Pet Insurance Policy by wuyunyi


									Important. Please read and keep it safe

Pet Insurance

Table of Maximum Benefits
This pet insurance policy will provide you with one of the following
Products provided that you have paid the correct premium and it is
shown on your Schedule of Insurance. The following table shows the
maximum amounts you can claim up to for each Product:

 Cover                       Silver             Gold                 Platinum        Excess

 Vets fees               £1500 per year    £3500 per year      £6500 per year   Refer to Schedule
 Behavioral problems         £200               £200                  £200
 Cremation costs             £100               £100                  £100
 Third party liability       £1m                £1m                    £1m      £100 per incident
 Death from illness           £0                £500                  £1000             -
 Death from accident          £0                £500                  £1000             -
 Recovery expenses            £0                £500                  £1000
 Theft and/or straying        £0                £500                  £1000             -
 Kennel/Cattery fees          £0                £500                  £1000             -
 Pay Vet direct               Yes               Yes                    Yes              -

 Holiday cancellation         £0               £1000                  £2000             -
 Cover abroad              6 Months           6 Months               6 Months           -

 Helpline                    Silver             Gold                 Platinum        Excess

 Bereavement Counselling      Yes                Yes                   Yes                  -
 Pet Legal                    Yes                Yes                   Yes                  -
 Pet Minders                  Yes                Yes                   Yes                  -
 Find a Vet Helpline          Yes                Yes                   Yes                  -

 Statement of demands and needs
 This product meets the demands and needs of those who wish to ensure that the veterinary
 needs of their pet are met throughout the duration of the policy.

Statement of demands and needs                   2
Policy summary                                   4
Words with special meanings                      8
Section 1. Veterinary fees                      10
Section 2. Third party liability                12
Section 3. Death of your pet                    12
Section 4. Theft or straying                    13
Section 5. Advertising and reward               13
Section 6. Boarding kennel fees                 13
Section 7. Holiday cancellations/curtailment    14
Section 8. Overseas travel/territorial limits   14
General exclusions                              15
General conditions                              16
Claims conditions                               18
How to claim                                    18
Complaints procedure                            20
Preventing fraud/data protection                21
Useful numbers/helplines                        22
    Aviva Pet Insurance Policy Summary

    This policy summary does not contain full             Conditions
    terms and conditions of your insurance – these        You must ensure that your pet has received
    are located in your policy wording which              regular annual checkups and the required
    commences on page 8.                                  annual vaccinations. Failure to comply with this
                                                          may jeopardise your claim or cover – Please
    Who is the Insurer?                                   refer to the General Conditions in the policy
                                                          wording for a full description.
    The Insurer is Aviva Insurance Limited.

    Aviva Insurance Limited may from time to time         What are the
                                                          benefits and
    make changes to the policy terms or enter
    into a new agreement with an administrator
    or underwriter. Any such changes will only be
    effective from renewal and we will notify you         features of Aviva
                                                          Pet Insurance?
    of any such changes to your policy terms, the
    Administrator or Underwriter of your policy
    prior to your renewal date, when you will
    have the opportunity to terminate your policy         We will pay
    should you wish to do so.                             Section 1 – Veterinary fees
                                                           Costs for necessary treatment of your pet
    What is Aviva Pet                                        by a vet for any accident, injury, illness
                                                             or disease, covered by this insurance up

    Insurance?                                               to £1,500 (per period of insurance) under
                                                             Silver Pet Insurance, up to £3,500 (per
    Insurance for cats and dogs                              period of insurance) under Gold Pet
    This insurance provides cover for vet fees, if           Insurance and up to £6,500
    your pet dies, is lost, stolen or strays, costs for      (per period of insurance) under
    finding your pet, boarding kennel fees should            Platinum Pet Insurance including
    you go into hospital, costs if you have to               alternative and/or complementary
    cancel or cut short your holiday, overseas travel        treatment carried out under your
    cover and third party liability cover.                   vet’s instruction.
                                                          o Costs of treatment for behavioural
                                                            problems up to £200 per year.

o Costs for your pet to be                          Section 6 – Boarding kennel/cattery
  cremated or buried up to £100.                    fees
o Costs of a clinical diet recommended by           o Up to a maximum of £500 under
  your vet up to £200 per year.                       Gold Pet Insurance and £1,000 under
                                                      Platinum Pet Insurance in total for
Section 2 – Third party liability
(applicable to dogs only)                             boarding your pet at a licensed premises if
 Legal liability up to £1,000,000
o	                                                    you have to go in to hospital for 48 hours or
  if someone is accidentally injured                  more.
  or killed or their property is accidentally       Section 7 – Holiday cancellation/
  damaged as a result of an incident                curtailment
  involving your dog.                               o Any travel and accommodation
                                                    expenses that you cannot recover up to:
Section 3 – Death of your pet
                                                    · £1,000 under Gold Pet Insurance
o	 purchase price of your pet up to a
                                                    · £2,000 under Platinum Pet Insurance
  maximum of £500 under Gold Pet
                                                    o If you have to cancel or cut short your
  Insurance and £1,000 under Platinum
                                                      holiday because your pet needs immediate
  Pet Insurance if it dies or has to be put to
                                                      life saving surgery as a result of:
  sleep by a vet following an accident or
                                                    · an illness or injury that first shows clinical
                                                      signs in the 7 days before you leave, or;
Sections 4 & 5 – Theft or straying,                 · an illness or injury that first shows clinical
advertising and reward
                                                      signs while you are you are on holiday.
o	 cost of local advertising if your pet is
  lost, stolen or strays up to £500 per year        Section 8 – Overseas travel cover/
                                                    territorial limits
  under Gold Pet Insurance and £1,000 per
                                                    o Provided you comply with the PETS
  year under Platinum Pet Insurance.
                                                      Travel Scheme this insurance extends to
o The cost of a suitable reward if your pet
                                                      cover your pet for 6 months per period of
   is lost, stolen or strays up to £250.
                                                      insurance whilst you are temporarily
o The purchase price of your pet up
                                                      located in a member country of the PETS
  to £500 under Gold Pet Insurance and
                                                      Travel Scheme or Eire for overseas travel.
  £1,000 under Platinum Pet Insurance if it
                                                      (Non EU countries as defined by the
  is lost, stolen or strays and is not recovered.
                                                      Department for Environment Food and Rural
o If your pet goes missing you must report
                                                      Affairs (DEFRA) are not covered).
  this to the police within 48 hours of
  discovering the loss or theft.                                                                       5
    What are the significant or unusual                o Pre-existing injuries or illnesses (Unless
    exclusions or limitations of Aviva Pet                agreed by Aviva Pet Insurance).
    Insurance?                                         o Costs for treating an illness or disease
    o The standard excesses shown within the             which arises within the first 10 days of
      policy wording or in the policy schedule.          the start of cover.
    o Any claim for vet fees for illness, or           o Treatment to teeth or gums due to an
       loss due to theft or straying occurring           illness unless the pet has been insured
      during the first 10 days of the policy.            under this policy for at least 2 years, no
    o You can only start insurance for your pet          dental treatment has been recommended
       from 8 weeks of age.                              during this time and there is a history of
    General exclusions:                                  regular routine check-ups.
    o Any pet less than 8 weeks of age                 o Costs arising from preventative and
      at the start of this policy. There is no           elective treatment, routine
       maximum pet age limit.                            examinations, vaccination, spaying,
    o Any incident occurring outside the United          castration, pregnancy or giving birth.
      Kingdom, Northern Ireland, the Isle of           o Unapproved alternative/complementary
      Man, the Channel Islands, Eire and the             treatment.
      member countries of the PETS Travel              Significant exclusions under Section
      Scheme (not including Non EU Countries as        2 – Third party liability
      defined by DEFRA).                               o The first £100 of each claim for loss or
    o War risks, hostilities, terrorism, revolution,     damage.
      military or usurped power or radioactive         o Any amount of damages if the
      contamination.                                     injured person or the damaged property
    o Any animal which should be registered              belongs to a person who is part of your
      under the UK Government’s Dangerous                family, lives in your home, works for
      Dogs Act 1991 or the Dangerous Dogs                you or is looking after your dog with
      (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 or any               your permission.
      subsequent amendments.                           o Cats are not covered under this section
    o The use of your pet for commercial,                of the policy.
       security or racing purposes.
                                                       Significant exclusions under
    o Malicious or wilful injury or gross              Section 3 – Death of your pet
      negligence to your pet caused by you or          o Any amount if the death results from
      members of your family.                            illness first occurring or showing clinical
    Significant exclusions under                         signs before cover starts or occurring
    Section 1 – Veterinary fees:                         within the first 10 days of the start of
    o The excess shown on your policy schedule.          cover.

o Any claim if your pet dies from an           What happens if I take out cover and then
  illness and is aged over 9 years at the      change my mind?
  time of the loss in the case of dogs and     You are free to cancel this policy at any time.
  aged over 11 years in the case of cats.      Please refer to the Cancellation section in the
                                               policy wording on pages 16 & 17 for full
Significant exclusions under Section
4 & 5 – Advertising, reward, theft or
straying                                       How do I make a claim?
o Any expense incurred without the prior       To make a claim contact 0844 561 1732.
  explicit consent of Aviva Pet Insurance.
                                               How do I make a complaint?
Significant exclusions under Section           We hope that you will be very happy with the
6 – Boarding kennel/cattery fees (If
                                               service that we provide. However, if for any
you have to go in to hospital)
                                               reason you are unhappy with it, we would like
o Any hospitalisation that arises due to an
                                               to hear from you. In the first instance, please
  illness occurring in any form prior to the
                                               contact Aviva Pet Insurance. Aviva Insurance
  inception of the insurance.
                                               Limited is covered by the Financial Ombudsman
o Any fees incurred as a result of
                                               Service. If you have complained to us and we
  hospitalisation required due to
                                               have been unable to resolve your complaint,
  pregnancy or giving birth, drug abuse,
                                               you may refer it to this independent body.
  attempted suicide.
                                               Following the complaints procedure does not
Significant exclusions under Section 7         affect your right to take legal action. Full
– Holiday cancellation/curtailment             details of addresses and contact numbers can
o If you cancel your holiday or come           be found within the policy wording.
  home early because your pet needs
                                               Financial Services Compensation
   treatment or surgery that is not life-
                                               Scheme (FSCS)
                                               We are members of the Financial Services
o If you cancel your holiday or come
                                               Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be
  home early as a result of an injury or
                                               entitled to compensation from this scheme if
  illness you knew of or which was
                                               we cannot meet our obligations, depending
  foreseeable prior to the holiday.
                                               on the type of insurance and the circumstances
Other information/terms:                       of your claim.
How long does my Aviva Pet Insurance run
This is an annually renewable policy.

    Aviva Pet Insurance Policy
    Words with special meanings
    Any word or expression to which a specific meaning has been
    attached will bear the same meaning throughout this policy. For ease
    of reading the definitions are highlighted by the use of bold print.

    Accident                                           Injury
    A sudden or unforeseen incident resulting in       Physical damage or trauma caused by an
    Injury.                                            accident.

    Alternative medicine                               Silver Pet Insurance/Gold Pet
    Herbal or homeopathic medicine.                    Insurance/Platinum Pet Insurance
    Complementary medicine                             The different levels of cover available under
    Physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy,            Aviva Pet Insurance. The level of cover You
    hydrotherapy and chiropractic treatment.           have chosen is shown in your schedule of
    Physical disease, sickness, infection or failure   Aviva Pet Insurance
    which is not caused by injury.                     The insurance provided under this policy.
                                                       This policy is arranged and administered by
                                                       BDML Connect Limited. Where a reference
    A specifically identifiable accident, injury or
                                                       is made to Aviva Pet Insurance, it means
    illness. Recurring and/or chronic incidents
                                                       BDML Connect Limited acting on behalf of the
    shall be considered as one loss. Such incidents
    being defined as:
    a) clinical manifestations resulting in the        Period of insurance
      same diagnosis (regardless of the number of      The period for which the premium has been
      incidents or areas of the body affected)         paid and for which the insured pet is covered
                                                       as shown in your schedule of insurance.
      to which your pet has an ongoing
                                                       Each renewal is the start of a new period of
      predisposition or susceptibility related in
      any way to the original claim; or
    b) incidents which are incurable and
      likely to continue for the remainder of
      your pet’s life.

PETS Travel Scheme                                    We/ Us/ Our/ Insurer
The Government Scheme allowing you to take            Aviva Insurance Limited.
your pet abroad to certain specific countries
                                                      Registered in Scotland, No. 2116.
and re-enter the United Kingdom without
                                                      Registered Office:
the need for your pet to go into quarantine,
                                                      Pitheavlis, Perth,
provided certain criteria have been adhered to.
                                                      PH2 0NH.
                                                      Authorised and regulated by the Financial
Your policy booklet and most recent
                                                      Services Authority
Insurance schedule/ Renewal schedule, which
includes any endorsement that applies.                You/Your
                                                      The policyholder and owner of your pet.
Any injury or illness which occurred or existed       Your pet
in any form prior to inception of the policy.         The pet named on the schedule of Insurance.

An act, including but not limited to the use of
force or violence and/or the threat thereof, of
any person or group(s) of persons, whether
acting alone or on behalf of or in connection
with any organisation(s) or governments(s),
committed for political, religious, ideological
or similar purposes including the intention to
influence any government and/or to put the
public, or any section of the public, in fear.
Any examination, consultation, advice, tests,
x-rays, medication, surgery, hospitalisation,
nursing and care provided by a veterinary practice.
A member of the Royal College of Veterinary
Surgeons actively working as a veterinary
surgeon in the UK or veterinary surgeon
registered and actively working outside the
UK in a country covered by the PETS Travel

     Contract of Insurance
     This policy is a contract of insurance between     Telephone Call Recording
     you and us.                                        For our joint protection telephone calls may be
                                                        recorded and/or monitored.
     The following elements form the contract of
     insurance between you and us, please read
                                                        Use of Language
     them and keep them safe:
                                                        Unless otherwise agreed, the contractual terms
       • your policy booklet;                           and conditions and other information relating
       • information contained on your Statement        to this contract will be in English.
       of Insurance;                                    Material facts
       • your schedule;                                 All material facts must be disclosed. Failure to
       • any clauses endorsed on your policy, as        do so could invalidate the policy. A material
       set out in your schedule;                        fact includes any questions you are asked to
       • any changes to your pet insurance policy       provide answers to and any assumptions you
       contained in notices issued by us at renewal.    agree to when you take out your policy,
     In return for you paying your premium, we          including anything that appears within your
     will provide the cover shown on your schedule      schedule, such as your pets’ medical history.
     on the terms and conditions of this policy         If you are in any doubt as to whether a fact is
     booklet during the period of insurance.            material then it should be disclosed to us. If any
                                                        changes in any material fact arise during the
     Our provision of insurance under this policy is
                                                        period of insurance cover please provide us
     conditional upon you observing and fulfilling
                                                        with details by contacting 0844 561 1725.
     the terms, provisions, conditions and clauses of
     this policy.
                                                        Section 1
     Customers with Disabilities
                                                        Veterinary Fees
     This policy and other associated
                                                        We will pay
     documentation are also available in large print,
                                                        We will pay you up to £1,500 per period of
     audio and Braille. If you require any of these
                                                        insurance under Silver Pet Insurance,
     formats please contact Aviva Pet Insurance on
                                                        £3,500 per period of insurance under Gold
     0844 5611725 Lines open 8.00am to 6.00pm
                                                        Pet Insurance and £6,500 per period of
     weekdays and 9.00am to 2.00pm on Saturdays)
                                                        insurance under Platinum Pet Insurance
     or alternatively write to:
                                                        for the cost of fees made for any necessary
     Aviva Pet Insurance                                treatment your pet has received whilst
     1000 Lakeside North Harbour                        insured and the cover is valid. This is subject
     Western Road
                                                        to the submission of a claim form for such
     Portsmouth PO6 3EN
                                                        accident, injury, illness or disease having

been made to Aviva Pet Insurance within 60        7. Dental treatment to relieve suffering
days of the occurrence.                               due to illness, provided the pet has been
                                                      insured under this policy for at least 2
With your authority Aviva Pet Insurance will
                                                      years, no dental treatment has been
pay your vet directly on your behalf.
                                                      recommended during this time and there is
Cover is continuous up to £1,500 per period           a history of regular routine check-ups.
of insurance under Silver Pet Insurance,          8. Fees for dental treatment as a result of
£3,500 per period of insurance under Gold             an accident.
Pet Insurance and £6,500 per period of
                                                  We will not pay
insurance under Platinum Pet Insurance
                                                  (The general conditions and exclusions
subject to cover remaining in force and
                                                  also apply)
premiums paid up to date.
                                                  1. The excess shown in your policy schedule.
1. Vet fees for treating the illness or injury.   2. Preventative and elective treatments,
2. Fees for any alternative or complementary          routine examinations, including but not
    medicine which the vet recommends                 limited to routine spaying, paying to
    and as approved by Aviva Pet Insurance,           prevent the recurrence of false pregnancy
    including up to 10 sessions of hydrotherapy       and/or mammary tumours, routine
    immediately before or after surgery               castration (including the removal of
    provided by hydrotherapy pool operators           retained testicles), castration for the
    who are members of the CHA (Canine                prevention of anal adenomas, the removal
    Hydrotherapy Association).                        of dew claws, whelping and any claims
3. Subject to approval the cost of treatment          arising as a result of any of these procedures.
    for behavioural problems carried out by a     3. Any treatment in connection with
    member of a professional organisation             pregnancy or giving birth, vaccinations,
    acting under the direction of a vet up to         grooming, killing and controlling fleas,
    the maximum benefit of £200 per period            routine treatment for roundworms and
    of insurance.                                     tapeworms and any claims arising as a
4. The cost of a clinical diet for your pet, as       result of these procedures.
    long as it is recommended by your vet.        4. Non-essential hospitalisation and/or
    We will pay the cost for the clinical diet        ambulance charges and/or house calls
    after deduction of your pets normal               unless the vet declares that to move your
    feeding costs up to maximum benefit of            pet would seriously endanger its health.
    £200 per period of insurance.                 5. A clinical diet that is only prescribed to
5. Fees for putting your pet to sleep as              help your pet lose weight.
    long as it is recommended by your vet.        6. Fees for unapproved alternative or
6. The cost of cremation and burial up to             complementary medicine (including
    the maximum benefit of £100 if your               but not limited to pulsed magnetic field
    pet dies or has to be put to sleep by a           therapy, matrix energy field therapy, the
    vet as a result of an accident or illness         Bowen technique, Reiki massage and
    covered by the policy.                            faith healing).

     7. Fees resulting from an injury or illness         there is a history of regular routine
         specified as excluded on your schedule          check-ups.
         of insurance and/or pre-existing            20. Fees for treatment for deciduous teeth
         injury or illness.                              if your pet is over 16 weeks of age at
     8. Fees for the cost of treatment your pet          the inception of the policy.
         has received after the period of            21. The cost of dentistry that is not related to
         insurance and fees after the policy limit       an illness or injury including but not
         of £1,500 per period of insurance               limited to cosmetic dentistry, routine
         under Silver Pet Insurance, £3,500              cleaning and descaling or treatment for
         per period of insurance under Gold Pet          under/over-shot jaws.
         Insurance and £6,500 per period of          22. The cost of any form of dental treatment
         insurance under Platinum Pet Insurance          for dental disease where the policy has not
         has been reached.                               been in force for more than two
     9. Any fee charged by your vet to                   consecutive years.
         complete the claim form.
     10. Any pre-existing injury or illness unless
         previously agreed by Aviva Pet
                                                     Section 2
         Insurance.                                  Third party liability (Dogs only)
     11. Vet fees to treat an illness or disease,
                                                     We will pay
         which arises within 10 days of the
                                                     Up to £1,000,000 which you become legally
         start of the policy.
                                                     liable to pay as damages (including costs) for
     12. Travelling expenses incurred by your vet.
                                                     any claim or series of claims arising from any
     13. Any claim for any form of housing or
                                                     one event if someone is accidentally injured
         bedding needed for the treatment or
                                                     or killed or their property is accidentally lost or
         well-being of your pet.
                                                     damaged as a result of an incident involving
     14. Any claim as a result of a “notifiable”
                                                     your dog during the period of Insurance.
         disease e.g. Rabies.
     15. Any post mortem costs.                      If someone else is looking after your dog when
     16. Incremental costs caused as a result of     the injury or damage happens, we will still
         the late submission of your claim.          provide cover as long as:
     17. The repair and treatment of umbilical       1. You asked them to look after your dog.
         hernias.                                    2. You did not agree to pay them to look
     18. Organ transplantation and associated            after your dog.
         treatment.                                  3. The injury or damage was not to them
     19. Fees for dental treatment to relieve            or their property.
         suffering due to illness, unless the pet    We will not pay
         has been insured under this policy for      (The general conditions and exclusions also
         at least 2 years, no dental treatment has   apply) for any liability caused by or arising from:
         been recommended during this time and       1. Any business or profession.

2. The hiring out of any animal.                    subject to a maximum of £500
3. Any agreement which imposes a liability          under Gold Pet Insurance and £1,000
    on you which you would not be under             under Platinum Pet Insurance if your pet
    in the absence of such an agreement.            dies because of humane destruction
4. Loss of or damage to property in the             certified by a vet as necessary to alleviate
    ownership, custody or control of you            incurable and inhumane suffering, illness,
    or your family or household, or any             injury, accident or disease during the
    person employed by members of your              period of insurance.
    household or any person looking after       We will not pay
    your dog with your permission.              (The general conditions and
5. Accidental bodily injury to or disease       exclusions also apply)
    contracted by you or a member of your       1. If your pet dies from an illness when
    family or persons permanently residing          your pet is 9 years or over in the case of
    with you or any person looking after            dogs and 11 years or over in the case of
    your dog with your permission.                  cats.
6. Accidental bodily injury or disease          2. If your pet is put to sleep due to
    contracted by any person who is under           aggression unless this can be attributed
    a contract of service or apprenticeship
                                                    to an injury or illness.
    with you when such injury or disease
                                                3. If your pet dies from an illness or
    arises out of and in the course of
                                                    disease which arises or first shows clinical
    employment by you.
                                                    signs or symptoms within 10 days of the
7. Passing on any disease or virus.
                                                    start of the policy or prior to you taking
8. Ownership or use of any motorised vehicle.
                                                    out the policy.
9. Fines, penalties or your breach of
    quarantine restrictions or import or
    export regulations.
10. Any damages, costs or expenses if you
                                                Section 4
    are insured under any other liability       Theft or straying
    insurance (including your household
                                                We will pay
    insurance) unless that cover has been
                                                (The general conditions and exclusions
                                                also apply)
11. The first £100 of each claim for loss or
                                                We will pay the price you paid for your pet as
                                                declared on the schedule of insurance up to a

Section 3
                                                maximum of £500 under Gold Pet Insurance
                                                and £1,000 under Platinum Pet Insurance
                                                if during the period of Insurance your pet
Death of your pet                               is lost, stolen or strays and your pet is not
We will pay                                     returned to you within 45 days. If you get
1. The price you paid for your pet as           your pet back after we have paid you, you
    declared on the schedule of insurance       must pay back all of the money we paid.

     Section 5                                           We will not pay
                                                         (The general conditions and exclusions also apply)
     Advertising and reward                              1. If you have to go into hospital more than
                                                             once for the same illness or injury, we
     We will pay
                                                             will not pay more than £500 under
     If you try to find your pet after it is lost,
                                                             Gold Pet Insurance and £1,000 under
     stolen or strays, we will pay you up to £500
                                                             Platinum Pet Insurance in total.
     (£250 reward costs) under Gold Pet Insurance
                                                         2. Kennel/cattery fees incurred as a result of
     and up to £1,000 (£250 reward costs) under
                                                             the hospitalisation of anyone other than
     Platinum Pet Insurance for advertising and
                                                             you the policyholder.
     other appropriate costs.
                                                         3. Kennel/cattery fees incurred as a result
     You must contact us and wait for us to agree
                                                             of hospitalisation required due to
     in writing before you pay any costs for trying to
                                                             pregnancy or giving birth, drug abuse or
     find your pet.
                                                             attempted suicide.
     We will not pay                                     4. Any hospitalisation that arises due to
     (The general conditions and exclusions                  an illness occurring in any form prior to
     also apply)                                             the inception of the insurance.
     1. Back the money you spend trying to find          5. Transportation costs for you and your
         your pet if we have not agreed to the               pet to and from the boarding kennel/
         way you are doing this.                             cattery establishment.
     2. Any reward to anyone who is a member
         of your family.
     3. More than £100 for cost of advertising
                                                         Section 7
                                                         Holiday cancellation/curtailment
                                                         We will pay
     Section 6                                           We will reimburse you for any non-recoverable
                                                         travel and accommodation costs should you: -
     Boarding kennel/cattery fees (If you                1. Cancel your holiday less than 7 days before
     have to go in to hospital)                              you were due to leave because your vet
     We will pay                                             believes your pet needs lifesaving surgery,
     We will pay kennel/cattery fees for your pet            or
     up to a maximum of £500 under Gold Pet              2. Have to curtail your holiday because your
     Insurance and £1,000 under Platinum Pet                 vet believes your pet needs lifesaving
     Insurance if during the period of insurance:            surgery.
     1. You are ill or injured and have to go into           The maximum reimbursement you can
         hospital for more than 48 hours.                    receive for cancellation or curtailment
     2. Your pet stays in a licensed kennel/                 is £1,000 under Gold Pet Insurance and
         cattery while you are in hospital.                  £2,000 under Platinum Pet Insurance.

We will not pay
(The general conditions and exclusions               General exclusions
also apply)                                          Applicable to all sections of this policy
1. These costs for anyone else, who is on            We will not pay for claims arising directly or
    holiday with you.                                indirectly from:
2. If you cancel your holiday or come                1. An animal that is not named on the
    home early because your pet needs                    schedule of insurance.
    surgery which is not life-saving.                2. Your pet being under the age of 8
3. If you booked your holiday less than 28               weeks when you take out the policy.
    days before you were due to leave.               3. Incidents outside the territorial limits
4. If you cancel your holiday or come home               of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland,
    early as a result of an illness or injury that       Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Eire and
    showed clinical signs more than 7 days               the Member Countries of the PETS
    before your holiday started.                         Travel Scheme (Non EU countries as
5. Any extra cancellation charges                        defined by DEFRA are not covered).
    incurred because you did not tell the            4. War, invasion, act of foreign enemy,
    company providing your transport or                  hostilities (whether war be declared
    accommodation, their agents or any                   or not), civil war, rebellion, terrorism,
    person acting for you, as soon as you                revolution, insurrection or military or
    knew you had to cancel.                              usurped power.
                                                     5. Ionising radiations or contamination
Section 8                                                by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel
                                                         or from any nuclear waste from the
Overseas travel/Territorial limits                       combustion of nuclear fuel.
Your pet is covered whilst in the United             6. The radioactive, toxic, explosive or other
Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man                   hazardous properties of any nuclear
and the Channel Islands.                                 assembly or nuclear component of such
1. In accordance with the European                       assembly.
    Economic Community regulations,                  7. Intentional slaughter, irrespective of any
    provided that you comply with the                    order by Government, Local Authority or
    PETS Travel Scheme, this insurance                   any person having jurisdiction in the
    also extends to cover your pet for 6                 matter, except in the case of humane
    months in any period of insurance                    destruction to alleviate incurable and
    under this scheme whilst temporarily                 inhumane suffering.
    located in any member country of the             8. Your pet being an animal which should
    PETS Travel Scheme (Excluding Non                    be registered under the Dangerous
    EU Countries as defined by DEFRA) for                Dogs Act 1991 and the Dangerous Dogs
    overseas travel.                                     Act (Northern Ireland) order 1991 or any
                                                         subsequent amendments.
                                                     9. Malicious or wilful Injury or gross

         negligence to your pet caused by you,        17. Any claims under any section of cover
         your agents, employees or members of             where premium has not been paid.
         your family.                                 18. The cost and compensation for
     10. Any medication or treatment not                  euthanasia of your pet under a court
         recommended by a vet.                            order or the Contagious Diseases Act
     11. The recurrence or continuation of illness,       or relating to its destruction for the
         disease or any injury from which                 protection of livestock.
         your pet previously suffered arising prior
         to or within 10 days of inception of
         this insurance.
     12. The use of your pet for commercial,
         security or racing purposes.
     13. Any liability where you are entitled to      You must comply with the following conditions
         claim under any other insurance.             to have the full protection of your policy. If
     14. Liability in respect of pollution or         you do not comply we may at our option
         contamination of buildings or other          cancel the policy or refuse to deal with your
         structures or of water or land or the        claim or reduce the amount of any claim
         atmosphere unless directly caused            payment.
         by a sudden identifiable unintended and      1. You must take your pet for regular
         unexpected occurrence which takes                annual check-ups and keep your
         place in its entirety at a specific moment       pet annually vaccinated against
         in time and place during the period of           distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis and
         insurance provided that:                         parvovirus in the case of dogs, against
     (a) all pollution or contamination which             feline infectious enteritis, feline
         arises out of one occurrence will be             leukaemia and feline influenza in the
         deemed to have occurred at the time              case of cats, or as advised by your vet.
         such occurrence takes place;                     All vaccinations must be administered
     (b) our liability for all damages and                under veterinary supervision. Homeopathic
         claimants costs and expenses                     vaccines are not acceptable.
         payable in respect of all pollution or       2. You must provide proper care and
         contamination which is deemed to                 attention to your pet at all times.
         have occurred during the period of           3. You will agree that your current or
         insurance shall not exceed £1,000,000            previous vet may release information or
         in the aggregate.                                records regarding any pet insured by Aviva
     15. Infringement of UK animal health and             Pet Insurance. If the vet charges you for
         importation legislation.                         this information you will have to pay.
     16. Any pet sold or where any financial          4. You warrant that you are the owner of
         interest whatsoever is parted with by            your pet.
         you, whether temporarily or                  5. In relation to any third party liability
         permanently.                                     claims, we may pay up to the limit of

   indemnity or lesser amounts for which            incurred eligible claims during the period
   any claim can be settled (after                  you have been on cover we will retain
   deduction of any sum or sums already             an amount of premium in proportion to the
   paid as compensation) and shall be               time you have been on cover and refund
   released from any further liability under        the balance to you.
   this policy (except for costs and expenses       If you are paying by instalments your
   of litigation recoverable or incurred            instalment payments will cease and if
   with our consent prior to the date of            you incur eligible claims we will deduct
   such payment).                                   the outstanding instalments due from any
6. You must take all reasonable precautions         claim payment made.
   to prevent accidents, injury or damage.
                                                    Non payment of premiums
7. Statutory cancellation rights
                                                    We reserve the right to cancel this policy
   You may cancel this policy within 14
                                                    immediately on written notice in the event
   days of receipt of the policy documents
                                                    of non payment of the premium or default
   (new business) or the renewal date
                                                    if you are paying by instalments.
   (the cancellation period) by writing
                                                 8. The policy is an annual contract of
   to us at the following address during the
                                                    insurance that can be paid monthly. If the
   cancellation period:
                                                    premium is paid under a monthly
   Aviva Pet Insurance                              instalment option and a claim has been
   1000 Lakeside North Harbour                      settled during the period of insurance
   Western Road                                     you must continue with the instalment
   Portsmouth                                       payments. Alternatively we will deduct
   PO6 3EN                                          outstanding instalments from any claim
                                                    payment that may be due to you. If
   There is no refund of premium in the event       the annual payment option is chosen
   of a claim for death by accident, theft or       and a claim is paid, no premium will
   straying. However, in all other cases, we        be refunded if cancelled during the
   will retain an amount of premium in              same period of insurance. Provided
   proportion to the time you have been on          there has been no claim or incident
   cover and refund the balance to you. In the      likely to give rise to a claim during
   event of a claim for death by accident,          the current period of insurance we will
   theft or straying, if you are paying by          calculate the proportionate premium
   instalments we will deduct the outstanding       for the period you have been insured
   instalments due from any claim payment           and refund any balance.
   made.                                            If a claim has been submitted or there
   Cancellation outside the                         has been any incident likely to give
   statutory period                                 rise to a claim during the current period
   You may cancel this policy at any time           of insurance no premium refund will be
   by providing prior written notice to the         given.
   above address. Providing you have not         9. We or Aviva Pet Insurance may also

         cancel this policy by giving 7 days’            15. Your duty to disclose information
         notice to you at your last known address.           It is your responsibility to provide complete
     10. Cover under this policy will terminate              and accurate answers to the questions we
         from the date that the payment was due              ask when you take out your insurance
         in the event that premium is not received           policy, throughout the life of your policy,
         10 days after the due date.                         and when you renew your insurance.
     11. In the event of any disagreement                    Please note that if you fail to disclose any
         between your vet and our vet, an                    material information to your insurer(s)
         independent vet mutually agreed upon                (these are facts that the insurer would
         by both sides will be appointed and act             regard as likely to influence the assessment
         as arbiter and whose decision will be               and acceptance of this policy) this could
         binding on both sides.                              invalidate your insurance cover and could
     12. In the event that you wish to amend                 mean that part or all of a claim may not
         cover from one Aviva Pet Insurance                  be paid. If you are unsure as to what
         product to another, for example moving              facts would influence your policy, please
         from Gold to Platinum, or vice-versa                contact us on 0844 561 1725.
         the replacement policy will be considered
         as a new contract and therefore any
         incidents, illnesses, injuries or accidents
                                                         Claims conditions
         that occurred prior to the inception of the     You must comply with the following conditions
         replacement cover will be considered as         to have the full protection of your policy. If
         pre-existing and excluded from cover.           you do not comply we may at our option
     13. The law of England and Wales will apply to      cancel the policy or refuse to deal with your
         this contract unless:                           claim or reduce the amount of any payment
         1) you and we agree otherwise; or               made.
         2) at the date of the contract you are a        1. In the event of any possible claim under
         resident of (or, in the case of a business,         any sections of this insurance you must
         the registered office or principal place of         notify Aviva Pet Insurance as soon as
         business is situated in) Scotland,                  possible and not later than 60 days after
         Northern Ireland, Channel Islands or the Isle       any possible incident likely to result in a
         of Man, in which case (in the absence of            claim. Telephone: 0844 561 1732. If you
         agreement to the contrary) the law of that          do not contact us within 60 days of the
         country will apply.                                 incident and this prejudices our ability to
     14. You and we are the only parties in this             verify the claim then, other than in
         insurance. No other person has any rights           exceptional circumstances, we will be
         under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties)       unable to deal with your claim.
         act 1999 to enforce any terms of this           2. If any liability under this insurance is
         insurance but this does not affect any right        covered by any other insurance policy
         or remedy of a third party which exists or is       we will not pay more than our rateable
         available apart from this act.                      proportion.

3. Following a claim we shall be entitled             you need to claim. You do not need
   to take over and exercise any rights in your       to contact us before any treatment
   name against any other party for our own           begins. We will require your policy
   benefit and at our own expense to recover          number when you call so please have this
   any payment we have made under this                ready. Please note that calls may be
   policy.                                            monitored or recorded to assist with
4. You must not act in a fraudulent manner.           training and for quality control purposes.
   If you or anyone acting for you:               2. We will send you a claim form. Ask your
o Make a claim under the policy knowing               vet to fill in the claim form as soon as you
   the claim to be false or fraudulently              can and collect any extra documents and
   exaggerated in any respect or;                     supporting information we ask for.
o Make a statement in support of a claim          3. Aviva Pet Insurance has the right to
   knowing the statement to be false in any           request further information either directly
   respect or;                                        from the vet or from you to confirm the
o Submit a document in support of a claim             validity of the claim at your expense.
   knowing the document to be forged or           4. Send your claim form and supporting
   false in any respect or;                           documents to:
o Make a claim in respect of any loss or
                                                      Aviva Pet Insurance
   damage caused by your wilful act or with
                                                      Claims Department
   your connivance
                                                      1000 Lakeside North Harbour
                                                      Western Road
o We shall not pay the claim.
                                                      Portsmouth PO6 3EN
o We shall not pay any other claim which has
   been or will be made under the policy.         5. We will pay your claim if the claim form is
o We may at our option declare the policy             correct and complete:
   void.                                          o When we have all the information we
o We shall be entitled to recover from you            need to support the claim.
   the amount of any claim already paid under     o When we are sure that the claim is valid.
   the policy since the last renewal date.        o When any legal action or other action has
o We shall not make any return of the premium.        been settled.
o We may inform the police of the                 6. If it is more convenient and your vet
   circumstances.                                     agrees, we can pay claims directly to your
                                                      vet, after deductions. You can tell us to
                                                      do this when you make a claim. we will

How to claim                                          not pay veterinary fees directly to anyone
                                                      who is not a vet.
1. We are unable to guarantee a claim over
   the telephone but please phone 0844 561
   1732 as soon as possible to tell us that

     Other procedures for each type                      receipt and pedigree certificate (if applicable).
     of claim                                            You must also obtain a veterinary certificate
                                                         stating the cause of death.
     Section 1.
     Veterinary fees                                     Sections 4 & 5.
     1. When you pay your vet for treatment
                                                         Theft, straying, advertising
         of an injury or illness which is covered by
                                                         and reward
         this policy keep the receipts.
                                                         1. You must notify your local police station
     2. When the treatment is over fill in your
                                                              within 48 hours of discovering the theft
         part of the claim form and ask your vet
                                                              or loss (Dogs only). Ask for our approval
         to fill in their part of the claim form. Then
                                                              before you advertise or try other methods
         send your claim form and receipts to us.
                                                              of finding your pet. Notify us if your pet
     3. The claim form must be returned within 60
                                                              has not been recovered after 45 days and
         days of the start of the treatment or by
                                                              send in the purchase receipt and pedigree
         the end of the period of insurance,
                                                              certificate (if applicable) together with any
         whichever is the sooner.
                                                              receipts for advertising costs. A police
     4. An interim claim can be submitted.
                                                              incident/crime reference number must be
     5. Claims for alternative or
                                                              obtained by you and supplied to Aviva Pet
         complementary medicine must be
         approved by Aviva Pet Insurance before
         the commencement of the treatment.
                                                         (a) You must contact us and obtain
                                                              agreement of the reward to be offered
     Section 2.
                                                              prior to any advertisement.
     Third Party Liability                               (b) You must provide us with copies
     If your dog injures someone or damages their             of the advert placed detailing reward
     property, contact us immediately and wait for            offered along with the receipt
     written instructions from us.                            showing the amount paid for the
     o Do not admit to anyone that you were                   service.
         responsible;                                    (c) Please do not arrange for the reward
     o Do not offer to make payment to anybody;               to be paid directly to the finder.
     o Call us as soon as possible if you receive        (d) Please provide us with the name
         any communication or request for                     and address of the finder along with
         information from anybody who may claim               the details of where they saw the
         against you, or who may be acting for                advert and became aware of the
         people who may claim against you.                    reward. We will then contact the
                                                              finder and arrange for any
     Section 3.                                               appropriate payment to be made
     Death of Your Pet                                        directly.
     Send the claim form to us as soon as possible
     after your pet dies, along with the purchase

Section 6.
Boarding kennel fees (If you have to
go in to hospital)
When you leave hospital, obtain a medical           procedure
certificate and send us the medical certificate     We are committed to providing you with an
and the receipt from the boarding kennels/          exceptional level of service and customer care.
cattery and a covering letter.                      We realise, however, that things can go wrong
                                                    and there may be occasions when you feel that
Section 7.                                          we have not provided the service you expect.
Holiday cancellation/curtailment                    When this happens we want to hear about it
Send us receipts for the expenses you are           so that we can try to put things right.
claiming, and a letter explaining when and why
                                                    Who to contact
you had to pay each expense.
                                                    The most important factors in getting your
                                                    complaint dealt with as quickly and efficiently
Section 8.
                                                    as possible are:
Overseas travel cover claim procedure               o To be sure you are talking to the right
1. In the event that your pet requires
                                                        person, and;
    veterinary treatment whilst temporarily in
                                                    o That you are giving them the right
    Eire or a Member Country of the
    PETS Travel Scheme, payment of any
    treatment will be made by you to the vet        When you contact us
    whilst you are there.                           Please give us your name and a contact
2. Upon returning home you should                   telephone number. Please quote your policy
    telephone Aviva Pet Insurance                   and/or claim number and the type of policy
    immediately and report the claim –              you hold. Please explain clearly and concisely
    0844 561 1732 Aviva Pet Insurance               the reason for your complaint.
    will forward you a claim form for               o So we begin by establishing your first
    completion and return.                              point of contact.
3. This form must be returned complete
    with all paid veterinary receipts. Settlement   How to make a complaint
    of eligible claims will be made to you, after   BDML Connect Limited, the administrator, is
    any applicable deductions have been made,       proud of its reputation for fairness in the way
    in sterling at the current rate of exchange,    we deal with our policyholder. However,
    such payments discharging us from all           occasionally disputes or misunderstandings
    further liability connected with such claim.    can happen. If you have any enquiry or
                                                    complaint about us or your policy or a
                                                    claim made under it, you should first phone
                                                    Customer Services on the telephone number
                                                    on the back cover of this policy. Or write to...

     The Complaints Manager                           The Chief Executive – UK Insurance
     Aviva Pet Insurance                              Aviva
     1000 Lakeside North Harbour                      Surrey Street
     Western Road,                                    Norwich
     Portsmouth                                       NR1 3 NS
     PO6 3EN
                                                      You can call us on 0800 068 5670 or send us a
     Email:                     fax to 0808 101 1652.

     Please include your name and address to
                                                      You can also e-mail us at:
     help us deal quickly with your enquiry.
                                                      or you can simply log on to our website:
     We expect that the majority of complaints will
     be quickly and satisfactorily resolved at this
     stage, but if you are not satisfied, you can
                                                      Calls are free within the UK (tariffs may vary if
     take the issue further.
                                                      you call from a mobile) and we are available
     If you are unhappy with the outcome of your      between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Our
     complaint you may be able to refer the matter    calls are recorded and monitored to help us
     to the Financial Ombudsman Service at:           improve our service to you.

     The Financial Ombudsman Service
     South Quay Plaza                                 Financial Services Compensation
     183 Marsh Wall                                   Scheme
     London E14 9SR                                   We are members of the Financial Services
                                                      Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be
                                                      entitled to compensation from this scheme if
     0800 023 4567 (free from landlines) or
                                                      we cannot meet our obligations, depending on
     0300 123 9123 (free from most mobile phones)
                                                      the type of insurance and the circumstances
     Or simply log on to their website at www.        of your claim. Further information about this                      scheme is available from the FSCS website
     Please note that you have six months from
     the date of the final response in which to       or write to
     refer your complaint to the FOS.                 Financial Services
                                                      Compensation Scheme,
     Whilst we are bound by the decision of the
                                                      7th floor, Lloyds Chambers,
     Financial Ombudsman Service, you are not.
                                                      Portsoken Street,
     Following the complaints procedure does not
                                                      London, E1 8BN.
     affect your right to take legal action.
                                                      Fraud Prevention and Detection
     What to do if you remain unhappy
                                                      In order to prevent and detect fraud we may at
     You also have the option of asking our CEO
                                                      any time:
     to review your complaint. This does not affect
                                                      • Share information about you with other
     your right to go to the Financial Ombudsman
                                                        organisations and public bodies including the
     Service. The contact details are:
  Police;                                          DATA PROTECTION ACT –
• Undertake credit searches and additional         INFORMATION USES
  fraud searches;                                  For the purposes of the Data Protection Act
• Check and/or file your details with fraud        1998, the Data Controllers in relation to any
  prevention agencies and databases, and if        personal data you supply are Aviva Insurance
  you give us false or inaccurate information      Limited and BDML Connect Limited.
  and we suspect fraud, we will record this.
                                                   Insurance Administration
We can supply on request further details of the    Your information may be used for the
databases we access or contribute to.              purposes of insurance administration by the
We and other organisations may also search         Data Controllers their associated companies
these agencies and databases to:                   and agents. It may be disclosed to regulatory
                                                   bodies for the purposes of monitoring and/
• Help make decisions about the provision
                                                   or enforcing compliance with any regulatory
  and administration of insurance, credit and
                                                   rules/codes. Your information may also be used
  related services for you and members of
                                                   for offering renewal, research and statistical
  your household;
                                                   purposes and crime prevention. It may be
• Trace debtors or beneficiaries, recover debt,
                                                   transferred to any country, including countries
  prevent fraud and to manage your accounts
                                                   outside the European Economic Area for any of
  or insurance policies;
                                                   these purposes and for systems administration.
• Check your identity to prevent money
                                                   Where this happens, we will ensure that
  laundering, unless you furnish us with other
                                                   anyone to whom we pass your information
  satisfactory proof of identity.
                                                   agrees to treat your information with the same
                                                   level of protection as if we were dealing with it.
Claims History
• Under the conditions of your policy you          If you give us information about another
  must tell us about any insurance related         person, in doing so you confirm that they have
  incidents (accident, injury or illness           given you permission to provide it to us and
  of your pet or any damage to people or           for us to be able to process their personal data
  property caused by your pet) whether or not      (including any sensitive personal data) and also
  they give rise to a claim. When you tell us      that you have told them who we are and what
  about an incident we will pass information       we will use their data for, as set out in this
  relating to it to a database.                    notice.
• We may search these databases when you
                                                   In the case of personal data, with limited
  apply for insurance, in the event of any
                                                   exceptions, and on payment of the appropriate
  incident or claim, or at time of renewal to
                                                   fee, you have the right to access and if
  validate your claims history or that of any
                                                   necessary rectify information held about you.
  other person or property likely to be involved
  in the policy or claim.                          Information may also be shared with other
                                                   insurers either directly or via those acting
Please quote your policy number in any
                                                   for the insurer (such as loss adjusters or
     Aviva group, its agents and business partners
     may use your information to keep you
     informed by post, telephone, facsimile, e-mail,
     text messaging or other means about products
     and services that may be of interest to you.
     Your information may also be disclosed and
     used for these purposes after your policy
     has lapsed. By providing us with your contact
     details, you consent to being contacted by
     these methods for these purposes. If you do
     not wish to receive marketing information,
     please write to Aviva, FREEPOST, Mailing
     Exclusion Team, PO Box 6412, Derby, DE1 1SB.

Useful numbers and helplines

All policies automatically include access to the following helplines:

Find a Vet Helpline                                                     0844 561 1732
(Lines open 8.00am to 6.00pm weekdays and 9.00am to 2.00pm on Saturdays)
If you and your pet are away from home whilst in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Isle of
Man and Channel Islands and your pet needs urgent veterinary care, you have access to a helpline
so you can identify the nearest vet for you.

Bereavement Counselling                                                 0845 602 6921
(Lines open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
An understanding confidential and professional service enabling you to talk for as long as you
need about the death or illness of your pet. Help and advice to address the symptoms brought
about by bereavement – available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pet Legal                                                               0845 676 9576
(Lines open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
Lawyers are available to provide advice and explain legal issues in plain English and in a friendly and
helpful way – available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pet Minders                                                             0844 561 1732
(Lines open 8.00am to 6.00pm weekdays and 9.00am to 2.00pm on Saturdays)

This enables you to locate a registered Dog Minder (on a National basis) for either a few minutes or
indeed weeks, in order to look after your dog whilst you are away.

Calls from BT landlines will cost a maximum of 5p per minute.
The price of calls from other telephone companies will vary.

Customer Services                                               0844 561 1725
Renewals                                                        0844 561 1725
Claims                                                          0844 561 1732
Find a Vet Helpline                                             0844 561 1732
Bereavement Counselling                                         0845 602 6921
Pet Legal                                                       0845 676 9576
Pet Minders                                                     0844 561 1732
Calls from BT landlines will cost a maximum of 5p per minute.

The price of calls from other telephone companies will vary.

                            We can provide many other
                              products and services.


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      PO6 3EN (Registered No – 2785540). Underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited. Registered in Scotland, No. 2116. Registered Office:
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