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									Job Description: Web developer – Permanent
As part of our fast paced development team you will work alongside our Lead Developer and be a key
member of the product development process with involvement in the internal scoping, design/UX, front
end HTML/CSS and development stages of projects.

Although we are not specifically seeking x years experience in any particular field, you should be able to
articulate and demonstrate or reference examples of projects you’ve worked on. You will be challenged
with working on a large product development with some aspects of Website development but don't make
the mistake of thinking this is all about website development. Sometimes we are challenged with tight
timescales, and heavy or complex customer projects.

As we currently don't have a support team and the technical team cover both development and support
you will also be responsible for sharing in the support of our customers as incidents arise.

You should have the passion, experience and confidence to contribute to R&D within the company to
ensure we keep right on top of emerging development techniques (e.g. responsive design, mobile). You
should also have a commitment to best practice, an appetite for innovation, and excellent communication
skills.. If you seek a role where your input is considered, valued and acted upon - join our team.

Skills that Pay Bills
      Good front end and UI development skills including HTML5 and CSS
      Solid .Net, C# and Javascript skills
      Knowledge of jQuery, and ASP.NET MVC would be advantageous
      Although occasional must be willing to travel and work on a client site

Nice to Have
      An understanding of User Experience and responsive design and development techniques
      Knowledge of Knockoutjs, NHibernate, WCF and Unity would be useful
      Experience with development and integration of common service/social API’s

      Passionate about Development
      Excited to be part of a secure, growing and flexible team
      Able to work under pressure
      Good communication skills
      Passionate about customers, other team members, the company – your company

Package Details
Starting salary £16,000 - £18,000
Based in Shildon, County Durham
Employment basis: permanent Full Time

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