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									Meeting Minutes
Date and Time              : March 7 2001 3:35 – 4:35 pm
Location                   : Wean Hall 4623
In Attendance              : Minerva Team – Jing Zhang, Rajesh Philipos, Huan Luo,
                                             Wade Catlyn, Lynn Smith
                             Distance Education – Mel Rosso-Llopart, Michael Carriger,
                                                  Xun Liu

Facilitator                : Rajesh Philipos
Scribe                     : Wade Catlyn

Meeting Items:
Topic                        Discussion Points                 Solutions/Actions                   Name/Date
Establish Contact Points      Three primary classes of         Mel will be primary client
                             end users:                        contact.
                                 i)     administrators          Michael will be backup
                                 ii)    students               client contact
                                 iii)   instructors             Michael to find out
                                                               schedule of DE instructor, Lynn
                              Initial set of end-users        Carter
                             identified:                        Team to start end-user
                                                               interview process
                             Administrators – Michael
                             Carriger, Cheryl Astin, Jen
                             Potter, Dawn Jackson, Xun

                             Instructors – James Rozum,
                             Lynn Carter, Mel, Spencer

                             Students – Marconi students,
                             GM students, independent

Establish high-level          Mel – would like to have         Team to identify and
scope and success            billing/administration            prioritize functionality goals by
criteria                     information merged with           working with end-users.
                             classes/registration               Minimal functionality
                             information                       requirements to be proposed by
                              Mel – would like facility       team and approved by client
                             for instructors to define teams   contacts
                            Mel – may possibly want          Michael to provide samples
                           to spilt administration users     of desired reports
                           into contend developers and
                           content users
                            Michael – would like
                           facility to generate various
                           admin reports (e.g. rosters for
                           courses, transcripts)

                                                             Team to provide draft           Draft SOW and
Establish deliverables                                       SOW, draft SPMP and               SPMP by end of
and milestones                                               prototypes this semester in       March
                                                             addition to other documents
                                                             specified in the meeting agenda
Details of work already     Mel has already begun to         Mel to provide team with
done and overview of       collect use case scenarios        copies of use cases scenarios
application.                Xun has recorded tasks he       already created
                           performs as tech support           Team to communicate with
                                                             Xun to learn about existing
Establish client meeting                                     Weekly client meetings.
times                                                        Monday 10:00 am between
                                                             Minerva team, Mel and

Next Meeting Date:
Miscellaneous Reminders/Comments:

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