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Meeting Attendees Check (X) indicates “attendance”
        Robert Amid                        X          Debra Setman
  X     Bob Hemrick                        X           Mike Taubitz
  X     Julianne Leigh                     X          Lauren Stewart
  X     Amy Long

Date:          Time:    Location:        Call in Line 712-775-7000
Feb 24, 2012   1:00 –   Call             Participant Code: 306172

LEADER: Debra Setman           Timekeeper: Mike Taubitz     Recorder: Mike Taubitz

Scheduled meeting of 2012 MLC Board

 Completion of open items on Action Items List
 Review and provide comment on By Laws

              AGENDA ITEM                                       ACTION     LEADER
1:00 – 1:10   Finalize by-laws and sign (for those in person)      D       Mike / All
1:10 – 1:35   Hoshin planning – dashboard and summary slide        C       Bob
1:35 – 1:55   Committee Structure                                  D       Debra
1:55 – 2:05   501c3 vs. 501c6                                      D       Mike
2:05 – 2:35   Michigan Reinvention / MLC resources                 D       Debra / All
2:35 – 2:45   Budget update                                         I      Amy
2:45 – 3:05   Communication strategy                              I, C     Robert
3:05 – 3:25   ITCH                                                I, C     Bob
3:25 – 3:55   Revised Pricing Structure and Organizational         D
              Membership                                                   Julianne
3:55 – 4:15   Fundraising Ideas (sponsors, grants)                     C   Debra
4:15 – 4:35   MI HR Day Sponsorship                                    D   Debra
4:35 – 4:45   MLC Book                                                 I   Debra
4:45 – 5:00   Wrap-up                                                  C   All

  C = Consensus
  D = Decision
  I = Information

  Next Meeting: March 30th 9:00 – 1PM at DTE Ann Arbor

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Start Time: 12:05PM

 There was discussion about letting someone join who doesn’t live or work in Michigan, which
   usually isn’t allowed. They got a discount on a U of M webinar. The individual is considering a
   masters degree from U of M though and interested in attending MLC webinars.
           o A concern is that people would only join to get discounts from places such as U of M.
 The language will allow case-by-case decisions
 The Board agreed to the proposed by-laws with comments from Debra, Julianne and Mike
 Mike will clean up and format the bylaws and send for one last review
 Board members will then be asked for electronic signatures, which are now part of the bylaws

Hoshin Planning and Dashboard
 Bob is working on Dashboard and Summary Slide + Hoshin Planning and will send to everyone for
 Debra and Bob have been working on a one-page PowerPoint with four sections: Measures to
   report on each month could include quarter highlights, 2012 focus areas and values and purpose
   statement, vision, mission.
           o This is to share with audiences.
           o It includes: # of members, # of organizations in membership, renewal rate, member
              satisfaction, # of events and event attendance, # of projects, finances: revenue and
              cash on hand. They will finalize by March meeting.
 We will have to add to Dashboard on the website and update it with the new one from Bob and
   Debra. Lauren can assist.

MLC Committees
 We need people to lead or co-lead the following committees:
           o Project
           o Outreach
           o Membership
 Bob will send an email to people who are interested in committees (not Events which is already
           o Julianne and Debra will update committee’s spreadsheet and send to everyone again.
           o Julianne will update the spreadsheet today and Debra will comment
           o Bob will send email out next week.
 Once we get leaders, we can form committees.
 Julianne will find out if people are still interested or still live in the area
 Bob suggested that we should give people an idea of a time commitment. The more information
  the better on expectations.
 Co-leadership is an option.

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 501c3 vs. 501c6: Agreed on 501c3. Mike will take lead on this but he might need help from
   Lawyer. It involves mainly paperwork – Mike will start working on this and come back to board with
   issues. Set up is a little more involved but maintenance is similar to 501c6. Urgent.

Michigan Reinvention / MLC resources
 Debra reviewed the slides sent to the Board on Feb 23
 Jeremy Stephens group needing help, Jan Winter’s group needing help, entire reinvention of the
   State of MI. 50-100 MLC resources. Will need a grant or sizeable donation. Full-time job to get this
   together. All consultants would have to come through the MLC. Debra and Clarke met with Amy
   Baumer, etc.
 State is concerned about confidentiality but Debra cited need to discuss with Board members.
          o Significant questions about who can donate time to this State of MI project
          o Difficult to estimate cost as we have no idea of what is needed and those who can/will
 MLC Board concurs that it is desirable to work with State but we need more information
          o MLC seen as an unbiased resource
          o Meeting with the Governor next week
 Agreement to scale down proposal to something along the lines of a pilot/test/project so that both
   MLC and Sate of MI can collaborate and better define issues and resources.
 Debra will craft memo to Amy Baumer and send to Board for input by Feb 25. Urgent

 Amy will be stepping down as treasurer but staying on the board as an Ad Hoc Member. She did
   not have a budget update. Debra is contacting Clarke to see if he still wants to become a
   treasurer. Lauren will update the website and Amy and Clarke will work together for the change.

Communication Strategy
 Robert absent so no report
 Need process and a “rhythm” for MLC communications, which could include:
         o Calendar updates, monthly emails, quarterly conference call with board and members,
            updates with NMC, chat room, “sponsor corner” etc…
         o Mike and Lauren will work on this. Lauren will email Robert to see if he is still able to
            help. Lauren will work on communication updates: when, how, what, why, etc.
 Formal recommendation on communication strategy will be on agenda for next meeting.

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 ITCH is a way to send a question to community to ask questions – Bob is the lead on this. You
   can send questions (benchmarking) to a group of people and you can get answers. Lauren would
   send to MLC community in MLC format. Responses go back to requester. Whoever responds gets
   the summary of information. Much like a survey. Could be something only organizational members
   get to do. Bob will put together more information and send to board.
 Bob will develop concept and send to Board for input

Organizational membership
 Julianne met with Rich Wolin from Northwestern MI College regarding the reciprocal agreement
 MLC has 199 current members, 79 recently expired members and 192 non-members in the
 MLC has about 70-89 organizational members
 Example of org. membership price around $585. Benefits may vary from individual from
   organizational membership. Free couple of seats to events.
 We could charge $360-400. Julianne recommends this and a 10% discount on U of M program
   and ITCHES for organizational membership only.
 We can’t take the U of M program off the table for individuals now but perhaps next year. Julianne
   will put together proposal with why she chose the prices. Wants to raise individual membership
   and perhaps lower event prices.
 Lauren could talk to Adam from NMC about social media.
 Share members with NMC. Work on reciprocal membership.

Fundraising ideas
 Debra met with Claire Hughes who does fundraising. Charges $1500-2500 for fundraising plan –
   could do deal for nonprofit. All agreed that organizational memberships would help raise money.
   Julianne will send idea of sponsorship ideas from the INCubator. Julianne suggested podcasts.
   Put on hold right now for March or April meeting.
 Julianne will send Lauren information on how to get grants. Lauren can do research. To write the
   grants, Julianne has grant writing experience. May want to hire a grant writer. Lauren will send
   research to Clarke (new treasurer) for help.
 MI HR Day Sponsorship: Brings up the question, what do we want to spend money on? Think
   about it and talk about it next meeting. Agreed that HR Day Sponsorship is valuable if we can
   afford. Agreed to organizational sponsorship of $500. Clarke to submit.

MLC Book
 People can submit lean in Michigan stories, stories on MLC, compile everything in a book. Could
  link with podcast idea. We could put it into the communication strategy for a means for collecting
  ideas and stories and figure out how to move forward.
 Mike will work with Debra and Amy would help.

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2012 Conference
 Will be on agenda for each meeting.
 Recommendation for sponsorship for conference: three levels of sponsorship (bronze $500, silver
   $1000, gold $5000).
              o There was no gold last year. 4 silver and 2 bronze.
              o We recommend no $5000 sponsorship this year:
              o 2012 Recommendation: bronze $500, silver $1000, gold $2500. Bronze should get a
                table this year. Board approved this.
 Topic is culture change: establishing a winning culture is the theme. Keynote speaker ideas:
   Dennis Pawley, Mayor Hartwell (Grand Rapids), Mike Rother, Henry Ford Health System CEO
   Nancy Schlichting and HFHS-WB President Girard Van Grinsven. We need 2-3 keynote
   speakers. Board concurs with suggestions for keynote speakers
 Strategy regarding finances for conference: last year’s strategy was to break even and have a
   reasonable price. This year: Focus on getting sponsorships and for individuals, possibly charge a
   little bit more.
 Need to understand what NMC’s “partnership” role means.
 Consider sponsored breaks
 Registration is first of April

Adjourn: 4:58PM

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