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					                           ASCE MICHIGAN SECTION
                                Meeting Minutes
                                October 25, 2001

President Richard Skalski called the meeting to order at 5:20 PM

In attendance: Jim Hegarty (JH), Past President
               Frank Meyers (FM), Executive Secretary
               Richard Skalski (RS), President
               Steve Chizek (SC), President-Elect
               Jim Grant (JG), Secretary
               Bryan Jennings (BJ), Treasurer


The following agenda items were added:
        i)     “Outstanding Section Award Nomination” under Old Business.
        b)     “SPAG Grants” under New Business.
        c)     “CYM Student Scholarship Competition” under New Business.

JH moved to approve the agenda as amended; JG seconded.
Motion passed.


FM requested that his title be changed from “Executive Director” to “Executive Secretary” in the

JG moved to accept the Meeting Minutes of September 21, 2001 with revisions; BJ seconded.
Motion passed.


RS indicated that correspondence has been received regarding:
             Life Members status within the Michigan Section. An introduction letter to each
                eligible member is needed.
             Revised (July 2001) Section/Branches Handbook was received.
             Membership drive information was received from National.

JG shared Membership Data from National with FM to be used for Annual Report.
                                                                                     Meeting Minutes
                                                                                     October 25, 2001
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JH shared correspondence from National acknowledging our membership drive and associated
awards (Don Mercer “Top Recruiter Award” and Michigan Section “Zone II Top Section
Award”), and correspondence regarding Mackinaw Scholarship.


a)   Financial Report – September, 2001 (attached):
     FM reviewed the monthly transactions. SC moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report; BJ
     Motion Passed.

b)   Membership & Dues Status – September, 2001 (attached):
     FM reported current statistics by Branch.

c)   Budget 2001-2002:
     FM discussed the budget figures presented in the attached 2001-2002 budget. JH moved to
     accept subject to future modifications. RS seconded.
     Motion Passed.


a) Mackinac Scholarship update

     JH reported that the scholarship fund has $125,000 pledged to date, and $75,000 in the bank.
     JH would like the next MCE (first week in December) to contain an insert that advertises the
     scholarship to the general membership, and requests contributions to the scholarship fund.

     SC motioned to submit the requested insert in the next MCE edition, RS seconded.
     Motion Passed.

b) Annual Meeting 2001

     SC reported that final receipts from the Annual Meeting are being determined by the Ann
     Arbor Branch Treasurer. A financial report will be available at the next Section Meeting.
     FM will give SC a copy of the rules that govern the distribution of funds between the Branch
     and the Section for money raised during the Annual Meeting.

     JG reported that a chairperson has not been selected for the 2002 Annual Meeting. SC is
     working on a list of other professional meetings in September to make sure we’re minimizing
     conflicts within the membership.

c) Web Page

     SC reported that page needs updating to add 2002 Annual Meeting and the new officer status.
     Rhett will be making the updates soon.

d) SPAG Grant Status: Western Michigan Branch
                                                                                       Meeting Minutes
                                                                                       October 25, 2001
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     BJ distributed an initial draft of the “Western Michigan Branch School Program”. National’s
     Activity Guide and Building Big program will be distributed to elementary, middle and high
     school level classes, as appropriate. Additionally, educators will be notified about the bridge
     design competition and other civil engineering educational programs. The draft Program
     (attached) presents approximate budgets to achieve the described goals.

e) District 7 Director Candidates

     No report. Larry Jedele is our official nominee.

f) 150th Anniversary Committee Report

     RS had no report. No State-based coordinator has been identified yet. Project photographs
     will still be accepted for inclusion in the Michigan Section calendar.

     SC suggested that our 2002 Annual Meeting dinner (Thursday evening) be opened up to other
     civil engineering professional societies to celebrate ASCE’s 150th Anniversary. JG will
     coordinate with the Lansing-Jackson Annual Meeting chairperson.

g) Membership

     FM requested that we nominate a membership chairperson for the Michigan Section. DM
     may be a candidate, but would probably need assistance. RS will contact DM to discuss. BJ
     and JH will think about other candidates to support DM.

     RS will develop a “welcome” letter for the new MDOT members within the Southwestern
     Branch. JH suggested inviting the MDOT members to attend their initial meeting for free,
     and to invite senior MDOT representation to present at one of the Branch meetings. The goal
     is to keep MDOT members active, and help them to feel welcome.

h) District 7 Meeting

     No report.

i)   Outstanding Section Award Nomination

     JG will finalize based on Board’s comments and submit by the October 30th deadline. JH
     motioned to send in nomination form per JG final comments; RS supported.
     Motion Passed.


a) 2002 Membership Drive

     Previously discussed under Old Business.

b) SPAG Grants

     JH presented application form for SPAG Grant, which is due December 3, 2001, and
     requested that the Board develop ideas for the next round of funding.
                                                                                   Meeting Minutes
                                                                                   October 25, 2001
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c) CYM Student Scholarship Competition

   JG requested that each Board member advertise the Southeastern Branch CYM scholarship to
   Student Chapter representatives in their Branch. JG will e-mail the guidelines to each Board
   member, and to FM for the MCE.

   SC has submitted registration forms and fees for Rhett Groenevelt to attend the Zone II
   Younger Member Council in Orlando in February, 2002. Additionally, SC submitted
   registration forms and fees for his attendance at the Zone II Leadership Conference. JH
   motioned to reimburse SC for application fees pending receipts; JG seconded.
   Motion Approved.


The next meeting is scheduled for December 6, 2001 @ 5 PM in Lansing at SME’s office.


SC moved to adjourn; JG seconded.
Motion Passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.

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