Deal, or No Deal by 87bn1yX0


									                             Deal, or No Deal?
               Booking Game idea from Cheryl Booth, ED1
I just wanted to share with you a game I am playing to get bookings......which creates a
fun buzz at the party.

I went to Michaels craft store and bought little wooden suitcases ($1 each) and spray
painted them Cookie Pink. I then put glittery number stickers on them 1-7, and glued fun
little jewels on them. Use as many boxes as you want.

In each box I put something different. In these boxes I have 4 of them that have a slip of
paper that says "PARTY" and it also has a bracelet. The other 3 boxes have: 1. a slip
that says 10% off your total order 2. 50% off one item 3. one just has a little heart pin
(CBB) You can do whatever you want with your rewards. The CBB items are a great tool
for these cases. So many great items are around for less than $3. Who wouldn't want to
spend $3 to book a show?

The point of the game is to Book during my little 3 minute presentation, I
get to the part where I would plant the seed about bookings and I announce my "Deal or
NO Deal Game". They have to be willing to host a show to play~~~I explain that in my
7 suitcases are something of value...each one does contain something of value. If they
are willing to play the game, they will be rewarded. I also explain that NOT every case
has a party. Sometimes I can change it up and only put "Party" in 3 cases or whatever
you want to book that night. Don't tell them what is in the cases............
So around the room you go and you ask each guest "Deal or No Deal?" You will get
several to play with you....and it is really fun! It's OK to say NO Deal..........but explain
that they have a 50% chance of just getting rewarded!! If they say yes, then they select
which suitcase they want.........after you have given them all out or gone around the
room. and asked everyone (which ever comes 1st)...then they can all open them! It
creates quite a BUZZ and you have just booked your shows!

If a guest gets a case without a show...she can certainly book one too.

Have fun!

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