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									                                  SOLICITED COVER LETTER

            October 4, 2012

            Mr. John Smith
            AAA Corporation
            123 Anywhere Road
            Toronto, ON M8G 1H1

            Dear Mr. Smith:                           Recipient

            I was very interested to see your advertisement for the Sales Executive position on
Reason (08-11-02). I have been seeking an opportunity such as this, and
for         believe my background and your requirements may be a good match. My resume is
            enclosed for your review.

            You will find that my accomplishments achieved at ABC Company and the DFE Group,
            have contributed to the millions of dollars in revenue generated by those companies.
            If you are interested in someone who is dedicated to building your organization’s
            market value, then we should meet.

            Aside from the key contributions listed on my resume, here are some achievements
            from 2002.

                        Increased sales 27%, held market share and increased margins 3%
  Why you are           Slashed operating expenses by 7%
  their needs
                        Boosted revenue-stream 15%

            What my resume cannot verify is my enthusiasm for e-business solutions, team
            building, and ensuring competitive wins. Honesty and integrity are held in high
            regards, and I have always maintained a customer satisfaction attitude. I have
            instilled this belief during the training of many sales professionals, and it shows in the
            phenomenal success of the operation.

            Mr. Smith, please contact me anytime at 416.555.2468 or via email to arrange a                           Next
            meeting to discuss how I can make a lasting contribution to AAA Corporation. I look                      Step

            forward to our conversation. Thank you for your consideration.

            Sincerely,                                                                          Thank for time

            Jane Doe
                          321 Anywhere Road Toronto, Ontario M4L 5H6 Home: 416.555.2468 Email:
      Your Contact


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