WAM 50 ROUTE by h1519w


									               WAM 50 Route-Sunday July 29, 2012
                      Subject to Change
Start Michigan International Speedway              21.5   Break Stop 2: Village Family
      (MIS) M-50 Entrance                                 Dental
       (Lenawee County/Cambridge Township)                On right
0.0    Right on M-50                                      (Lenawee County/Clinton Township)
       (Lenawee County/Cambridge Township)                9.5 Miles to Next Break Stop
0.7    Cross US 12                                 22.0   Left on Burton
       (Lenawee County/Cambridge Township)                (Lenawee County/Clinton)
       M-50 and Pentecost Highway enter Franklin   22.3   Right on Loomis
       Township                                           (Lenawee County/Clinton)
12.8   Cross M-52                                  22.4   Left on Jackson
       (Lenawee County/Tecumseh Township)                 (Lenawee County/Clinton)
12.8   Break Stop 1: Galley 1                      22.6   Turns into Clinton
       On right                                           (Washtenaw County/Bridgewater Township)
       (Lenawee County/Tecumseh Township)          27.5   Left on Austin
       8.7 Miles to Next Break Stop                       (Washtenaw County/Bridgewater Township)
15.4   Left on Democratic                          29.3   Stay Straight at Austin/M-52
       (Lenawee County/Tecumseh)                          (Washtenaw County/Manchester Township)
15.5   Right on Logan                              29.6   Right on Hibbard
       (Lenawee County/Tecumseh)                          (Washtenaw County/Manchester)
15.7   Left on Union                               29.9   Left on Main
       (Lenawee County/Tecumseh)                          (Washtenaw County/Manchester)
16.3   Stay Straight at the 4-Way Stop             31.0   Break Stop 3: Empty Building for
       Sign to Stay on Union                              Sale by Swisher Commercial
       (Lenawee County/Tecumseh)                          On right
17.1   Turns into Newburg                                 (Washtenaw County/Manchester)
       (Lenawee County/Clinton Township)                  12.2 Miles to Next Break Stop
18.5   Left on Staib                               31.3   Turns into Austin
       (Lenawee County/Clinton Township)                  (Washtenaw County/Manchester Township)
19.4   Right on Matthews                                  Austin and Buss enter Jackson
       (Lenawee County/Clinton Township)                  County/Norvell Township
21.4   Right on US 12                              38.5   Left on Case
       (Lenawee County/Clinton Township)                  (Jackson County/Norvell Township)
39.3   Curve Right onto Arnold
       (Jackson County/Norvell Township)
41.1   Curve Right onto Case
       (Jackson County/Norvell Township)
       Case and Antcliff enter Columbia Township
43.1   Turns into Mill
       (Jackson County/Columbia Township)
43.2   Break Stop 4: Empty Building for
       Sale by Re/Max
       On left
       (Jackson County/Columbia Township)
       3.1 Miles to WAM 300 and WAM 50
           Meet-Up Location
       9.4 Miles to Finish Line
43.3   Left on Main
       (Jackson County/Brooklyn)
43.4   Right on Marshall
       (Jackson County/Brooklyn)
43.7   Left on King
       (Jackson County/Brooklyn)
43.9   Curve Right onto Tiffany
       (Jackson County/Columbia Township)
44.9   Right on Turk
       (Jackson County/Columbia Township)
45.9   Left on Hewitt
       (Jackson County/Columbia Township)
46.3   WAM 300 and 50 Meet-Up Location:
       Columbia Central High School
       On left
       (Jackson County/Columbia Township)
       6.3 Miles to Finish Line
46.7   Right on Cement City
       (Jackson County/Columbia Township)
48.2   Left on Taylor
       (Lenawee County/Woodstock Township)
50.3   Silent Mile Begins
50.5   Silent Mile Ends
50.6   Cross Brooklyn to go Straight into MIS
       (Lenawee County/Woodstock Township)
52.6   MIS Finish Line
       (Lenawee County/Cambridge Township)

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