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									CSUF IRB

Sample Cover Letter – for use with questionnaires/surveys

Dear *.

I am (tell the participate who you are…professor or [student whose faculty advisor is *] at
California State University, Fullerton.

The purpose of your study (tell them the purpose in one or two paragraphs (i.e., thesis, research,
etc.) If you are asking them to complete a questionnaire inform them of nature of questions and
any risks involved.

Your participation will involve [explain here] and will require approximately [*] of your time.
[Explain how long it will take to complete participation and provide directions for the return of the
instrument – you may wish to offer to share the results of the study with the participant upon their

If needed, provide a paragraph informing participate what to do if they find any portion of the
questionnaire unsettling or distressing. You may offer references or provide additional
information. You might wish to state that participants should only answer those questions which
they feel comfortable in doing so.

You are free to withdraw from participation at any time you wish, and will not suffer any lack of
benefits or services which you may otherwise be entitled to. Your participation is strictly

The results of this study may be published but your name will not be identified and information
you submit will be confidential to the extent allowed by law [or anonymous if no name is given].

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact *.

By completing and returning the attached questionnaire/survey you are agreeing to participate in
this study.



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