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					   Make an Appointment                 Pass Along to a Friend                                                        January 2010

Welcome Shelly!
Pinnacle Dermatology is pleased to            Happy New Year and welcome to my monthly newsletter.
welcome Shelly Arensberg to the
practice. Shelly acquired her
                                              This past decade has been one of many ups and downs, so if the last decade took a
esthetician license after graduating          little more out than it put back in, I have three suggested resolutions and great
from the Euro Institute of Skin Care          offers for you to start 2010 off on the right track:
in 2001. Since then she has
developed a strong interest in                Resolution #1: Put your health first – Schedule your Annual
medical esthetics including medical           Skin Cancer Screening Examination
grade facials, chemical peels,
microdermabrasion and laser                   Resolution #2: Brighten your outlook for the new decade

Shelly subsequently became a                  Resolution#3: Get a smooth start in 2010
Certified Laser Technician and has
acquired over 6 years of                      #1 Take Care of Your Health - Schedule Your Annual Skin Cancer Screening
experience in laser procedures                Examination
such as photo rejuvenation or IPL
and Laser Hair Removal.                       Each year, about 1 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the United States.
                                              This is more than all other types of cancer combined. Early detection can be
                                              curative for most skin cancers so I encourage all of my patients to be proactive and
Shelly loves to make people feel
better about themselves. Her                  schedule your yearly skin screening this week!
personal goal as an esthetician has
always been for people to say “Go             Both the American Academy of Dermatology and the Skin Cancer Foundation
see Shelly, she’s the best!” and I            recommend annual complete skin examinations for everyone. The American
can proudly say that her reputation           Cancer Society recommends that everyone age 40 or older should have a complete
precedes her and patients follow              skin examination every year and that everyone age 20 to 39 should have a
her! Please help us welcome Shelly            complete skin examination every three years.
to the practice and schedule a free
skin care consultation!
                                              Start the new decade off right by taking charge of your health!

Make an appointment with Shelly

- Deep cleansing facials
- European facials
- Chemical peels
- Laser pigment reduction
- Laser hair removal
$75 off your first cosmetic procedure

$50 discount off your next visit when
you refer a friend!

Complimentary Skincare Consult
with Shelly

#2 Bring In the New Decade with Brighter Healthier Looking Skin

Nothing is quite as beautiful as smooth, radiant and, healthy-looking skin.
Over time, the effects of sun, wind and aging begin to appear as changes on
our skin. Preserving your skin’s youthful and vibrant appearance can be
achieved with good sun protection, medical grade skin care products,
chemical peels and laser treatments. Newer innovative technologies now
enable us to treat skin imperfections safely and easily with minimal down
time downtime and great results. Sun damage and freckles, age/brown
spots, rosacea, broken capillaries, and red or ruddy skin can all be treated
with laser therapies.

At Pinnacle Dermatology we use the most state of the art lasers, and I
perform all initial patient consultations prior to any laser procedure.
Schedule a cosmetic consultation appointment and together we can
determine the right kind of treatment protocol for you.

#3 Put an End to Shaving and Waxing in 2010
                                                                                 Pinnacle Dermatology
For many, unwanted hair can be both a nuisance and an embarrassing               1515 116th Ave. NE, Suite 307
problem. Removing hair with traditional methods can be painful and
                                                                                 Bellevue, Washington
Laser Hair Removal at Pinnacle Dermatology utilizes the best laser     
wavelengths and technology to penetrate the hair shaft at the deepest level.
Treatments are comfortable, efficient and effective. Large areas such as the     OFFICE HOURS:
back, shoulders, chest, legs and face can all be treated. In fact, any area of
                                                                                 Monday – Thursday,
unwanted hair can benefit as long as the hair is dark enough. Although
multiple treatments are required, the endpoint is permanent hair reduction       8:00am to 5:00pm.
and smoother skin.
                                                                                 (The office will be closed on Fridays
Consider visiting our office this winter for laser hair removal and make         but our staff is available to schedule
shaving, waxing and plucking a thing of the past!                                appointments)

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