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Turner Fenton Secondary School - DOC by Gf93D1fM


									               Turner Fenton Secondary School
                    International (IB) Baccalaureate
                    Grade 9 MYP Application A 2012

BIOGRAPHICAL DATA (do not forget the Postal Code, please)
Name:                                      Date of Birth:
                                           Gender:        Male             Female 
Address:                                   Peel Student Number:

                                                 Current School:

Postal Code:                                     *Counsellor:
                                                 (very important)
Telephone: (    )                                Home High School:


Current Program:         Enhanced           Extended French             Regular 

Will you be applying to any other Regional Program(s)?       YES_______      NO________

1. Copy of your Grade 7 June Final Report                                      
2. Copy of your November Progress Report                                       
3. This sheet completed, especially Counsellor’s Name                          
4. Résumé of activities sheet                                                  
6. Non-refundable cheque for $50 addressed to Turner Fenton IB                 

Return the completed Application (using the envelope you received at the meeting) no later
than Wednesday January 11, 2012 (none can be accepted after this date) to:

                                Mrs Lee Roe-Etter, IB Coordinator
                                Turner Fenton Secondary School
                                   7935 Kennedy Road South
                                    Brampton, ON L6W 0A2

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