CITY OF MERRILL
                             COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE
                  Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 at 5:30 P.M.
                            City Hall Council Chambers
                               1004 East First Street
  1. Call to order

  2. Presentation of additional information by City Administrator Dave Johnson on
     fire station options and by Finance Director Kathy Unertl on preliminary debt
     service and tax levy projections for proposed new central fire station

  3. Public Comment

  4. Discussion on and potential action on the future of Fire Station No. 2
     (1303 West Main Street)

  5. If policy decision to sell, open and consider potential bids for sale of
     Fire Station No. 2 (1303 West Main Street)

  6. Consideration of Streeter Square as potential site for new central fire station

  7. Review of applications for and presentations by interested residents in the
     Sixth District Alderperson appointment

  8. Discussion and recommendation for appointment of Sixth District Alderperson
     effective after the September 11th, 2012 Council meeting

  9. The Committee may convene in closed session pursuant to Wis. State Statues
     Sec. 19.85(1)(e) - deliberating or negotiating the purchasing of public properties,
     the investing of public funds, or conducting other specified public business,
     whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session to consider
     potential purchase of properties.

  10. Adjournment

                            Mayor William R. Bialecki

      The Merrill City Hall is accessible to the physically disadvantaged. If special
      accommodations are needed, please contact the Merrill City Hall at 536-5594.

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