IOM International Organization for Migration
                           OIM Organisation Internationale pour les Migrations

Position Title:                  Programme Assistant
Duty Station:                    Tunis, Tunisia
Classification:                  Employee, Grade G5
Type of Appointment:             Fix-term, 3 months with possibility of extension
Estimated Starting Date:         1 May 2011
Closing Date:                    20 April 2011

Duties and responsibilities:
Under the direct supervision of the Technical Cooperation Officer and the overall supervision of the Chief
of Mission in Tunis, the successful candidate will assist in the implementation and monitoring of several
programmes and projects, including "Youth, Employment and Migration” and “Improving Labour Migration
Information Systems”.

Within the framework of the Youth, Employment and Migration (YEM) Joint Programme (JP)
implemented by ILO, IOM, UNDP, UNIDO and FAO in Tunisia and funded by the MDG Achievement Fund
supported by the Government of Spain, the successful candidate will:

1. Assist the supervisor in updating and ensuring the timely implementation and achievements of the
2. Assist in the preparation of bi-annual and as needed JP briefings and reports for both the office of UN
   Resident Coordinator and members of the National Steering Committee (NSC);
3. Attend, report, and follow up relevant meetings, seminars, trainings and conferences on MDG YEM
4. In consultation with the supervisor, monitor and keep track of programme expenditures and ensure
   that they are in line with budget limitations; coordinate the submission of timely financial progress and
   periodic reports with the IOM mission's finance department; coordinate with partner UN agencies and
   submit for approval to the NSC eventual budget revisions;
5. Undertake duty travel related to the implementation of the YEM migration component if required.

Within the framework of the Improving Labour Migration Information System (ILMIS) programme, the
successful candidate will:

1. Organize a national seminar taking care of all administrative and logistical details, in consultation with
   the technical cooperation officer, and assisting the latter in the development of the methodological and
   substantive details;
2. Maintain day-to-day or regular (as appropriate with each individual case) contacts with partners and
3. Ensure the efficient organization of meetings;
4. Advise the programme manager in the project-related administration/financial management, and draft
   memoranda, reports, plans of action, and other project related activities.
5. Participate in meetings with UN agencies, international organizations, non-governmental and
   governmental agencies and other entities as instructed by the supervisor

Within the above, as well as any other IOM projects/programmes, the successful candidate will:

1. Organize project related communications including a) drafting and sending, in consultation with the
   project manager, outgoing and receiving incoming documents (correspondence, minutes, memos,
   reports, briefing notes, graphic and statistical summaries, accounting spreadsheets, etc.), b) managing
   fax, telephone and e-mail communication, c) managing and updating mailing lists.
2. Properly handle project related documents (i.e. keeping accurate records of daily correspondence,
   organizing and maintaining proper filing of all project related documents) and collecting project related
   information and submitting it to the Project Manager;
3. Review project documents, especially cost plans/budgets, for completeness and compliance with
   relevant rules and procedures prior to submission for final approval and signature; identify
    inconsistencies; distribute project documents to relevant parties upon approval.
4. Review budget revisions; verify availability of funds; ensure necessary approval and entry in
    computerized budget system.
5. Assist the Project Manager in the procurement of the goods and services necessary for the
    implementation of the project activities, in compliance with IOM procurement rules and regulations,
6. Organize project related meetings/seminars/training sessions/official events and communications
7. Compile, summarize and enter data on project delivery; drafts related status reports, identifying
    shortfalls in delivery, budget overruns, etc., and brings to the attention of management.
8. Translate project related documents, select/contract professional translation services, if need be;
9. Under the supervision of the Project Manager, coordinate the editing, printing and dissemination of
    project documentary resources;
10. Assist the Project Manager in monitoring the project implementation;
11. Contribute to maintain office handbook in an up-to-date form, including directories of central and local
    governmental institutions and officials, diplomatic missions, international agencies and projects present
    in the country, NGOs, etc.;
12. Develop and sustain contacts with partners and counterparts, also with a view to establishing networks
    to monitor the situation in the country;
13. Perform such other duties as assigned.

Desirable Qualifications
 University degree in a development related field such as, international relations, economics sociology,
   public and business administration.
 Demonstrated interest and/or 3 years working experience in the field of migration

 Ability, flexibility and willingness to work in a challenging and varied context
 Computer/software literate
 Good interpersonal and oral/written communication skills
 Team-work oriented
 Ability in information searching, analysis and presentation
 Ability to maintain accurate and precise records and to interpret and analyze a variety of data and
    resolve discrepancies
 Ability to work accurately and systematically; to identify and resolve data discrepancies and
    operational problems
 Ability to perform detailed work and to handle a large volume of work quickly and accurately under
    time constraints
 Courtesy, tact and the ability to work effectively with people of different national and cultural

Written and spoken proficiency in French, English and Tunisian Arabic; knowledge of Italian will be an
advantage, but is not required.

How to apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications directly to IOM Tunis at the below address by
20 April 2011 at the latest, mentioning this advertisement.

IOM will only accept applications received within the deadlines and including a CV and a cover letter no
more than one page long.

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