Advanced Writing Semester Exam by Gf93D1fM


									                      Technical Writing Semester Exam
                           Format and Study Tips
The exam is a combination of question formats totaling 100 points. Question types and
point values are listed below.

Part I: E-Mails, Memos, and Letters

There will be samples of each of these forms of business writings with which to answer
multiple choice questions (15 pts.).

    Study Tip: Review Ch. 1 in WFB and chapter quiz.

Part II: Reports, Instructions, and Proposals

Multiple Choice questions over Ch. 7-9 (10 pts.).

    Study Tip: Review chapters in WFB on report and instruction writing.

Part III: Editing Workplace Documents

You will edit a workplace document using the Seven Traits (15 pts.).

    Study Tip: Review Ch. 10 in WFB and Ch. 10 quiz.

Part IV: Style: The Basics of Clarity and Grace

You will edit and answer questions for five passages, each reflecting a concept from one
of the chapters we studied in the Style textbook: Ch. 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 (30 pts.).

    Study Tip: Review the exercises and examples from each of the five chapters and
     review class exercises and old quizzes covering these chapters.

Part V: Paper Revision and Image Critique

You will analyze a section from a sample report and answer questions about its format,
use of research, and content (30 pts.)

    Study Tips: Review the report PowerPoint, the sample report, the long report
     assignment notes, and handout about source integration.

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