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If you have any problems completing this form email or call 0044 (0)161 850 0525

SECTION 1: Applicant Details

Last Name

First Name

Date of Birth                                                              Nationality

Gender                                  Male         Female            Marital Status         Single   Married

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?*
                                                                     Yes                 No
Do you have a criminal conviction?
                                                                     Yes                 No

Section 2: Passport Details


Country of Birth

Passport Number

Passport Issue Date

Passport Expiry Date

Section 3: Visa Details
Fill in your visa details, if you already have student visa for UK

Visa Issue Date

Visa Expiry Date

Date of Entry in UK

Visa Issuing Place

Section 4: Student’s Permanent Address
Please enter your permanent address




Post Code



Section 5: Student’s Address in UK
Please enter your UK address




Post Code





Section 6: Students from the UK
Please complete the following if you are currently applying from within the UK. Tick your response.

I hold a UK / EU Passport

I have a Non-UK / EU Passport, with permission for leave to remain in

I am an overseas Student on a                                                                      Student Visa
                                                                                                   Dependent Visa
                                                                                                   Tourist / Visit Visa
                                                                                                   Working Holidaymaker Visa
                                                                                                   Other Please Specify

Date of Arrival in UK

Visa Issue Date

Visa Expiry Date

Section 7: Returning / Ex Students
Please provide information, if you have applied before or if you are Darwin’s College Ex-Student

Have you applied before at Darwin’s College                                                        Yes         No
Are you Ex-Student of Darwin’s College                                                             Yes         No
Year Applied
Course Name
Student ID No (if known)

Section 8: Course Selection
Please select the relevant course, for which you are applying for admission. Mention your preference of course if you are interested in
more than one courses, by mentioning number 1,2,3

Course                                                                                                   Preference

Section 9: Intake Session
Please select the intake session for which you are applying for admission

    January                            April                                July                               October

Section 10: English Language Proficiency
Please provide information about your English Language Proficiency

English Qualification

Date Achieved
Section 11: Education Details
List all academic qualifications that you have achieved. Copies of all relevant final transcripts must be attached with this application.
Copies can be scanned and emailed to Please provide translations to English if required.

Qualifications                                  From                   To                     School/ College /                       Grades

Section 12: Result Pending
List any results you are awaiting and include anticipated grades

Qualifications                            Exam Date                School/ College / University                         Expected Grade

Section 13: Employment Details
Please give details of positions held over the past 5 years. If you are applying as a mature-age student, or for admission as a post
graduate, provide detailed job descriptions on a separate page, and attach documentary evidence, e.g. reference letters from employers.

Employer Name                         Address                                            Position Held           From            To

Section 14: References
Please provide the names of two referees; at least one should be an academic referee who has knowledge of your academic ability.

Referee Name                          Address                                            Telephone                    Email

Section 15: Finances
Indicate how you intend to finance your studies and your living expenses in UK

How will you finance your studies at Darwin’s College?

            Family                 Employer                  Loan                    Savings                 Other

Please specify, if you have chosen other as means of your finance

Your Sponsor’s Name                                                 Relationship with You

Telephone Number                                                    Email Address

Sponsor Declaration: I have agreed to finance the above named applicant in his/her studies in UK and agreed to release funds for
tuition fees and living expenses as and when required:

Signed:                             Name:                                                                    Date:

Section 16: Student Progress Reports
The College often sends reports to parents, guardians or sponsors. Complete this section so that we can contact the appropriate person

Contact Name:                                                           Relationship:

Contact Address: same as – Permanent Address

Other (please specify):

                                                                                    Please send reports by email:              Post:

Contact Email:                                                                      Contact Tel:

Section 17: Next of Kin Address





Post Code



Section 18: Statement of Purpose
Please provide a statement in your own words explaining: (i) why you wish to study in the UK, (ii) why you have chosen Darwin’s College
and if you have researched any other institutions before deciding upon this College, (iii) why you have chosen this course and how it fits
with your career path, (iv) what you intend to do after you complete the course, (v) how you intend to finance your studies and living
expenses in the UK. Please use a separate sheet if required.

Section 19: Student Questionnaire                                         Please tick each box if you are in agreement

1. I know the cost of my chosen course and have a payment plan
(Please ask you agent or the admissions Office for a payment plan)

2. I know that the tuition fee does not include the cost of living in the UK

3. I know that I must have sufficient funds to cover my living expenses

4. I know that attendance is compulsory and I must achieve a minimum of 85% attendance

5. I understand that the college will inform the UK Border Agency of my registration and attendance

6. I know that text books will have to be purchased for most subjects

7. I know that a laptop or computer may be required for personal study

8. I understand that I cannot change or defer my course without prior written permission

9. I know all the documents to be submitted along with my application, and failure may delay my

10. I understand the eligibility for my chosen course and know the course requirements

Section 20: Market Information
Please specify the sources which informed you about the college and the course



    Education Agent

    British Council

    Friend / Relative

    Other (please specify)

Section 21: Required Documents

  Application Form (completely filled)

  Academic Transcripts

  Two Reference Letters


  Two Passport Size Photographs

  Bank Statements

  Curriculum Vitae (if applicable)

  Proof of Address

  Copy of Your Passport

Section 22: Terms & Conditions
By signing below you agree to all terms & conditions of Darwin’s College
    I am responsible for familiarising myself with and abiding by all College student policies, as listed in the Student
    No student will be admitted to any Programme unless the Registrar is satisfied that the student’s previous education
     will enable him/her to benefit from the proposed programme.
    Student’s deposit will be counted for student tuition fees. Student deposit may be refundable should student visa
     application to the UK be refused, to which case, student need to provide a copy of the refusal letter from the British
     Embassy, General Consulate or High Commission before we start refunding your deposit. All refund applications are
     decided on individual basis, and the College reserves the right to accept or reject refund applications.
    If student visa is granted, but student decide not to come to study with us, student tuition fee deposit is not
     refundable and the remaining tuition fee for the course will automatically become payable. The student will have to
     pay that amount under all circumstances.
     For students registering after the first day of any term, the Fees for that term will be charged on a term basis from
     the date of registration and will be payable in advance in the usual way.
    No allowance in respect of Fees can be made for students starting late or leaving early in any term once they have
     registered with the College; if the student is asked to leave the College by the Principal for disciplinary reason, any
     Fees due will remain payable, and prepaid Fees will not be refunded.
    The College reserves the right, at any time to make whatever changes may be deemed necessary in admission
     requirements, fees, charges, tuition, policies, regulations and academic programmes prior to the start of any
    The College does not accept any responsibility for students’ personal possessions while they may be on any premises
     belonging to the College.
    The College will not be held liable for any property or money lost on the College premises. Students using the
     College’s address to receive mail do so at their own risk. The College accepts no responsibility for any loss of mail
     belonging to students.
    The College reserves the right to alter timetables during an academic year at any time in writing for any reason.
    The College also reserves the right to increase the level of Fees payable for any term in the academic year, but
     provided that the uplift in Fees is notified in writing by the College to the parties responsible for the payment of Fees
     at least one month prior to the last day of the term immediately preceding the term for which the uplift is to be
    If a student is required by the Home Office to leave the UK because of non- or poor attendance, or because of any
     breach of law, tuition fees paid will not be refundable.
    If the application form is signed on behalf of the student by his/her sponsor/guardian/representative, these
     conditions will still apply.
    Students accepted on a programme of study, prior to interview, may be required to undergo an Entry / English test
     on arrival, if they have not submitted any relevant English Language Qualification (IELTS / TOFEL).
    Students who change address must notify the college immediately.
    Important notices to students are displayed on the college’s main Notice Board and it is the student’s responsibility
     to ensure that such notices are read.
    Students unable to join their course by the scheduled date must inform the College in writing at least two weeks
     prior to the starting date of their course. Any period of absence will be recorded.
    I agree to purchase text books and material associated with the course as stipulated by the College.
    In agreeing to abide by this declaration I undertake to pay all fees as they become due and to meet any late fees and
     collection charges.
    I agree to meet my financial obligations to the College in full and by the due date provided to me as detailed in my
     Payment Plan. I understand that I will not be permitted to enrol, sit for exams or graduate if I fail to do so.
    I hereby state that the information I have provided to the College is true and factual and that no information which
     would have a material bearing on this application has been withheld. I understand that the College will take action if
     it considers appropriate if subsequently it is found that part or all of the information provided is false.

Student Declaration
I am applying for admission at Darwin’s College and I understand that the decision to offer me a place rests
with the College, and the decision of the College is final. If I am offered and accept a place on the programme,
I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the College.

Signed:__________________________________                                                       Date:

Student Name:


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