The Amazing Sikuai Island in The West Sumatera Indonesia by ryntodnk


									Sikuai Island WEST (providing every comfort for visitors)
Have you ever imagined a place of amazing as heaven? White sand, a row of Palm trees are neatly, cool
atmosphere, the blue sea, beautiful colorful fish and coral reefs, the green of the trees, delicious food as well as
playing a variety of satirical animals? All the wonders that exist in one special package Sikuai Island Paradise.

Sikuai, one of the 19 Islands in the administrative region Of Padang, West Sumatra (West), in the Town of Bungus
Teluk Kabung covering an area of 38.6 square kilometres or about 40 hectares.

Sikuai is now developed into one of the leading marine tourist attraction in the city of Padang. On the island, tourists
can perform a number of activities such as marinas snorkeling, diving, fishing, or just take a dip in the crystal clear
sea of the island while enjoying the beautiful colorful Sikuai marine life including coral reefs.

The island's area is a blend of the beauty of the sea and its contents as well as the peacefulness of the island with a
naturally landscaped forest without a touch of the hands of the ignorant.

Domestic tourists from the city of Padang, Afrianita to visit the island, Sikuai felt deliciously swim in its tranquil waters
Sikuai Island. Just by diving at a depth of several metres, visitors have been able to enjoy the beauty of the colorful
coral reefs. You like being in a giant aquarium with a variety of beautiful marine life with an attractive color. "No need
to dive too deep, I can already see colorful fish, coral reefs and other marine life," she said with a tone confirms.

Happy swimming and diving activity, visitors can enjoy a walk along the white sandy beach clean while collecting
various kinds of dead coral found in the area. The beach of very fine sand, dense and clear of various kinds of
garbage so very pleasant walking or running around on it.

For collectors of coral, of course this activity could give rise to its own preoccupations for many species of coral
unique with various colors can be obtained to take home. "I collect shells and sand to take home assembled into wall
hangings," said American tourist visiting Sri Bukittinggi claimed the island of dreams with his friends.

After collecting various kinds of fatigue of coral and sand, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the sea coast while snooze
is accompanied by breezy shore breezes. It feels very peaceful atmosphere, because there is no noise. That is just a
breezy wind gusts, friction and sailing on the waves of coconut leaves to accompany NAP at the beach with a cool it.

Afternoon, satisfied doing activities on the beach, now is the time to enjoy the beauty of the Mainland, with the island
of Sikuai cycling or walking tour explores the island overgrown lot trees of Palm Grove. Sikuai Island touring fun and
the atmosphere is very natural because so many green trees adorn the left right way.

It only takes about 45 minutes, visitors can down the perimeter of the island while watching the animals typical Sikuai
anecdotal, such as monitor lizards, as well as hundreds of monyek bird species with diverse colors.

Sikuai Island charm feels the more charming, of course with Golden red colour enjoying the beauty of the Sun would
be sunk. This point of view, there is a small hill in the middle of the island. On the hill there are several venue seating
to relax while waiting for the sunset and darkness come ahead. The atmosphere was a moment eagerly awaited the
tourists who came for a visit on one the most beautiful island in West Sumatra.

For those whose hobby is eating, on this island are also available single unit restaurant which serves various dishes
typical of the coast which of course will increase the appetite. Visitors can order a wide variety of food and drink at
affordable prices.

Special rest at night, are also available, 52 units of bungalow that looks chic with a special design, which of course
makes the rest become more comfortable.

Package of 100 thousand rupiah

If you imagine enjoying all the beauty and costs are expensive, of course. Sikuai Island management is now offering
special rates for visitors who want to enjoy the paradise that only with funds $ 000s.

For one day to enjoy the beauty of the island including tourist accommodation free of charge only $ thousands only.
Visitors from the city of Padang, departing by ship to island Sikuai fast.

Just takes 20 to 40 minutes along a quiet and beautiful sea, before finally arriving at the island of your dreams. If you
imagine a trip gets boring, again you are wrong.

Along the way it also became an attraction. We can enjoy the beauty of the sea, while looking at traditional fishing activities
that occasionally cross paths with fast ship passenger carrier.

Sikuai Island arrival and got off the ship, visitors are welcomed the fresh young coconut water, seeming to say Welcome to
the guests, and after that miracle by miracle of nature began.

About the threat of tsunamis, need not fear because the island has mounted to earthquake and tsunami detection tool, by
LIPI, in collaboration with California Institute of Technology.
So wait, if the West Sumatra did not stop, do not get to this island, because all the beauty of the heaven of the world await
you here.

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