Is Winning Everything by Gf93D1fM


									Is Winning Everything

       KIN 125
        Youth Sports Agents
• Adults
  – Parents
  – Coaches
  Parents living vicariously through their kids
      Achievement Motivation
• To excel in an activity for personal or
  intrinsic goals
• Fear of failure: to avoid negative feedback
  such as punishment or ridicule. To please
  others such as parents.
• According to Arthur Ashe, winning is
• Utilization of extrinsic rewards.
• Outcome as a significant factor
        Pee Wee football team
•   55 ten to eleven year old youth
•   30 remained have way through the season
•   10 cut
•   15 quit
       Little League Program
• Meeting the motivation of youth: to have
  fun and learn the skills to play baseball
• Low key games
• Learning as a significant factor.
• Developmentally appropriate learning:
  – Examples:
   What do youth want from their
        sport experience?
• According to Michigan State University
  Institute for Youth Sports:
  – Have Fun
  – To Learn skills and Find Something I am
    Good At
  – To Stay In Shape
  – To Be Part of a Team and make friends
       Reasons for Drop Out
• Youth cite the following:
  – Was not fun
  – Did not learn skills
  – Coach played favoritisms to skilled members
  – Video:95% of kids surveyed want to have fun
    and 75% said they would rather play on a
    losing team than sit on the bench of a winning

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