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									                           Carleton Place Skating Club

                               Spring Skating School

 The Carleton Place Skating Club is pleased to announce that we are once again hosting our
                      Spring Skating School at Carleton Place Arena

                              Cantest, Canskate and Prepower
This a coached 5 week program that runs from Wednesday April 6thth, 2011 to Wednesday
May 4th, 2011 for 1 hour per week. The program cost is $130.00. Based on the coaches
discretion, a second night of Test ice is also be available for an additional $100. Test ice is
privately coached.

                                        Test Skaters
This is a 6 week program that runs from Tuesday March 29th to Tuesday May 3rd . The
program cost is $130 for one night per week and $230 for 2 nights per week. There is a Low
Test Day on Thursday May 5th.

Organized music helps skaters to practice effectively and allows the coaches more time to
spend with their skaters. A sign up sheet and instructions will be posted on the skating club
board for music players. The number of times needed to play music and for how long will
depend on the number of skaters registered.

                              Ice structure for 2 hour sessions

                 (Private lessons are not permitted during stroking sessions)

 10 Minutes of stroking/20 Minutes of Skills/30 Minutes of Dance/ 50 Minutes Freeskate

                  A calendar with skate times for each program is attached

        Please place registration in Treasurer’s mail box in Arena 2 or mail to:
                              Carleton Place Skating Club
                      PO Box 91, Carleton Place, Ontario K7C 3P3

                                    by March 21st, 2011

             Any questions regarding the program please contact Amanda Mulloy
                 or 613-257-8023

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