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									                                       This class is designed to help you think like a journalist, to
JOUR 3410                              know news when you see it, to write clear and concise
                                       stories, to know the basics of how to cover a meeting or a
Lecture Syllabus                       speech. A number of majors take this class but all need to
                                       know the basic rules of what makes something news and how
                                       to tell it in a compelling manner. My lecture focuses on
Monday & Friday                        reporting, your lab on writing. Expect some overlap.
9:05 a.m. – 9:55 a.m.
SLC Room 148                           I spend a time talking about specific skills, from interviewing
                                       to gathering information to ways to cover almost every kind
                                       of story. Exams will be the multiple choice and true/false.
Dr. Barry Hollander
Room 229 Journalism
                                       Sorry, there are just too many of you. In your labs you will                          get all the one-on-one attention you might crave, perhaps
706.542.5027                           more than you might crave.

Texts                                  Weights
                                       Simple. Two tests, each counting for 50 percent of your
Intro to Newswriting                   grade (unless attendance hurts it). A possible blog
By Carole Rich (4th edition)           requirement, if used, could take up 10 percent of the grade
                                       and reduce the two exams accordingly. I’ll decide this soon.
Workbook (for your lab)

AP Stylebook (required)
                                       Attendance is crucial. Being on time is crucial. There are
Grades                                 no excused absences, no unexcused absences. You
                                       get three free misses (over a week of class!). On the fourth
Lecture is 1/3 of grade                you lose one letter grade for the lecture, which means you can
Lab is 2/3 of grade                    do no better than a “B” for that part of your grade. Another
                                       miss, another letter grade, and so on.
It is possible to get a low “A” in
lecture and a low “B” in lab and get   Being tardy also costs. I have a sheet and, by the classroom
an overall B for the course, but in    clock, will hand it to you if you walk in late. That’s ½ an
general doing well in the lab means    absence. The message: if you can’t make a class at this time,
a good overall grade. In lecture,      don’t sign up for a class at this time. This will begin soon.
there will be two exams that focus
on my brilliant lectures, guest        Exam makeups are allowed only if you contact me before the
speakers, videos, and random bits      exam. Non-negotiable. A makeup will be short
of knowledge.                          answer/essay. In addition, a 3-point penalty on a test goes to
                                       anyone who cannot manage to correctly bubble in his or her
You are responsible for                student number. C’mon, you’re in college.
monitoring the class web
page for new information.
No excuse is accepted for
failure to keep up with the

The web page trumps the

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