COW URINE AS BIOFERTILIZER

                            P. M. Vahanka, C. B. Chawada & Dr. R. Dubey
                                BAIF-GRISERV Office Vadodara

11 members of Kali Talavadi farmers club is promoting use of cow urine as bio fertilizer on
cotton, groundnut, maize, caster, chilies and spraying at the rate of 100-200lts per acre which
helps to increase production of crops as well as reduced cost of production.

 In a cow based economy, dung and urine are the major resource of the cow economy, next
 only to bullock energy. Given this, that a simple resource like cow urine can have such
 curative powers is unimaginable. Regarding the benefits of cow urine showcases its multiple
 uses. The cows’ uses in dairying and agricultural purposes such as ploughing,
 transportation, manure and pest repellents are well-known. Dried cow dung (Gobar) is used
 prolifically in rural India as fuel for fire and a power resource. Environment friendly Gobar
 Gas Plants across rural India will help save the ozone layer and prevent global warming.

Composition of Cows Urine: Water - 95% : Urea - 2.5% : Minerals, Hormones, Salts &
Enzymes - 2.5%
USAGES: It is used in different forms like;
     Cow Urine as an Antimicrobial Agent,

        Effect of Cow Urine on Leukaemia:

       Cow Urine as an Antimicrobial Agent:

       Effect of Cow Urine on Wounds:

       Anti Cancer properties of cow Urine

       Immune- Modulation

       Effect of cow urine fertilizer on quality of Pasture:

       Development of Cow Urine based disinfectant:

       Cow Urine has Anti Leishmania effect:
Panchagavya: Milk, curds, ghee (unclarified butter) dung and urine, when mixed is called
Panchagavya. The concoction is seen to increase resistance, rejuvenate cells, cure cancer,
and reduce dependence on antibiotics. It also forms the basis of strong nutrient rich manure for
the soil as it contains earth friendly microbes, which is essential for agriculture. Importantly,
these medicinal properties are seen only in Indigenous cows.

       Requirement of Inorganic fertilizer in one Acre of Land

                          Urea (50 kg) = 285 Rs.
                          DAP (25 kg) = 500 Rs
                          Total Cost = 785 Rs

       Requirement of Cow Urine in one Acre of Land

                      Requirement for 1 Acre =100 lts
                         1 Lt Cost = 2.5 Rs
                           Total Cost = 250 Rs

               Net Savings for production in 1 Acre is = 565 Rs

     NOTE: - If cow urine is used in field continuously for three years then there will be no need
     of chemical fertilizer.

     Farmers from this club being all the animals at one place under one shed and collect the
urine from these animals during night hours. This farmer’s club was established in 20th April
2010 engaged in collection and use of cow urine and promoting cow urine as a bio fertilizer in
cotton, groundnut, maize, caster, chilies. All cows are Kakrej in breed. All the works is being
done by senior and retired person of that village. All persons are very dedicated in that work.
Now they have collected 175675 lts of cow urine and sold 168182 lts @ Rs.2.50/ lit. They
earned Rs.4, 20455/- till now and deposited in bank account no 9460100015185. At present 107
families are using cow urine as a biofertilizer.

              IMPACT OF COW URINE

              1) After analysis of soil it is found that there is no any deficiency of micro
              2) Color of leaves is more greenish other than the use of urea application.
              3) Residual effect of cow urine is more pronounced in next cropping
              4) Changes in Soil Texture
              5) Creates good environment in soil for earthworm growth
              6) Due to use of cow urine in the crops up to 10-12 days after spraying it works as
                 a insecticides.
              7) It helps as growth promoters of plants
              8) During this year due to use of cow urine in groundnut crops, leaves didn’t show
                 yellowish discoloration which is seen every year
              9) As compare to previous year farmers have got good returns in both the side as
                 yield and income also.
        10) They have found that chili production has increased up to 10%.i
        11) Maize which was cultivated in waste land showed 15% increased production

Training has been given from NABARD, agricultural office, NDDB, Agrocell, KVK,
Horticulture and BAIF resource person from time to tome throughout the year.

  Summary: After regular use of cow urine in the crops farmers have found that soil
  microorganism has increased along with the crop production. It has also increase the soil
  texture and structure. There was no occurrence of any insect pest and diseases .Cow
  urine works as growth promoters.

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