accepted until May 13.

US Club player passes are taking longer to process. Please submit your player add
requests at least one week in advance

Updates from the Referee coordinator:
Teams must check Arbiter to make sure their game is at the proper time and place.
arbiter ID = MVLACoach@mvla.x password = password

If an AR fails to show up for a game, please have a parent be the AR
If a CR fails to show up for a game, an AR should step in
If not refs show up for a game, call my cell phone, 415-265-6062
Updates from the Field coordinator:
Still smoothing out some issues with fields for spring: Gardner Bullis - working with
LLAL to ensure we can s hare the field
and Crittenden: Issue with lost key need to secure another one from City of MV
- Must change all combos this season to avoid some of the issues we have been having
at several fields...will work with Field team to get this done.

Practice slots - Completing practice slots for April and May
Game Scheduling- Still some issues with game scheduling due to the state and
association cup overlaps due to so many rainouts.
D2 - provided the number of fields we can use for D2 cup to Rodney- need to confirm
we will be hosting
Jamboree - secured Los Altos HS grass, baseball and turf for Jamboree on May 28th -
Rodney we need to start advertising

Field Research - Have begun looking at adopting our Rest, Rotate and Respect Field
policy by looking into how the best way to treat
fields: There is some great info about how to ensure you keep your grass at its best.. I
am hoping that Richard Lebakos, a landscape architect, MVLA parent of two in the
program and has passion to work with fields, will take this role about working with city
maintenance to ensure we are doing the best to get the best quality fields.. A study was
done a while back and it states playing on grass for over 5 hours a day will wear it out
no matter what you do ...It also shows that if you have over 100 practice slots a season,
you will run the grass down... Therefore, there is definitely some credibility and evidence
that us resting our fields is the right thing we do ... One field alone if we run it all week
will yield 80 practices slots in just one month and we need these fields to last 4-5
months before really resting them...

Running smoothly - we have sessions on Wednesday -10-15 kids, Thursday 15 kids
and Friday -15 kids... with still more inquiries...

Updates from the Marketing coordinator:
Website update:
Website is progressing - we should be in a position to share the proposed front page by
the end of this week. We need to have a copy editor read all these and proof them... I
have a person who is MVLA and will be giving this to her. We need to finalize the left
navigation bar items and Nancy can start creating those.

Content completed:

85% Coaches Bios
MVLA Philosophy
Parents Corner
MVLA Academy
Why MVLA (several sub items under this)
Development Clinics and Camps
Field stuff - will be transported over

MVLA Logo secured on Earthquakes Partner Banner

MVLA / Earthquakes meeting next week to discuss marketing / partnering options.

MVLA Academy has offered an auction item - 3 hours with Coach Ken - for Montclaire
School auction. MVLA has offered a signed Earthquakes shirt for Montclaire School
Auction. MVLA has placed a half page ad in Montclaire School auction catalog.

Albertin press release produced, to be placed on and to be sent to Town

Assuming the Montclaire trial goes well, I will build a process to allow MVLA to easily
participate in other area school events - pre built ads, game ideas, banners, etc.

Updates from the Director of Coaching:
Started the 5v5 boys and girls program at LAHS. (Great feedback so far)

Dave De Hart has joined MVLA as a coach

Hank Leung flew in from Michigan and committed to coaching in MVLA if I can place
him with three teams in the fall.

Starting the Adidas program on April 30th please
visit for more information

Working on integrating PCA into MVLA with Karl Motey

Will travel to Nike headquarters on April 19th for the unveiling of U.S. Soccer Player Development
Curriculum. The main focus of the summit is to present U.S. Soccer’s new Zone 1 Player Development
Curriculum to a wide cross-section of youth coaches across the country.

Updates from the Treasurer: none
Updates from the League coordinator: none
No CCSL/NorCal update, except maybe registration looming for Fall.

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