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									 Tips for Contacting Coaches
  Emailing is the quickest and easiest way to contact a college coach. He can easily
       respond to you. You can find all coaches emails by visiting their college lacrosse
  Be brief. A college coach’s time is limited. Be short and to the point. They can ask you
       any further questions they may have.
  Contact any and all coaches. It never hurts to email a coach. The more coaches
       watching you the better. Coaches do talk amongst themselves.
  Write a letter and send it in the mail if you are very serious about attending a
       particular school. Just like a resume for a job, you need something that will grab
       the coach’s attention.
  Write the letter yourself. A coach can tell when you write the letter and when your
       parent writes it. He wants to hear from you.

Here is a sample:

Dear Coach (Name),

My name is (name) and I am interested in attending (college name). I am currently in
(grade) and attend (name of school) High School. I wish to attend (college name)
because (why you want to go to that school. Good reasons are academics, interested in a
certain major, the lacrosse program, etc.)

This paragraph should deal with your lacrosse ability. You should include: lacrosse
experience, position, stats, awards, other athletic experience, ht, wt, and any other
information that will grab the coach’s attention. End this paragraph by telling the coach
you play for 360 Lacrosse. Tell them what number you will be wearing and what
tournaments you will be attending. If you are going to a camp include that as well.

The last paragraph should be about academics; GPA, (P)SAT, unique classes, honors
earned. The last sentence should include is your contact information; email address, home
address, phone number, cell number.

Thank you for your time,

(Your Name)

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